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Welcome to the 2010
Dumbo Arts FEstival
The Dumbo Arts Festival is a feast for the senses DIRECTIONS
that attracts 100,000+ visitors over 3 days with the The Dumbo Arts Festival spans
participation of over 500 artists, 100 studios, 50 the neighborhood of DUMBO,
Brooklyn, between the Brooklyn and
galleries and stages, 100 programming partners.
Manhattan Bridges, including the
Beginning Friday night, September 24, and continuing Waterfront. Parking is scarce and
through Sunday, September 26, art revelers can enjoy: public transportation is encouraged,
Based in Brooklyn, visiting artists in their studios or making murals on the though if driving, use 45 Main

west elm supports

Street as a GPS terminus. Biking or
street; musicians, dancers, poets, performance and walking over either bridge is also a
circus artists throughout the neighborhood, on street great way to arrive from the west.

emerging artists corners and sidewalk stages, in the park and even in the
river; communing with instrument makers in workshops;
F to York Street: Make a right when

and is a proud sponsor of the hearing from tech gurus about the latest advances; exiting the train station. Walk 1
block down Jay Street and turn left
and joining walking tours to hear city historians share
onto Front Street. Continue 4 blocks


little-known stories of the neighborhood. There’s to Main Street.
steampunk, spectacle and performance art, drum circles A/C to High Street: Walk downhill
and parades, and plenty to engage children as well. The toward the Brooklyn Bridge on
Dumbo Arts Festival will be as smart and sophisticated Cadman Plaza West to Old Fulton
Street. Bear left on Old Fulton
as the city’s creative community itself, real and flavorful, Street and follow it until it ends at
with grit and polish. Come on out and experience it for the pier or make a right on Front
yourselves. Street.
2/3 to Clark Street: Exit the station
Best regards, and make a left onto Henry Street.
Zannah Mass, Karen Dalzell & Turn left on Old Fulton Street and
follow it until it ends at the pier, or
The Dumbo Arts Festival Team make a right on Water Street.

New York Water Taxi operates to
and from the Fulton Ferry Landing
Sponsors from several locations along the
Founding Sponsor Manhattan waterfront including
the South Street Seaport. Exit the
Ferry Landing onto Water Street and
walk north.

718-488-8588 1
Zannah Mass,
Festival Sponsors Artistic Director,
Co-Executive Producer
Karen Dalzell,
Co-Executive Producer

75 Front Street Brooklyn, NY 718 875 7757 Visit for up-to-date listings and fan us on Facebook.
1. Tobacco Warehouse 9. Galapagos 16. 10 Jay St 28. 55 Washington St
2. Fulton Ferry Landing Art Space 17. 20 Jay St 29. 65 Washington St
(Buzzito’s Bar) (16 Main St) 30. 55 Water St
18. 25 Jay St
10. Front Street Pizza
3. Pier 1, Brooklyn 31. 56 Water St
dumbo map

(80 Front St) 19. 68 Jay St

Bridge Park 32. 18 Bridge St
11. The Underwater 20. 100 Jay St
4. Main Street Park Lounge 33. 46 Bridge St
21. 168 Jay St
5. Corner of Main & (66 Water St) 34. 89 Bridge St
Plymouth 22. 81 Pearl St
12. The powerHouse 35. Superfine
6. The Archway Arena (37 Main St) 23. Smack Mellon (126 Front St)
(under the 13. West Elm (92 Plymouth St)
36. DAC
Manhattan Bridge) (75 Front St) 24. 135 Plymouth St
7. Pearl Street Triangle 14. 111 Front St 25. 139 Plymouth St
(30 Washington St)
37. Clumber Corner
8. St Ann’s Warehouse 26. 1 Main St
(38 Water St)
15. 81 Front St
27. 45 Main St
38. The Art Garage John St
(51 Jay St)


5 4 24 25 17

Plymouth St


Pearl St

Jay St

36 6

Washington St
1 30 9 38

Main St
Water St Water St



Bridge St
oo 8 31 11 7


Br 27 28

3 13 15 14
Front St
22 Front St
ton 10



Vine 20
an S

York St

hty S York St

rit S

Queens E
Br y

yn 37
2 Popl ge 3
ar St fo


s St



y St

Additional Midd
Transportation: St

Adams St

Sands St
Clark St station is located
on the corner of Clark and 21
Henry Sts High St
Visit for up-to-date listings and fan us on Facebook. Visit for up-to-date listings and fan us on Facebook.
Open Studios
Get a glimpse of the creative process, as artists open their
studios to give you a behind-the-scenes look at their work.

Discipline Key Pm Printmaking

Sc Sculpture De Design
exhibitions are open 12-6pm 253A Pavel Kraus Sc
Ph Photo Dw Drawing
253A Bernardo Siciliano Pt
SATURDAY ONLY 309 Stephanie Lempert Ph  FiVi Pe Performance In Installation
254 Judith Nilson Pt Dw
309 Absynthe Jewelry FiVi Film/Video Mm Mixed Media
18 Bridge St 32 269 Anthony Ptak Mm
& Nemesis Jewelry De Ot Pt Painting Ot Other
Suite Artist Discipline 304 Nola Zirin Pt
309 Diana Hortsch Pt
318 Scott Kahn Pt
1F Maria Scarpini Pt 309 Devon Kearney Ph 331 Allison Orenstein Ph
1011 Adel Kerpely Pt
309 Milo Hortsch-Kearney Dw Ot 418 Victoria H. Chang Mm
46 Bridge St 33 81 Pearl St 22
309 Jaime Barbato Pt Dr 418 Don Burmeister Ph
Adam Courtney Ph 315 Davide Cantoni Pt Dr 5A Choichun Leung Pt 418 H. Lisa Solon Ph
89 Bridge St 34 315 Tohmas Elmlund Pt 135 Plymouth St 24
459A Marci MacGuffie Pt Dw  In
315 Josh Gosfield Ph 608 Sesame Letterpress De
1 Ashley Taraban Pt 205 Craig Anthony Miller Pt De
318 Triangle Arts ALL 610 Sandra Rocha Pt
1 Diana Jensen Pt 303 303rd Collective Sc  FIVI Pt
Association 628 Seung Tae Nam Pt
1 Ann Tracy Sc FIVI Pt 312 Kevin Kelly Sc
734 Fiona Westphal Sc Ot 628 Ha Rhin Kim FIVI Pt Dw
2 Mauricio Varela Pt 409 Abraham Brewster Pt 628 Seungtae Nam Pt
800 Pensa De
2 Randall Stoltzfus Pt 607 Wynne Noble Sc 628 Jiyea Han Pt
G Auguste Rhonda 25 Jay St 18 714 April Hannah Sc Ot
Tymeson Pt 139 Plymouth St 25
101 Aviva Stanoff De Ot 716 Amy Fisch and
402A A.A. Rucci Pt Terry Maxedon Ph Ot
10 Jay St 16 68 Jay St 19
209 Miya Ando Sc  FiVi  In SUNDAY ONLY
305 Stefan Killen Ph BOTH DAYS
406 David Kimelman Ph 314 Vitaly Komar Pt Ot 45 Main St 27 10 Jay St 16
500 Jason Laurits/
316 Erica Stoller Sc 301 Great Small Works Pe 209 Perforate Jewelry De Ot
Paste Tshirts Pm De  In
606 Masaru Bando Sc 812 Kyle Goen Pt Pm 903 Jim Pantalon Mm  FIVI
612 Mark Bischel Dw
606 Rica Bando Pt 1024 Jasmina Danowski Pt
809 Leah Oates FV Pr 20 Jay St 17
611 John Ensor Parker Mm 1040 Strut Pt Ph
305A Tara Dixon Pt Mm
613 Michael Price Pt 1016 Larry Nathanson Mm
309A Cynthia Packard Sc 92 Plymouth St 23
711 Simone Couto Kaplan Sc Pe  FIVI 68 Jay St 19
20 Jay St 17 Nicole Awai Sc Dw Pt
807 Bob Feinland Sc Pt
Maria Buyondo FIVI Ot 505 Soo Kim Pt  In
M-10 New York Studio 817 Anne Gilman Dw  In
 Ph Pe FIVI 741 Samantha Keely Smith Pt
Residency Program Pt Dw 1002 Claudio Tschopp Pt Ivan Monforte Pt Dw
M-18 Jack Berkowitz Mm 1005 Gigi Spratley Mm 45 Main St 27
Jeanine Oleson Sc Ph Pe
5 Nikki Nolan In 1010 Steven Harris Ph 846 Jen Ferguson Sc
Seth Wulsin Sc  In
5B Pratt Digital Arts
1010 Debra Vilen Ph Rona Yefman Sc 81 Pearl St 22
MFA Studios Ot
4 607A Luis Fabini Ph Emcee CM, Sc 5
Fl 2 Meghan Hickey Ph Master of None 2A Avery McCarthy Ph Mm
616A Marney Fuller Pt
204 Celia Gerard Kwabena Slaughter Sc Pe Mm
Lvl 1 Francois Ilnseher Ph Pt  In 55 Washington St 28
209 Elizabeth Hazan Pt Dw
55 Washington St 28 252 Eileen Mislove Pt Dw
209 Laura Karetzky Pt 100 Jay St 20
7B Lauren Matsumoto Pt 252 Marty Greenbaum Sc Pt Mm Ot
307 NY Studio School Sc 14J Sara Nanna Jorgensen Sc Ph  FIVI
251 Marc Dennis Pt 254 Julian Hsiung Pt Dw
309 Kathleen Mahoney Pt & Olga Baunbæk Reilly FIVI  Pt
251 David Baskin Sc 265 Changyoung Kim Pt
309 Koren Volk Pt 28-D Hiroko Ohno Pt
251 Alexi Worth Pt 331 Bernie DeChant Ph
309 Leslie Astor Pt Mm Ot 168 Jay St 21 251 Barnaby Furnas Pt 331 Michael Arthur Pt  Dw
309 Nadia Block Pt
1006 Steve Northeast Pt 730 Chris Perry Pt Ot

