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Overview of Financial Hacking from North Korea

Apr 2011 will be continuously updated

Nonghyup Bank
(South Korea)

Jul 2011

New Delhi

Mar 2013

Nonghyup Bank
(South Korea)

Mar 2013

Shinhan Bank
(South Korea)

Mar 2013

Jeju Bank
(South Korea)

Apr 2013 32 BTC + @

Zombie PCs Bitcoin Wallet
(South Korea and World) (BTC Guild)

??? 2013 $0.25M
? Bank
Sonali Bank

Jul 2014 $8.6M
Online Casino
(Cambodia) $9.1M
(Hong Kong) 4 companies
Jan 2015 $12M+ (refunded)
12+ orders Hang Seng Bank $3.1M
(Hong Kong)
Banco del Austro Wells Fargo $1M 19 companies
(Ecuador) $1.8M (USA, San Francisco) ? Bank
(refunded) (Dubai)
$1.5M Jose Mariano Castillo
Oct 2015 $0.96M Wells Fargo
(refunded) (USA, LA)
KB Kookmin Bank
(South Korea) $1.8M
? Bank
United Overseas Bank Citibank
(Singapore) (USA, New York)

Australia and New Zealand
Banking Group Limited (Philippines)
(New Zealand)

Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ 12 more banks
(Japan) (Southeast Asia)

Mizuho Corporate Bank
(Japan) “Sender”
Dec 2015 €12M
? order(s)
ICBC Hanoi Branch
(Vietnam) Blocked WeiKang Xu
third-party vendor Tien Phong Bank ? Bank (Casino)
(Singapore) (Vietnam) (Slovenia) $31M
UniCredit S.P.A. Bank
(Italy) $81M Philrem Service
Eastern Hawaii Leisure
$15M 4 orders $21M
Feb 2016 $951M (refunded) (succeeded)
ICBC New York Branch 35 orders
30 oders 1 order (failed)
Bangladesh Bank (Blocked) $20M Shalika Foundation Solaire Resort
(Bangladesh) (Casino)
Federal Reserve Bank (Misspelled) Pan Asia Bank (Korea Post and
(Sri Lanka) Telecommunications
of New York (USA)
Feb 2016 Corporation)
XXX Credit Union
(South Korea) (Pyongyang)

Mar 2016


Jul 2016
Bitcoin ($2.7M)

INTERPARK (online mall)
(South Korea)
Aug 2016 $74M +@
$988M +@

IBK (Industrial Bank of Korea)
(South Korea)

(Southeast Asia)
KEB Hana Bank
(South Korea) Checks
“IP range”
Oct 2016
Polish Banks
Financial Supervision Authority


Oct 2016

Bank of Eastern Republic of Uruguay
Many Banks
(World) Oct 2016
(104 banks in 31 countries)

Oct 2016

Oct 2016

Oct 2016


Oct 2016


Nov 2016

National Banking and
Securities Commission (CNBV)

Feb 2017
2,500 credit cards

Nonghyup Bank
(South Korea) \3M (KRW)

Feb 2017 Blocked


(South Korea) (Thailand)

\0.065M (KRW)
Mar 2017

financial institutions

Mar 2017

financial institutions

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