Senate Agenda September 21, 2010 Arkansas Union 510-511 6:00pm I. II. III. IV.

Senator Training and Swearing In (5:30pm) Call to Order (6:00pm) Roll Call Special Orders a. Reports (5 min ea.) i. Advisor¶s Report 1. Student Information Request form for Retreat 2. StrengthsQuest ii. President¶s Report 1. Farmer¶s Market ± probably will not happen this Fall 2. Camping out in front of Reynolds 3. Marijuana Policy overview 4. Student Advocacy ± in the process of planning trips to DC and Little Rock. iii. Vice-President¶s Report 1. Confirmation of University Appointments a. Approved by unanimous consent 2. Rollin with the Razorbacks applications are out at NOON iv. Secretary¶s Report 1. Fresh HOGS 2. ASG Insider v. Treasurer¶s Report 1. Budgets vi. Chair of Senate¶s Report 1. Office hours will begin next week. Respond to these by 5pm on Friday ± let Veronica know when you want to serve them. 2. All-ASG Retreat vii. Cabinet Reports 1. Chief of Staff a. Bring Bedding for the ASG Retreat b. Recycling with the Razorbacks ±spots open for every home game except Alabama c. David Whitaker Forum ± Sept. 30th 2. Chair of Readership²Ashley Shelton

a. ³Get Caught Reading´ program has started today. Overview of Readership. b. Readership committee 3. Liaison to Faculty/Staff Senate²Emily Nevala a. Bodies meet once a month at the beginning, so at the end of the month, Emily will give a report. b. Staff Senate: opening more spots up to students in the Garland parking lot. i. Hosting a panel on Higher Ed from 1:30-3:00pm in the Reynolds Center ii. 21, 406 students enrolled this semester viii. Nominations &/0r Elections ± will vote next week 1. Special Senate Office Nominations a. Parliamentarian i. Senator Lippert b. Legislative Clerk i. Senator Ensley c. Sergeant at Arms i. Senator Douglas ii. Senator Spencer iii. Senator Scroggin 2. Committee Chair Nominations a. Academics i. Director of Academic Affairs, Trae Holzman ii. Senator Tak iii. Senator Bruick b. Campus Life i. Director of Campus Life, Natalie Van Pelt ii. Senator Jackson c. Constitution & Code Review i. Senator Spencer d. Ethics i. Senator Rose e. Sustainability & the Campus Environment i. Director of Sustainability, Zoe Teague ii. Senator Baxter iii. Senator Tak f. Press Relations i. Senator Jackson ii. Senator Cosgrove iii. Senator Wainwright


iv. Senator Mullendore v. Senator Gilmore g. Campus Safety i. Senator Treece ii. Senator Callaway h. Parking & Transit i. Director of PTD, Ryan Johnson ii. Senator Norton iii. Senator Tak 3. Committee Member Nominations a. Appropriations (9) i. Senator Lippert ii. Senator Norton iii. Senator Rose iv. Senator Ensley v. Senator Hodges vi. Senator Dodd vii. Senator Bakke viii. Senator Spencer ix. Senator Hall x. Senator Bentel xi. Senator Vernon b. Ethics (7) i. Senator Mullendore ii. Senator K. Waldrip iii. Senator L. Waldrip iv. Senator Rose v. Senator Jackson vi. Senator Robinson vii. Senator Hall viii. Senator Cosgrove ix. Senator Dougherty 4. Homecoming Court Nominations a. Readership Chair, Ashley Shelton b. Senator Lippert Public Comment (3 @ 2 min ea.) Old Business New Business a. ASG Senate Resolution No. 1 ± ASG Senate Bill Resolution No. 1_The ASG Senate Standing Rules Act of 2010-2011 i. Authored by Chair Johannesen

1. Moved to second reading by Senator Hall 2. Senator Rose speaks in favor of passing, although he has amendments to put on hold until next week 3. Senator Cosgrove explains amendments a. Page 2 , Line 48 concerning public comment time limit b. Page 5, Line 13 concerning use of laptops in Senate i. 21/14 vote 4. Senator Rose debates to wait to amend these next week 5. Standing Rules pass by unanimous consent. b. ASG Senate Bill No. 1 ± Rollin¶ with the Razorbacks Appropriation Bill of 2010 i. Authored by President Fleming ii. Sponsored by Chair Johannesen 1. President Fleming give authorship. 2. Motion to suspend the rules and put this on second reading. 3. Senator Lippert moves to approve by unanimous consent. 4. Vote of 39-0-0: bill passes. c. ASG Senate Bill No. 2 ± Earth Tub Installation Approriation Bill of 2010 i. Authored by Director of Sustainability Zoe Teague, Senator Mike Norton ii. Sponsored by Senator Mike Norton 1. Director of Sustainability, Zoe Teague is recognized for authorship. 2. 35:4:0, bill passes. VIII. Announcements a. Office binders. Must have them at each meeting. b. Jessica Morgan ± turn in your student information request form. c. Zoe Teague ± Recycling with the Razorbacks. Separate your cans and bottles. IX. Adjournment

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