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The Rite of the Womb

The 13th Rite of the Munay Ki

Facilitated by Emma Bisschoff and/or

Gaynor du Perez



Nearly two hundred women gathered in ceremony at the Omega Institute on

Saturday, 11 October 2014, to be the first to receive an energetic
transmission - a rite from a lineage of women from the jungles of Peru.
With a half-circle of men drumming and chanting on the perimeters of the
room, each woman walked a metaphorical path through the fallopian tubes
and into the uterus, where they were met by a female shaman who
administered the “13th of the Munay-Ki”–The Rite of the Womb - intended
to heal all women of the suffering they carry in their belly.
Having received the seeds of healing, each woman then proceeded down the
ceremonial birth canal into new life–greeted and supported in love by men.
Marcela Lobos was the first to receive the 13th Rite in March of 2014—a
twelve-year journey she never could have foreseen in 2002, when she had a
dream that began it all.
In this dream, she was pregnant with a dead baby. Having grown up in Chile,
a country of dictatorship and terrorism, Marcela was always in fear and in
her dream, terror nearly paralyzed her as four midwives in white helped
deliver her dead baby while men with guns waged war outside the door. She
awakened, startled and shaken, sensing that the dream was significant, but
she had no understanding of its meaning.
Two years later, while organizing her room, one of her journals fell to the
floor and opened directly to the page describing her dream. After a cursory
read of it, she set it back on the shelf to focus on her tasks when a brutal
knock came at her door. As happens with those with post-traumatic-stress-
syndrome, Marcela was instantly transported into her past of war, terror and
oppression and she spiralled into an uncontrollable panic.
She’d been studying the Medicine Wheel with Four Winds Society and heard
a voice say, “Marcela, apply what you know.” Just then, a female jaguar spirit
appeared. “I will teach you the way of the luminous warrior. Focus on your

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Everything looked black to Marcela, but as she applied the principles she’d
learned, tangible light filled the room and surrounded her. The banging
continued but her terror quickly began to recede. It was then that the four
midwives from her dream appeared out of the hearth and said to her: “Now
it is time to deliver that dead baby.” In that moment Marcela understood that
her “dead baby” was the fear she had carried deep in her belly for almost
three decades.
Marcela moved closer to the fire as a lineage of women came forth, laying
hands on her and helping with the release of that fear to the fire. Later,
dancing in celebration, these women told her, “Now you have understanding
and you have the right platform to give this message to the world. We’ll be
near you and we’ll keep teaching you.”
For ten years, this lineage of women strengthened and supported Marcela in
her shamanic training and stood by her side as she led journeys to the jungle
and to the Andes of Peru and Chile.
But it wasn’t until March of 2014 that Marcela was told it was time to share
the Rite of the womb.
She had taken a group of women to the female shamans of the Shipibo Nation
in the Amazon jungle. During a shamanic journey with them, Marcela was
met again by the four midwives who told her: “Marcela, your womb is ready
to offer the 13th Rite of the Munay-Ki for women. We’re going to give you a
And the women proceeded to transfer great wisdom about life into her body.
In the transmission, jungle plants, carefully chosen by the women, gave
Marcela bright green juice, pouring it through every vein in her body. The
women then took this green juice to her womb turning it into a neon sphere
of energy.
“This was a purification of my body and psyche,” Marcela has said. “And in
giving me the medicine, they gave me the rite, which came as words, and I
was told to give the rite to as many women as possible. That it would heal
men. It would heal all of life.”
They said to Marcela:
“The womb is not a place to store fear and pain.
The womb is to create and give birth to life.”

