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That’s Amazing!

Titus 2.11-14


Simple, trusting faith is demanded of Naaman.

Titus 2.11-14, NIV

God’s grace redeems us.

Jesus Christ … gave Himself for us to redeem us from all wickedness …

God gives the opportunity for salvation to all. STAFF CHURCH STREET CHURCH OF CHRIST
PULPIT MINISTER 305 W. Church Street, Lewisburg, TN 37091
Jesus takes our burden of sin. (2 Corinthians 5.21) Kyle Bolton 993-3520 931.359.3597
What does “ redeem ” mean? FAMILY MINISTER
Bill Tankersley 993-8977 SPRING IS HERE! ` April 8, 2018
To redeem is to set free , by paying a price.
There is a certain excitement in the air, now that spring has officially arrived! This is that
wonderful time of year when new life starts to appear. Grasses begin to grow (along with
This is what Jesus does for us ! Caleb Taylor 993-2151 plenty of weeds, as well), flowers begin to bud, and trees begin to produce leaves, again.
Sometimes, it is easy to forget that the numerous rains we endure, throughout this season,
God’s grace reforms us. HISPANIC MINISTER
are actually serving to bring new life to nature all around us!
Hector Cruz 993-0009 With the coming of spring, we cannot help but be reminded of God’s regular blessings of
It teaches us to say “ No ” to ungodliness and worldly passions, and to live self-controlled, upright
and godly lives in this present age … and to purify for Himself a people that are His very own, eager to SECRETARY new life! As a matter of fact, the changing of the seasons should remind us of the similar
Talitha Liggett 359-3597 changes we experience in our physical and spiritual lives. Though the wise man, while
do what is good. writing Ecclesiastes, seems to find boredom and meaninglessness in the cyclical changing
of the seasons, we can, by contrast, find hope!
We are a new creation ! (2 Corinthians 5.17)
ELDERS The beauty of knowing, trusting, and following God is the realization that He not only loves
Now we can live up to the demands of walking in His image . (Romans 12.2) Wayne Cozart 224-2818 us, and died to save us — He also regularly gives us renewed opportunities to begin, again! Sometimes, we get lost within ourselves, get confused by the challenges of life, and drift
Belonging to Him is our motivation to be good and to do good. David Jent 270-6631 away from God. Even so, I have some good news! God patiently waits for us to come home!
God’s grace rewards us. What about you? Do you need a fresh start? Why not take a look around you at the beauty
Don Ledford 615-714-3213 of the changing season and decide to do the same? Why not make a fresh start, today?
… while we wait for the blessed hope – the glorious appearing of our great God and Savior, Kyle
Lee Morrison 703-4044
Jesus Christ …
Jesus is the Resurrection and the Life. (John 11.25-26)
When He comes, we will be like Him! (1 John 3.1-3) 4616
Steve Allen 359-4616 April 10 Disaster Relief trip. Bus will leave at 7:30 am.
Kenneth Bailey 993-2159
Remember Naaman’s challenge to faith ? Grover Collins 359-5386 April 11 Veterans Town Hall Meeting in the annex at 6:30.
Matt Ervin 637-1830
April 14 Ladies Day at Farmington Church of Christ. Speaker is Michelle Massey.
Greg Hardison 703-4231
Is simple, trusting faith enough?
Joel Hargrove 652-7143 April 15 CHURCH FELLOWSHIP DAY! See schedule inside. Start planning now for this
Robert Hopkins 364-3927
675-2852 special day of worship and fellowship.
Gary Lancaster 359-5215
Titus 2.11-14, NIV Kelly Lane 359-5986 April 17 Road Trip to the Loveless Café. Sign up on white board.
Joe Liggett 359-4929 April 19 Bloodmobile in the annex from 1 til 5. Please give.
God’s grace redeems us, reforms us, and rewards us. Ray Wakefield 359-2328
Clifford Whitaker 637-3507 April 22 God’s Word for Warriors in annex from 10 til 12, for veterans & families.
Britt Wiles 359-7702
April 27 Our Ladies Nite starts at 5:00 in annex. Bookstore will be in Room13.
That’s amazing! Mike Wiles 359-4165
Will Wilson 293-6814
Invite all your friends.
Prayer Updates Birthdays and Anniversaries
 Carl Johnson is in St. Thomas.
 Bobbye Lou Adcock is at home.
 Robert Hopkins will have knee replacement surgery

BY CALEB on April 10th at Wm. Medical.

