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How your annotated bibliography can

translate to your research paper:

What is your argumentative stance (thesis) addressing your research question:
What are your main What is the main idea of each source?
reasons that support
your thesis?

a. What are your Source 1: Many people in the US suffer from mental disorders, and it is
main reasons that for this reason that psychiatrists, bioethicists, and policy experts
support your thesis? defend the usefulness of psychiatric asylums. However, they are
denouncing the bad treatments that patients had in the past, which is
something they would like to avoid when reopening the new
Carey, Benedict. “Trump Wants More Asylums - and Some
Psychiatrists Agree. “The New York Times, The New York Times, 5
Mar. 2018.

b. Americans need Source 2: Mental institutions have been closed in the US for the past
more psychiatrists to decades, and president Trump would like to reopen those mental health
improve their institutions. Treating mentally ill people would clearly help avoiding
mental-health. mass shootings caused by people with mental disorders. Khazan. Olga.
“Trump's Call for Mental Institutions Could Be Good.” The Atlantic,
Atlantic Media Company, 23 Feb. 2018

c. Other factors than Source 3: Mass shootings that occurred in the past few months have
mental illness could brought up the problem of mental-health disorders, that many people
cause violence. suffer from in America. However, some studies have shown that other
factors than mental illness could cause violence. Being a victim of
violence in the past, owning a gun illegally, or being involved in
selling drugs; all these could also conduct to gun violence and mass
Hirschtritt, and Binder. “A Reassessment of Blaming Mass Shootings
onn Mental Illness.” EScholarship, University of California, 13 Mar.

d. Gun control is as Source 4: A background check for the people buying guns would
important as prevent mentally unstable, or people with violent behavior in the past
reopening mental- from buying guns and therefore do violent acts. There are many debates
health institutions concerning the link between gun violence and mental illness, however
controlling mentally ill people and preventing them from owning guns
will definitely avoid any violent acts. Jaffee, Laura Jordan. “Rethinking
School Safety in the Age of Empire: Militarization, Mental Health, and
State Violence.” Disability Studies Quarterly.
e. Racial Source 5: Other factors could lead to gun violence and not mental
discrimination is a illness only. There is violence because of racial discrimination in the
factor that could country. Many people commit gun violence because they are against
lead to gun violence. some people's religion, race or ethnicity Vannette, Jennifer. “Perspective |
What Really Drives Mass Shooters to Commit Atrocities.”The Washington Post,
WP Company, 10 Apr. 2018.

f. America needs a Source 6: With all the mass shootings that occurred in colleges
mental-health recently, bringing more police officers on campuses will not help
system. dealing with mental illness and avoid those mass shootings as much as
a mental health system needs to be built in this country. James, Alexa.
“Police Are Our Safety Net for the mentally Ill in Crisis. ”, 10 Apr. 2018.

g. Other problems in Source 7: Many gun violence that occurred recently in the U.S were
the society lead to suicides and not mass shootings. Most of the people misinterpret the
gun violence. link between mental illness and gun violence. Again, other factors than
mental illness lead to gun violence.
Simon, Robert I., and Liza H, Gold. Gun violence and Mental Illness.
American Psychiatric Publishing, Inc., 2015

h. Mental illness is Source 8: Other factors could cause gun violence. Some people with
not the main issue mental disorders could even be the victims. It is necessary to stop
to gun violence. blaming mentally unstable people for all the gun violence because
stigma towards mental illness is sometimes more difficult to endure
than the disease itself. Gun control is not the main issue but helping
people with mental disorders could avoid violence.

i. Different opinions Source 9: Federal laws in the United-States allow any person of 18
concerning whether years old and over to purchase gun. Recent studies showed that
gun control or people with mental disorders were more likely to commit violence than
mental illness is people without any disorders. For many experts and criminologists, the
what leads to mass best way to reduce gun violence would be do more background
checks, and specially avoid selling firearms to people diagnosed with
any mental health disorders.
Philpott-Jones, Sean. "Mass Shootings, Mental Illness, and Gun
Control. "The Hastings Center Report, Mar.-Apr. 2018, P. 7+.
Academic OneFile,

j. The different Source 10: People need to stop blaming gun violence on people with
factors that could mental health disorders because there isn`t detailed statistics showing
lead to gun violence. the link between mental illness and gun violence.
"Vanderbilt professor leads discussion on myths behind mental
illness, gun violence. "UWIRE text, 30 Mar. 2018, P. 1.
Academic OneFile,
k. People with Source 11: Prejudice leads to stigmatization and discrimination against
mental illnesses are people with mental illness. A very little percentage of people diagnosed
victims of many with mental disorders receive treatments. Helping people with mental-
prejudices. health disorders is the main concern not gun control. McGinty Emma
E., et al. "Communicating about Mental Illness and Violence: Balancing
Stigma and Increased Support for Services. "Journal of Health Politics,
Policy and Law, Apr. 2018, pp. 185-228.Academic OneFile,
How do the main ideas of the sources relate to your supporting reasons? Write the number (1-
11, for example) next to the main ideas YOU have (letters a-k).