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Marcela was told that the very first person she needed to offer the rite to was
her mother. And so she visualized her mother in the space and felt their
wombs become one. She whispered the rite to her mother and saw the
vibrant green of her own womb transferred to hers.
Marcela continued to “receive instructions” on how to bring this to wider
audiences and on 11 October she launched the 13th Rite of the Womb with
the women at Omega Institute, all of whom are now able to offer the rite.
On 30 October, Marcela wrote this letter to the women who have received
the rite:
“Dear Ladies,
I am so grateful for each one of you who received the Rite of the Womb and
I am also so grateful that you want to share it with other women.
After the events at Omega and Joshua Tree, I feel complete with the task of
birthing this rite to the world.
Now it belongs to all women who are open to receive it, and also to those
men who find it essential to their healing.
Now it is up to the lineage to keep growing this healing to the four corners
of the world, and in this way, bring healing to our Earth.
And now you are the lineage as much as I am the lineage. We are becoming
women who freed themselves from suffering.
Keep nurturing the rite until there is no more fear or pain in your womb.
Much love always,
Marcela Lobos”

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The 13th Rite

There is a lineage of women who freed themselves from suffering. This
lineage of women wants us to remember:
The womb is not a place to store fear and pain; the womb is to create and give
birth to life.
These women are keepers of the divine cosmic womb, so this healing is
essentially not just for us as woman here, walking on this planet, but for the
collective feminine; for the Goddess that exists in and within the planet, that
is all of life. So we receive and are keepers of this Rite for our daughters, our
sisters, our mothers, our grandchildren, and it extends back into the past and
forward into the future.
The feminine spirit of the jungle reminds us of this simple and vital
The womb is not a place to store fear and pain; the womb is to create and
give birth to life.
This lineage of women through the jungle medicine has given us the 13th rite
of the Munay-Ki: The Rite of the Womb.
Once you receive it you share it with as many women as possible.
Giving the Rite
You can connect with your client’s sacral chakra by placing your hands in
front of it (3 fingers below the belly button).
You raise your hands and summon the lineage (while intending for the
energy transmission to come forth) by saying:
The womb is not a place to store fear and pain; the womb is to create and give
birth to life.
Let the energy penetrate your subtle body. You then activate the rite
within yourself by placing both hands over your womb and repeating:
The womb is not a place to store fear and pain; the womb is to create and give
birth to life. You then transmit the wisdom from your womb to hers, by
placing your hands either touching or just in front of (like in a Reiki
position) her womb (underneath the belly button):

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The womb is not a place to store fear and pain; the womb is to create and give
birth to life. Visualise a swirling, healing green within your womb, being
transferred to the transferee. Let the energy transfer take place over about a
minute. You can re-affirm the intention again.
Your client then places her hands on her womb, to feel the energy of the rite,
and affirms that she received the wisdom and healing in her womb, by
repeating: The womb is not a place to store fear and pain; the womb is to
create and give birth to life.
Rattling will help clear the negative and stagnant energies, as well as calling
on the ancestors, so it is a nice idea to rattle in front of the sacral chakra to
complete the Rite.
Let’s heal our womb; let’s heal our mother’s, sister’s, and daughter’s wombs.
And in this way bring healing to our Mother Earth.

Sacred Space
It is very important to create an inviting atmosphere for the lineage to come
through when you share the rite. If the space feels inviting to you and the

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women that will receive the rite, then the place will feel inviting for the

If the ceremony will happen indoors then you need to build an altar. It does
not need to be big or complicated, but it needs to provoke sacredness and
On a flat surface, like a table or bench, set a nice cloth and in the middle put
a bowl with water. This is the most essential element of the altar because the
water will absorb the prayers and then you’ll offer it to the Earth for her
Then you can add thirteen candles around the water to honor the thirteen
moons of the year and also to activate the altar with the flames. Finally you
can enhance the space and the ceremony by having flowers or flower petals
in the altar (especially lavender and roses).
After this guideline, use your intuition and check directly with the lineage
about adding anything else. Ask a question and tune for an answer
remembering that you are also the lineage.

If you have access to a place in nature that feels good and inviting then you
may perform the ceremony there. It is especially ideal if you have a lake as it
resembles the womb of the Earth and we want to share this healing with the
Her. But, it can also be under a tree, in a forest, by a big rock, by a river, a
mountain, or any place that helps you feel the sacredness of life.