Visit for up-to-date listings and fan us on Facebook. Visit for up-to-date listings and fan us on Facebook.
Juried Exhibitions & Installations Juried Exhibitions & Installations
Indoors Outdoors

MOST JURIED PROJECTS are oN VIEW from Friday 6-9pm, Saturday and Sunday 12-6pm

Nelson Hancock Carol Salmanson Edward Schexnayder*

20 Jay St (Suite 356). Question 111 Front St (outside suite 204). The Unknown Knowns reminds
Best Outdoor Public Art whether a self-portrait can ever In All That’s Left, we see LEDs visitors of the absent presence of
represent your true self. In That’s boxes embedded in reflective the homeless through a collection
Installation, Best Indoor (not) Me, visitors can take self sheeting transform empty industrial of shrines scattered throughout
Public Art Installation portraits and walk away with instant space with color and technology. DUMBO.
and Best Open Studio Sasha Sumner*
Nora Herting Ken Solomon Using the image of a mosque built
will be judged by a 55 Washington St (3rd Fl elevator 55 Washington St (4th Fl elevator 4,000 years before the Manhattan
professional jury. The bank). In Face of Brooklyn, see bank). Video projection in One Bridge, Arches and Bridges will
the changing face of DUMBO Shake and It’s Gone traces the
winner of each will through this photo series of the architectural history of DUMBO Sean Capone’s Floral Wall: Skull & Void
transport viewers to another place
and time.
receive $1,000. The neighborhood’s past and present by using a format that recalls an
Grand Prize winner will artists, business owners and Etch A Sketch, highlighting the Allison Berkoy notations serve as a reminder Hidemi Takagi
residents. changing face of the neighborhood. 30 Washington St (loading dock). of the origin of the buildings and Roving. Sample various cultural
receive a donated studio Wake up gauze-covered dummies other structures we use every ephemera from around the world at
Fawad Khan day: the design and the designer.
in a building owned by to hear about their dreams, “Cultural Stand” Blender, a lens into
55 Washington St (5th Fl). American Leonard Ursachi
nightmares and inability to New York’s immigrant communities
Two Trees, free of rent Muscle consists of non-narrative 81 Front St. Evoking every town and
remember in Asleep #3. and cultures.
animations that focus on city that has vanished under water, MSLK
for one year. industrial New York: automobiles, Rise and Shine is an aquarium Suzanne Broughel 55 Washington St façade. The
construction materials, broken that contains a model of an island Brooklyn Bridge Park (Pier 3, York St number 2,629, representing Lucia Warck-Meister
glass and orange netting. that is alternately drowned and off of Jay St). The Dumbo X Games: the number of take-out meals Roving from Anchorage to the resuscitated as water repeatedly The Jump-shot Shoot Money Cup consumed every second in the shore line. High Tide recalls rising
Gabriel Barcia-Colombo* rises and falls. Pendulums 2 is Without Money gives you a chance U.S., is constructed from single-use and falling tidewaters through
Consider the human life-cycle,
Chris Mottalini take-out containers for the exhibit performances with droplet-like
a video projection documenting to advise the artist on how to make
55 Washington St (Suite 319). The bubbles.
personal space, entrapment and pendulums that have stopped the perfect jump shot and receive Take-Less.
photographs in After You Left, They
cultural chronicles in Garden, marking time. an original, hand-painted T-shirt. Jennifer Williams
a video sculpture in which 50
Took It Apart (Demolished Paul Olek
Rudolph Homes) document three Seldon Yuan Sean Capone Roving. Taking cues from Yoko Ono’s Scaffolding on Front St between
tiny video-projected people are Washington St and Adams St.
homes designed by experimental 111 Front St (Suite 212). In Vacuum/ Manhattan Bridge Anchorage. Floral book of instruction and drawings,
presented in glass bottles, much [flo] #5 creates order within the
Modernist architect Paul Rudolph plenum (the Cotard delusion, Wall: Skull & Void will transform the Grapefruit, Olek invites you to shake
like insects captured in jars. urban chaos and illuminates the
just before their demolition. invisibility, and other gravities), the Manhattan Bridge with an array of hands with Crocheted Painting to neighborhood’s distinctiveness. viewer becomes an inadvertent floral motifs highlighting its unique Shake Hands #, a performer whose
Ranjit Bhatnagar performer as they are unable to architectural space. personal, sexual and cultural
55 Washington St (lobby). In
KS Rives* identity is masked by crochet.
catch their own reflection while in
Misericordiam, an old accordion Before I die I want to... is a collection the house of mirrors. Apisak ‘M’ Vithyanond*
hangs in space, suspended from of photographs with statements Erin Rachel Hudak Viewers can digitally paint their
cords and cables. It twitches and from people answering that exact Tobacco Warehouse, 26 New Dock Anne Percoco own body trails in Human Graffiti.
question. St (at Water St). A statement that Main St Park. Find rest and
shudders, comes to life and plays a
may hide one’s true feelings, this relaxation in Canopy, where you’ll
mournful tune.
installation of 3-D letters cut from encounter camouflaged sleeping Ahron Weiner
Eric Corriel recycled corrugated plastic assures bags made from thousands of
81 Front St. A reminder of Brooklyn’s printed leaves culled from botanical 55 Washington St, scaffolding
us, “Everything Is Fine.”
susceptibility to rising tides print fabrics of varying colors and along Adams St. Photographs of
6 caused by global warming, Dumbo textures. decaying outdoor ads from around 7
Underwater is a video installation Mahan Javadi & Bruno Billio the world provoke questions
that imagines what DUMBO might 45 Main St (lobby). Ambient Ed Purver about the universal language of
Vibrations visualizes our subtle The Archway under the Manhattan advertising and the afterlife of
look like underwater.
interactions and interrelationships Bridge. With each rumbling train ads and products in AdInfinitum©.
with built environments through passing overhead, the Manhattan
Tai Hwa Goh clever use of technology. Bridge Archway will be slowly
45 Main St (lobby). Lull is an transformed from a solid tunnel Seth Wulsin
experimental installation of prints of ice to a melting glacier full 81 Front St and 45 Main St (loading
made by traditional techniques Mahan Javadi, Salome of cracks, through photos of a dock). In Animas, 3-D portraits
such as intaglio and silkscreen. Nikuradze & Novka Cosovic Norwegian glacier taken by Monica shift and change depending on the Around 45 Main St area. Public Ruzansky in Nesting. distance and angle of the viewer.
Lucia Warck-Meister Notations’ full-scale architectural
*Location TBD, please check Festival website for more information.

