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trade investment

September~October | 2010 € 6,90 |

“The expression ‚good energy‘

is important for us not only Tibet Airlines will
from a technological point of launch its operations
view but also in interpersonal with the A319

relations,” says Mr Tadeusz Skobel, One millionth

Chairman of the Management
Board, PKP Energetyka
commercial vehicle

Nord Stream Gas Pipeline:

Ready for Take-off

nkt cables

Jan Boklund
Product Manager of Nordic
Air & Sea Cargo
The Power
of Youth

Just recently in the United Kingdom, the Prince of rating and distributing power to safeguarding the
Wales gained permission to install solar panels on planet, protecting the local environment, working
the roof of his 180-year-old royal residence Cla­ with other nations to share resources – and further
rence House, London. In doing so, the Prince, dimensions keep adding to the mix all the time. So,
known for his investment in the potential of young science and engineering skills are invariably key,
people through his charity the Prince’s Trust, but candidates must be able to apply their know­
helped raise the profile of renewable energy and ledge in untested and ever-changing conditions
carbon-reducing technologies. too. While this makes it difficult for those in the
All over Europe, individuals in business, education industry to identify exactly which talents to nurture
and government (as well as royalty!), are investi­ for the future, it does, of course, make the energy
gating ways to attract young talent into the energy sector more exciting, and therefore more appealing
sector. Science, engineering, technology and to the younger genera­tions.
maths have long been in second running to the The recent announcement from the Norwegian
social sciences and arts. This is perhaps because and British governments of their joint Renewable
they’re perceived as being less exciting than other Energy Strategy, whereby Norway will act as a
subjects or because teaching methods haven’t natural gas supplier with the UK serving as a key
always highlighted the more interesting aspects gas consumer, is anticipated to lead to growth in
of their potential in the labour market. the green energy sector. The two nations sharing
When talking to business leaders across Europe, technologies and resources means they will be
I often ask how they attract, and nurture, talent to better positioned to take advantage of North Sea
their company. However, most say that the challen­ wind energy projects. Human resource profes­
ge lies in not only boosting the capability of their sionals are therefore going to have to think
existing and upcoming labour force, but also creatively about how to invest in and attract the
deciphering which skills will be most valuable in workforce that will contribute to the success of
the future. This is particularly the case for the these projects.
energy sector, which has moved Gabrielle Brown
from being about gene­

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trade investme
Market Manager - Kristian Midbøe
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E-mail: Trade & Investment | 3 September-October 2010

Mercedes-Benz plant in Ludwigsfelde produces one
/ Editorial ­m illionth commercial vehicle
The Power of Youth.. ..................................................................................... 3
Ludwigsfelde – The Mercedes- tion, the one millionth com-

Benz plant in Ludwigsfelde mercial vehicle rolled off its
has every reason to celebrate: assembly line. The milestone
/ News from industry sectors
On the 9th September, fol- vehicle is a Mercedes-Benz
Energy............................................................................................................ 6 lowing 45 years of produc- Sprinter.
Construction.. ................................................................................................ 8
Metals............................................................................................................ 10
Aerospace and Defence.............................................................................. 14 p.
Electronics.................................................................................................... 16
Nord Stream Gas Pipeline:
Ready for Take-off
/ Story
Gazprom/ Celebrations were held at the Portovaya compres-
Nord Stream Gas Pipeline: Ready for Take-off sor station in the Vyborg District, Leningrad

The gas pipeline, which is to 25 per cent of additional Eu-

link the gas transmission sys- ropean demand for natural
/ Companies
tems of Russia and the Euro- gas as soon as in 2 years and
FLUXYS | Natural Gas Expansion........................................................................................22 pean Union, will satisfy some a half.
PKP ENERGETYKA | Reaching Outwards..........................................................................26
KELAG WÄRME GmbH | Green and Growing.. .................................................................30
nkt cables | Making a Connection
DIROSTAHL | Making an Impression.. ...............................................................................38
LKAB | Harbour Labour........................................................................................................42
SCHENKER DS | Dedicated Performance.........................................................................46 nkt cables
SLOVENSKE ŽELEZNICE | On Track..............................................................................50 Making a Connection
UNILEVER | A Morsel of History.. .......................................................................................54
ONTEX | Set to Take Next Step after €1.2 billion Sale.......................................................58 nkt cables employs over ing’ solutions used across
3,000 people worldwide pro- many more industry applica-
viding cables used in elec- tions. Gabrielle Brown takes
/ Technology news tricity and railway infra- a closer look at nkt cables’

structure, as well as other business across the board.
Sunrise boulevards could bring clean power .. ........................................................................62
‘transporting and connect-
Socket and see: Apple reinvents the audio jack......................................................................64
Can we grab electricity from muggy air?.. ..............................................................................64

/ Interview

Jan Boklund: Jan Boklund p.

“‘Focus on opportunities not obstacles’, “‘Focus on opportunities not obstacles’,
is the slogan that I try to live by,” is the slogan that I try to live by,”

says Mr Jan Boklund, the Prod- well as offices throughout the

uct Manager for Nordic Air & Nordic countries. The company
Sea Cargo (NAC), which is a
major logistics company. NAC
was founded in 1919 and it cur-
rently services many independ-
has its head office in Sweden as ent agents worldwide.

trade investment trade investme

Trade & Investment | 4 September-October 2010 Trade & Investment | 5 September-October 2010
Energy EUR 1.4 billion and an EBIT of around EUR in wind power generation. Brazil is a large
40 million. market with abundant renewable resour­
ces, and a demand for energy that reflects
E.ON is one of the world’s largest private
power and gas companies with over a continually developing economy.”
GDF SUEZ and Eletrobras energy producer where it is currently
completing two major hydroelectric
E.ON and HEAG agree on 88,000 employees and a turnover of close The three wind farms are scheduled to
to EUR 82 billion. As a clearly focused
sign a joint agreement projects. In Chile, GDF SUEZ is the largest
private electricity producer in the count­
sale of HSE stake company with a leading market position
begin operation in the second half of 2013.
These new plants will allow Enel Green
for developing energy ry’s northern network and is Peru’s second E.ON AG (“E.ON”) and HEAG Holding AG
in its core business areas of power and
gas and almost 30 million customers, the
Power to double its installed capacity in
largest private electricity generator. In – B e te i l i g u n g s m a n a g e m e nt d e r Brazil and significantly increase its wind
projects Central America, the Group controls Pana­ Wissenschaftsstadt Darmstadt (“HEAG”)
company operates in over 30 countries.
presence in Latin America.

Gérard Mestrallet, Chairman and CEO of ma’s largest thermal power complex. have agreed on the economic funda­
GDF SUEZ, and José Antonio Muniz Lopes, Eletrobras is the largest electricity compa­
mentals of the sale of E.ON’s 40 percent
stake in HEAG Südhessische Energie AG
ENEL Green Power Snorre on course for 2040
CEO of Eletrobras, signed a partnership ny in Latin America and the Brazilian
agreement to develop joint energy market’s uncontested leader. With a
(“HSE”). HEAG already holds 53 percent
of the HSE shares, making it the majority
awarded public contracts All of 900 million barrels of oil equivalents
The agreement provides for joint research,
presence throughout the entire country,
Eletrobras is government-owned and has
shareholder. The transaction is still subject for 90 MW of wind power on Snorre confirm Statoil’s faith in another
to approval by various bodies of E.ON and 30 years’ production on Tampen. The
project development, and energy generating capacity of 39,453  MW, Wissenschaftsstadt Darmstadt. The sig­ projects in Brazil Statfjord, Gullfaks and Snorre fields form
production and transmission ventures in accounting for 37% of the country’s total ning of the contracts and the comple­tion the backbone for production on Tampen
renewable energy and/or other energy capacity. Its energy production base Enel Green Power, the Enel Group company
of the transaction is expected to occur in in the North Sea.
sources. Geographically, the agreement includes 29 hydroelectric dams, 15 ther­mal dedicated to developing and operating
the fourth quarter of this year. The total renewable sources in Italy and around the
covers all countries in Central and South power stations, and two nuclear power “On Statfjord we have 30 years’ oil pro­
purchase price is EUR 305 million. world, was awarded 90 MW of capacity in
America and Africa. In Brazil, GDF SUEZ plants. Eletrobras also operates a nearly duction behind us. Snorre can give us the
and Eletrobras will analyze project HSE is an independent provider of modern the public tender held in Brazil to promote opportunity of continuing to make history
60,000-kilometer electricity transmission wind power. The company was awarded
opportunities on a one-off, case-by-case energy and infrastructure services and on Tampen for another 30 years,” says
network. the contract based on three projects with
basis. The agreement is also intended to one of Germany’s leading suppliers of Torstein Hole, senior vice president for
promote technical and technological Eletrobras also has expertise in the field green power. Its activities include electri­ very high wind potential and a capacity
Operations West, who points to new
sharing between the two Groups and their of energy efficiency and is responsible on city, gas and drinking water distribution.
factor of around 50%, among the highest
Snorre area studies conducted by Statoil. Siemens to create
respective personnel. in the world. This means that the wind

