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PHONE (701) 328-2500 ALVIN A, JAEGER FAX (701) 308-2382 SECRETARY OF STATE HOME PAGE wiennd.gowsos, EWA cased gov SECRETARY OF STATE STATE OF NORTH DAKOTA, 600 EAST BOULEVARD AVENUE DEPT 100 BISMARCK ND 58505-0500 May 14, 2018 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Al Jaeger, Secretary of State, (701) 328-2900 CONSTITUTIONAL INITIATIVE SUBMITTED TO SECRETARY OF STATE BISMARCK, ND ~ Secretary of State Al Jaeger announced today that a proposed petition to initiate a constitutional measure has been submitted to the Secretary of State's office for review and approval to circulate. The proposed constitutional initiative relates to: Itis related to the elections in which a qualified elector may vote Gary Emineth of Bismarck is the chairperson of the sponsoring committee. Attached is a copy of the proposed petition, which contains a list of the 38 sponsoring committee members, and a time line related to the process. The Secretary of State and Attorney General have five to seven business days to draft a petition title. This short and concise statement must fairly represent the measure and must be included on the petition circulated for the signatures of qualified electors. The petition title will be provided to the sponsoring committee no earlier than Monday, May 21, 2018, nor later than Wednesday, May 23, 2018. Note: As a reference resource, refer to the pamphlet, 2017-2019 initiating and Referring Law in North Dakota, at Vote.ND.Gov and Ballot Measures. PHONE (70) 328-2800 ALVIN A. JAEGER FAX (701) san-ose2 SECRETARY OF STATE HOME PAGE www.nd govises EMAL coe@nd.gor SECRETARY OF STATE ‘STATE OF NORTH DAKOTA €00 EAST BOULEVARD AVENUE OEPT 10 'BISMMAFICK ND 6280-0500 May 14, 2018 Gary Emineth 4100 W Highiand Acres Road Bismarck ND 58501-1257 Dear Mr. Emineth, Thereby acknowledge receipt of your request to review the format of a petition that will be used to obtain signatures of qualified electors to place a constitutional initiative on the ballot for an upcoming election. It is related to the elections in which a qualified elector may vote. According to Section 16.1-01-09 of the North Dakota Century Code (N.D.C.C.), "Upon receipt of a petition to initiate or refer a measure, the secretary of state shall draft a short and concise statement that fairly represents the measure. The statement must be submitted to the attorney general for approval or disapproval.” ‘That section of law further specifies that, “The secretary of stats and the attorney general shall complete their review of a petition in not less than five, nor more than seven, business days, excluding Saturdays.” Based on the time line stipulated in state law, the review cannot be completed earlier than Monday, May 24, 2018, nor later than Wednesday, May 23, 2018. When the review is complete, you will be noiified in writing Sincerely, Alvin A. Jaeger Secretary of State Cc: Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem Time Line for Constitutional Initiative Relating to the elections in which a qualified elector may vote. {as of May 14, 2018) Submitted to the Secretary of State for review and approval for circulation May 14, 2018 Earliest date the jaw allows Secretary of State to approve the petition tile Monday, May 21, 2018 Latest date by which the Secretary of State must provide the petition title Wednesday, May 23, 2018 Date that Secretary of State supplied Sponsoring Committee with petition title for petition along with a listing of corrections forthe petition’s format To