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1. Cover Sheet

2. Reservation Payment Confirmation

3. Articles of Partnership (AP)

4. Joint Undertaking to Change Name

1. Verify or reserve proposed name
2. Present Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws at Green Lane Unit Ground
Floor, Secretariat Bldg., PICC Complex, Roxas Boulevard Pasay City
3. Pay filing fee at the Cashier located at the Ground Floor, Secretariat Bldg.,
PICC Complex, Roxas Boulevard Pasay City and file application with the
Receiving Unit, CRMD located at the Ground Floor, Secretariat Bldg.,
PICC Complex, Roxas Boulevard Pasay City

4. Present Official Receipt to Releasing Unit, Ground Floor, Secretariat

Bldg., PICC Complex, Roxas Boulevard Pasay City to get the Certificate
of Recording of the Articles of Partnership

1. Photocopy of SEC Certificate of Incorporation; or

2. Photocopy Certificate of Recording (in case of partnership); or
3. Photocopy of License to Do Business in the Philippines (in case of foreign
4. Articles of Incorporation; or
5. Articles of Partnerships
6. Photocopy of Mayor’s Business Permit; or
7. Duly received Application for Mayor’s Business Permit, if the former is still
in process with the LGU;
8. New sets of permanently bound books of accounts;
9. Proof of Payment of Annual Registration Fee (ARF)(not applicable to
those exempt from the imposition of ARF);
10. BIR Form No. 1906;
11. Final & clear sample of Principal Receipts/ Invoices;


1. Accomplish BIR Form 1903 and submit the same together with the
documentary requirements to the RDO having jurisdiction over the place
where the head office and branch, respectively.
2. Pay the Annual Registration Fee (P500.00) at the Authorized Agent
Banks (AABs) of the concerned RDO.
3. Pay Documentary Stamp Tax (DST) (loose DST / BIR Form 2000* for
DST on Contract of Lease, etc). Present proofs of payment.
4. Submit requirements for ATP and registration of books of accounts.
5. Attend the taxpayer’s initial briefing to be conducted by the RDO
concerned for new registrants in order to apprise them of their rights and
The RDO shall then issue the Certificate of Registration (Form 2303)
together with the “Ask for Receipt” notice, Authority to Print and Books of
Barangay Permit

1. For Sole Proprietorships – Department of Trade and Industry (DTI)
Business Name Certificate (Single Proprietorship); or,

2. For Corporations or Partnerships – Securities and Exchange Commission

(SEC) Certificate of Incorporation or Partnership

3. Contract of Lease (if renting) or Land Title and Tax Declaration (if owned)

Certificate from Homeowner’s Association (if your business address is

within a village or subdivision or condominium)


1. Fill out the application form

• Go to the designated Barangay Hall.

• Go to the permit department and ask for the application form for business
permit and fill it out.

Submit the accomplished application form together with the other requirements.

2. Assessment
• Wait for the assessment. Normally, it takes 15 to 30 minutes.

3. Payment
• Get the assessed application.

• Pay the corresponding amount at the cashier.

4. Receiving
• Submit the paid application.

5. Release
• After receiving the paid application, wait for the release. Some barangays
release the certificate on the same day of your application, while others schedule
it on the following day after the payment was made.


1. Certification – either one of the following:

• DTI Business Name Certificate; or,

• SEC Articles of Partnership; or,

• SEC Certificate of Incorporation

2. Barangay Clearance / Permit

3. Authorization letter of owner with ID

4. Contract of Lease or Land Title / Tax Declaration

5. Sketch of Location

6. Occupancy Permit

7. Locational Clearance

8. Public Liability Insurance

9. Community Tax Certificate (Cedula)

10. Fire Permit

11. Sanitary Permit


1) Application for Locational Clearance

Before filing your application at the Business Permits and Licensing Office
(BPLO), you must first have a Locational Clearance. Ask for the application form
at the Zoning Division, 5th Floor, Old Building of Makati City Hall (MCH) and
have it notarized. You will need requirements 1 – 6 for this.

• File your application together with the requirements.

• Go to the receiving section.

• Get a queue number and wait for your turn to be called.

Someone will assess if your application is for processing or for inspection.

• If your application is assessed for processing, the locational clearance will be

release after 3 working days.

• If your application is assessed for inspection, the locational clearance will be

release after 5 working days.

2) Assessment of Fees

• Go to the BPLO ground floor of the new building of Makati City Hall.

• Ask for the business registration form at one of the windows.

• Fill it out and have it notarized.

You will need requirements 1-2 and 7-9 in this step. The insurance can be
bought at the accredited insurance company, while the Cedula can be bought at
the City Treasurer’s Office. Submit your application to the BPLO assessor. He
will then assess how much your fees will be. After the assessment, go to the
BPLO officer, to have the assessment validated.

3) Submission

Submit your application and assessment to the receiving section of the BPLO.
The BPLO staff will give you a receiving copy. You can process the payment the
day after the BPLO turned over your application to the cashier’s office. That
means you cannot finish this in one day.