With its very high demand for energy and

the country’s behalf for implementing the
National Program of Electric Power Conser­
In addition, HSE has stakes in businesses
along the energy value chain in the areas
turbines will be able to generate power
“We have concluded an extensive survey
of the Snorre area. The volume potential
jobs through green
for over 4,000 hours equivalent per year,
strong potential for renewable energies, vation (Procel). This program promotes
rational energy use and combating energy
of generation, grid sales, procurement,
data management and technical services.
approximately twice the European ave­ is some 900 million barrels of oil equi­ investment in Germany
Latin America is a key market for GDF rage. valents. There’s enough oil for production
SUEZ. The Group is Brazil’s largest private waste. In 2009, HSE generated a turnover of about
The contract was awarded via an auction
on the Snorre field until 2040. The question and Hungary
is whether we should refurbish our existing
through which only 528 MW out of around platforms or build a new platform,” says Siemens is participating in the develop­
Photo Rune Johansen - Statoil 7,000 MW authorized were awarded. With ment of two ecofriendly combined-cycle
an installed capacity of 30  MW each, power plants – one in the German state
Cristal, Primavera and Sao Judas – the In the summer of 2010 the partnership of Brandenburg and the other in Hungary.
names of these three EGP projects – will decided to carry out thorough studies of The project has a total value of roughly
be able to generate over 390,000 MWh all the concepts. The plan is to reach a €1.5 billion and will employ up to about
per year, equal to the consumption of concept decision during 2011. The level 1,000 people in the Wustermark region
around 245,000 Brazilian households and of activity on Snorre is high in order to of Brandenburg as well as in the Hungarian
avoiding the emission of about 270,000 me­ secure the maximum utilisation of re­ city of Szeged during the three-year
tric tons of CO2 into the atmosphere.
sources in coming years. The Snorre area construction period. Once in operation,
The wind farms will be constructed in the is one of the priority areas for fast track- each location will provide jobs for about
Brazilian state of Bahia and, due to their expansions in Statoil. Vigdis north-east, 50 highly qualified personnel on a long-
location in semi-arid areas, will enjoy which was discovered in 2009, has been term basis.
incentives targeted at infrastructure chosen as one of four fast-track projects
development. Through the tender, EGP in Statoil. The aim is for Vigdis north-east As part of the project to develop the two
also gained the right to sign a 20-year to provide Snorre with additional resources power plants, Siemens has – via its equity
contract to sell the electricity generated company Siemens Project Ventures GmbH
from 2012.
by the three plants through Brazil’s Cham­ – acquired 50 percent stakes in each of
ber of Electrical Energy Commercialization Statoil and its partners on Snorre have the two project companies of Swiss project
at a price indexed 100% to Brazilian also decided to invest NOK 1.8 billion in developer Advanced Power AG that are
inflation. a new pipeline between Snorre A and responsible for building the facilities.
Snorre B. The pipeline will enable Snorre Construction of both plants will begin in
“This result is very important to us, given
the excellent qualities of our projects in A oil to be piped to Statfjord B for storage 2012 and is scheduled for completion by
terms of productivity, cost competitiveness and export to the market from 2012 2015. The facilities will meet the highest
and return on investment,” said Francesco onwards. The current situation, whereby environmental standards for emissions
Starace, President of Enel Green Power, Snorre A oil is piped to Statfjord A for and water consumption. The Wustermark
“We are further reinforcing our presence storage and export, will no longer be plant will have a capacity of 1,200 me­
in Brazil - where we are already active in possible from 2012 if Statfjord A production gawatts and the Szeged facility a capacity
hydropower, expanding our activities also is terminated. of 880 megawatts.

trade investment trade investme

Trade & Investment | 6 September-October 2010 Trade & Investment | 7 September-October 2010
Construction rail link which will provide Hong Kong
with a direct link to the major cities in
Mainland China.“
Gammon is an experienced railway
Skanska to build Deutsche Bank, Russia and CIS said: “We welcome this deal
and having gained positive experience of infrastructure contractor and is currently
involved in the West Island Line which,
motorway in Slovakia Sberbank, Strabag working with DB Development during
two years, we hope to continue our close when complete in 2014, will extend the
for €78 million and DB Development partnership in a new way, given the
company’s capabilities in the development
existing Island Line from Sheung Wan to
Kennedy Town.
Skanska has been contracted to construct signed an agreement business and structuring deals in the
the R4 motorway between Košice and capital markets.
Milhost in Slovakia. The contract is valued of intent for sale of DB Dmitry Garkusha, General Director of ZAO VINCI awarded the
at EUR 78 M, which will be included in
order bookings for the third quarter. The
Development control “DB Development” commented: “We are
future concession
glad that as a result of our cooperation
client is the national motorway company stake to Sberbank with Sberbank and Deutsche Bank we for the new Nantes
Narodna Dialnicna Spolocnost, a.s. (NDS), signed the agreement on the deal which
which is in charge of the operation of
Slovakia’s motorway network. The new
Deutsche Bank, Sberbank, Strabag and
DB Development signed an agreement
allow us not only to use our innovations airport
and technologies, but also the extensive
motorway will connect eastern Slovakia of intent for the sale of DB Development experience of the both banks. We are • Construction of the new airport for a
with Hungary. The project covers a shares to Sberbank. Sberbank intends to confident that the synergy of Deutsche total of between 400 and 500 million
14-kilometer motorway section, including acquire 51% of DB development shares Bank and Sberbank cooperation will euros
14 bridges. – 49% owned by Stabag, and 2% owned positively influence the Real Estate market
by Dmitry Garkusha, General Director of The centre will consist of a full basement construction order includes road The French government (the General De­
and allows DB Development to reach the
Construction work will commence shortly DB Development. The deal will be of 6,000 square metres and a shopping underpasses and two footbridges. The partment of Civil Aviation) has appointed
leading positions in the areas of fee-
and is expected to span over 30 months. completed by the end of 2010. part of 12,000 square metres in two section is part of the Express Rail Link the consortium led by VINCI Concessions,
development and attracting financing.”
Skanska Czech Republic and Slovakia, storeys. On top of that a tower eight connecting Hong Kong with China. in partnership with Entreprise de Travaux
which is the largest construction company DB Development is a joint venture of storeys high of approx. 7,000 square Contract works for this section start this Publics de l’Ouest (ETPO – CIFE) and the
Deutsche Bank and the Austrian building metres will be erected for offices. Thus month and will be completed in 2015. In Nantes-Saint Nazaire Chamber of Com­
in the Czech Republic, reported sales of
about SEK 11.7 billion in 2009. The com­
and construction company Strabag, MT Højgaard builds the building will be ten storeys high in March, Leighton Asia had already received merce and Industry, to hold the 55-year
created in 2007 after an approval of the total. The centre is constructed in concrete an initial order worth approximately EUR
pany has about 6,500 employees. In the
European Commission for development Greenland’s largest and steel and with facades of aluminium 311 million (AUD 463 million) for this rail
concession to operate the airports of
Nantes Atlantique and Saint-Nazaire
and financing of a wide range of large panels. It is MT Højgaard which has
Republic, Skanska is also active as a scale real estate and infrastructure projects shopping centre developed the project and the structures.
project. Montoir as from 1 January 2011, as well
as to design, finance, build, operate and
developer of office projects through its in Russia and the CIS countries. The centre has been designed by KHR
The first sod has been cut for a 25,000 maintain the new airport, Grand Ouest
Skanska Commercial Development Europe
business unit.
Joerg Bongartz, Chairman of the Board gross floor area of shops and offices in
Arkitekter, whereas Rambøll is respon­
sible for the structural design of all
Gammon joint venture Notre-Dame des Landes.
of OOO “Deutsche Bank” and a member Nuuk city centre. After several years of
of the Board of ZAO “DB Development” project development the starting signal
installations. awarded £238 million The design-construction consortium will
consist of VINCI Construction France,
said: “We are glad that as a result of this was given for the construction of Green­ The blasting works in the rocky ground
deal a very powerful development firm land’s largest shop and office building. for full basement and foundations will rail infrastructure Eurovia and Entreprise de Travaux Publics
de l’Ouest (ETPO–CIFE). It will use the
was set up, the competitive advantages
of which are built on Sberbank’s market
During the next almost two years MT
Højgaard is to build a 25,000 gross floor
start in September, and on 1 May 2012
Nuuk Center must be ready for occupa­
contract services, in particular, of the architect
presence, significant global experience area for a roofed-over shopping centre tion. Moreover, the shop and office Jacques Ferrier, landscaper Bernard Las­
Balfour Beatty, the international infra­ sus, ADPi for the airport engineering, as
of Deutsche Bank and DB Development’s with matching office tower. building will be situated next to the cul­ structure group, announces today that
know-how in development and structuring ture centre Katuaq, which MT Højgaard well as the following consultancies:
The office tower will in time house the Gammon Construction, the market-lea­ Sogreah (infrastructure), SCE (space
in the real estate sector.” delivered the fabric for in 1995. ding infrastructure contractor in Hong
administration of Greenland’s autonomous planning), SETEC (construction) and Elithis
Andrei Stroev, Head of the Real Estate and government. In this connection a tunnel Kong, in which Balfour Beatty has a 50% (energy).
Administration Department of Sberbank will be established between the centre shareholding, has been awarded a HK
noted: “The cooperation of Sberbank – the and the old administration, which is Tunnels for Hong Kong $2.883 billion (£238 million) rail infra­ Operation of the airport will be carried
largest Russian bank, and Deutsche Bank situated in the neighbouring building. structure contract, in joint venture with out by VINCI Airports, a subsidiary of
– top-ranked leader in the global capital Thus employees and politicians may walk railway project to the Leighton Asia, by MTR Corporation. VINCI Concessions, in partnership with
the Nantes-Saint Nazaire Chamber of
markets, on the platform of DB Deve­
lopment opens new opportunities for
dry-shod between the two buildings.
value of almost EUR The contract, for which Gammon has a Commerce and Industry with the aim of
The other big player in the centre will be 50% share, is in the West Kowloon district
the Russian Real Estate market, where
developers, although having teams of
Pisiffik, which is Greenland’s largest 287 million and is part of the Hong Kong section of
promoting the economic growth of the
Great West region of France.
privately owned business and a subsidiary the Guangzhon-Shenzhen-Hong Kong
professionals and interesting projects, HOCHTIEF subsidiary Leighton has Notre Dame des Landes will be the first
of Dagrofa A/S in Denmark. Pisiffik will be Express Rail Link, which forms part of
sometimes do not have the necessary received an infrastructure order via its airport to have a positive energy balance
fitting up a supermarket and clothes shops China’s strategic national express rail
capital base for the implementation as participating interest in Leighton Asia.
in the centre and will be moving its network. thanks to its simple and effective design.
the crisis influenced significantly this Acting in a joint venture the company will
administration to the centre. The other Conceived with the aim of preserving the
sector. Indeed, this deal on acquiring the construct tunnels for an express rail track Commenting on the contract award today,
buyers and lessees are among others natural state of the site and protected
control stake of DB Development is an in Hong Kong. The project is worth almost Balfour Beatty Chief Executive, Ian Tyler,
Matas, Iglo Sport, Baby Sam and Legeland. natural spaces, it will be adapted to the
extraordinary and interesting solution.” EUR 287 million (AUD 409 million). said:
In addition, a reception will be fitted in economy of air transport in the future and
Gerhard Gritzner, Member of the Board the centre in connection with the au­ In addition to an approach tunnel and an „We are delighted to have such an integral to meeting new expectations for service
of Strabag AG, Managing Director for tonomous government’s office tower. 121 metre wide track fan tunnel, the role in the development of this important quality.

