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Juan Salvador Gaviota was the most dreamy seagull of the whole herd, always worried more

about flying and not just for flying but for flying pretty; Almost did not even care to eat, only to

rise in the wind and not stop, but one day arrived that was not his best day and tube to go through

the terrible humiliation of watching his wings close in the wind and fall like a weak seagull.

His mother was very worried that Juan was only busy practicing flights and was not even

interested in eating, he was already so skinny with only feathers and bones; Then Juan Salvador

Gaviota decided to listen to his mother for a few days and kept doing what the other seagulls

used to do in the herd, but he felt unhappy and I can not stand this routine, then returned to go

solo to continue practicing the flight. But every time he took great speed his left wing was

opposed and gave some unexpected turns that made him lose his balance until he fell in a sting

against the ocean and faint until he almost died.

But even so, he did not give up looking for a new strategy that was to bend his wings and thus

took impulse and took a great speed as he had dreamed, I got to fly up to three hundred and

twenty kilometers per hour, so it was Juan Salvador Gaviota, the First seagull in doing aerial


The flock was very upset with Juan and they decided to give as punishment the exile and the

solitude, calling him irresponsible, but Juan did not remain silent and defended his feats

explaining to the seagulls that doing something different and risky did not mean disobedience, if

not to the contrary Was fulfilling a dream and giving an example to the other seagulls that if they

fought they would achieve it, they would reach their dreams with great effort.
But the other seagulls did not accept Juan's explanations and decided to remove him from his

flock, so Juan was flying alone and was sad to know that the other seagulls did not give

themselves the opportunity to enjoy the heights for fear of changing the rules, Juan Volo So

much and I enjoy things that the other gulls could never do because they were afraid, the change

could only survive without depending on the fishermen; I knew beautiful skies something that

the others will not achieve if only they will see rain and darkness.

But one of his happy days and very close to the sky saw how two of his brothers had overcome

his dream and motivated him to fly higher, he felt very happy since for so much flight his wings

changed and they became more beautiful and soft, Suddenly arrived in the sky and there his

companions flock greeted him and almost remembered nothing of the earth felt tired but

satisfied, there in the sky found more seagulls who thought like him and understood that on earth

had had a great learning but That there in heaven there was much to learn.

Suddenly he saw one of the oldest seagulls in the sky flying with great agility and decided to ask

him how he did it since he was already very tired and Chiang was called the old seagull who

made him understand that heaven is perfection and Which should follow them.

Now the next goal was to fly as fast as the thought and that would take care of shiang who would

teach Juan how to do it but the secret according to shiang was that Juan learned to get rid of his

body then Juan realized that he had become a perfect seagull and Without limitations that he no

longer needed his physical body and could now fly through the past and the future and thus

understand the meaning of goodness and love and understood the value of freedom.

Then after this great teaching Juan became an instructor of seagulls apprentices had to teach

them how to fly as much as he could achieve it he was happy to teach them how to learn to fulfill

their dreams and not depend on anyone or be limited by old teachings; Taught them how to
detach themselves from their physical body and fly without limits and without prejudice where

nothing stops them only their desire to overcome and always do better to overcome their own

fears and also their students understood the messages and began their career towards happiness.


1. Sparkle: Is to be brilliant, with some gleams of light.

2. Chum: Is a friend, but in an informal word.

3. Webbed= Have the fingers or toes connected by a membrane.

4. Fierce= Violent, extremely severe and intense.

5. Ruffle= To disturb or irritate.

6. Gull= Like a seagull, but a bird.

7. Glide=To move without be notice.

8. Wingspan= The distance between the wings o fan animal.

9. Effort= Something done by a hard work.

10. Flock= Group of sheeps.

11. Nod= A movement of the head, that indicates agreement or disagreement.

12. Anchovy= A small fish, use for cooking.

13. Dive= To plunge into wáter.

14. Burst= To explode, or break with force.

15. Angle= Space between two lines.

16. Failure= To fail, in a very bad way

17. Sank= Past of sink (to descend in a specific position)

18. Painfully= In a pain way.

19. Fool= A stupid person.

20. Blink= Open and close an eye quickly.

21. Tightly= In a firmly way.

22. Vow= A serious promise.

23. Guiltless= An innocent person.

24. Crowd= An important number of people, with something in common.

25. Shriek= A shrill cry.

26. Triumph= A victory.

27. Dizzy= Having a sensation like round and round.

28. Spare= A replacement part.

29. Solitude= A state of a person that lives alone.

30. Intone= Recite the singing voice, with a particular tone.

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