Diary of a Wimpy Kid (Book 2) Reading Comprehension (Pages 91-104)
Write them in your OWN words!

DO NOT copy your answers from the book.

1. Why did Greg get stuck having to help Rodrick clean up the mess after the party?

2. Why have things around the Heffley house been nice for a week?

3. Greg s parents were happy when they came home, why?

4. Why did Greg s mom put a bar of soap in his mouth? A. Because he lied about the party B. Because he wrote on the door C. Because he spelled a swear word D. Because threw a rock through a window

5. How did Rodrick get Greg to go to the basement a second time?

By D. Edwards


Diary of a Wimpy Kid (Book 2) Reading Comprehension (Pages 91-104) p. 2
. Why was this just a guess?

6. Greg said, I think some girls even showed up at one point

7. True or False, the last of Rodrick s friends didn t leave the party until 3:00 the next afternoon? 8. How did Greg manage to get into Rowley s diary?

By D. Edwards

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