trade investment trade investme

Trade & Investment | 8 September-October 2010 Trade & Investment | 9 September-October 2010
Metals where the Danish firm has its North Sea Proved Reserves of 73Mt @ 63.0% Fe
oil production activities’ headquarters.
Probable Reserves of 64Mt @ 63.2% Fe

Rio Tinto will also commit an additional

Milestone: Duisburg- When it is tapped into a pouring ladle,
the molten steel still has a temperature
as its main market,” says Kjetil Ebbesberg,
executive vice president of Hydro’s Metal
Rio Tinto approves US$425 million to fully cover the capital
cost of the rail, rolling stock and power
Bruckhausen meltshop of 1,650 to 1,750 degrees Celsius. Alloying
agents can also be added during tapping.
Markets business area.
US$1.6 billion infrastructure owned by Rio Tinto required
With an annual production capacity of
of ThyssenKrupp Steel Due to the high quality requirements for
about 75,000 tons of high-quality extrusion investment in Hope for this development. The 52-kilometre
the properties of the steel, it has to under­ spur line connecting to the Lang Hancock
Europe produces go post-treatment, referred to as secondary
ingot, meeting Hydro’s standards, the
acquisition will strengthen Hydro’s position
Downs 4 mine Railway will link the mine to Rio Tinto’s
150 millionth ton of in the fast-growing Asian aluminium
Rio Tinto today announced an investment
existing rail and port infrastructure.
60 percent of the molten steel is cast into of US$1.6 billion to develop the Hope
steel slabs on the continuous casters. These slabs Downs 4 iron ore project in Western
Rio Tinto Iron Ore chief executive Sam
Walsh said:“Commencing the Hope Downs
are supplied to customers of ThyssenKrupp Australia and link with Rio Tinto’s existing
The 864-strong workforce at ThyssenKrupp
Steel Europe’s BOF meltshop in Duisburg-
Steel Europe for processing on their rolling Tenaris opens up in rail, power and port infrastructure in the
4 project highlights the prospectivity of
Rio Tinto’s excellent reserves portfolio,
mills. 40 percent of the molten steel is Pilbara.
Bruckhausen had special cause to celebra­
te: On August 25 at 11.51 o’clock they
supplied to the casting/rolling line. Denmark and our ability to offer customers a reliable
Rio Tinto and its joint venture participant, long term source of high quality ore. “This
produced the 150 millionth metric ton of Tenaris has opened an office in Copen­ Hope Downs Iron Ore Pty Ltd, will proceed demonstrates the extensive high-grade
crude steel – enough in theory to build hagen in order to offer products and com­
15,000 Eiffel Towers. Hydro takes full mercial and logistical services to Danish
with the development of the mine at an
estimated capital cost of US$1.2 billion
resources Rio Tinto can bring on line to
sustain our current output at 225 million
“We’re proud that our plant and the team control of Taiwan international energy firms Maersk and
(Rio Tinto share US$607 million), to be
shared equally by the JV partners. The tonnes a year - an equally important
have reached this milestone,” says Heinz
Liebig, head of crude steel production at remelter The company recently signed with Maersk new open-cut mine will have an annual consideration as we seek to expand our
Pilbara production rate to 330 million
ThyssenKrupp Steel Europe in Duisburg. and DONG two contracts extending over capacity of 15 million tonnes of high-qua­
“After all, our core meltshop equipment Hydro has signed an agreement to acquire two and four years respectively. The agree­ lity iron ore, with first production anti­ tonnes a year by 2015.”
dates from 1969, making it 41 years old. the remaining 15.1 percent of the Formosa ments involve the supply of TenarisHydril cipated in 2013.
Alloy Materials Company (Famco). The Construction is anticipated to commence
But by continuously upgrading we have Blue™ and Wedge Series 500TM con­ The project is in the south eastern Pilbara,
kept it state-of-the-art, in particular with Taiwan aluminium remelt plant conse­ in early 2011, subject to obtaining neces­
nections as well as Dopeless® technology, 30 kilometres north of Newman, and will
regard to meeting environmental quently becomes a fully owned subsidiary along with sour service grades. The two sary regulatory and other approvals. In
include a permanent staff village for more
standards.”Two 380 ton capacity converters of Hydro. deals position Tenaris as the leading addition to the ore reserves reported
form the basis for steelmaking at
“The remelter is positioned in a market of
OCTG supplier for the Danish oil and gas
than 600 personnel, mine dewatering, an
open cut shovel and truck mining fleet
above, Hope Downs 4 also has significant Evraz will introduce
Bruckhausen. The meltshop was one of market. reported high phosphorus Brockman DSO
the first to be equipped with converter
strategic importance to Hydro, especially
considering that the Qatalum aluminium Tenaris has also appointed a service
and wet ore processing infrastructure. The
project ore body has recoverable product Mineral Resources (exclusive of Reserves)
PCI technology at its
gas and dust recirculation systems. “Our
facility in Bruckhausen is one of the few
plant is expected to reach full production
in the fourth quarter this year, with Asia
coordinator to work in an office located Ore Reserves (at a Fe cut-off of 59.5 per as tabulated below by classification and Russian steel mills
on Maersk’s premises in the city of Esbjerg, cent) of: category (as-at December 31st 2009).
oxygen steelmaking shops able to produce
high-silicon electrical steels as well as the Evraz Group started implementation of
usual carbon steels,” adds Liebig. “Per year, Pulverised Coal Injection (PCI) technology
more than three million tons of molten in the production of pig iron at its Russian
steel are cast into up to 2.6 meter wide steel mills Zapsib and NTMK. This will allow
slabs on the continuous caster and then Evraz to use steam coal as fuel for blast
cut to the lengths and widths required by furnaces by the end of 2012.
customers.” The meltshop has also been
Pulverised coal injection will allow the
supplying crude steel to the company’s
Company to discontinue using natural
casting/rolling line for the past 11 years.
gas in blast furnaces and to save annually
The hot metal from the blast furnace is up to 650 million cubic metres of natural
delivered to the Bruckhausen BOF melt­ gas at NTMK and up to 600 million cubic
shop in torpedo ladles and then processed metres at Zapsib. Coke consumption will
in several steps to produce steel of the decrease by more than 20%. It will also
required quality. Here’s a simplified version reduce the Company’s environmental
of what happens: Pig iron still contains
impurities such as silicon, sulfur and phos­
phorus. These are removed by oxidation Under the project, complexes for pulve­
in the converter by top-blowing oxygen rised coal preparation equipped with
through a water-cooled lance. This process, modern treatment and dust aspiration
which generates temperatures of 2,500 de­ facilities will be built at the steel mills. At
grees Celsius, is known as “refining”. To present preparatory works for future
cool the boiling steel – a converter holds construction are being carried out at the
around 380 metric tons – steel scrap is blast furnace shops.
added in quantities of ten to 30 percent
of the overall heat weight. The actual The total cost of the project is estimated
blowing process lasts around 20 minutes. to be approximately US$300 million.

trade investment trade investme

Trade & Investment | 10 September-October 2010 Trade & Investment | 11 September-October 2010
Automotive strong 8-cylinder variants of the Panamera
S and Panamera 4S, as well as Panamera
Turbo (500 hp). Since May 2010, the Pana­
mera and Panamera 4 have supplemented
Mercedes-Benz plant congratulated the plant and highlighted
the facility’s great importance for the
model) rolled of the line in Ludwigsfelde
in early 1991. Daimler-Benz AG took full
the product range with their V6 engines.