Visit for up-to-date listings and fan us on Facebook. Visit for up-to-date listings and fan us on Facebook.
& INstallations

MOST Exhibitions are open Friday 6-9pm, Saturday and Sunday 12-6pm

A.I.R. Gallery & Pillow Culture Melville House: The Work Office (TWO)
55 Washington St. In Pillow Pageant, Geometry and Gesture 45 Main St (Suite 800). Katarina
16 artist-designed pillows are on 145 Plymouth St. New work by artist Jerinic and Naomi Miller, project
display and are accompanied by Chris Walsh. artists. A multidisciplinary art
films inspired by U.S. Patents. project disguised as an employment
New York Foundation agency.
for the Arts
Chul-Hyun “Charlie” 111 Front St (Suite 214). NYFA The Triangle Artists’
Ahn’s Well Artists Crossing Over: Featuring Workshop Program*
55 Washington St (lobby). Glancing artists representing NYFA’s diverse An intense two-week studio session
into the sculpture, Well, creates the programming. for an international group of 30
unsettling illusion of looking into professional visual artists that
an endless abyss devoid of human
John Parker & Johnny Moreno, culminates in an exhibition. The
presence. Permanent installation Sweet Crude workshop’s mission is to create an
commissioned by Two Trees. 81 Front St. A multichannel video environment designed to maximize
installation that visually interprets exchange, stimulate new ideas and
Collective Art’s First Thought* the quantity of flow from the encourage experimentation. Deepwater Horizon oil spill with light
and movement.
Collective Consumption Triangle Arts Association;
20 Jay St (Suite 1019). Curated New York Photo Festival Space: The Mother of
by Claire Sexton and Christina The powerHouse Arena, 37 Main St. Invention*
Vassallo. Everyday objects Capture Brooklyn, a juried exhibition See artists whose work benefits
highlighting existing relationships of contemporary photography, seeks from negotiating the struggle for
between consumers and discarded to capture the spirit and essence space in Brooklyn.
goods. of Brooklyn as New York City’s new
epicenter of literature, music, art Under The Radar:
Dorje Ling Buddhist Center
and photography. capturebrooklyn. A Group Exhibition of Under-
98 Gold St. A Celebration of Buddhist Represented Artists Who
Arts and Crafts: Art by Monks of
Palgyalwa Jonangpa Takten Shadrup No Longer Empty Deserve More Attention
Choeling. 111 Front St (Suite 200). Curators: 111 Front St (Suite 204). Organized
Manon Slome, Jodie Dinapoli and Curated by Marc Dennis.
Gleason’s Gym
and Keith Schweitzer. Artists will
Boxing Art at its Best reference DUMBO’s industrial
77 Front St (2nd Fl). Where boxing
E-Xchange, curated
past and its recent renovation and by Rachel Vancelette*
meets fine art; where the physical transformation.
meets the spiritual and cerebral. Artists will present their definition PUSH-PULL* of today’s adaptation of the “pen
Features 16 international pal” metaphor.
Jane’s Carousel multidisciplinary artists brought
56 Water St. A magnificent, fully video_dumbo
together by NYFA’s 2010 Mentoring
restored 1922 Philadelphia 112 Water St. Curated by Caspar
Program for Immigrant Artists.
Toboggan Company Carousel is on Stracke and Gabriela Monroy.
8 view in this gallery space until it is James Stanley, Outer Cape: Presented by Dumbo Arts Center,
moved to its permanent home in New Art from Provincetown* new contemporary video art
Brooklyn Bridge Park, where it will 20 Jay St (Suite 316). screenings and installations. Live
be housed in a pavilion designed by projector performances by Wet
The Center for Photography Gate, Bruce McClure, Luis Recoder
Jean Nouvel.
at Woodstock and Sandra Gibson.
League Treatment 55 Washington St (Suite 453). This
Center/LAND extensive photography exhibit
67 Front St. In LP’s REBORN, classic features work by Wendy Ewald, Ed
album covers are transformed Kashi, Robert Mapplethorpe, Gerald
and recreated by artists. Slota, Susan Meisales, Martin Munkacsi, and many others.

*Location and other info TBD, please check Festival website for more information.

Visit for up-to-date listings and fan us on Facebook.

Target Assault by
ScreaMachine, Gearoid Dolan
Various locations around the
Manhattan Bridge. A series of
visual “assaults” on iconic
structures around NYC by a
weaponless naked figure in the form
of an animated digital projection
emanating from a high-powered
proprietary projection device built
and operated by the artist.
Plastic Flowers Don’t Die,
Simone Couto-Kaplan
Jay St between York and Prospect
Sts Plastic flowers are woven into
wires of an industrial synthetic
green fence, transforming it into
a vertical garden. Passersby can
participate by adding flowers.
Illegal Art
York St and Front St fence.
MEmorial draws inspiration
from memorials and vigils that
commemorate sudden death with
photographs, notes and objects.
The work provides an opportunity
for the living to commemorate Leonard Ursachi’s Pendulums
themselves by creating a tribute to
represent their lives.
No Longer Empty
Leo Kuelbs Collection Outside 25 Washington St and 55
Various sites near the Manhattan Washington St Murals: NLE curates
Bridge anchorage Curators Leo site-specific installations on
Kuelbs and Adam Nankervis present scaffolding by artists Helen Dennis,
The Endless Bridge, a multi-channel, Logan Hicks, Sofia Maldonado and Aftershock*
video art event that explores the Chris Stain that unite NLE-curated A.I.R. Gallery & PILLOW CULTURE
notion of transition as a permanent indoor and outdoor spaces. present Jennifer Zackin’s
state. An international roster of Aftershock, an installation
Rabbit Movers Presents assembled from hundreds of oil-
artists includes Farkas FlRyan
Uzilevsky, Christine Schulz and Another Art Attack* absorbing hair booms into creature-
Vadim Schaeffler. Outside RABBITHOLESTUDIO on like forms that resemble the colorful Washington St in the RABBITMOVERS sea life they’re designed to save.
mobile art gallery.
Wet Exit, Janet Biggs
Main Street Park, East River off Main St
Presented by Smack Mellon, Wet Exit
merges the fierce athleticism of fighting
kayaks with pounding drumbeats and the
siren-like screams of a violinist amongst a
landscape of large-scale video projections.
Musicians, dancers and kayak polo players
will perform against the backdrop of the
Manhattan skyline beneath the Manhattan
and Brooklyn Bridges.

Serving DUMBO for over 20 years! *Location and other info TBD, please check Festival website for more information.
80 Front Street • (718)875-3700
Visit for up-to-date listings and fan us on Facebook.