4) Payment of Mayor’s Permit Fee

Go to the Cashier’s Office located at the Ground Floor of the new building of
Makati City Hall. The available modes of payment are through the following:

• Cash

• Manager’s Check – payable to Makati City Treasurer

5) Fire Permit

After the payment, go to the assigned Fire Department personnel located at the
lobby of new building of the MCH. Present your paid application for the issuance
of fire permit.

6) Sanitary Permit

Go to the Sanitary Division, 7th floor, of the new building of MCH. Submit your
paid application. Wait for 15 to 30 minutes for the release of the temporary
sanitary permit.

Issuance of Sanitary Permit will take place after completing these:

• Microbiological water analysis (company office)

• Pest control from accredited pest control operators (sanitary office have the list
of their accredited pest control operators)

• Health certificate for all employees

7) Release of Business / Mayor’s Permit

Go back to Ground Floor of new building of MCH in the Releasing of Permits.

Submit the paid applications together with the fire and temporary sanitary permit.
Wait for 15 to 30 minutes for the issuance of Mayor’s / Business Permit.
Sanitary Permit


Submit to the Sanitation Inspector assigned to your establishement,photocopies

of the following documents:

1. Official receipt of payment of the Sanitary Fee

2. Inspction report of the Sanitation Inspector to include the following among


a. Microbiological Analysis of Water- from water laboratory accredited by

the QC Health Department

b. Pest Control Contract of Service / Agreement of Contract Service from

licensed pest applicator

c. Masterlist of all employees of the establishment with respective

designation/ position

1. Original Health Certificate of all employees of the establishment

including that of the Manager(s) and/or Owner for presentation.

2. Photocopy of the Health Certificates-for submission

3. Schematic Diagram / Floor Plan of the establishment

4. Occupancy Permit of the establishment 5. Photocopy of previous Sanitary

Permit (for renewal)

1. ALL applicants of establishments (owner / designated representatives/ liaison

officer) must proceed to the Quezon City Health Department (QCHD) Annex
Building, 2nd floor, Sanitation Division.

2. Present IDENTIFICATION CARD issued by the establishment or company that

you are applying the Sanitary Permit for. In the absence of Identification Card
issued by the establishment, any ID shall be accepted provided that the applicant
bears an authorization letter from the owner formally designating the applicant to
apply on behalf of the company/ establishment. Note: ARTA Procedure – to
prevent fixers

3. Submit the following documents to the Health & Permit Section, 2nd Floor,
QCHD Annex Building for the issuance of the TRANSACTION NUMBER (The
Transaction Number is the basis for the issuance of the Mission Order to the
Sanitation Inspector to conduct inspection/re-inspection):

4. Applicants will be issued Form 1 which contain the following information:

• Date of Application

• Transaction Number

• Name of Establishment

• Address of establishment

• Name of the Owner

• Designated Representative (liaison officer) Please READ the ADVISORY

written in FORM I for your guidance and information.
5. The Sanitation Inspector will conduct the inspection upon receipt of
Mission Order issued by the City Health Officer.

6. No inspection shall be conducted and accepted without a MISSION

ORDER. All details of requirements shall be discussed by the Sanitation
Inspectors during their inspection/re-inspection visits.

7. Once the applicant-establishment has been issued the FINAL

PROCESSING,” the applicant-establishment must submit the following in
a folder:

• Final Inspection Report with annotation “FOR SANITARY PERMIT

PROCESSING” • Photocopies of current (2016) Health Certificates of all
personnel (medical & non-medical) /professional & non-professional staff

• ‘Microbiological’ Water test results (original) done by the

“RECOGNIZED “water laboratory by the Quezon City Government thru
the Quezon City Health Department (see website for the updated list of
“RECOGNIZED” water laboratory from January to March 2016)

• Pest Control Service Report Rendered for the current year - Must
contain the chemicals used - If Pest Control Service Provider is located
within Quezon City, attach 2015 Sanitary Permit of that provider issued by
the Quezon City Health Department which will be accepted only from
January to March 2016, unless it is renewed for 2016 - If Pest Control
Service Provider is located OUTSIDE of Quezon City, attach 2016
Sanitary Permit issued by the Local Government concerned

8. Other Requirements shall be likewise required, which will depend on

the nature of business, such as:

• Environmental Clearance issued by the EPWMD , Quezon City

Government • Special Use Permits

• Hazardous Waste Generator ID (HWGI) • Memorandum of

Agreement with Hazardous Waste Transporter and Treater

• Certificate of Treatment • Licenses /Permits/ Permit to Operate

issued by national agencies (DOH, Professional Regulation Commission,
DENR, LLDA , and others)

9. In case of incomplete requirements, the applicant–establishment shall

be notified of any deficiencies or for purposes of verification.
10. Complete requirements shall be reviewed by the Head of the
Sanitation Division and final recommendation shall be made to the City
Health Officer III for the issuance of Sanitary Permit. 11. The Sanitary
Permit shall be signed–out only by the authorized representative of the
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