in Ludwigsfelde region. Further speakers were Dr. Heinrich possession of the plant in 1994. Series

produces one
Weiss, Head of Production at Mercedes-
Benz Vans and a former manager of the
production of the Mercedes-Benz Vario
commenced in July 1996, and the van is
GM purchases
millionth commercial
plant, and Lothar Heinzmann, a former
director of the IFA combine. Seven vehicles
still being produced in Ludwigsfelde. The
market launch of the Mercedes-Benz
were exhibited during the celebration as
representatives of all the various model
Vaneo in spring 2002 strengthened the transmission plant
plant’s position as one of the biggest
series that have been produced in employers in the Brandenburg region. Strasbourg/France. General Motors and
Ludwigsfelde – The Mercedes-Benz plant Ludwigsfelde to date. The compact van was manufactured at technology, the Chevrolet Spark will give networks in 33 other countries. From the Motors Liquidation Company (MLC) signed
in Ludwigsfelde has every reason to the site until 2005. GM Daewoo an important foothold in the outset, the new centre, which employs an agreement under which GM will
celebrate: On the 9th September, following Then Plant Manager Michael Humpert high-potential markets of Central Asia 160 people, was designed to cater for the purchase the GM Strasbourg operations,
45 years of production, the one millionth and Thomas Uhr, Plant Manager of Since 2006, the Ludwigsfelde facility has and Eastern Europe. The launch of this ve­ needs of the Dacia brand as it develops a transmission development and manu­
commercial vehicle rolled off its assembly Mercedes-Benz Engines Berlin, presented been producing the current Mercedes- hicle in Uzbekistan will strengthen into and beyond 2015. facturing business in Strasbourg, France,
line. The milestone vehicle is a Mercedes- the one millionth commercial vehicle to Benz Sprinter model - as does its sister Chevrolet’s position by increasing market
According to Jacques Daniel, the Renault from MLC. Closing of the agreement is
Benz Sprinter. More than 2,000 employees, Hans Zucker, President of the Berlin plant in Düsseldorf. A completely new share not only in the local market, but
group’s Worldwide VP of After-Sales, “The expected to take place within the next
political officials, and businesspeople took Landesverkehrswacht organization. The manufacturing line containing state-of- across the entire CIS region and in
new spare parts and accessories distri­ months.
part in the ceremony at the plant and Sprinter will support the latter by doing the-art automated production equipment Russia.”
witnessed the official handover of the its work at schools and events. For more was constructed for the model at the bution center will help to improve the With a production plant and a development
milestone vehicle to the Berlin Landes­ than 60 years now, the volunteers at Berlin Ludwigsfelde plant. Altogether, more than GM Daewoo’s CKD export business is Renault group’s after-sales services in centre near the port of Strasbourg, the
verkehrswacht traffic safety organization. Landesverkehrswacht have been helping €300  million has been invested in expected to receive a boost from the Romania by supplying original spare parts Strasbourg facility is a leading manufacturer
And there’s something extra special about all road users to become more safety machinery and buildings for the project launch of the Chevrolet Spark in Uzbe­ and shipping them promptly.” The centre of six-speed automatic transmissions.
this milestone: That’s because the one conscious. One of the organization’s main at the plant. kistan. Last year, GM Daewoo exported is capable of responding to urgent orders Customers of the Strasbourg plant include
millionth commercial vehicle from tasks is to educate children concerning 217,000 units (199,000 CKD products and by shipping parts in stock to any customer GM operations around the world as well
road traffic. The Mercedes-Benz plant in Ludwigsfelde 1,800  complete vehicles), including in the Dacia, Renault and Nissan networks
Ludwigsfelde is equipped with the one as third-party car manufacturers.
has more than 2,240 employees, of whom 69,000 mini-cars, to Uzbekistan. in Romania in less than 36 hours.
millionth engine produced at the nearby
Ludwigsfelde has a long industrial tra­ 174 are trainees. The plant was founded in 1967. It is a ma­
Mercedes-Benz plant in Berlin.
dition. Back in 1936, Daimler-Benz built Vehicles supplied by GM Daewoo (inclu­ jor industrial employer in the Strasbourg
“Our plant has had a very eventful history an aircraft engine plant in the city’s ding CKD products) account for more region providing approximately 1,100 jobs
and things have not always been easy,” Genshagen district. After the plant was
Chevrolet Spark than 95 percent of the Uzbekistan pas­ 25,000th Panamera currently. GM’s acquisition brings the
said Michael Humpert, Plant Manager and destroyed in World War II, the remaining
Managing Director of Mercedes-Benz machines were disassembled. A publicly launched in
senger car market. GMUZ has an annual
production capacity of 250,000 ve­hicles. built in the Leipzig manufacturing facility into GM’s global
manufacturing network, and adds de­
Ludwigsfeld GmbH. “That’s why we are
particularly happy that we can jointly
owned industrial facility was established
at the site in the 1950s, and construction Uzbekistan
It currently builds several Chevrolet
products, including the Matiz, Lacetti
Porsche factory velopment capability to GM’s global
engineering network. The proven exper­
celebrate this production milestone today. of an automotive plant commenced in Premiere, Winstorm and Tosca at its The new fourth Porsche model series is tise of GM Strasbourg is an important
I would therefore like to thank our 1965. At this time, the facility also started Seoul – Sales of locally assembled models manufacturing facility in Asaka, Uzbekistan enjoying such popularity that only ten asset for GM in a core area of the busi­
employees for their dedication.” series production of two IFA commercial of the Chevrolet Spark have begun in and markets the vehicles through GMUZ’s months after the start of sales, the Leipzig ness.
vehicle models: the W 50 and L 60. Tashkent, Uzbekistan, GM Daewoo Auto sales operations. factory of the Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG,
A brief film clip was shown during the
& Technology (GM Daewoo) announced Stuttgart has already built the 25,000th
ceremony enabling the guests to relive Around 600,000 of these trucks were
today. Panamera. In addition to the Panamera,
the plant’s 45-year history. In his address, produced before German reunification.
Mayor Frank Gerhard of Ludwigsfelde The first Mercedes-Benz van (an LN2 GM Daewoo is supplying complete knock­ The Renault Group the new generation of the sporty, all-
terrain vehicle – the Cayenne – is also
‑down (CKD) kits to GM Uzbekistan
(GMUZ), a joint venture between GM and inaugurates major being produced in the same facility in the
UzAvtoSanoat that is producing the ve­ State of Saxony.
hicle locally. The Chevrolet Spark, sold in new spare parts centre The anniversary vehicle, a ruby-red
Korea as the Matiz Creative, is available
with a choice of a 1.0-liter or a 1.2-liter
in Oarja, Romania Panamera with a particularly efficient
3.6-liter six-cylinder engine (300 hp), will
DOHC gasoline engine. The Renault group has inaugurated its be delivered to a customer in the USA.
A product launch ceremony has been held new spare parts and accessories centre “The benchmark performance of our
at the UZ Expo Center in Tashkent. Among in Romania. The warehouse is located in Panamera V6 models wins over our
the 300 attendees were UzAvtoSanoat the locality of Oarja, 28 km from the Dacia customers worldwide. Even in the USA, a
Vice Chairman Shukhrat Yusupov, GM plant in Mioveni, with easy access to the country with a preference for V8 engines,
Daewoo President and CEO Mike Bucharest - Pitesti highway. they impress with their efficiency and
Arcamone, GMUZ Managing Director sportiness. The 4-door combines these
The 65,000 m² building houses the Renault
Patrick Popp, and Korean Ambassador to aspects with the comfort and exclusivity
group’s largest spare parts and accessories
Uzbekistan Daewan Jun. of the luxury class,” says Porsche Executive
distribution center outside France, able
Vice President Sales and Marketing
“Uzbekistan is a core production base for to stock more than 70,000 references. The
Bernhard Maier.
Chevrolet, GM’s leading global brand,” warehouse will supply original spare parts
said GM Daewoo President & CEO Mike to the Dacia, Renault and Nissan networks The fourth series has been on the market
Arcamone. “Equipped with the latest in Romania, as well as to the Dacia sales since September 2009, with the 400-hp