ONStage 6:30pm  Les Chaud Lapins 3:45pm  Julia Joseph 2–5pm  Duncan Emck*
Les Chauds Lapins present French Chamber Joseph has fashioned a collection Emck will demonstrate how to Marching Bands
Performances (FREE) songs of the 20s–40s, an epoch Music Concerts of refined and quietly bewitching properly cut a violin scroll. Himalayas*
Curated by when American jazz and swing
Fri & Sat: 8pm; Sun: 3pm
songs that blossom beyond the
3pM  Dean Bowman* Sat pm, procession starts on
was being absorbed into the confines of traditional folk to
Patrick Derivaz witty, passionate, highly melodic
Bargemusic embrace the dynamics of jazz and
Specializing in traditional black Main St at Plymouth St
Curated by Bargemusic, a spirituals, Bowman will sing, With an ever-changing cast
tradition of French popular music. blues.
fri sept 24
floating concert hall, Fulton discuss his work and the history of characters, a songbook of
Ferry Landing Tickets $15–$40 5pm  Conjunto Guantánamo of black spirituals. Please RSVP in today’s freshest composers
@ underwater lounge 8pm  Tom Verlaine with Billy 718-624-2083 This Afro-Cuban band pairs lively advance to info@dumboartsfestival. and a penchant for smashing
7pm  Earth People Ficca & Patrick Derivaz percussion, pounding syncopated com. genres, Himalayas is a
Earth People cross boundaries Tom Verlaine is a singer/songwriter/ bass lines and brazenly exotic spontaneous marching band
to interpreting “Old Time Southern”
between jazz, Latin, world music, guitarist best known as the trumpet melodies with Pepito Sun SEPT 26 only celebration.
rock, electronic, free, funk, classical frontman of Television—a band Gomez’s smooth and dynamic lead
and the unclassifiable. widely credited with establishing 4pm  Jesse Lenat vocals.
Sat Sept 25, 7–7:30pm, parade punk and new wave. He’s joined by Brooklyn-based Lenat, who opened 11am  Patrick Derivaz starts at 45 Main St and ends
former Television band member Billy Farm Aid 2007, performs the music WORKSHOPS & DEMOS Mick Management’s recording at foot of Jay St
Sun Sept 26 Ficca on drums and Patrick Derivaz, of Woody Guthrie and Jeff Buckley. (FREE) studio, 35 Washington St (at Water Great Small Works will launch
a composer/producer who has St). Derivaz will share his extensive
@ Galapagos Art Space 5pm  Jan Bell its 15th season in style with
worked with John Cale, Will.I.Am, Sat Sept 25 & music background, guiding
Jan Bell of the acclaimed band, The a street procession through
12pm  Balthrop Alabama Philip Glass and Jeff Buckley. attendees through the basics of
Maybelles, will be performing her Sun Sept 26 DUMBO, featuring acute
Balthrop Alabama straddles the signature alt-country tunes. record engineering. Please RSVP in ambulatory spectacle and
line between antebellum and 10pm  The Prodigals VARIOUS LOCATIONS* advance to info@dumboartsfestival. raucous brass band soundings
anti-folk, reconstructing indie pop. One of the foremost Celtic rock com. that will wind through the
6pm  Shotgun Party 1pm Sat & 3pm Sun  Joe Brent* bands in the U.S., The Prodigals neighborhood.
This party melds swinging, sultry A faculty member at Mannes 12pm  Martha Mooke*
1pm  Avram Pengas & masterfully fuse Irish traditional School of Music and leader of the Electro-Acoustic Violist/Composer
jazz with a dancehall sensibility. Drum Circles
music with rock and jazz. Joe Brent Quartet, Brent will give an Martha Mooke offers up sounds,
the Noga Group interactive workshop for all ability insights and hands-on opportunities Drum Circle
A skilled musical arranger, Pengas
7pm  Will Scott levels focusing on instrumental to explore new approaches to string Sat Sept 25, 12–2pm FREE,
creates music rooted in the @ Tobacco Warehouse Scott was nominated for the improvisation. Please RSVP in playing. Tobacco Warehouse
Mediterranean and the Middle East.
6pm  Soh Daiko Independent Music Awards “Best advance to Andre Martinez-Reed will be 1pm  Sam Zygmuntowicz
The taiko (Japanese drums) tell Blues Album” in 2010, and now joined by various drum masters
2pm  Rob Schwimmer he’s set to tear up the Tobacco 38 Water St. World-renowned violin
stories in music and dynamic to lead a drum circle in the NYC
A founding member of the highly Warehouse with his signature style 2–5pm  Sadowsky Guitars maker Sam Zygmuntowicz gives
dance movements, developing out tradition.
acclaimed Polygraph Lounge, of blues. 20 Jay St Guitar maker Roger a presentation that explores how
of ancient agricultural rites and
Schwimmer is a composer-pianist music from shrines and temples. Sadowsky will help explain high-tech ways of analyzing violins Shamanic Circle
and thereminist who has performed the process of guitar-making. and their sound. Sun Sept 26, 2–4pm FREE,
and recorded with many music Curated by Ulises Beato Cadman Plaza
4pm  Shahzad Ishmaily*
icons. Curated by NYFA 2–5pm  Bill Hampton* Composer and musician Shahzad NYSC seeks to promote
Sun Sept 26 Hampton will demonstrate how he earth-honoring living in ways
Ishmaily will offer kids a glimpse
Sun, Sept 26 @ Tobacco Warehouse makes instruments as stunning and into the art of making music. that foster environmental,
@ Galapagos Art Space varied as dulcimers and banjos. social and spiritual balance.
12pm  Heavy Birds 5pm  David Gage, Gage String
4–6pm  The NYFA Collection, Melding the cello with rollicking 2–5pm  Dolphy Hazel* Instruments*
guitars, the Heavy Birds are as Dolphy Hazel fabricates wooden Master Luthier David Gage offers
25 Years of New York
haunting as they are rocking. drums out of a range of beautiful a workshop/demo on string
12 New Music and often rare woods. 13
instruments with a focus on
Celebrating the launch of this first 1:15pm  VIAL
amplification for basses and celli.
CD representing 25 years of music Reminiscent of late 1970s and Sat sept 25 only
awarded by NYFA. Various artists early 1980s classic rock, VIAL’s @ Galapagos Art Space
will perform. raw energy and explosive sound 2–4pm  Daniel Fishkin*
has been dubbed Brooklyn’s true Fishkin builds instruments of his
Curated by Jan Bell 16 Main St.
underground rock experience. own creation in order to listen to
fantastic sounds. 3pm  Rob Schwimmer
Sat Sept 25 2:30pm  No Surrender A founding member of Polygraph
Blending hip-hop, electro, soul, 2–5pm  Stefan Bauni*
Lounge, Schwimmer is a composer-
@ Tobacco Warehouse synth-pop and indie-rock, No Bauni will show various violins in
pianist and thereminist who will
Surrender has all of the bases different stages of completion.
3pm  Strung Out String Band offer a theremin demonstration. Mecca Bodega
Soh Daiko Drummers covered.
A six-piece acoustic band dedicated
*Location and other info TBD, please check Festival website for more information.

Visit for up-to-date listings and fan us on Facebook. Visit for up-to-date listings and fan us on Facebook.
Sidewalk Series
Saturday & SUNDAY
A series of free outdoor concerts curated by the Dumbo Arts Festival Music Advisory Board

Sponsored by Avalon Fort Greene. Brand-New Brooklyn Rentals

Saturday Saturday
Main St @ Plymouth St Buzzito’s @ Fulton Landing Front Street Pizza @ F Train Corner:
Rain plan: 45 Main St Tented Washington St Jay & York St
loading dock Tented Rain plan: 20 Jay St loading dock
12 Paul Mueller Opera on Tap (opera) 12 Renard Harris Nicola
(hammered dulcimer & drums) (blues harmonica) (indie pop/folk/rock)
1pm Mecca Bodega Flutronix 1pm Remy de Laroque (alt folk- Lawrence Rush (Motown
(hammer dulcimer & drums) (electro-acoustic flute duo) rock) classic soul, rock & roll)
2pm Acrobuffos (circus arts) North Sky Cello Ensemble 2pm Stumblebum Brass Band Chris Bergson (blues)
(classical) (punk/ska)
3pm TBA* Cathy Grier/NYC Subway Girl 3pm Sean Grissom (Cajun cello) Daniel Reyes Llinas (electic)
(folked-up blues)
4pm TBA* Rubin Kodheli/Blues in 4pm Irving Louis Lattin Stumblebum Brass Band
Space (avant-garde rock) (R&B, pop) (punk/ska)
5pm Acrobuffos (circus arts) Dean Bowman 5pm Heidi Kole (motown, TBA*
(avant-garde gospel) old R&B, soul)
6pm Stumblebum Brass Band Robert Ross (blues) 6pm TBA* TBA*
7pm Adam Matta TBA* 7pm TBA* TBA*
(human beatbox)

sunday sunday
Main St @ Plymouth St
Rain plan: 45 Main St
Buzzito’s @ Fulton Landing
Front Street Pizza @
Washington St
F Train Corner:
Jay & York St
More Sidewalk Series Features
loading dock Tented Rain plan: 20 Jay St loading dock
The streets of the neighborhood will come alive as
12 J Walter Hawkes (trombone, Joseph Brent Quartet 12 Martha Redbone (gumbo of Peter Cobb & Leon Boykins
ukelele, swing) (classical/jazz with mandolin) traditional Native American, soul, (jazz)
various art installations and performances punctuate
rock, funk, jazz, blues) the Festival’s scheduled programming. On Clumber
1pm Bindlestiff Family Cirkus Jon Colman 1pm Jason Green (Latin, jazz, TBA* Corner in particular (located
(folk-based rock) blues, bluegrass) on the corner of Washington
2pm Chopin in Song/Polish Flutterbox 2pm Sei Koizumi Yellowbirds/Sam Cohen and Prospect Sts), Festival
Theatre Institute (classical) (bass & voice duo) (Japanese instruments (art pop, cowboy-esque melodies) attendees can take in live
& sound effects)
street performances from
3pm Knox Chandler TBA* 3pm Dev Avidon w/ Ben Najib Bahri (North African) the likes of the Stumblebum
14 (eclectic guitar) Rosenblum 15
(original jazz vocals & piano)
Brass Band (12pm
Saturday), the Underground
4pm Bindlestiff Family Cirkus TBA* 4pm Lawrence Rush (Motown Cathy Grier/NYC Subway Girl
classic soul, rock & roll) (folked-up blues) Horns (1pm Sunday) and the
5pm Natural Expression Brad Farberman (guitar) 5pm TBA* TBA* Raya Brass Band (4:30pm
(rhythm band) Sunday) throughout
6pm Osekre (reggae) Erin & her cello (French pop, 6pm Ricky Orbach/Kohane of NY Gregory Grene (accordion, the weekend. Check
jazz, blues & humor) (alt Jewish rock) Celtic rock) for Raya
*Act and other info TBD, please check Festival website for more information. more information. Brass Band

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performance, spectacle & more
Performance, SPECTACLE & MORE

