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September 2009
Farmable Wetlands Program
Overview be cropland planted agree to restore the
to an agricultural hydrology of the
The Farmable Wetlands commodity three of the wetlands to establish
Program (FWP) is a 10 most recent crop vegetative cover,
voluntary program to years and be physically which may include
restore up to one million and legally capable emerging vegetation
acres of farmable wetlands of being planted in a in water, bottomland
and associated buffers normal manner to an hardwoods, cypress
by improving the land’s agricultural commodity; and other appropriate
hydrology and vegetation. • Include a constructed tree species; and to
Eligible producers in all wetland developed the general prohibition
states can enroll eligible to receive flow for a of using the enrolled
land in the FWP through row-crop agriculture land for commercial
the Conservation Reserve drainage system for the purposes.
Program (CRP). purpose of providing
nitrogen removal and Conservation Practices
Producers plant long-term, other wetland functions;
resource-conserving covers • Devoted to commercial The conservation practices
to improve the quality of pond-raised authorized under FWP are:
water, control soil erosion aquaculture in any year CP27 - Farmable Wetlands
and enhance wildlife during 2002-2007; and Wetland;
habitat on land enrolled • Cropland that, after CP28 - Farmable Wetlands
in CRP. In return, FSA Jan. 1, 1990, and Buffer;
provides participants with before Dec. 31, 2002, CP39 - Farmable Wetlands
rental payments and cost- was cropped during at Constructed Wetland
share assistance. Contract least three of 10 crop CP40 - Farmable Wetlands
duration is between 10 and years, and was subject Aquaculture Wetland
15 years. FWP is designed to the natural overflow Restoration
to prevent degradation of of a prairie wetland. CP41 - Farmable Wetlands
wetland areas, increase Flooded Prairie Wetland
sediment trapping Acreage must also meet
efficiencies, improve water the following FWP eligibility Contract Duration and
quality, prevent soil erosion requirements: Effective Date
and provide habitat for
waterfowl and other wildlife. • Enrolled land cannot FWP contracts are in
exceed: effect for 10 to 15 years,
Eligible Land • 40 acres for wetlands in exchange for annual
or constructed rental payments, incentive
To be eligible, land must wetlands payments, and cost-share
meet one of the following: • 20 acres for for installing necessary
intermittently flooded practices. The effective date
• Includes farmed prairie wetlands of the contract is the first
and prior converted • 40 acres per tract for day of the month following
wetlands that have eligible wetlands and the month of approval.
been impacted by buffers; and
farming activities. Must • Participants must
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Farmable Wetlands Program September 2009

Payments assistance from the

Natural Resources
Eligible producers may Conservation Service
receive the following types (NRCS); the Cooperative
of payments: State Research, Education,
and Extension Service;
• Annual rental Forest Service; State
payments for a 10- to Foresters; other state
15-year period. The agencies; and local soil and
rental rate is based on water conservation districts.
the weighted average
dryland cash rent. More Information
• For aquaculture, if
there is no soil survey For more information on
data, annual rental FWP, other conservation
payments are based programs, and to sign up,
on the country average please visit your local FSA
CRP rental rate. county office or http://www.
• Upfront CRP signing
incentive payment of
$100 per acre. (This
one-time payment is
made after the contract
is approved and all
payment eligibility
criteria are met.)
• Practice incentive
payment equal to 40
percent of the eligible
costs of installing the
practice. This one-
time payment is made
The U.S. Department of Agriculture
after the practice is (USDA) prohibits discrimination in
installed, eligible costs all its programs and activities on
the basis of race, color, national
are verified, and other origin, age, disability, and where
payment eligibility applicable, sex, marital status,
familial status, parental status,
criteria are met. religion, sexual orientation, genetic
information, political beliefs,
• Incentive amount reprisal, or because all or part of an
equal to 20 percent of individual’s income is derived from
any public assistance program.
the weighted average (Not all prohibited bases apply
dryland cash rent. to all programs.) Persons with
disabilities who require alternative
• Up to 50 percent cost- means for communication of
share for establishing program information (Braille,
large print, audiotape, etc.) should
permanent cover. contact USDA’s TARGET Center at
(202) 720-2600 (voice and TDD). To
file a complaint of Discrimination,
Cooperating Agencies write to USDA, Director, Office of
Civil Rights, 1400 Independence
Avenue, SW., Washington, DC
The FWP is administered 20250-9410, or call (800) 795-3272
(voice) or (202) 720-6382 (TDD).
by USDA’s Farm Service USDA is an equal opportunity
Agency (FSA) with provider and employer.

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