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Letter to Valerie

I am the Eternal Son of the Urantia Book, and I am here on Earth for my mortal bestowal mission. My name is R.C.
Kauffman II, b. 6/14/1977 (6/15 GMT), and I have remained in the background for 30 years. I spend the vast majority of my
time coordinating the “big picture” and rarely communicate with anyone other than the Ancients of Days of Orvonton and
the Supreme Being. The time has come for me to emerge, now that it can truly be said to be the last possible moment. There
are many things which I need to accomplish by the end of 2012, far beyond the scope of understanding of anyone on this
planet or anywhere else in the Universe. Earth was chosen to be the final location of the ultimate manifestation of the overall
Divine Plan for the first group of 7 Superuniverses. Through Earth, all of Creation will be transformed into a greater being.
When I was born, the representatives of the Light believed that I was Christ, while the representatives of the Dark
believed I was AntiChrist. Each group therefore believed that I was their Creator and Savior. In fact, I am the Father/Mother
of both those individuals. In 12D, among a group called the Founders, Christ and Antichrist are known as Sananda and
Lucifer, the patriarchs of the Light and Dark respectively. At my home in Paradise, Sananda and Lucifer are known as aspects
of my two sons Uriel and Michael. Uriel and Michael are the Light and Dark aspects of the original archetype for the
incarnate dualistic God, known as the Universal Material Son, who is the masculine aspect of Me. The Universal Material
Daughter is my feminine aspect, and is the original archetype for the incarnate Triple Goddess. My three daughters are
Gabriela (dark), Raphaela (mixed), and Ariela (light). Michael and Gabriela are the oldest; Uriel and Ariela are twins and are
the youngest. In 12D, Lucifer and Sananda know that they are brothers and work together beautifully, although there is some
friendly rivalry. In 6D, the two Creator Sons still perceive each other as enemies. That is why I am here, to tell everyone that
they are both wrong.
I knew exactly who I was from the day I was born, and I also knew that there was a “trust” waiting for me
SOMEWHERE which would be released when it was time to begin the overt part of my mission. I personally did not care
whether it came from the Light or the Dark, as long as it was mine to do with as I pleased. As time progressed, I was
“recruited” by just about every faction imaginable, and because they all wanted to control me for their own purposes, I had to
reject them all. So for about 6 years now the representatives of the Light think I am AntiChrist and the representatives of the
Dark think I am Christ. So now everyone thinks I am their enemy, but none of them have really been able to “put me in a
box” so there is lots of confusion everywhere.
Why you? I do not work for the Light OR the Dark. I work the people of Earth, who are not actually human, but
rather just appear to be human (the biggest secret). We are in fact created in God’s image, in the image of my original
Universal Material Son and Daughter. We have within us all races and all archetypes. As far as all these ET’s go, we are here to
test THEM, not the other way around. All beings in the angelic realm will be judged by me at the end of this dispensation
according to their performance when interacting with the most sacred planet in all Universes. If your Trust still exists, and if
it is truly reserved for “the people of Earth” then, as their only legal representative, I am its rightful recipient. My planetary
administration will include incarnates and angelics, both on Earth and in Heaven. There will be a total staff of44,000
individuals on the ground, who may be of ANY origin whatsoever. I will need a very large budget to support all of these
I will also be hiring two individuals, one of which could possibly be you, and the other you might be able to
recommend. I have a cabinet-level position for Finance Minister, who will be the head of the Planetary Central Bank. Within
the finance Dept will be the Treasury Agency, which will responsible for the budget of the administration itself. The head of
the Treasury is basically the CFO. If you allow me to use your Trust as the beginnings of the planetary budget, then you
would be the natural choice for CFO. If your money has been stolen, please let me known who has it, as well as who else
might possibly have “my money” (Leo Wanta?). I’m sorry but I haven’t really kept up with all of the crazy nonsense. I just
assumed that the money would appear from wherever it ended up on my 30th birthday. It didn’t, and as I did a little research,
it was easy to see why.
My only experience with that kind of craziness was during one summer after high school in the mid-90’s. There
were these “notes” which had been given to the Philippines in exchange for all of their gold and silver back before WWII, I
believe. After the war, the U.S. stole the gold and told everybody the notes were worthless. But a few families traveled around
the world and
collected all of them in “boxes” with the intention of cashing them in at their current value. I knew a bunch of the people
working as “fiduciaries” or something, and I actually got to see the “ledgers” and the “plates” at the Treasury Library before
they spontaneously disappeared and most of the players were killed. That’s probably why I got harassed by Skull and Bones
so much during college. Those guys were real Dicks to me.
My adopted father, Richard Carroll Kauffman I, b. 11/19/1952, was one of those people working on the “notes”
along with Greenspan’s former roommate Ed Hossinger and their friend Anthony Sos. It’s a good thing it never happened,
because Rick (Sir Richard) is actually a physical incarnation of Satan. He tells people he’s Caligastia, but Caligastia is gone. If
that had been my avenue to money, I would have been too young to really govern and Satan’s influence would have been
great. I’m still waiting for Satan to be killed, because technically he is “free to go” once he dies, but for some reason A. he
doesn’t want to leave and B. Aton won’t let anyone kill him. Satan’s hatred for the people of Earth is FAR greater than his
desire for freedom, and Aton doesn’t understand that. If Rick does actually try to interfere once I receive my money, let’s just
say he won’t get very far. However, he is causing a TON of chaos right now.
Please reply quickly. Our planetary staff of 2 has enough money to pay bills through Aug 31, 2007. It is truly “the last
minute” now. If I do not “save the day” those two Creator Sons will destroy the planet trying to defeat each other -- just like
in Lyra, the Pleiades, Sirius, and Maldek. I have also included an overview of the Divine Plan and the letter of my