Acrobuffos: Waterbombs! St (Suite 512). Artist and author & Chris from Robots Will Kill, Royce Yard Sale: New Footfalls*
Saturday, 2pm & 5pm, Main St Samantha Cotterill, otherwise Bannon & Celso from Endless Love Based on Kaca Calan’s play, WALKING TOURS
outdoors. Draw your swords! A known as mummysam, leads a free Crew (ELC), featuring Tajna Tanaric in a
sewing workshop. Brooklyn Historical Society
hysterical water balloon gladiator symphony of two voices and one
Sun 1pm & 2:30pm, 718-222-4111. Meet outside the York St F train
show with comic antics, flying water The Galapagos Floating MUSIC-THEATRE GROUP body.
station. A one-hour tour of DUMBO’s architecture and industrial history
balloons and loud opera music.
Kabarette presents Risa Jaroslow’s Trunk with one of Brooklyn’s leading historians, Francis Morrone.
Great for all ages.
Sat 10pm, $10, 16 Main St. Part Dance Co., with music by Sept 24-26, 12-8pm, 68 Jay St
Bindlestiff Family Cirkus cabaret, part burlesque and part Robert Een in THE PARTNER #101. Aimee g, Mel en Stel,
Sunday, 1pm & 4pm, Main St variety, each show features some of PROJECT SAMOY LENKO, Radka Design, &
the best performers from NYC and
outdoors. Surprise fun to come from
this talented circus arts troupe. beyond.
Sat 3pm, Sun 4pm, 10 Jay St (9th
Fl). viBe Theater girls share poetry,
b.spoke reinterpret William Strunk
Jr’s 1918 The Elements of Style. DUMBO’S GALLERIES
songs and scenes about what it
Janet Biggs’ Wet Exit Great Small Works: Pre-Spag
Sunset Procession really means to be a teenage girl in Lucia Warck-Meister: A.I.R. Gallery Bose Pacia gallery
FREE. See Other Exhibitions
New York City. 111 Front st #228 163 plymouth st
& Installations: Outdoors. Sat 7–7:30pm. Procession lift-off: High Tide 8–10pm, dinner at 10 Jay St (9th Olek See Juried section. Road Work Material Witness: Bari Kumar
Fl). Featuring acute ambulatory See Juried section.
Stephanie Bok’s Like every construction project, & Mondongo
spectacle and raucous brass band Road Work will be ongoing with Material Witness presents the works
What Happened* soundings before GSW’s signature
Steampunk Salon Saloon Chin Chih Yang:
The same personal story is told Sat & Sun, The Underwater Lounge, intermittent activity and special of LA-based Kumar & the Buenos
Spaghetti Dinner. Procession begins Broken Mind* “pop-up” performances during the Aires-based collective, Mondongo.
by multiple actors of varying ages, 66 Water St. A celebration of
at the foot of Main St. Fri–Sun 6–9pm, outdoors. festival.
ethnicities, body types. Does steampunk culture, fashion and
Both roving video projection
the meaning of the story change Himalayas* craftsmanship.
Brooklyn Arts Council/
depending on who tells it?
and interactive performance, Paintings and Works on Paper,
A marching band experience like no Schedule:
Broken Mind involves the casting Mimi Oritsky BAC Gallery
other. With an ever-changing cast of On Display: Tsirkus Fotografika,
Bubby’s 7th Annual Pie Social of projection imagery, like a With The Pool Series, Oritsky’s focus 111 front st #218
characters, a songbook of today’s Vintage Photographer
Sun 12–3pm, Bubby’s, 1 Main St. hallucinatory mist, to express the represents the departure from the
freshest composers and a penchant 3pm: G.D.Falksen Presents Otto Neals/Emmett
Each year, Main Street in Brooklyn reality of human involvement in aerial viewpoint to ground level.
for smashing genres, Himalayas is Steampunk 101 (Author, Historian) Wigglesworth: Kindred Spirits,
overflows with an assortment the world.
a spontaneous, organic, ephemeral 4pm: August Wahnsinger Steampunk Planes, Regina Granne Forging Forward
of pies created by local bakers.
pleasure-filled situation. Presentation An exhibition of paintings, drawings Two Brooklyn art icons present
Bubby’s invites foodies of all ages
(Scholar, MC) and painted paper airplanes work focused on people of African
to bring a pie to share. Nung-Hsin Hu’s Sushi* 6pm: Psyche Corporation Music
Combines performance and continues this artist’s involvement ancestry, seeking to show their
Chashama* 7pm: (Sun only) Lola Lola with the issues of war not as humanity, beauty and power.
sculpture when two pieces of giant
The Woods, a sensory immersive, Dance Theatre’s Tethered a polemic against it, but as a
sushi displayed in a street window
participatory project brings commentary on its devastating
with artists as raw fish comment
audiences on a journey to explore
on identity and perceptions. Superfine results. Dumbo Arts Center
their ideas of sensation, adventure, 30 Washington St Sun, Bluegrass Brunch & music
expectation and discovery. Almacen Unlimited Art Gallery
7–11pm, 126 Front St. Tanya Rynd’s Gair No. 1, Reina Kubota and Kunsthalle Galapagos Form, Color and Beyond,
art, DJ Mello & DJ Fonzi dance Hang Xu
Andrea Cote & Michael and Schroeder, Romero & parties. Yuli Geszti
A site-specific installation: huge
Drisulla’s Clay* Shredder: Rod Verplanck: (Suite 222) In her paintings, Geszti
Tableau Vivant of the Delirium shows the creation of a more visual
separations of cardboard boxes
Outdoors on Main St. A participatory Exploring the Surprising Power will create an elaborate maze.
Constructions Part II; Mini- side of the universe opposed to our
performance that playfully presents in Your Self Importance
an artist in a public setting. Sit
Tableau #5 day-to-day lives. Her work comes to
Fri 7:30pm, Galapagos Art Space,
FREE, Sat 7:30–9:30pm, The tridimensional volumes on canvas
to have your portrait sculpted 16 Main St. World-renowned
16 powerHouse Arena, 37 Main St. A with the simple aid of brushes and Giacobetti Paul Gallery 17
out of clay and witness it being inspirational speaker Rod Verplanck
fine art/performance/photographic/ paint. 111 Front St, #220
transformed into the next model’s shares his system for self-
musical project that brings unlikely
visage. actualization. 3 storeys, Crystal Gregory,
characters into the same space to Amos Eno Gallery
explore implausible interaction. A
Daniel Clapp, JiYe Kim
111 front st #202 Gregory explores boundaries of
Sat 12–2pm & 5–7pm, The Mighty Tanaka at Gleason’s contemporary spin on the Tableau
Prinzessin, Monica Bauer* architecture and motif. Clapp and
powerHouse Arena, 37 Main St. Gym—The Rumble Room: Vivant directed by Sarah Small. Kim present new video on the
Experience Creative Cricket Cuisine Street Art Battles
experience of observation and our
with Brooklyn’s “bug chef” and Sat 12–6pm, 77 Front St. A virtual Hidemi Takagi: relationship with the screen itself.
artist Marc Dennis. artistic boxing match, featuring “Cultural Stand” Blender
Etsy Craft Night some of NYC’s top street artists: See Juried section. August Wahnsinger
Fri 4–8pm, Etsy Labs, 55 Washington 2Esae & SKI from Urnewyork, Veng by Tyrus Flynn

*Location and other info TBD, please check Festival website for more information.

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DUMBO’s Galleries dance literary events


