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TP Task 5 – Peer Observation

Program link: This task is associated to the guidelines of the course EPC 3903 – Practicum 3b

Objective: You will identify good teaching and learning strategies. You will note teaching strategies that your
peer used that you consider very useful and you would want to use. This strategy can deal with the use of
materials and technology, the review of prior learning, the motivation of the children, the presentation of the
materials, the appropriateness of the practice activities, classroom management strategies, timing strategies,
reviewing the lesson, general assessment of the learning. You should observe for 20 minutes.

Subject and level Date:

Length of observation 55 min Number of students Sumayya
Your Name: Shaikha Peer’s Name: Alia
Teaching characteristic Comments
1. Organization Rise one finger if you want to go to bathroom.
Appropriate organization of content. Planning the 123 eyes on me.
use of resources and materials. Teacher Give students instructor before sending them to the activity.
preparation level. 1. Don’t run and don’t push others.
2. Use indoor sound
3. Setting the time watch.

2. Presentation She introducer the lesson topic. ask students about what the properties
Clear introduction, continuity with other sessions means, she use the power point to make sure the students understand the
and students’ knowledge. Clarity of aims and lesson.
Another power point that show the properties of the objects.
objectives. Clarity of presentation and
organization. Appropriate pace and timing.
Attempts to respond to student needs. Attitude to
students (manner, style). Summary and reference
to future work.

3. Teaching approach and aids Ask students what the objects made of and what the properties.
Choice of teaching/learning approach and its Ask students to repeat the properties.
relevance to learner group. Methods used to She shares with the students the objects and let them to use 5 senses to
check/evaluate learning. Choice and use of feel it. Such as pineapple, sleep mask,
Smooth and rough is a beset property.
teaching activities. Effective use of question and Transparent and opuses
answer. Encouragement of student interaction. Each group will search in the corridor about to properties.
Three groups:

1. Transparent and opaque

2. Small and large
Rough and smooth

Outside the classroom She use the six hollo hops to sort the objects
properties (transparent x opaque, small x big, rough x smooth) that the
found it in the classroom.

4. Student response
Level of participation. Level of attention and Student look exiting because their will do the activity out the classroom
interest. General class atmosphere. She calls the groups before she sends them to the outside activity.
Choose the leader for each group.
Students understand the objects properties.
Give the students an example for each property they should search for it.
They were exiting to search and sort the objects.
She asks a student if he understand the activity. Ask him to come in the
carpet and re explain the activity for his friends.

5. General observations She take more than 10 min extra, some students look confuse about
some materials.