trade investment trade investme

Trade & Investment | 12 September-October 2010 Trade & Investment | 13 September-October 2010
Aerospace and Defence and economic development of the Tibet programmes like the Hawk Advanced Jet
Autonomous Region,” said Liu Yanping, Trainer’s Adour Mk871 engine, following
General Manager of Tibet Airlines. “The on from the production of Adour Mk811
proven high altitude flight performance engines for the Jaguar.
Kannad and for signal transmissions detected by search
and rescue systems.
Courtois added that the technological
advantages provided by the Integra
of Airbus A319 was key in our intent to
start our operations with this aircraft. In
“Once again, we are proud to partner with
Rolls-Royce on a programme where India’s
Eurocopter receive an The award was received by Kannad and
beacon across all sectors of the aviation
market have led to the company’s decision
anticipation of the growing demand for
air transport in the region, we are planning
next-generation pilots will train on Ad­
award for their co- Eurocopter during the 6th conference of
the observatory on relationships between
to establish a new commercial team in
the United States, with the goal of
to expand our fleet to some 20 aircraft in
vanced Jet Trainers powered by Adour
engines, which the two companies will
the next five years,” he added.
development of the large multinational groups and small/ speeding up its development in the world’s
“The high altitude performance of the
medium enterprises. This event was largest aviation market. Chris Awde, Rolls-Royce Sales and
world’s first aviation organized jointly by France’s MEDEF, OSEO,
M. Claudius Zwicker, Eurocopter’s Senior
Airbus A319 which has been proven by
more than six years of commercial ope­ Commercial Director - Defence, said: “This
Croissance Plus, PactePme and the IE Club.
distress beacon with The prize, awarded in the‘High-Technology’
Vice President of Avionics Systems, said rations in and out of Lhasa and the RNP follow-on order for the Adour engine is a
huge vote of confidence, both for the
the Integra system uses technological validation in 2007 makes the aircraft an
integrated antenna category, was presented by the two
companies at the conference in the Paris
innovation to significantly improve the ideal and natural choice for Tibet Airlines. capabilities of the engine and the part­
nership we have developed with HAL for
reliability of aviation emergency distress We wish Tibet Airlines a prosperous futu­
and GPS suburbs at Jouy-en-Josas, which is staged beacons. “This improves the efficiency of re with our world’s leading aircraft,” said over 50 years.
during the MEDEF Summer University – a search and rescue agencies in locating John Leahy, Chief Operating Officer,
The joint development by Eurocopter and “This new fleet of Adour engines will bring
major French political-business gathering helicopters in difficulty or in emergency Customers.
Kannad of a new-generation emergency many advantages to the Indian Air Force
where industry captains and politicians situations,” he added. “Thanks to this and Navy. Pilots will benefit as the engine’s
distress beacon for helicopters was participate in roundtable discussions on partnership, Eurocopter now has a new The A320 Family (A318, A319, A320 and
recognized today with an award presen­ A321) is recognised as the benchmark performance and handling make it ideally
key economic issues. technology that provides the most reliable suited to training, while operating the
ted during a conference of industry mana­ pinpointing of helicopters in critical single-aisle aircraft family. With over
gers, entrepreneurs, agencies, and ma­ “We are especially proud to receive this 6,600 aircraft sold, and more than 4,300 Adour in the Hawk and the Jaguar will
situations.” continue to bring commonality benefits
nagers in the economic and technology distinction, which recognizes our innova­ aircraft delivered to some 310 customers
sectors. tion strategy and our technological and operators worldwide, the A320 Family and savings.
is the world’s best-selling single-aisle
The trophy was bestowed on Eurocopter,
leadership in the distress beacon market,”
commented Jean Yves Courtois, CEO of
Tibet Airlines will aircraft family. With 99.7 per cent reliability
“India is strategically important to Rolls-
Royce and we will continue to look at new
a worldwide leader in the production of
helicopters, and Kannad, a company of the Orolia Group. “For Kannad, the part­
nership with Eurocopter allowed us to
launch its operations and extended servicing periods, the A320
Family has the lowest operating costs of
programmes that expand our partnership
in the future.”
various remote sites and configure and
the Orolia Group (NYSE Alternext Paris - manage the Link 16 network. BAE Systems
FR0010501015 - ALORO) for their colla­ define the functional characteristics of with the A319 any single aisle aircraft. Uniquely, the A320
Family offers a containerized cargo system, The Adour Mk871 shares a high degree will also provide a simulation environ­
borative development of the distress the product to best meet the clients’ needs, of commonality with the Adour Mk811 ment which that will provide the Finnish
Lhasa-based Tibet Airlines has chosen the which is compatible with the worldwide
beacon – called Integra – which enables and to test the product in real-life condi­ that powers the Indian Air Force Jaguar Air Force with the ability to participate in
Airbus A319 to build up its fleet and is set standard wide-body system.
a helicopter to be more reliably located tions thanks to the technical methods and fleet. high fidelity collaborative training
to become Airbus’ newest customer in exercises whilst still supporting live
in an emergency situation. Innovative materials that Eurocopter has available.
China. The airline, which obtained the The Adour engine has been developed operations.
At the same time, we have benefitted from
features of the Integra beacon include the
first use of an internal GPS (Global Posi­ an exclusive licence carrying the Euro­
approval of the Civil Aviation Admini­
stration of China (CAAC) in March 2010,
Rolls-Royce finalises by the joint venture company Rolls-Royce
Built upon a set of proven systems the
tioning System) and an integrated antenna copter patent.” has signed a commitment to acquire three contract for additional network management system provides a
A319s. The aircraft will be able to accom­ low risk, innovative solution to meet the
modate 128 passengers in a two-class Adour-powered Hawks BAE Systems awarded complex operational requirements of the
configuration, with eight first class seats. Finnish Air Force, along with the challenges
The carrier plans to operate the A319s for India contract to enhance of the terrain and environment in which
both on routes within the region and to the system will operate.
Rolls-Royce, the global power systems
major destinations across China.
company, has finalised the contract for capability of Finnish The Link 16 network management solution
offered by BAE Systems allows the Finnish
High mountains make it extremely difficult
to develop road traffic on the Tibetan
the order of an additional 57 Adour-po­
wered Hawk Advanced Jet Trainer aircraft Air Force Air Force to dynamically monitor the con­
plateau which is around 4000 meters in for the Indian Air Force and Indian Navy. nectivity between the various ground
BAE Systems has been awarded a contract
altitude on average. This makes it more sites and the aircraft, and to continuously
The Rolls-Royce engine contract with to provide a Link 16 network management
efficient to travel by air in Tibet. Thanks measure how the network is performing
Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) is system to the Finnish Air Force. Supporting
to its Required Navigation Performance to maintain an uninterrupted service.
worth up to £200 million and includes the the operation of Finland‘s F-18 aircraft,
(RNP) technology and expertise, Airbus the system will enable ground command
first Adour engines for the Indian Navy, Paul Burke BAE Systems Business Director
is proud to note that over 80 percent of and control operators to connect to, and
which will operate 17 of the aircraft. said: „We are delighted to be part of the
the commercial flights to and from Tibet maintain contact with, their fast jets across team delivering this capability as we have
are performed with Airbus aircraft, most The BAE Systems Hawk will be powered
the entire country. unparalleled experience in the provision
of them being A319s with the rest being by the Mk871 variant of the Adour which
of complex data link network manage­
A330s. will be assembled in Bangalore, India, in BAE Systems will work in partnership with
ment and support systems. The solution
partnership with HAL. Rockwell Collins, the prime contractor
This commitment to acquire Airbus aircraft for the Finnish Air Force is based on sys­
and team leader for the Ground Station
by the new carrier was marked by a HAL Chairman Ashok Nayak said: “Rolls- tems successfully delivered by us to the
ceremony in Lhasa with local officials, Royce has been our trusted partner since UK MOD that allow monitoring and ma­
representatives of the CAAC, as well as 1956, when HAL started producing the Under the contract, BAE Systems will nagement of the UK‘s Link 16 network,
executives of Tibet Airlines and of Airbus. Orpheus engine, under licence. Since then provide all the software to set up the achieving greater than 99% reliability over
“Air traffic will play a key role in the social the partnership has flourished on infrastructure, configure and control the the period since their introduction.

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Trade & Investment | 14 September-October 2010 Trade & Investment | 15 September-October 2010
Electronics platform that connects many of Sony‘s new consumer music experience will Nokia‘s leadership rating over the years
network-enabled devices and allows further enhance the value of music, thus in this survey is also an indicator of the
consumers to enjoy high quality enter­ creating new opportunities for the in­ dramatic impact mobility has on India‘s
tainment across multiple devices. Via dustry. Details of the service plan will be consumers over the years. India has been
Consumer study shows on-demand service without commercial
breaks as their next TV service.
The study also covers consumers‘ attitudes
to the touch screen tablet and how it fits
Qriocity, Sony will deliver a variety of
digital entertainment content and services
announced in the future. among the fastest growing telecom
markets in the world with an estimated
changing TV behaviour Anders Erlandsson, Senior Advisor at
into their TV consumption; 37 percent are
very interested in using a tablet as a re­
that are „powered by Qriocity“, including
video, music, game applications, and
„We are excited to offer our customers
high quality, cloud-based entertainment
current mobile subscriber base in excess
Ericsson ConsumerLab, says: „The con­ of 670 million subscribers.
Ericsson‘s ConsumerLab has released the mote control. e-books over time, and through these experiences across many of Sony‘s net­
clusion of our study is that the consumption „Nokia has always been a consumer-
results of a recent study called „Multi services, and in combination with its work-enabled devices,“ said Kazuo Hirai,
is fragmented and complex. There are few At Ericsson ConsumerLab studies focus centric company and a consumer award
Screen Media Consumption 2010“. Data networked devices, Sony aims to bring President of Networked Products & Ser­
established consumption patterns and on how consumers act and what they for ‚trust‘ is the pinnacle of all awards. This
was collected in China, Germany, Spain, new and exciting entertainment ex­ vi­ces Group, Sony Corporation. „Services
it‘s a trial-and-error market with lots of think about telecom and TV products and award is a testament to our team‘s deep
Sweden, Taiwan, the UK and US. The periences to customers. ‚powered by Qriocity‘ will revolutionize
curiosity around it. „The consumer is services, helping operators understand focus and determined efforts to better
sample in the study is representative of the way that users play, listen, watch,
looking for a solution that can offer them their customers and develop revenue- At the IFA 2010 show in Berlin, Sony have understand the needs of the evolving
more than 300 million consumers. share, communicate, learn, discover and
the freedom to choose what they want, generating strategies. announced that „Video On Demand
create their digital entertainment con­ Indian consumer and connect with them.
The study shows that people are spen­ when they want it and how they want it. powered by Qriocity™“, a premium
tent.“ Our initiatives for India - ranging from
ding up to 35 percent of their leisure The user experience is in focus, rather than streaming video service, will be available
‚made in India, made for India‘ handsets,
ti­me watching TV and video content, and
that consumers are becoming more
the technical platform.“ Sony announces this fall in five European countries includ­
ing France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the
services such as Nokia Life Tools and
extensive retail and care networks - are a
aware of new technologies, which in turn Data shows a clear correlation between
which features consumers find important „Video On Demand U.K. With „Video On Demand powered by
Qriocity,“ customers can choose from
Consumers rate Nokia proof of the fact that we are continuously
are creating new patterns of media
consumption. and their willingness to pay for them.
Today, the consumer spending is not
powered by Qriocity™“ hundreds of box office hits from 20th as India‘s Most Trusted striving to make a positive impact on the
lives of our consumers,“ said D. Shivakumar,
Century Fox Home Entertainment, Lions­
At least once a week, 93 percent are still
watching scheduled „linear“ broadcast
proportionate to the viewing time extending into Europe. gate, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios Inc. Brand for third year in Managing Director, Nokia India Pvt. Ltd.
invested. The average consumer spends (MGM), NBC Universal International
TV, but the role of broadcast TV is changing
owing to the introduction of new distri­
EUR 38 per month on their TV viewing, Also announces plans Television Distribution, Paramount Pic­ row The award marks the celebration of
15 years of mobility and Nokia in India.
and almost 60 percent of that relates to tures, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment,
bution channels. More than 70 percent broadcast TV. However, since the time for „Music Unlimited The Walt Disney Company, and Warner Nokia has been ranked No.1 in The The first mobile phone call was made on
a Nokia phone using Nokia network on
of consumers surveyed are streaming, spent watching broadcast TV accounts Economic Times-Brand Equity‘s annual
downloading or watching recorded for only about 40 percent of the total TV/ powered by Qriocity™“ Bros. Digital Distribution, as well as popular
content from top local studios. Many ‚Most Trusted Brands‘ survey for 2010 in
July 31, 1995.
broadcast TV on a weekly basis, and
50 percent are using internet-based on-
video consumption, it is clear that
consumers are not paying for what they
cloud-based music movies are available in High Definition
(HD) as well as Standard Definition (SD),
India, marking Nokia‘s recognition as
India‘s most trusted brand for three con­
Brand Equity‘s‚Most Trusted Brands‘ survey
judges 300 brands from consumer pro­
demand TV/video every week use the most. Ericsson ConsumerLab
findings show clearly that consumer
service and all can be rented at the touch of a
button on Sony‘s 2010 models of network-
secutive years. Nokia has appeared in the
survey since 2005, and has held the first
ducts and services. Consumers across
13 Indian cities evaluate the brand on
Broadcast live content is still very important
to consumers, but the ability to decide spending will shift in the future, with In November 2009, Sony Corporation enabled BRAVIA® TVs and Blu-ray Disc™ position in 2008, 2009 and now, 2010. seven key attributes.
when and how to watch TV will affect the a significant increase in on-demand (Sony) said that it was developing a players, and Blu-ray Home Theater sys­
role of linear or scheduled broadcast spending, provided that consumer re­ network service platform called Sony tems. „Video On Demand powered by
content. The consumers are requesting a quirements for high quality, ease of use Online Services (SOLS), which is now called Qriocity“ has been available in the U.S.
personalized, easy-to-use, high-quality, and access to the right content are met. Qriocity™. Qriocity is a network service since April 2010.
Sony also announced plans to introduce
„Music Unlimited powered by Qriocity™“,
a new, cloud-based, digital music service.
Available by year‘s end, „Music Unlimited
powered by Qriocity“ will give music lovers
access to millions of songs stored and
synchronized through the cloud. „Music
Unlimited powered by Qriocity“ will
initially be available across Sony‘s 2010
models of network-enabled BRAVIA TVs,
Blu-ray Disc players, Blu-ray Home Theater
systems , as well as PlayStation®3 computer
entertainment systems and VAIOs and
other personal computers, and will
become increasingly available on a range
of Sony‘s portable devices.
„Music Unlimited powered by Qriocity“
brings together the features cited as most
important by music enthusiasts. With
access to a huge library of songs through
the cloud, users can discover new music
through channels personalized to their
tastes on multiple devices and without
the requirement to manage digital music
files. The convenience resulting from this