111 Front St (SUITE 226) 33 Washington St 111 Front St (Suite 210)
André Martinez-Reed is a prolific ARTISTS SHOW* Fri, Sept 24, 6:30pm, $8. Central
painter, musician and photographer Booking’s Artist Presentation Series
inspired by studies of Claude begins the new season with Miriam
Levi-Strauss, who said, “A mask Smack Mellon Schaer. Prepare to think about
represents neither a human 92 Plymouth St books as you never have before.
nor a god, but…serves as an
Two Solo Exhibitions:
intermediary between man and
eteam, Gallery Cruise; Visual Poetry Marathon:
Charlotte Schulz, The Uneven Jessica Elsaesser, Ariel
Kunsthalle Galapagos Intensities of Duration Kalinowski & Others*
16 Main St (3rd level) Artists’ reception: Sept 25, 5-8pm, Sat, Sept 25, and Sun, Sept 26,
Look for the dream that keeps 92 Plymouth St Eteam will transform 2–6pm. Members of Central
the front gallery of Smack Mellon
coming back, Ryan Humphrey Booking’s Visual Poetry Workshop
For its inaugural exhibition, into a cruise ship tea room. In the will read from their cross-genre
Humphrey has created an back gallery, Charlotte Schulz’s works in two marathon four-hour
installation that is a riot of color delicate charcoal drawings depict sessions.
and pattern, which uses pop-culture psychological topographies that
references like heavy metal, skate stretch and multiply. Amir Parsa, Kantô X.2 – Jonathan Lethem
culture, BMX bikes and hip-hop Dumbo Farinato*
in an exploration of the tension Dekalogue 2: This scriptage, an
spring design&art Recipe for a Jam Session, with
between high and low culture. ambulatory literary piece, is the
126A Front St guest musicians. Sponsored latest kantô from Amir Parsa’s by Cave Canem Foundation.
Breaking the Mold, curated ongoing Open Epic, his experimental
magasin totale
by Anna Cosentino and Steve investigation into the writing of the
10 Jay St (Suite 724) Big City Press & Kehrer
Butcher Iranian revolution and its legacy.
Still life photographs, Ira Fox Verlag In Association With
Launching from a negative depicting
Atelier NL; Ineke Hans; Ron Gilad;
Larens van Wierengen. Exploring
Get connected Joshua Wolfe & NASA Klompching Gallery*
a sunflower, Fox explores other interaction between conceptual and Scientist Dr. Gavin Schmidt, Sat, 7–9pm. The U.S. book launch
plants in this inverted form and functional design. With so many events Climate Change: Picturing the for Highjacked Volume 2: Australia/
digitally paints each back to life. jammed into one Germany, this event will focus on
Umbrage Gallery Science* the depiction and representation of
weekend, it may prove A panel discussion on the roles of
111 Front St (Suite 208) the young, the boundary-riding and
KLOMPCHING GALLERY difficult to choose which art and science in portraying the
111 Front St (Suite 206) In Discussion With Teun events to attend and White Wave Dance consequences of the climate’s fringe-dwelling.
Voeten which exhibits to see. trajectory to the wider public.
A New Kind of Beauty, Teun Voeten, photographer of
Phillip Toledano Tunnel People, and James Wellford, BROOKLYN BALLET The powerHouse Arena
An exhibition of provocative Stay up-to-date with 37 Main St
senior photo editor at Newsweek, Close to You*
portraits that address the concept will have a discussion/debate: the Festival online
The Brooklyn Ballet Company Paperback Launch Party,
of human beauty and the quest for “Social Documentary Photography on Facebook, at presents a new work that
perfection through plastic surgery. Reading, Q&A and Signing for
in an Age of Indifference.” juxtaposes professional ballet Chronic City by and on Twitter dancers alongside remarkable pop
18 Jonathan Lethem 19
KRIS GRAVES PROJECTS @dumboartsfest. and lock artists.
VII Photo Fri Sept 24, 7–9pm. Meet the author
111 Front St (Suite 224) 28 Jay St WHITE WAVE Young Soon Kim of Motherless Brooklyn and Fortress
The Third Landscape, Andreas Dance Company of Solitude.
Island of the Spirits,
Gehrke John Stanmeyer/VII 2010 DUMBO Dance Festival Cave Canem
Gehrke, a self-taught photographer Deeply layered exhibition on Thur, Sept 23, 7pm–Sun, Sept 26 20 Jay St (Suite 310-A)
was born and raised in (East) Berlin Balinese spirituality and mysticism (Grand Finale: 8–10pm). Fri Sept 24
during the Cold War. photographed over five years by TM Recipe for a Jam Session with
only, 6:30pm. John Ryan Theater, 25 John Stanmeyer during his time E.J. Antonio & guests
Jay St. Outdoor performances will be
living on the Southeast Asian island. FREE, Sat, 3-5pm E.J. Antonio
held at Main Street Park and site- performs poetry from her debut
specific performances at various E.J. Antonio
album, Rituals in the Marrow:
*Location and other info TBD, please check Festival website for more information.

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family programming

Peas and
Music, Arts & Crafts,
Storytelling & more (Free)
Family Programming

11am & 2pm
The Czechoslovak-American
Marionette Theatre
45 Main St (Suite 800). Johannes
Dokchtor Faust combines masterful
animation, new vaudevillian
puppetry, fireworks and lively Gourmet Food Market
“penny-dreadful” dialogues.
45-55 Washington St
DUMBO, Brooklyn 718-488-8336
LuAnn Adams—Music & Free
Storytelling for Kids
Jane’s Carousel
The Art Garage, 51 Main St. LuAnn
Adams will perform award-winning
Sushi bar, salad bar, deli, grocery,
storytelling programs. dairy, produce, frozen food,
Fri–Sun, Sept 24–26 learn the basics of making pop-up
12–1pm beverages, beer and more!
books from ubiquitous, recycled
and found materials. Each team White Wave Dance: Open
Jane’s Carousel
56 Water St. A magnificent, fully
will leave with a completed project. Kids Can Dance 24/7 What sets us apart is our dedication to great service, the Main Street Park. Class session of friendliness of our staff, our commitment to the freshest
restored 1922 Philadelphia hip-hop/B-boy and modern dance on
2pm & 5pm produce and a wide range of gourmet, organic and natural
Toboggan Company Carousel is the waterfront for kids of all ages.
Acrobuffos: Waterbombs! products. We are looking forward to becoming your
on view until it is moved to its favorite local food market.
permanent home in Brooklyn Bridge Outdoors at Main St & Plymouth St.
Park. A hysterical water balloon gladiator 3pm
show with comic antics, flying water Rob Schwimmer
Sat Sept 25 & balloons and loud opera music. Galapagos Art Space, 16 Main
Sun Sept 26 3–5pm St. A theremin demonstration
with the musician and composer.
10am The powerHouse Arena
The Dumbo Kite Flying Society Makedo PROMOTION
Brooklyn Bridge Park near Main 4pm
37 Main St. Discover Makedo from

Unlock the City

St entrance. Kites supplied. Shahzad Ishmaily—Music
Australia, a reusable connector system for creating amazing objects
Workshop for Kids
55 Washington St. The composer
10am–5pm from recycled materials. Build your
and musician offers kids a glimpse
The Art Garage own creation to win a Makedo kit.
into the art of making music.
51 Jay St. Artist Kate Fauvell and
Experience everything that’s happening in the
friends host a free-for-all painting
it freewnload
city that never sleeps with Time Out New York’s
experience alongside Jesse Sunday 9/26 Only
mobile app for iPhone and Android. Use it to find
dial *! Simply
Neuman’s Musicworks at 3pm. 10–11:30am
Brooklyn Ballet*
the latest concerts, clubs, exhibits and shows, as
Sat Sept 25 Only 10am, family ballet class; 10:45am well as nearby places to eat and drink in NYC.
(**86 *TONY
your 9) from
performance and class. Brooklyn
Yogi Beans Ballet Company and Youth
Morning Family Yoga Ensemble perform Close to You, iPhon
20 9–9:45am (ages 2–4) the company’s latest ballet/street e.
10–10:45am (ages 5–7) dance mix, followed by a “popping”
St Ann’s Warehouse. class hosted by Supreme.
12–4pm 11am–12pm
Marquis Studios Comic Book Artist
Workshop with Christine
Pop Up! A Book-Making
Norrie and Friends
Workshop for Children 51 Jay St. Christine will help
and Families guide children as they tell a story
The Art Garage, 51 Jay St. Polina through a set of comic book style
Porras will lead a workshop for illustrations. Acrobuffos: Waterbombs!
parent-child or family teams to
*Location TBD, please check Festival website for more information.

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Special Thanks

Founding Sponsor Festival Sponsors

Festival Supporters

786 Iron Works, Danica Group LLC, KG Konstantine Corp., Katz Metal Fabricators Inc.,
Peter Forman Roma Electric Corp.

Friends of the Festival

All-Safe LLC, Architectural Hardware, BoConcept, Bubby’s, Buzzito’s, Choice Market, City Elevator, Digital Imaging,
ECM-NY, Front Street Pizza, Galapagos Art Space, Gleason’s Gym, Greschlers Inc., Journey, Marquis Studios,
Peter Forman, powerHouse Arena, PS Bookshop, St. Ann’s Warehouse, Superfine, Trader Joe’s, Underwater Lounge

Official Media Sponsor Hospitality Sponsors


Our Very Special Friedman, Cathy Grier, Danny Kahn, Michon Ashmore, Elizabeth Dickey,
Sam Kinken, Andre Martinez-Reed, Lizzie Hughes, Anna Komar,
Thanks to: Zannah Mass, Michael McDonald, Wei Lai, Stephanie Marden,
Peter McDowell, Janine Nichols, Elizabeth Vautour
Jane Walentas and the Prize Jury; Jack Walsh, Eli Wolf, Diane Strut: Digital design and online
NYPD 84th Precinct & CA Officers Wondisford, Blake Zidell strategy by James and Anthony
Sal Ferrante & Freddy Mitchel; DAC; Theater, Dance, Performance Cospito,
MUNY; RICE. Art Subcommittee: Rubenstein Associates: Public
Festival Advisory Board: Rachel Chanoff, Robert Elmes, relations and media relations by
Esa Nickle, Bruce Rayvid, Laura Barbara Wagner and Jocelyn Aframe
Visual Art Subcommittee:
Roumanos, David Terry Two Trees: The Walentas family,
22 Marc Dennis (Chair), David Baskin,
Digital Summit Subcommittee: Two Trees’ staff: George Pastor’s
Nana Deleplanque, Amanda
Vikram Bhaskaran, Anthony Cospito, team, Caroline Pardo’s team, Anna
Friedman, Richard Gary, Kathleen
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Debra Klomp Ching, Elodie Mailliet,
Levin, Jacob Robbins, Brian Storm, Mattingly
Zannah Mass, Mick Murray, Lorie
Novak, Fran O’Neill, Kwabena
Tucker Viemeister, Kaitlin Villanova, Dalzell Productions:
Andrew Zarick, Ariston Anderson, Festival Co-producer
Slaughter, Manfred St. Julien, David
Wayne Ashley Karen Dalzell and her
Terry, Sarah Walko
And all participating artists, team: Santo D’Asaro, Daniel White,
Music Subcommittee:
curators, venues and volunteers; Frank Riley, Erica Finkelstein,
Patrick Derivaz (Chair), Rachel
and our talented, tireless staff Lina Petrova, David Hoffman, Ana
Chanoff, Bob Cilman, Nana
and partners: Constantino and support staff.
Deleplanque, Robert Elmes, Aaron
Festival Interns: Andrew Knutson,

