1972 – 1979 1. 1910 - 1920 a. WWII i. Women had right to to vote 2. 1930 – 1940 a. Great Depression i.

Increasing gap between rich and poor ii. Less consumption power b. New Deal i. Create jobs ii. Know two specific programs 1. Hoover dam 2. Tennesse valley etc c. WWII 3. 1950 a. Cold war with Russia i. Competitively of building of nuclear bombs ii. Arms race iii. Cause of cold of war 1. Annomisty with capitalism and communism 2. Marshall plan 3. Neto 4. Nuclear bombs 4. Late 1950 – 1960 a. Civil rights movement i. American soldiers who fought in Vietnam didn’t receive rights

Ping pong c. Not invited but went anyway ii. President to visit China (1972) i.S. Martin Luther King.. Argued against once blacks they get rich. Russia and China b. Scandal in the White House a. 1972: Nixon’s reelection campaign breaks into Democratic National Committee Headquarters in the Watergate Hotel b. Any means to achieve fairness b. The Triangle: U. Segregationist c. 1. Urged against blacks going to white schools iii. Malcom X 1. they will obtain respect d. Rosa parks ii. Cause i.S.b. Assimilation within society Chapter 27 Reconsidering National Priorities 1. Investigative reporting by Woodward and Bernstein . Triangular Diplomacy a. Ghandi’s approach to peaceful resolution 2. Wants peaceful friendly relationships 2. June 17. Russia jumps in ii. Talked about diplomatic diplomacy 2. Violent a. Jr. Then invited by Mao Shi Dong 1. Nixon first U. Initiates détente with Soviets i.

plus prices of all goods are going up 2. High unemployment rate ii. Executive. Judicial c. The end of the Long Boom a.S. Recorded his own voice that found himself guilty iii. Gave victor sign before he left the white house 3. War spending 2. Legislative. High inflation. Maquiladoras 1. Constantly threatened ii. Employees let go b. People no longer trust President or Politicians iv. Definition 1. August 9. Cornered no other option but to quit ii. Production stopped c. Journalism becomes 4th power 1.i. U. Causes 1. Caught by his own trap 1. 1974: Nixon resigns i. Purchasing power less b. Innocence Lost 1. President used to be trusted father figure 2. corporations move jobs to Mexico i. “Stagflation” i. Gap between rich and poor widens (common people) a. US people angered that he quit 1. Corps move to Mexico use Mexican laborers .

Anti-immigrant sentiments iii. Beginning of a serious Globalization 1. Egypt and Syria attack Israel on Yom Kippur c. Israel seizes control of the West Bank and Gaza Strip i. Harm American interest 5. Lied to public about ship being attacked 2. The Oil Embargo a. Jobs are moving away 2. Lyndon Johnson 1. Promotion of human rights b. Rise of a Peacemaker a. Moralistic views and a desire to balance the federal budget c. Growing oil dependencies b. Congressional Power Reasserted a. We do not have a job 4.S. Takes moralistic views 7. Sent troops without consent 6. War Powers Act of 1973: President cannot wage war for more than 90 days without consent of Congress i. Jimmy Carter wins Presidency in 1976 b. Camp David Accords . 1973: OPEC begins embargo on selling oil to the U. No labor unions ii. No tax 3. “I Will Never Lie to You” a. October. 6 years later.2. Signs treaties giving Panama sovereignty over canal c. or western European nations that supported Israel in the war i.

New Opportunities in Education. and Family Life a. Education: Number of women law students increases by 35% in 10 years b. Smart people cannot be president c. “The Moral equivalent of war”: conservation of energy b. Did not want to make government more efficient but to get rid of it iv. Air controllers 1.Regend a. More people to come d. Can the government affect the economy e. Revolution in Iran 9. Cabinet filled with people who opposed government i. Tax incentives for development of alternative sources of energy d. Women as police officers. the Workplace. The War on Waste a. Actors being presidents ii. Close down agencies iii. Women had hard time finding husbands with equal jobs 10. Fired all controllers who went on strike 2. doctors and lawyers i. construction workers. Recession i.8. New Trend i. Their idea was distained ii. Too much government b. Department of Energy c. Get rid of them a. Deregulate everything that could be .