 Debbie Miller, sister of Dianne McKnight, is in St.
April 8 Clara Wilson
April 9 Carson Bailey
Love Believes All Things? April 10 Bo Brewer - 6
Continue to Remember in Prayer ... Andrea Hardison
Mackenzie Maddox - “1”
Many of us are familiar with 1 Corinthians 13, also known as “the love chapter.” In this chapter, the  Braxton Hopkins, Lucy Tate, Faye Lentz, Wayne Coomes,
(member of Veterans class), Jimmie & Evon Ketchum, Bill Tankersley - ?
apostle Paul tells us what love looks like. He gives several characteristics of what our love should be Gary & Brenda Wells
defined by, and how God views us with his great love.
April 8 Ken & Vickie Ezell - 29 yrs
Ongoing Prayer Needs
Wayne & Emogene Spivey - 19 yrs
Paul states in verse 7, “Love believes all things.” This means that love believes in people. Not only does
love believe in people, but it also sees the best in people. We live in a world that has conditioned us to Theola Blue, Barbara Chunn, Wynona Clark, Betty
believe the worst, to point out other people’s flaws, and to believe everything we are told about Daniels, Austin & Ruth Grogan, Billy & Jo Ellen Haislip,
Ruth Hargrove, James Jordan, Mike McCollum, Roslyn
someone else.
Sutherland, Margaret Wade

Sadly, people would rather talk about you than talk to you. Generally speaking, we have found ourselves  NHC LEWISBURG SCHEDULE FOR SUNDAY, APRIL 15TH
Pat Blackmore, Elise Murphy, Larry Sharp, Stanley
so caught up in the “entertainment” of gossip that we no longer believe the good in people. We believe 9:00 - 10:00 - Morning worship
Smith, Margaret Tyree, James Whitsett, Alice Willis,
whatever we hear at school, in our group chat, and on social media. Elizabeth Wood 10:10 - 10:50 - Bible Class
11:00 - 11:25 - Young Men’s Devotional
 NHC OAKWOOD 11:30 - Lunch in the annex
Don’t let someone else’s opinion of you dictate your life. Believe in people, see the best in them, and Betty Carter, Bobby Cowser, Dorothy Phillips, Madalyn
love one another unconditionally. Shelton NO 6:00 PM SERVICE.
God believes in you, do you believe in him? *****************************
James Allen, Roy & Anna Bolton, Nancy Derryberry,
Elizabeth Hardison, Laquita Weaver
With love, Our love and sympathy
 OUR MILITARY are extended to
Caleb Taylor Donnie Allen, Mark Allen, Luke Anderson, Todd the family of Mrs. Anna Bailey.
Lowrance Also to the family of Mrs. Darlene Smith.
 OUR MISSION POINTS Her service was on Friday.
Colonet, Mexico; City of Children (Ensenada, Mexico);
World Bible School; Ghana preachers; Zambia jail
ministry; Eastern European Missions; Inner City Ministry;
AGAPE; Fishers of Men; Tennessee Children’s Home;
World Christian Broadcasting, Disaster Relief; local
Hispanic Ministry


April 1, 2018

April 14 (10:30) Girls Brunch (Cracker Barrel) We have received thank you notes from: AM 455*
Jimmie, Evon & Shannon Ketchum, Hispanic 30
April 18 (8:00) Dairy Queen Trip the McKinney family, PM 151
April 22 (4:30) All Ages Devotional (Annex) Charles Estes family,
Bible Class 315*
Austin & Ruth Grogan
April 25 (5:30) WOW (Annex) Wed. Night 175
and Ralph & Sue Wilson.
April 27-29 (4:00) Evangelism University (7-12) Please stop & read.
Contribution $13,890.83
63 days until summer camp!!! * includes Hispanic group