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In the neighborhood Bonus content from

Every New Yorker knows that where artists go, shops, restaurants and high-end condos
follow. As early as the 1970s, creative types lured by Dumbo’s affordable loft spaces colonized the
former industrial center, once home to all kinds of manufacturers, including Brillo and Benjamin Moore
Paint. These days, cheap rent is scarce, but an array of excellent eateries and interesting retail has
taken root among the studios and art spaces. Culture and consumerism aside, the compact enclave
now contains a burgeoning natural resource in the expanding Brooklyn Bridge Park, which not only
commands some of the most stunning views in the city, but also offers refuge for diverse local wildlife
(and we’re not talking about the crowd at reBar). While you’re in the neighborhood, it’s worth strolling a
few blocks east to Vinegar Hill, near the Navy Yard. Once a bawdy patch occupied by Irish dock workers
that earned the moniker Hell’s Half Acre, it’s now a strangely sleepy backwater with stretches of well-
preserved early-19th-century row houses, repurposed storefronts and a tucked-away restaurant. Turn
the page for our pick of the best places to eat, drink, shop and chill out in the area.
ten different rices, including Bhutanese red
rice, Thai black rice steamed in coconut
milk, and straightforward brown and reBar
basmati. Park benches double as seating in Beyond the wrought-iron gate and stained-
the warehouselike space, or you can grab glass windows of this Time Out New York
a table on the pretty, flower-filled patio. 81 Eat Out Award–winning gastropub, tattooed
Washington St between Front and York artists and condo owners savor delectable
Sts (718-222-9880, Daily American microbrews (like Ommegang
noon–11pm. Average main course: $10. Rare Vos) and heady Belgian quaffs (such
as Delirium Tremens). In addition to more
The River Café than 100 bottled beers, 15 taps dispense a
The River Café opened in 1977—long before changing selection. The suds-averse will
Brooklyn gained its foodie reputation. The be content with organic wines and plates
romantic waterside eatery, which could of Spanish-inflected tapas. Owner Jason
easily skate by on its gorgeous views of Stevens recently added ReRun (reruntheater.
downtown Manhattan, has spawned a com)—a 60-seat movie theater. Viewers
lengthy list of great chefs, including Charlie can snack on gourmet concessions, such as
Palmer (Aureole), David Burke (davidburke bacon- or duck-fat-doused popcorn, while
& donatella) and Rick Moonen (RM, watching $10 indie flicks. Cocktails include
Oceana). Current chef Brad Steelman lives movie-themed creations like the Drive-in
up to his predecessors with two exquisite (Southern Comfort, rum, peach schnapps
prix-fixe menus: three courses (you choose) and cranberry juice). 147 Front St between
Ignazio’s or six courses (he chooses). Stellar dishes Jay and Pearl Sts (718-766-9110, rebarnyc.
include the signature oysters (glazed with
hollandaise, bacon and caviar), rack of
com). Daily 11am–4am. Average drink: $6. Five reasons to visit Brooklyn Bridge Park
Eat Jacques Torres Chocolate & lamb or lobster specials. For dessert, few 68 Jay St Bar Been meaning to check out the much-talked-about BBP? The festival may provide
Jacques Torres Ice Cream can resist the chocolate marquise Brooklyn On Dumbo’s somewhat slummo side is a the incentive you need, but the growing green strip isn’t short on attractions. While
Almondine Bakery The only thing that beats a decadent piece Bridge, shaped like its sparkling namesake. surprisingly mellow bar with soft lighting stretches are still off-limits, you can wander among Pier 1 (2 Old Fulton St at
Pastry chef–owner Hervé Poussot offers of chocolate is one that comes fresh off 1 Water St at Old Fulton St (718-522-5200, and a relaxed, country atmosphere. (Sit on Furman St), Pier 6 (Furman St at Atlantic Ave), the Main Street Lot (1 Main St at
expertly made Gallic goodies including the conveyor belt. At the Dumbo shop, Mon–Fri noon–3pm, 5:30– the bench outside for a few minutes and Plymouth St) and Fulton Ferry Landing (Old Fulton St at the waterfront). At 9.5
croissants, tarts and classic pastries you can peer through glass windows to 11pm; Sat, Sun 11:30–2:30, 5:30–11pm. you’ll see that the surroundings are neither acres, Pier 1 is BBP’s largest and most happening stretch, with two lawns, tree-lined
such as éclairs and napoleons in this, the watch the action in the factory. In addition Three-course prix fixe: $98. Six-course prix relaxed nor country.) The artist-owner is walkways and the new freshwater gardens and salt marsh. A protected walk-and-
first of his two Brooklyn shops. Light to assortments, truffles and bars, Torres fixe: $125. a self-proclaimed oenophile who offers bikeway now connects it to Pier 6.
dishes—sandwiches, soups, salads and creates more unusual confections such as more than a dozen wines by the glass and
quiches—are also available. 85 Water St
between Main and Dock Sts (718-797-
5026, Mon–Sat
chocolate-covered cornflakes and Cheerios.
If you’d rather sip your chocolate than
munch on it, indulge in the famously suave,
The owners of this loftlike restaurant
and bar are keen pool players—which
fruity sangria with a kick. The folksy
bar also hosts singer-songwriter acts on
Wednesdays and Saturdays (plus Friday
1 The views are loftier  Of course, this stretch of Brooklyn waterfront
has always offered unparalleled Manhattan-skyline vistas, including the
intoxicating view between the bridges at the Main Street Lot and the Cove, but
7am–7pm; Sun 10am–6pm. Average rich hot chocolate. At the adjacent seasonal explains the orange-felt-topped pool table during the festival). If you expect more of a you can now get an elevated view across the water from Pier 1’s Granite Prospect,
pastry: $4. ice cream store (usually open until mid- that customers can use for free—and local meeting place than a colorful pickup a set of stairs fashioned out of more than 300 pieces of granite salvaged from the
October), the flavors are largely inspired by the space hosts rotating art shows. But scene, then you’ll be satisfied. 68 Jay St at scrapped Roosevelt Island Bridge project.
Bubby’s the real attraction at this popular spot,
Torres’s chocolate collection: Rum Caramel Water St (718-260-8207, 68jaystreetbar.
With a prime parkside spot between the
Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges, the
spacious offshoot of the Tribeca standby
Swirl plays off his Liquid Caramel bonbon,
while the Wicked Chocolate ice cream uses
which celebrates its tenth birthday this
fall, is chef Laura Taylor’s daily-changing
menu, incorporating local Greenmarket
net). Mon–Thu, Sun 2pm–1am; Fri, Sat
3pm–2am. Average drink: $6. 2 You might spot a heron  The Brooklyn Bridge Park Conservancy offers
several educational programs spotlighting species and plant life that thrive in
the East River and Hudson River Estuary (see The Cove is
serves crowd-pleasing fare—fluffy stacks the same Mayan spices as his Wicked Hot
Chocolate. Jacques Torres Chocolate, 66 ingredients. There are some constants, Water Street home to crabs, bluefish, geese and ducks, among other creatures, and Kara Gilmour,
of pancakes, burgers, mac and cheese—in though: The tender fillet steak au poivre, Restaurant & Lounge director of education and stewardship at the BBPC hopes the just-completed salt
a similarly casual milieu. Dessert is still Water St between Dock and Main Sts
pasta with housemade sausage, seasonal No wonder the locals like this place: It has marsh between Piers 1 and 2 will bring more bird life. “Already in the park, we
all about pie—Bubby’s started as a pie (718-875-1269). Mon–Thu 9am–8pm; Fri,
salads and vegetarian soups are favorites 22 beers on tap, good food and bartenders see a lot of double-crested cormorants and there’s potential to attract a great blue
company—such as the apple-whiskey with Sat 9am–9pm; Sun 10am–8pm. Average
with regulars. On Sunday, the Southwestern- who take the time to get to know their heron,” she says. There’s also an oyster garden containing 450 bivalves to aid water
pecan crumble, packed with seasonal New chocolate: $1.50 • Jacques Torres Ice
themed brunch, accompanied by live customers. The upper level of the former filtration—in a secret location to elude poachers.
York State varieties, and served in generous Cream, 62 Water St between Dock and
bluegrass, is a huge hit. 126 Front St spice warehouse has enough room to pack
wedges. The family-friendly brunch draws
crowds on weekends, but it’s wise to call
Main Sts (718-875-1269). Mon–Thu, Sun
1–8pm; Fri, Sat 1–9pm. Average ice cream:
$4 •
at Pearl St (718-243-9005). Tue–Thu
11:30am–2am; Fri 11:30am–4am; Sat
3 You can drink here!  Concessions go beyond hot dogs and pretzels: Organic
ice cream, courtesy of cult favorite Blue Marble, is available at the south end
of Pier 1 Promenade daily (and also near the ferry dock on Pier 6 Fridays and
beforehand because the postcard-worthy 2pm–4am; Sun 11am–2am.
views make it popular for private events, Sundays); an outpost of Marc Murphy’s sleek take on a seafood shack, Ditch Plains
and be sure to bring cash because the place Just a dough toss from Grimaldi’s is this Vinegar Hill House Drop-In, dispenses lobster rolls and more at the Pier 1 Gatehouse; and the wine bar
doesn’t accept plastic. 1 Main St between Co-owner Jean Adamson, who was at LES on Pier 1 Plaza has made boozing in the park a viable option.
pie contender from Hartford pizza maven
success story Freemans before opening
Plymouth and Water Sts (718-222-0666, Louis Termini (Luna Pizza). Aside from It’s sustainable  Not only has the park been created using recycled fill from Mon–Wed 8am–10pm; Thu, a selection of small plates (meatballs!) Vinegar Hill House in November 2008,
the MTA’s East Side Access Project and salvaged granite and wood, it employs
Fri 8am–11pm; Sat 9am–11pm; Sun and salads, the menu is mostly devoted to has recently relinquished the kitchen to
a super-green stormwater system. Pier 1’s freshwater gardens, fed by a weir system,
9am–10pm. Average main course: $18. thin-crust and Sicilian pies. Special versions new chef Brian Leth (Allen & Delancey,
are the most visible element, says Regina Myer, president of Brooklyn Bridge
include toppings such as white clams or Prune). But the weekly changing menu still
Grimaldi’s Park. “The water is cascading down these weirs and constantly recirculating
seasonal greens like baby dandelion and focuses on seasonal comfort foods. A tender
The tourist hordes haven’t ruined Grimaldi’s, as sediments and pollutants are removed by the garden’s plants. This captured
chicory. Drinks skew local with Brooklyn butternut-squash tart with robust farmstead
whose pedigree—going back to Patsy stormwater is used to irrigate our plantings and trees on Pier 1,” she explains.
and New York State brews (Sixpoint, Kelso, blue cheese was made memorable by golden,
Grimaldi’s first job at his uncle’s pizzeria “It’s a beautiful visual amenity, but it’s also providing a critical function for the
Brooklyn Brewery)—in case the East River flaky pastry; wispy ribbons of pappardelle
in 1941—assures it guidebook coverage. maintenance of the park.”
views aren’t enough to remind you of where were coated with a sweet rabbit-and-bacon