no assets b. Goldman sacks made money when stocks go down or up f. Mutually Assured Destruction 1. Financial advisor (Goldman Sacks) a. Connect to public on those points 3. Star wars evil empire b. Then Soviets ramps it up i. Donald regan 1. Stupid or controlled by the government ii. Bank regulations a. Star wars defense a. Us starts b.1. Communist way of life is not great . cause of recession now 2. No money. Countries begin to pull away 1. China and Russia have enough nukes to blow up the war 2. Become non-communist c. Reagan can credited to fall of soviet union d. no money ii. Reagan i. Small banks take these bad loans and sell it to big banks c. People need to start research on defense a. no regulations i. Ninja loans a. More freedom of loans ii. Spend too much.

Attacks and kicks out Iraqi within 100 hours 2. Can not invade another county for social reason ii. Chase to border and with 30 – 50 miles of Baghdad a. Not going to invade Baghdad i. They surrender iii. Will end itself through its own weight iii. and real value 3. Built up the largest deficit in history 1. Not doing well in polls i.Bush Loses to Clinton a. Sadam Hussain invades Kuwait ii. 4th or 5th oil producer for US iii. Rather for the oil b. 500 million a year for 8 years 2. Iraqi invaded Kuwait i. Before they leave they set fire to oil wells b. In dollars value. Economy 1. Unemployment not high 2. Ends era of big spending 11.GHW Bush a. Did not help Kuwait in the name democracy i.i. Clinton . With support of united nations 1. Little inflation 12. More money than any other administration in history 4.

But didn’t smoke b.2000 a. Bush was a cheerleader ii. Lied about one of the white house interns i. Avoided draft 2. Liberals thought he was conservative i. Reduces deficient to 0 e. Conservative thought he was liberal 1. Trail by jury c. Don’t ask don’t tell 1. Did not like because he 1. Joint to mouth b. Admitted to smoking a. Gore vs bush i. Closest race ever . Likeable. Handsome ii. Iraqi war i. Well spoken. Impeached 1. House determined he committed a misdemeanor by lying to congress c.i. Gays in the military 13. Choose Al Gore as his vice president d. Monica louisenci 1. But not removed from office a. “did not have sex with that woman” ii. Can relate to average person iii. High crime or misdemeanor b.

Goes to Florida supreme court 1. Bush wins 3. US lost with supreme court get involved 4. Determines balance of vote ii. Nuclear weapons 2. Twin towers get attacked b. One time only decision 14. George Bush i. Weapons of mass destruction ii. First time US supreme court involved in states voting a. Supreme court 1. Hanging chad c. Florida electoral votes i. al-quida ii. afaganhistan c. They narrow it down to i. United Nation a. Colin Powell goes in front of UN on tv . In the News 1. Still developing them weapons of mass destruction 2.b. Vote i. Revote to counties ii.9/11 a. Al-quida linked with sadam hussain 3. Looks for reason to attack sadam hussian 1. Orders to keep vote they way it is 2.

Has proof of selling of arms to Sadam Hussain 4. Us and European oil companies need profit b. Soldiers 2. Officers in tact ii. 1500 out of all the people in the US 3. Cost of war was supposed to be paid by the oil 6. Save oil companies a. Bush administration put out info a. No matter who controls the oil a. Keep army in tact i. Sent home with guns b. 500000 iraqi killed vs 3000 US soldiers killed 4. Iraqi army is let go free a. Suicide deaths not counted in casualties 5. So they do not revolt against them c. New York Times would publish this information b. Public opinion poll i. Public opinion is supported a. Lead to downfall of banks b. Unmentioned costs i. Us goes into Iraq 1. Iraq still needs to pump oil 7. White house leaked information to newspaper iii.a. For every oil sold by other nations other nations are getting out money . Created tremendous deficit a. Oil the will still be on the market d.

Sarah Palin a. If no diversity b. Small government 17. Its black and white .15.Obama wins election a. Wanted to go back to old government i. Historic 1st African American elected 16.Diversity a.

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