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Expanded IBM i (iSeries, AS/400

ILE Control Language Programming Workshop
5 Days (40% Lecture, 60% Workshop)
This class provides a comprehensive introduction to the IBM i (iSeries, AS/400) Control Language, and
focuses on writing programs using the ILE Control Language.

ILE Control Language is the main operating system scripting language for IBM i, and has been greatly
enhanced in recent years. This class is current with all the newest Control Language enhancements.

The students will write, test and debug numerous ILE Control Language programs of increasing complexity.

Prerequisites: IBM i (iSeries, AS/400) Concepts and Facilities Workshop (AS15) or equivalent
knowledge/experience with IBM Programming Tools.

Course Outline
Introduction to Control Language Using IBM Supplied APIs in CL
Command Names QUSCMDLN
Command Parameters Other APIs
The AS/400 User Interface
Running CL Commands from RPG
Basic CL Programming and COBOL
Creating CL Programs Selective Prompting for Commands
CLP and CLLE Programs
Structure of a CLLE Source Member Using CL Programs for Displays
Declaring Variables Basics of Using Screen Design Aid
Manipulating Variables SNDF RCVF SNDRCVF Commands
Numeric and Character Manipulation
Using the Built In Functions Understanding and Modifying
CL Control Structures CL Command Attributes
Using Complex Expressions CHGCMD
Restart-ability - Controlling Workflow CHGCMDDFT
Error Handling using MONMSG Creating Your Own Commands
Creating Proxy Command
Input/Output in a CL Program Command Definition
Passing Parameters CMD and PARM Usage
Using external information Command Processing Programs
Using the RTV* Commands
Using Files and Data Areas Newest CL Enhancements
Using *OUTFILES and QTEMP Structured Operations
Additional Data Types
Error Handling and Messages Pointer Operations
Working with Message Files Multiple File Operations
Message Handling Commands Compiler Directing Commands
Using the MONMSG Command ILE Modular Programming
Error Handling in CL programs New CL announcements
Advanced message and error handling

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