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Trade & Investment | 16 September-October 2010 Trade & Investment | 17 September-October 2010
Nord Stream Gas Pipeline:
Ready for Take-off
Gazprom/ Celebrations
were held at the Portovaya
compressor station in the
Vyborg District, Leningrad
Oblast on the occasion of the start-up of the Nord Stream gas
pipeline construction in the Baltic Sea.

Solitaire vessel

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev

technology the process, which takes half

which is translated from Italian as “a bea­
shown by the special Trans-European an hour onshore, is accomplished in 5 to
ver” – was laying the 4th kilometer of the
Network status assigned to the pipeline. 7 minutes. Welded joint testing is carried
first string of the gas pipeline on the Baltic out on board the vessel as well – every
Dmitry Medvedev noted that the Nord
Sea bottom. single millimeter is subject to automatic
Stream “will ensure reliable supplies to
Europe at fair and reasonable prices”. According to Marco Casirati, Manager ultrasonic control in order to detect
Pre-Commissioning and Russian Landfall potential faults. Once the joints pass the
Later on, in her video address to the event required checkup procedure, they are
(Wet Section), Nord Stream AG, pipe
participants German Counselor Angela covered by corrosion-proof shrunk-on
welding for the gas pipeline is carried out
Merkel underlined that the gas pipeline rings with a mechanical protection
on board the vessel. The ends of two pipes,
construction “is not a political, but an coating.
12 meters long each with the diameter of
economic project”.
1,153 millimeters, are treated in a special The manufacturer covers the pipes with
Welding of the first joint of the gas pipeline way in order to shape them for subsequent an internal friction-reducing and an ex­
was started up by Matthias Warnig, Ma­ welding together. Owing to a special
naging Director of Nord Stream AG. Later
on, in the vicinity of the pavilions, two
pipes were welded together. One of them
was marked as Russia, the other – as
The gas pipeline, which is to link the gas Europe. National flags of the countries
The bay itself with the gas pipeline landfall well as heads of the European companies
transmission systems of Russia and the participating in the project were placed
can not be seen from here. However, you holding stakes in Nord Stream AG.
European Union, will satisfy some 25 per on the pipes. Dmitry Medvedev put his
can feel the gusts of salty wind from the
cent of additional European demand for In his welcoming address to the event signature on one of them and wrote a
Baltic Sea.
natural gas as soon as in 2 years and a participants Dmitry Medvedev noted that short wish: “Good luck!” Thus, the Nord
half. So far, in the location from where Inside the pavilions everything is abso­ the project had been preceded with Stream gas pipeline construction was
Russian gas will start its voyage to Germany lutely ready to welcome the distinguished unparalleled preparatory work. “Frankly officially launched.
there are a reinforced concrete platform guests – a conference hall equipped with speaking, it sometimes seemed to me this
with the area of dozens of square meters huge displays, a big hall for media men would never end. However, it ended and
from all over Europe.
to accommodate guests, and the white
pavilions surrounded by scarce northern In half an hour the distinguished guests
everything necessary was done to gua­
rantee environmental safety and reliability
Beavers take over the
vegetation. Once you leave the paved
roadway for vehicles and helicopters, you
start arriving – Dmitry Medvedev, President of the project,” Russia’s President said. He
emphasized that the Nord Stream gas
of Russia; Guenther Oettinger, EU Energy
feel a yellowish sand under your feet – Commissioner; Alexey Miller, Chairman pipeline is a key element of the global At the same time, over 600 kilometers
several hundred thousand cubic meters of the Gazprom Management Committee; energy security. It is a framework project away from the Portovaya Bay shore in the
of soil were brought here and backfilled Gerhard Schroeder, Chairman of the Nord for the energy dialogue between Russia vicinity of Sweden’s Gotland Island, a
for the compressor station construction. Stream AG Shareholders’ Committee; as and the European Union. This is clearly gigantic pipe-laying vessel Castoro 6 – Castoro 6 vessel

trade investment trade investme

Trade & Investment | 18 September-October 2010 Trade & Investment | 19 September-October 2010
Nord Stream Gas Gipeline: Ready for Take-off The operations here will be carried out gas pipeline will be brought to projected
until 2010. capacity,” he added.
In 2011 construction of the first string will According to Mikhail Piotrovsky, Director
be completed. At the same time, con­ of the State Hermitage Museum, so far
struction of the second string will start. Gazprom has managed to have the pain­
The second string will increase the gas ting exhibited in the Museum. However,
pipeline capacity from 27.5 to 55 billion the portrait could later be given to the
cubic meters. In 2012 the second string Hermitage as a present.
will cross the German shoreline in the In 2012 a mail stamp will be printed with
vicinity of Greifswald. this portrait on it. There will be an old map
of the Baltic Sea on the stamp with the
current route of the Nord Stream gas pipe­
Time bridge line. A copy of the portrait will be perma­
nently kept at the Portovaya compressor
It was here in Greifswald when 300 years station.
ago a Danish painter Andreas Moeller The portrait of Ekaterina I was created
created a portrait of Ekaterina I which within a year after her wedding with Peter
became the project symbol. Shortly before I during a visit of the spouses to the town
the celebrations dedicated to the first of Greifswald. “During the rule of Peter I
joint welding Alexey Miller presented the there was an unprecedented expansion
painting to Dmitry Medvedev. “This por­ of ties between Russia and Europe,” said
trait is symbolic. It was painted in Greifs­ Alexey Miller.
wald – a German town which is the ulti­ 300 years passed and the Nord Stream
mate point of the Nord Stream gas gas pipeline construction project evi­
pipeline,” said Alexey Miller. “The portrait denced a robust and equal partnership
was created in 1712; and exactly 300 years between Russia and the European Union,
later, in 2012, the second string of the and became a symbol of political, econo­
Nord Stream will reach Germany and the mic and cultural ties among the countries.

