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Tiling Study Guide

Once the thinset has been made you should let it sit 10 minutes before using it

½” is the standard backer board thickness

You should use a grinder to cut the tile

Spread the grout diagonally on the tile

Thinset is made of sand, water, and powdered concrete

A drill is the best option to mix thinset

Thinset should look and feel like peanut butter

You should place a screw every 14” in the backer board

Thinset is the mixture underneath the tiles

It takes 2 hours for thinset to dry

Porcelain is the hardest type of tile

PEI 2 is suited for general residential traffic

You should let grout sit 15-30 minutes before wiping off the excess

Grout is used in between the tiles

Backer boards are made of concrete

PEI 0 rating is unsuitable for floors

3/16” spacers were used in the house

It is not okay to walk on the tile right after it has been laid

Tile should be polished with a dry cloth at the end


a. Trowel
b. Thinset
c. Backerboard
d. Tile spacers
e. Grout
f. Steel Square

24. Mortar mix, made to bond tile to floor B

21. Piece that goes on top of subfloor, base for thinset and tile to lay on top of C
25. Tool to keep lines between tiles even D
20. Measuring tool used for marking tile lines F
22. Goes on after tile is laid, fills lines in pattern E
23. Tool for spreading mortar mix A