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TP Task 2 — Active Learning Environments This task is linked to EPR3703; planning activities that allow students to clarify, question, apply, and consolidate new knowledge. cycle? Active learn’ what the teacher provided for them. acti one of a constructivism theory. based or discovery learning/ exper What is an active learning environment? What are its benefits? How does it link to the inquiry has many fo tial learning appens when learners have social interaction, learne s of student-centered, or learner-centered learning/ inqui tive learning focus on students understanding rather than learning facts. tive in th Reference Choose 3 lessons to observe to answer the following questions: What was the activity? What was the prior learning to this lesson? What was the impact of the activity; i.e. no. of ss engaged? T throw out many different types materials on the carpet Float or sink Sort the materials Cheack and try the material that will sink or float Their are different factor such as shape play roll in the float and sink . Identify the different types of materials e and Measuring using different materials that we can use any type of materials to measure. the same length but a difference of quantity between the measuring materials