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Dhamma Ganga (the Ganges of Dhamma) is so named because of

its scenic location on the bank of the Ganges in Sodepur which is

about 20 Km from city of Kolkata. The center was started way back in
1989 in a 100 years old building.

The center is full of greenery & the Ganges is visible from female
area of the center. There are 12 twin sharing rooms & dormitory to
accommodate total 50 male meditators & 15 twin sharing rooms to
accommodate 30 female meditators. Male dormitory is housed on 1st
floor of the old building. Male & female dining Hall are in ground floor
of the old building. A pagoda with 40 cells are in use for individual
meditation. For walk separate pathways are provided for males &
In past Guruji has visited this center several times.

Address of meditation centre

Vipassana Centre - Dhamma Ganga
Baro Mandir Ghat;
M N Chatterjee Road;
Sodepur (Panihati)
Dt. 24 Parganas; West Bengal 700114

Contact No. of the center & mail i.d.

Tel: [91] (033) 65258601
[91] (033) 25833910

Other Contact Person & tele. No.

Kakoli Bhattachaya –9163789480 (WhatsApp)

D P Mandal ---
Dipak Kamdar – 9330932193 (WhatsApp)
Trisha Kothari – 9830159093 (WhatsApp)

(All tele contact between 9 AM to 5 PM only.

Better to use WhatsApp or SMS)
How to reach the Center (Dhamma Ganga)

# From central part of Kolkata, you may catch any bus going towards
Barrackpur & get down at Panihati Municipality office or Peerless
Nagar. The center is about 1.5 Km from there. Either you may walk
down or take a cycle rickshaw to the center adjacent to Baro Mandir

# Alternately, you may take local train from Sealdah Rly Station going
towards Barrackpur & get down at Sodepur Station. From station to
BARO MANDIR GHAT is about 2 Km. & you may take cycle rickshaw
to Baro Mandir Ghat.

# You may also board a metro rail going towards DUM DUM at any of
the metro stations spread all over Kolkata. Get down at DUM DUM
and take local train from DUM DUM Station going towards Barrackpur
& get down at Sodepur Station. From station to BARO MANDIR
GHAT is about 2 Km. & you may take cycle rickshaw to Baro Mandir
You may also opt to get down at Nowpara, terminating station of
Metro & catch a shared auto for Dunlop & catch a bus or shared auto
to get down at Sodepur (Peerless Nagar). From here either walk
down to Baro Mandir Ghat(about 1.5Km) or catch a paddle rickshaw.

# From Howrah Rly station catch any bus going towards Barrackpur
& get down at Peerless Nagar Sodpur. Take a cycle rickshaw or walk
down (about 1.5 Km.) towards BARO MANDIR GHAT.

# From airport, it will be better to take a pre- paid taxi to Sodepur

(Panihati). Pre paid taxi counter is inside airport arrival lounge. Ask
the taxi driver to drop at Baro Mandir Ghat in Sodpur.

What you should bring

# Only loose & comfortable dress. No tight jeans/revealing dress. No

half pant or shorts etc.
# Mosquito repellent cream & AllOut for use in residential rooms.
# Personal toiletries for 10 days like toothpaste, brush, soap, oil,
washing powder, alarm clock(optional), razor, torch & umbrella etc.
Other items of personal hygiene like sanitary pads etc.
# Prescribed medicines for 12 days but should be taken only after
taking permission of the course conducting teacher.

What you should not bring

# No food items.
# No sleeping pills
# No intoxicant – no tobacco, no alcohol, no drugs etc.
# No reading materials, no Ipod, no tablet, no music instruments etc
# No perfumed items
# No religious object--- no photo, no image, no rosaries etc
# No jewelries or any costly items

What we provide here

# Simple vegetarian food
# Bedding with mosquito net
# Meditation cushion. You may bring your own cushion.
# Twine sharing rooms with attached bath & dormitory for male.
# Twine sharing rooms with attached bath for female

Does & Don’ts during the course

# No previously learned technique should be mixed during these 10
# Separate application should be made for each person attending the
# No reading & writing during the course
# No rituals to be followed for 10 days
# All type of intoxicants should be refrained 10 days ahead of the
# More strict you are in observe silence during the
course more benefited you are.

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