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SCHOOI DISTRTT-T Turner Middle School

g5o MassachusettsAvenue o Berthoud, CO 8o56r Office (gZo)613'7400 Brandy Grieves, Principal

Winifred Lezine, Assistant Prineipal

April 11,2018

TollWrom lt MayConmrn:

Swoti Shinkle has asked if I would consider writing a letter in support ot firture emdoyment opportunities sfie might
seek. Having known Swoti both as a stLldent of mine and later as a colleague (how many times does that
happen?), I'm delighted to do so!

IVe spent the last year haviqg the $easure of beir€ Slrcti's colleague ofi our eighth grrade teaefiing team heie at
Turner Middle School. Although lVe had no opportunity to observe her in her classroom - we seldom if ever are
availed such - I can say any number of good things about her as a colleague:

r $noti's a tearn Sayer, never hesiiatirg to jtrnp in to hep the tean whe* needed.
r She's also a great collaborator, often generating useful ideas to helpthe team mwe fonrard on difficult
r She"s a hald worker.
. And she's reliable, with greatfollow-through - anything Swoti said she'd do, she did. I cant say enough
about horr important this is in a pressured work environment, to know that a promise is meant and kept in
a tirnetyfashion.
. Tecllr issues - we relied on Srrroti a lot! She always helped gladly and with great expertise. There was
many a time that I'm not sure what wed have done without her.
r Demeanor- Swoti is, quite simply, very pleasant, kind, thoughtful and genuine. Herteam so appreciated
her consistency and depth in this rcgard.

A c&r$e dtllir€E I rrra$ to ftesfi o*S ftstltet:

Swoti didnt hesitate to ask good questions, a valuaHe trait in a new team member. She took the initiative to get
more feedbac{< in dealing wtth a c{ass that was one of the hader classes on recotd here al Turner. lfs arfu$y
hard to step in to a difficult-to-manage class as a new teacher, but she did so w*hout.-.well...any more com$aint
than the rest of us!

tfib dl hvs tlorrr Srroti created

ard sorrsor€d a science fidittn dub for hard-to-readt students. She was realfy
creative with it. lt was our frrst-ever
suclr club, and it engaged a lot of students who would not otherwise have
been engaged in extracunicular activity. Nice iob.

l,tone of the abore poir*s surpise rne, as Sumti was simfiarly a very good student uith strong urerk habits, great
follow-through, high willingness to challenge and stretcfr herself, and good connection with her peers. lMtat a
delight to get to knorry her on both ends of the spectrum.

I hope you will give Swoti's application the serious consideration it deserves. lf I can ans^,er any questions or be
of further assistance, please don't hesitate to contact me.


Suzanne Cox
Empnuer to learn - Challenge to achieue - h*pire to excel