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How and why does Narendra Modi use Indian Cultural practices to brand himself?
Modi and Buddhism
How Modi is using Buddhism? (KISHWAR, 2018)
Here we shall discuss one particular facet of the soft power projection of India which revolves
around taking advantage of India’s historical associations with the Buddhist faith and religion as
a whole.
Now, the question that it leaves us with is why would India adopt Buddhist activities and
The reasons for this is because first of all the Buddhist faith originated in India. Secondly, India
is the home for many important Buddhist sites like Bodh Gaya, Sarnath etc.
India is also a good place to improve relations with the Buddhist counterparts.
Symbolic gestures:

On his visits to Sri Lanka and China, Modi has made it a point to emphasize the Buddhist heritage which
is shared. He makes it a point to reserve one day for a trip to Buddhist temples.

Buddhism Role in personal branding:

Buddhism has played a key role for Modi in his personal branding ambitions and aspirations. He feels
that if he creates a connection between Buddhism and Hinduism, it may help build an influence over the
states in India where the former religion has a following amongst the people. (Hall, 2017)

Thus, we can see that this has created a strong personal brand for him whereby he is creating an image
of himself that he respects the religion to the utmost extent and would do special things for them that
would make them feel wanted.

The personality of Modi has a whole depends heavily on his character as a leader and it will eventually
lead to him influencing the culture of our country in the long run. (Marino, 2014)

Critical Analysis:

From the above-mentioned analysis, the first thing that we can conclude is that Modi is a very dynamic
leader. He believes in carrying out what he stands for and he does a very good job. Over the course of
the last two topics, heavy stress has been put on his role in Buddhism in the country and how it shapes
him as an individual.

The first thing that he has done that he has put the culture and traditions of our country on the global
map. He has embraced the Buddhist cultures and ways of their living and has brought them to notice as

In the second aspect, we see that his political ambitions are very clear as well. Being a politician, one
needs to keep everyone happy and it is the exact same thing that he is doing. With the next elections
coming close, this is a smart strategy to adopt.
There is only one Narendra Modi and there will be nobody like him.

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