The jukebox still honors Sinatra, the ragù. The cozy, tavernlike restaurant, There’s plenty of kids’ stuff  Kids swarm Pier 6’s 1.6-acre playground
waitstaff is gruff, and, while the antipasto you are. 4 Water St between Dock and Old
Fulton Sts (718-522-2100, ignaziospizza. located in the forgotten namesake Brooklyn for the ropes and swings of Swing Valley, the 20-foot-tall Slide Mountain jungle
left us cold, the thin-crust pizza has an neighborhood, doesn’t take reservations gym and the enormous, 6,000-square-foot Sandbox Village. They can also pick
ideal mozzarella-to-sauce ratio. Desserts, com). Mon–Fri 11:30am–10pm; Sat, Sun
noon–10pm. Average pizza: $20. for parties under six, but waiting in the out their favorite horse on Jane’s Carousel, the restored 1922 merry-go-round
though, recall the line from The Godfather: secluded back garden with drinks is a currently on view at 56 Water St between Dock St and Main St (
Leave the cannoli. It’s tourist-grade. 19 Old Rice pleasure. 72 Hudson Ave between Front and It’ll be another year before they can ride it, but come summer 2011, the carousel
Fulton St between Front and Water Sts A tricky place for the indecisive, Rice Water Sts (718-522-1018, vinegarhillhouse. will move to a Jean Nouvel–designed pavilion in Empire–Fulton Ferry State Park.
(718-858-4300, Mon–Thu offers an array of savory toppings (grilled com). Mon-Thu 6–11pm; Fri 6–11:30pm; Although the kayaking season at Pier 1 doesn’t officially start up again until the
11:30am–11pm; Fri 11:30am–midnight; shrimp satay bathed in almond-peanut Sat 11am–3:30pm, 6–11:30pm; Sun spring, keep an eye on the park’s website ( for possible
Sat noon–midnight; Sun noon–11pm. sauce, ratatouille, vegetarian meatballs). 11am–3:30pm, 5:30–11pm. Average main additional dates in the fall.
26 Average pizza: $16. Mix and match them with your choice of course: $16. Vinegar Hill House 27
in a large crew comfortably. Windows
along the back wall offer a fishbowl view
into the downstairs performance venue,
appropriately named the Underwater
Lounge. Phishbacher, the house jazz trio,
plays on Wednesdays, and various DJs
take the stage on Fridays. 66 Water St
between Dock and Main Sts (718-625-9352, Sun–Thu
11am–11pm; Fri, Sat 11am–midnight. Bar
11am–4am. Average drink: $9. Average
main course: $15.

Baxter & Liebchen
Curb your expensive eBay addiction to all
things Eames with this Danish furniture
source’s pristine midcentury designs. Its
barebones showroom brims with clean-lined
rosewood cocktail tables, Hans Wegner ►
oak sofas and Jetsons-esque lamps, and its
frequent sales save you from the pitfalls ►
of incessant bidding wars. 33 Jay St at
Plymouth St (718-797-0630, baxterliebchen. ►
com). Tue–Sat 10am–6pm; Sun noon–6pm.
Blueberi reBar

No matter what the season, you can do your
wardrobe-picking at this Dumbo spinoff
of Prospect Heights boutique Redberi. The Stewart/Stand Trunk
spare, whitewashed interior is stocked Brothers Theo and Paul Stewart-Stand This five-designer collective showcases
with women’s threads hand-selected by combined their respective backgrounds in locally made furniture, clothing and
owner Suewayne Brown. Luxe takes on product design and business and teamed accessories in a gallery-like space. Original
the basics come courtesy of lines such as up with Theo’s wife, photographer Penelope garments include Aimee g’s reversible print
LaRok, T Luxury and Twinkle By Wenlan. Mahot, to open this sleek boutique in a dresses ($323), Samoy Lenko’s architectural
143 Front St between Jay and Pearl Sts former garage. Like the mod space, clean-
wrap vests ($168) and Mel en Stel’s wool
(718-422-7724). Tue–Sat noon–8pm; Sun lined goods such as hyperthin, private-label
11am–7pm. woven stainless-steel wallets ($25–$160) jackets with removable sleeves ($360).
and ellipse cuff links ($85), along with Radka Design hand-crocheted jewelry, using
Halcyon canvas bags from the Brooklyn-based line oxidized silver and gold-filled wire, ranges
One of the city’s few surviving DJ-oriented Skinny Vinny ($80–$160) should please from $48 to $230, and you can pick up a
music boutiques, this beautiful (and tiny) your crew of devoted design snobs and customized vintage dresser by b.spoke for
store celebrated a decade in business last minimalists. 165 Front St at Jay St (718- $620. 68 Jay St between Front and Water
year. Although it exudes a Zen-like calm, 407-4197, Mon–Sun Sts (718-522-6488,
the music sold within—largely electronic 11:30am–7pm. Mon–Sat noon–7pm; Sun noon–6pm.
house and techno—is anything but mellow.
57 Pearl St at Water St (718-260-9299, Mon, Sat noon–8pm;
Tue–Fri noon–9pm; Sun noon–6pm.
NOS Shoe Boutique
Less than a year after former Macy’s
buyer Racquel Nosworthy opened her
debut boutique, on Jay Street, she decided
she needed room to grow and moved her
act into this sleek space just a few blocks
away. Shoes are still the star, of course,
with Pura Lopez pumps ($330) rounding
out an expanded high-end collection (Vera
Wang, Cynthia Vincent, Cavage). Nosworthy
also carries a small selection of handbags,
jewelry and outerwear, such as Mackage
leather jackets ($695) and CC Skye bags
($300-$500). 117 Front St between Adams
and Washington Sts (718-422-0095, Mon–Sat 11am–8pm;
Sun noon–6pm.
The powerHouse Arena
PowerHouse publishes excellent photo
books on everything from grafitti art to
Darfur. Its cavernous, industrial-style space,
serves as a gallery and hosts some great
literary events—readings by T.C. Boyle,
Daniel Menaker and Paul Auster, to name
a few. 37 Main St at Water St (718-666-
3049, Mon–Fri
28 Trunk
10am–7pm; Sat, Sun 11am–7pm.

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