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TP Task 3 – Planning for Learning

This task is linked to EPR3703: instructional strategies and planning for assessment. It
asks you to take on an active role in planning and preparing for active learning
environments. This task requires you to meet and interview your MST to discover
his/her planning process. Provide a diagram illustrating the sequence of steps taken
and accompany your text with actual pictures of her process.

What is the planning cycle?

Place your MST’s planning diagram below with words and


Look at the outcomes depend on the learning areas to link it to the lessons.
1. Illustrate: think how to illustrate the lessons disused on the levels.
2. Connect previous learning with the new : think about if there any information
they learn it first before explaining the activity.
3. Core: teacher explains the activity as a whole group before the students go to
different and small groups.
4. Centers: The high group will be work independent., so the teacher work with
the low group.
5. Sometime the teacher asks from the high students to sit and work with the low
6. Timing: focusing in the beginning than the ending, because some time you
don’t have enough time to assessment the lesson.
Closing: ask the students some questions about the lesson and what did they do in
the activities and share their work to