Be Determined Date that Sponsoring Committee retuned petition to Secretary of State for review To Be Determined Date that Secretary of State approved petition for circulation To Be Determined Deadline for submitting petition signatures to the Secretary of State (120 days before the election at which the measure is to appear an the ballot or one year from the date the petition is approved for circulation) 2018 General Election ~ Prior to midnight on Monday, July 9, 2018 One year from date petition was approved for circulation ~ To Be Determined Number of signatures needed to place measure on ballot. 26,904 Contact person for the sponsoring committee Gary Emineth 1100 W Highland Acres Road Bismarck ND 68501-1257 (701) 202-8748 (C) E7E8S GN ‘UME? 2528 aN ‘aNew 078¢ GN ‘OBE g9e8s GN ‘Aqamy IN 3S IGG O86L JAN PANS ST TZE Sapa AemayeD 1S3M GTST IN 0V STC LED Uuosiapuay ined SUNN "H [>eUSI, sewig jewrey youd BNF 10985 GN ‘vosuIy>a 6PORS ON ‘wane T0985 GN ‘uosupy9ia To98S ON ‘uosuNsIa ov dy ‘Pala sapLYSNOY OPT x AalIeA L08S MS AAW EOI 6ZBE OTE Ady MAS WIPE TEE eo anars, uorsuyor jaiueg fapuiay aaa zauny °$ Aan SOBs GN ‘OsOgsIIIH voses aN ‘oueuisig TOLes GN YOU, TOLgS ON 20UIN 3S AAY (OST £79 aya uiuuns 9¢6 ‘any jenna 3883 PLPT 3S ay \ROZ TSOTT uuwa7 a udjopuey wewNoy + snjeL aor jauewen uasiey AIO ‘9zv@s aN ‘Aeuaunoy TOLes aN OU ‘Tovas GN ‘umoysouier To98s GN ‘uosuppIa 3515 OT boyB aS yoaNis pur 6IET aN 3S WAS GTS AAS AS MLZ 6OSTL wasuaisuyp query amin sapeyp vvasuios Aioy SUOWIS ¥ 9477 TOLeS GN ‘OUI vev8s GN ‘Buin ssoes aN ‘Ue vores an ‘oBe4 MS AY ROT OSLS 9 AMH TOO AS-IS IST TOETE ‘azenbs souepuns €/85 xupuay pasey ouyaW G92 uaug,0 neag sadsey “yy sauier 04285 GN “HeAny ed ESBS ON “Suysaas BE 285 GN ‘uoIxng: £9985 GN ‘pueydug Man Many ‘sue DIZ aN any Wis ss0ze aN @ny pUZST OZST 3S ins 183 OOV Jayna 207 rey og jaueyeN, ap “Aangsueys ny souneW napus y [Bey ‘Sb08S GN ‘0104: Tes8S ON “wmpIeS E0285 GN OU, Toses aN 9uewsia 3S 1S 1ST BUTOT aN any puzgt 9z6v MAN 1S (hp STE peoy so.0y puejysiH MOTT SUIOHHAMOWN Jned UOIeY 398199 yesoy Agny mounew, uewnjeup ‘yrauINy Are me} yun souepsonde ul siuoK nad ayy 404 198 pue yuasoudas nad axp 404 aoyUUOS BuLosuods ay) se ‘OUM eIOYEG YLON Jo a1eIS au) Jo SIO}DaI2 PayHjenb ayp Jo sasseuppe pur SauieU ay] a1e BuyMO}IO} SUL BALLININOD ONINOSNOdS "me] Aq papinosd se yojjeq ays uo pare|d aq mej payEeRiUy Buymoy[os ays ysanbas s10499I9 pay nb Bulag ‘pauBjsiapun aya ‘aM VLOWVG HLYON 40 aLW1S ‘'ELVAS 40 AUVIaUDAS THL OL NOILU3d 3ALLWILI 6085 GN ‘Annex Pu A@HeA L085 cvoxsuyor IpuamA, ‘S085 GN ‘OsOgSyIH 3S 1S 1ST BETST OW aHEWY B1eS poses ON ews To98s GN "a ‘any JEM 3 STO aso9sz ypuON vouues wewwa7io vepleH OSES GN ‘uosUR;aIC WS 15 HOT 9EST ‘uosuyqow usa ‘9285 aN ‘AeuaunoD aS IS OT HSbR ‘uasuaysyp paay TO98S GN "uosuPIr1G ANS AS 3ST OBBLT UaUg,0 IFN Spo8s aN ‘1045 ‘any equopa}e9 y sow wreqezia €0TRS ON ‘OBES 3S WIGT 9Z8T fuuay uorsan ‘SvO8S GN ‘O109SIIH 3515 PUZ ETT Keiag ined PATS TOA HOT IS” SUI SPIMSTEIS TOF 10 SATO HUTT (sods "[exoUSE Aue Uy SOA ear TONAj paypjEND EAE VONIES /p2.018@1 @2e siyBU In} J94 10 sty |RUN 910A 0} payljeNb aq jleYS AUOja} e Jo payDIAUOD Uosiad ON “210A 0} paigyenb aq HEYS “papurssas uoag 20U Sey Japs YOIYA “‘UORD|PSUN BuIAeY AyLoUNe JayRO 40 4uNo9 e Jo JapLO Ag ywayedwloout AjerUEW paiojoap uaaq sey UM UosIad ON *Z UONIaS ‘sayepipued Jo Yon euIWIOU ay 405 pUe SUOAIBI® Jo UONEAASIULWUPe Joy ‘Buon aaqUasqe 404 ‘BUNOA Ul ADaI905 104 mE] Aq apIAosd joys AjquIESse BAneste9] syL “ayeys a4) Woy aouasqe siy Jo Osea! 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