Nord Stream is the most secure gas pipeline

in terms of the environmental impact
Pipe laying for Phase 1 of the gas pipeline
construction will be carried out by the Castoro
6 and Castoro 10 vessels of Saipem S.p.A, as
well as by the Solitaire vessel of Allseas Group
SA – these are the world’s largest pipe laying Manager Pre­
vessels. and Russian Landfall
Until April 2011, the bulk of pipe laying ope- (Wet Section),
rations will be carried out by the Castoro 6 se- Nord Stream AG
Marco Casirati
mi-submersible vessel. It is planned to lay an
average of 2.5 kilometers of pipe per day. will be supplied by EUROPIPE, 25 per cent – by
stamp will From September 2010 to January 2011 the Vyksa Steel Works (VSW). 65 per cent of Phase
In honor of Nord Stream completion a unique mail 2 pipes will be supplied by EUROPIPE, 25 per
be printed. Photo: Alexey Miller and Director of State
Hermitage Solitaire vessel will join pipe laying operati-
m Mikha il Piotrov sky ons. Unlike Castoro, it is a dynamic positioning cent – by VSW and 10 per cent – by Sumitomo
vessel that does not use anchors. The positio- from Japan.
350th to the 1,196th kilometer until mid- ning system ensures the vessel operation even Nord Stream will become the first gas pipeli-
on the shore allowing for prompt delivery operating stage the gas pipeline will in harsh weather conditions.
2011. From September 2010 to January ne to run under the Baltic Sea. Many aspects
ternal corrosion-resistant coating. Sub­ attract fish populations as an artificial reef.
on board the vessel. 2011 the Solitaire vessel (translated as “a of this pipeline construction are similar to
sequently, at two plants located on the The gas pipeline will consist of three In the second half of 2010 the Castoro 10 pipe
Baltic Sea shore in Mukran (Germany) and Equipment and personnel of all vessels offshore sections with various wall thick­
recluse”) will join the Nord Stream gas laying vessel will be working in the vicinity those of other offshore gas pipelines in the
Kotka (Finland) the pipes are covered with are capable of carrying out pipe laying nesses – from 27 to 41 millimeters – cor­ pipeline construction to lay the pipes from
of the Nord Stream gas pipeline landfall in North and Black Seas. However, I may say that
a concrete coating 60 to 110 milli­meters operations 24 hours a day 7 days a week. responding to a pressure decrease from the 7.5th to the 350th kilometer in the
Germany. The design of this vessel allows for Nord Stream is the most secure gas pipeline
thick to make them heavier and ensure Vyborg to Greifswald. Gulf of Finland. in terms of the environmental impact. At the
Meanwhile, in order to minimize the en­ its operation in shallow waters. All the pipes
stability on the sea bottom. Ultimately, vironmental impact construction activities The near-shore section close to the Ger­ for Phase 1 of the gas pipeline construction same time, the pipe laying speed will be uni-
The bulk of the Nord Stream construction
the weight of each pipe increases nearly will be suspended for the herring spawning man landfall will be constructed by the have been manufactured so far. It is planned que – 2.5 kilometers a day. This speed is very
activities will be assumed by the Castoro
twofold and reaches 25 tons. period and the periods when migratory Castoro 10 vessel, which will be involved to launch manufacturing of pipes for Phase 2 hard to achieve; however, it is achievable.
6 vessel. It will lay the pipes at the near-
Two-thirds of all pipes have already been birds stop over here. At the same time, shore pipeline section close to the Russian in the operations from June 2010 to pull in this April–May. 75 per cent of Phase 1 pipes Written by: Marco Casirati
supplied to various warehousing terminals the project participants say that at the landfall and the offshore section from the the pipe onshore in the Bay of Greifswald.

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Trade & Investment | 20 September-October 2010 Trade & Investment | 21 September-October 2010
Natural Gas Expansion
Big changes are taking place at Fluxys
AS. It’s part of an ongoing programme
of investment, which involves several
major projects. Diane Mannion takes a
look at what has been happening.

As well as being the independent operator

of the Belgian natural gas transmission
grid, Fluxys AS also looks after the storage
infrastructure, and operates both the
Zeebrugge LNG terminal and the
Zeebrugge hub. The Fluxys grid, which is,
‘one of the best-interconnected gas
infrastructures in Western Europe’,
facilitates the flow of natural gas to and
from many Western countries, and has
18 interconnection points.
In 2009 Fluxys AS earned revenue of
€688 million, an increase of €95.8 million
on the previous year’s figure, with a net
profit of €105.2 million. Fluxys has a natural
gas storage capacity of 650 million m3(n),
which is contained at its plant in Loenhout.
It has pipelines extending to 3,900 kilo­
metres, a staff of more than 1000, and
transports approximately 17.5 billion cubic
metres of natural gas for the Belgian
market alone.
Of the 1000 staff employed by Fluxys AS
more than half are involved in imple­
menting safety measures in an industry
where safety is a major issue. As part of
their safety controls Fluxys carry out
rigorous testing and adopt practical
procedures, such as checking pipes and
welding, and ensuring that pipelines are
situated deep underground.
Despite this however, pipes can become
damaged by third parties and this can
unfortunately lead to disaster. In response
to the Ghislenghien case of which Fluxys
AS were acquitted on the grounds that
they did not make any mistakes, Daniel
Termont, Chairman of the Board of
Directors comments:
“Fluxys will have to make special efforts
over the next 10 years to continue
explaining the rigorousness of its safety
policy to authorized representatives and
residents of those municipalities where
new facilities are necessary.”

The LNG terminal and

Zeebrugge hub
Zeebrugge is the trading point for liquefied
natural gas (LNG) between Belgium and

trade investment trade investme

Trade & Investment | 22 September-October 2010 Trade & Investment | 23 September-October 2010
Natural Gas Expansion Plans include:
– Increasing transmission capacity by 35 %
Drilling equipment Tubulars Sales, rentals and services

– Facilitating use of the grid by as many sources as The Deep Drill Group is a well established
Dutch organisation supplying the drilling
possible industry involved in oil & gas, geothermal and
salt mining projects.
– Strengthening the position of Fluxys as a crossroads for
gas supplies to and from North-western Europe
For more in-depth information please visit:
– Enhancements to the way in which the grid operates
– Improvements to the underground storage facility in
Loenhout Deep Drill Group Havenkade 24, 1775 BA | Middenmeer, The Netherlands
P +31 (0)227 503 310 F +31 (0)227 502 381 E W
– Environmental controls
– Ensuring appropriate safety measures are carried out
The RTR2 project is one of the crucial projects being
undertaken. It relates to the construction of a second gas
pipeline from Opwijk to Zomergem, which will help to
secure the supply of natural gas in Belgium and North-
western Europe. For this reason it is regarded as a priority
project by the Euro commission, which is providing 35 million
euros towards its development.
Other projects entail increasing the capacity of both the
East to West Axis and the North to South Axis. Additionally,
research is being undertaken regarding the possibility of
an underground storage area in the Campines region at
Limburg, and added enhancements to the LNG terminal at
With respect to these investments the Chairman of the
Board of Directors, Daniel Termont, states:
“In 2009, Fluxys sharpened its vision and its strategy.
Continued development of our role as a crossroads for gas
flows in North-western Europe remains the top priority …
to enhance the security of supply and the smooth operation
of the market. In this regard, the Board of Directors offers
… its full support in implementing the robust programme
of investments in new infrastructure in Belgium and the
projects aiming at Fluxys’ international development on
the North-western European natural gas market.”

North-western Europe with both the LNG

terminal and the gas hub situated there.
the countries of Southern Europe.
Consequently, the Zeebrugge hub has
Future for Europe
The terminal has docks for loading and become established as one of the chief In the future the North-western European gas markets will
unloading of ships as well as an area for natural gas spot markets in Europe. become one entity with Belgium joining forces with the
temporary storage of gas. Any LNG kept UK, Germany, the Netherlands, France and Luxembourg.
in temporary storage is either reloaded Fluxys AS is preparing for Belgium to play an important
onto LNG container ships or regasified so
that it can be put back into the grid. Since
Record investments part in this amalgamation, and wants to build on its existing
reputation and excellent position in the market. It is therefore
Fluxys began using the Zeebrugge LNG The nature of gas transmission means vital for Fluxys to continue improving its grid infrastructure
terminal in 1987, 1,200 LNG ships have that regular maintenance work has to be in order to make it more attractive to future partner countries.
docked there. carried out, such as the repair and With regard to Fluxys’‘desire to play a key role in this process
Unused gas which has been unloaded at replacement of pipes and taking steps to of integration’, the Chairman of the Board points out:
Zeebrugge can be utilised for the Belgian make sure that gas is supplied at the
market or traded via the Zeebrugge hub requisite pressure levels, but Fluxys made “We wish to continue making the Fluxys grid more attractive
and transported to other European record investments in 2009, devoting so as to ensure that the North-western European gas market
markets. Zeebrugge is ideally placed for €226 million to the infrastructure. Fluxys’ can provide suppliers with sufficient capacity and harmonized
the trading of gas, with two main gas flows investment plans are not only for the services … For Fluxys, this broadening of scope is crucial
passing through. These are from Russia short term as it is planning to spend a to fully realizing its mission of serving the public interest
in the East to the United Kingdom in the huge amount of €2.8 billion over the next by contributing to enhancing security of supply and the
West, and from Norway in the North to 10 years. smooth operation of the market.”