Either indoors or outdoors, it is important to share the healing with Mother
Earth. Every woman that receives the rite can offer a healing prayer for Her.
If you are indoors, you can use the flower petals to blow your prayers into
and then put the petals in the bowl of water. At the end of the ceremony you
release that water directly on the Earth or a river or a lake.
If you are outdoors, you can also blow your prayers on rose petals and give
them directly to Mother Earth. If you feel that there is something more
appropriate to blow your prayers into then go with your intuition.

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Nurturing the Rite

Once you have received the Rite of the Womb you nurture its power with the
following practices, for ourselves, and for the cosmic womb in the spiritual
We renew ourselves with the seasons
We bleed yet do not die
We create life
We keep our blood within and become wise
We dance the spiral of life
Keep dancing in love and freedom!
Nurture the rite of the womb!
1. If you still have your menses then on your next cycle you find an intimate
space and time to give some of your menstrual blood to the Earth. You can
bleed directly on the Earth or you can collect some of your blood in a small
container and pour it on the Earth while repeating the following words:
I release my fear so I may embrace freedom
I release my pain so I may embrace joy
I release my anger so I may embrace compassion
I release my sadness so I may embrace peace
And you can add any other words that ring true for you.
It is wonderful if you can do this for the entire 13 moons. Use the blood from
the first 2 days of your menstruation.

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You can also offer incense or herbs, or anything you feel called to offer to our
Mother Earth.
Even if you have had a hysterectomy, the energetic womb is intact and
powerful. You can then offer a wine instead of the menstrual blood. Use a
wine that you would love to drink yourself – a good quality, and offer the
whole bottle to Mother Earth.
2. If you are in your years of plenitude –after menopause- then you’ll do a
ritual on the next dark moon. You create an intimate space to offer red wine
to the earth while repeating the words:
I release my fear so I may embrace freedom
I release my pain so I may embrace joy
I release my anger so I may embrace compassion
I release my sadness so I may embrace peace
And you can add any other words that ring true for you.
You do this at least once and up to thirteen moons to fully empower
your womb.
3. If a girl before menarche –first menstrual blood- receives the rite and she
wants to do a ritual, then she offers flowers to the full moon. This is because
her womb is still blossoming and has not yet release her first flower. She can
also repeat the words:
I release my fear so I may embrace freedom
I release my pain so I may embrace joy
She is guided to say only the first two sentences so she does not become
overwhelmed and then she is guided to say anything else that rings true for
5. Share the rite of the womb with the women of your community. Every time
you transmit the rite you strengthen its power in your womb.

Why 13th and not 10th?
Before the Rite of the Womb there were nine Munay-Ki rites.

The Rite of the Womb P a g e 9 | 13

Though the rite of the womb is the tenth rite to be given to us, it is a feminine
rite and does not need to follow linearity.
The lineage that passed this rite to us wants us to honor the thirteen moons
of a year, which are connected to the cycles of the womb.
If I had a hysterectomy can I receive this rite?
If your uterus was removed is even more important that you receive this
rite. Energetically you still have your womb and it is vital that you reconnect
with it to reclaim your feminine wisdom and power. After you receive the
rite it is fundamental that you nurture it every dark moon to heal any
imprints of pain and sorrow and step into joy and compassion.
Can pregnant women receive the rite?
This rite is a blessing for the mother and the baby since it will inform both
beings. Nevertheless it is important to give it with extra gentleness and
reverence for life, and also to honor the intuition of the mother to be.
What about men?
All life comes from the womb of the Earth and all men come from a woman’s
womb. It is just as important that men become womb keepers, as it is
important for women.
The way men are womb keepers is by letting women know that they
support their healing journey by becoming stewards of the Earth.
Can men participate in the ceremony?
If the women who are giving and receiving the rite feel that is appropriate to
invite men to the ceremony then is absolutely fine.
When the men show up in service to the women and the rite, it is
tremendously healing for everyone involve.
Men can help set the sacred space making it feel especially safe for the
Then men can be positioned in a strategic way to make the women feel that
they are supported in this healing. To enhance their role the men can play
sticks as a way of saying we are here for you as in the photo.
Can men receive the rite?

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This rite is to heal the womb and occasionally there is a man that feels the
need to heal his psychic womb. Sometimes these men had very traumatic
experiences in their mother’s wombs or had a very dysfunctional
relationship with the feminine aspect of life.
If a man asks to receive this rite with a sincere heart then is appropriate to
share it with him.
Can the rite be given long distance?
If the person that is giving the rite already knows how to work with energy
long distance then it can happen. Though it is best to receive the rite in
person since part of our quest to reconnect with the feminine is to embody
our spirituality.


I am no longer in menopause and I am cancer free!

My journey began January 2014 when I had been diagnosed with
After 4 biopsies, Pet Scan & MRI, the conclusion was to have a full
Hysterectomy and this was the only solution offered to me. Through fear I
finally surrender accepting to have this surgery done by end of July 2014.
Without a search I was lead to Malieokalani, a Four Winds graduate, who
gave me my first shamanic healing. This created an opening in helping my
soul surface & release all forms of attachments and energy blockages. This is
what truly inspired me in pursuing the Shamanic teachings offered at The
Four Winds.
I received the rite of the Womb on October 11th, 2014, and the next day after
gifting this rite to my niece, my period began. I have not had a
period since February 2014.
I am no longer in menopause and I am Cancer Free.

The Rite of the Womb P a g e 11 |

My uterus is back to cleansing and my new software has been downloaded

into my new path. I had the honor to offer my blood to Pacha Mamma and
buried it into the earth :
I release my fear so I may embrace freedom
I release my pain so I may embrace joy
I release my anger so I may embrace compassion
I release my sadness so I may embrace peace.
Thank you Mother Earth for all that you have created!
My Doctors have transferred me from Oncology to specialized Gynaecology.
They are still trying to understand what is no longer there.

Sonia Petrilli,
From Montreal, Canada

This Rite was so important and meaningful and full of deep work for me, and
reaching across generations of women ancestors. As I received the Rite
(from Dona Juanita) I had a flash of insight telling me that even though
technically my period would not be due, that this transmission would
suddenly realign my cycle so that my period would occur exactly on the
shedding point- the dark of the moon. Well, this happened exactly, even
though my period was not due for almost another 2 weeks, and I have been
extremely regular in knowing my cycle for the past ten years at least. This
reaffirms so many of my innate spiritual beliefs and my connection with the
moon and the divine feminine… and our Earth Mother.

Nikki Sleath
Connecticut, United States

A man’s perspective

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As the only man in a recent Fourwinds masters class, I had the honor and
privilege of holding sacred space for 22 women receiving the Rite of the
Womb. The ceremony was done inside a class room with the chairs arranged
in the shape of a uterus (womb). The women stood on either side of the room
inside the “womb” and one by one went to the front of the room where the
Womb Keepers gave them the rites. I stood at the opening of the womb
holding space. I was given two sticks to make a rhythmic beat and asked to
sing a song called “We all come from the Mother”.
When the ceremony started, we all began to sing and the room filled up with
the spiritual energy of the linage of the jungle medicine women. Each woman
was beckoned by the linage to come forward to receive the Rite of the Womb
and as they received them they walked back to the opening of the uterus
where I was holding space and formed a circle around me. It was at this point
that something powerful began to happen. I felt the love of the linage enter
my body and cleanse my “feminine”, infusing me with healing energy and
balancing the masculine and feminine–in a sense I was given the Rites of the
Womb-the Cosmic Womb! This was a very powerful healing for me as I had
been struggling with a disowned feminine all of my life. I felt reborn,
renewed and whole, deeply honoring the feminine energy in myself and all
of us.
It was only afterward that I realized the Rite of the Womb was not about
gender but about honoring and healing the feminine “Cosmic Womb” of all
of us. As we have entered the paradigm of the feminine, it is the women-the
feminine who are going to bring peace and love into the world and as men it
is our responsibility to protect them, heal ourselves and join them as “we” all
go about this sacred work.
Brothers, I encourage you to participate in one of these Rite of the Womb
ceremonies and support our sisters and the linage of the jungle medicine
women in bringing healing to the “Cosmic Womb”.

Gregory Rills
New York

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