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Trade & Investment | 24 September-October 2010 Trade & Investment | 25 September-October 2010
Reaching Outwards

Tadeusz Sk
obel, Chair
of the Man man
agement B

In these socially-conscious times, energy regarding transport and rail services, the field of traction power. Everything is co- these two ways of understanding good keep the trains running – the appropriate electricity use, both of which combine to
providers must look beyond the basic Polish State Railways (PKP = Polskie Koleje ordinated by the company’s Warsaw energy are equally important.” level of power is ordered (the company optimise the purchase price for the
business considerations of supply and Państwowe) became the PKP Group, a headquarters. does not produce its own electricity... yet). consumer.
demand. With a proclaimed standard conglomerate of independent commercial Then, to ensure continuity and reliability
However, PKP Energetyka’s role goes In addition to supplying the power itself,
of Dobra Energia or ‘good energy’, PKP
Energetyka S.A. takes its responsibilities
entities; one of these entities was PKP
Energetyka. beyond simply that of an electricity Powering the railways of supply, the traction substations are
provided with back-up power. Large
PKP Energetyka also maintain the traction
network, the distribution grid used to
seriously. provider. As Tadeusz Skobel, Chairman of fluctuations in rail traffic, especially in
The company conducts the sale and Providing traction power for rail carriers provide access to the power. Teams
the Management Board says, “The ex­ goods deliveries, can complicate matters
distribution of electricity, the provision of can be a particularly complex niche in the constantly monitor the network status
PKP Energetyka S.A. is an award-winning but PKP Energetyka Branches use state-
general electric power services – including pression ‘good energy’ is important for us energy market. However, it is a niche to and traction maintenance trains are kept
Polish electricity provider. Originally of-the-art IT systems to accurately forecast
electric power cables, lighting, switching not only from a technological point of which PKP Energetyka bring a high degree in readiness nationwide to deal with any
focused on the traction power needs of demand, taking into account the high
view (for example in ensuring a reliable of expertise. Firstly, in order to ensure an repairs which may be necessary.
rail carriers the company also offers supply stations, energy management and variability of usage. This enables the
to individual householders and businesses. consultancy across the power sector – and supply of high quality energy) but also in appropriate line capacity – in other words, company to keep the power at the proper The traction maintenance trains form just
In 2001, in accordance with EU directives engages in large-scale contracting in the interpersonal relations. We consider that ensure that there is sufficient power to level and to forecast exactly the profile of part of the array of modern equipment

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Trade & Investment | 26 September-October 2010 Trade & Investment | 27 September-October 2010
Reaching Outwards Finally, in order to have a hand in all aspects of their
energy market, PKP Energetyka are exploring the
possibilities of expanding into electricity production.
Current plans involve a system based on biogas – an
affordable and renewable green fuel – which is entirely
Fabryka Przewodów Energetycznych S.A.
in keeping with the company’s railway background, rail BĘDZIN
tel.+ 48 32-267 30 41, 761 63 01
often being cited as the most eco-friendly method of fax. + 48 32-267 77 49, 761 63 05
mass public transport. 1 9 2 8
Clearly, PKP Energetyka are striving in a number of
directions beyond simply providing electricity to Polish 1. Aluminium conductors steel- reinforced (ACSR, ACSR/TW)
rail carriers and with greater autonomy and expansion 2. Aluminium conductors (AAC, AAAC)
in mind, the company is hoping to be selected for 3. Hard - drawn copper conductors (HDC)
4. XLPE overhead conductors - voltage 0,6/1kV and 12/20kV
privatisation shortly. 5. Commutator bars and copper bus bars
6. Trolley wires
7. Shaped wires in paper insulation

Recognition of excellence
PKP Energetyka is not short of awards for its business and
the way in which it conducts it. Recently (April 2010) the
company was recertified as meeting ISO standards in the
areas of quality management, environmental management
and occupational health and safety. In 2008, it was awarded
the Solid Company certificate for caring for ecology and
customers’ rights and in the same year, phase one of the
modernisation of the Warsaw-Łódź railway line achieved
second prize for Road and Rail Construction of the Year.
PKP Energetyka is regularly mentioned favourably in the
Polish business and national press, including Rzeczpospolita,
Polityka and Newsweek Polska.

Looking beyond business is

good for business
With all this recognition it is not surprising that PKP
Energetyka go beyond their everyday business in order
to address broader social issues. In line with Tadeusz
Skobel’s view of what ‘good energy’ means, company
used to ensure the smooth running of stations across the country, their locations policy includes socially responsible programmes such as
Poland’s railways. As well as mobile chosen to ensure that all rail carriers using supporting the Energy for Life campaign which promotes
laboratories and power emergency vehicles, combustion engines will be sure of equal the idea of voluntary blood donations. In the Good CSR
the company’s flagship techno­logy is the access to the new service. Practices competition for corporate social responsibility
PWST train – one of only seven in use across the jury awarded PKP Energetyka the Laurel of Respon­
In 2009, under the principle of Third Party
Europe – used for repair and ongoing sibility for their efforts; a fact appreciated by Mr. Skobel:
Access (TPA) that is part of the European
modernisation of the traction network “I am proud of my employees for their selfless desire to
Union energy policy, PKP Energetyka
lines. With this unit, the re­placement of a bring help to the needy.”
gained 150 new consumers outside of the
kilometre section of line can be completed
PKP Group; a 300% increase on 2008 that
within just 12 hours; made possible by the
led to additional sales of 470,429 GWh of
fact that it dis­assembles old lines and
mounts the news one simultaneously.
electricity. A welcome increase in business The future
in the midst of a global recession.
With a company direction founded on expansion and
As for international business, various legal corporate responsibility, the last words belong to Tadeusz
Ongoing and technical obstacles prevent the trade
of energy outside of Poland. However,
Skobel: “We operate through 15 branches located all
round the country, which gives us an advantage when it
diversification other departments are not so restricted comes to reacting quickly to customers’ needs. Our
in the sale of their services and PKP Ener­ professional, experienced workforce and highly specialised
With an eye on the non-electric rail market, getyka contributed to the construction of technical equipment are two more aces up our sleeve.
the company has applied to trade liquid the Madrid-Valladolid AVE high speed rail
Apart from that, we also have the greatest experience on
fuels and in late April 2010, the Energy link in Spain. They worked mainly on the
the demanding railway market. Can you show me another
Regulation Office granted a 20-year construction of the traction power net­
company in the Polish market with that potential?”
concession. Initially the new Fuel Depart­ work, including in the 28km Guadarrama
ment will sell diesel at twelve railway tunnel, the fourth longest in Europe. By Dave Foxall

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Trade & Investment | 28 September-October 2010 Trade & Investment | 29 September-October 2010
Green and Growing

With ever-growing eco-pressures, energy utility – Kelag Wärme is one of it began to supply heat to a district were brought together under the single The heating plants may use fossil fuels,
keeping up with escalating consumer three main subsidiaries. The other two network in its home region of Carinthia. umbrella of Kelag Wärme GmbH. but can also rely on greener options. More
demands for cheap heat and energy can are Kelag Netz, which manages the Growing from there, in 1999 the Group and more, district heating is seen as an
be a challenge. Kelag Wärme keeps its distribution networks for electricity and acquired the heating supply company, environmentally-sound approach, offering
customers happy but without sacrificing natural gas in Southern Austria; and
Kelag International, looking after the
Wärmebetriebe GmbH, enabling it to
expand its heat provision nationally. 2007
Keeping Austria warm better pollution control and having a low
carbon footprint.
the environment.
foreign concerns of the Group (mainly saw the acquisition of Österreichische District heating is a system in which heat As the largest district heat supplier in
Kelag Wärme is a heat and energy pro­ hydro- and wind-power projects in Fernwärme GmbH, consolidating Kelag’s is distributed from a central heat­‑genera­ Austria, Kelag Wärme supplies 78 district
Central and Eastern Europe). Dipl.-Ing. Harald
vider, operating in the Austrian market position as a major supplier within Austria. Kogler, ting plant to the customer via insulated networks across the country and manages
but beginning to look further abroad. Finally, in 2008, the 40 years of work and Kelag Group Boar pipes. The usual medium for the heat is
The Kelag Group’s first steps into the d Member a total of 1000 heating plants in order to
As part of the Kelag Group – the Austrian heating market were taken in 1989 when experience from these two companies water, although steam is sometimes used. meet the demands of their varied

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Trade & Investment | 30 September-October 2010 Trade & Investment | 31 September-October 2010
Green and Growing Of course, reliability of supply is always
an issue with utilities, but not even the
recent prolonged winter experienced by
much of Europe was a problem for Kelag
Wärme customers. The constant supply
of heat was ensured by having control
over the production facilities, long-term
contracts in place with fuel suppliers, and
by the renewable nature of much of the
fuel (if it is renewable then by definition,
it cannot run out). In addition, Kelag
Wärme’s standard planning means that
the heating plants are always situated
within 100 km of the fuel supply; thus
reducing potential transportation pro­
blems (and also minimising costs and
carbon footprint).
A project close to the company’s heart
is in Villach, the Kelag Group’s home town.
Here, Kelag Wärme is providing heat and
green power to a variety of commercial
customers and 7,200 households in the
district network. Starting in 1992 with a
commitment to cut domestic gas
emissions in half by 2010, this project
now stands out for its combined usage
of biomass and waste heat which account
for over 50% of production. The rapid
expansion of the district network (by a
factor of almost three) has meant adding
three new heating plants to the original
two and annual delivery to the customers
is now up to 100 million kilowatt hours
of heat. Kelag Wärme’s work in Villach is
being considered for a TRIGOS 2010
ecology award for corporate social

customers. Each year, they sell a total of

1,600 million kilowatt hours of heat to
dictate that green fuels are not available
then the preference is for natural gas, the
stations take advantage of the high
temperatures of the Earth’s interior.
Looking to the future
domestic residences, public buildings, cleanest of the fossil fuels. Despite the universal impact of the
hospitals, swimming pools, shopping economic downturn, Kelag Wärme still
A demonstration of the company’s efforts
centres and other businesses. Dedicated
to the environment and leading the way
in this arena is SWH GmbH, a partnership Putting the customer has its eye on what is to come. For reli­
ability’s sake, the current technology is
between the Austrian Bundesforste (the
in renewable fuels, Kelag Wärme focuses
on further reducing the reliance on gas
Federal forestry management organisation) first chosen because it has been proven to
work: hot water boilers, steam turbines
GE Energy

and Kelag Wärme in which one provides

and oil for their plants, preferring to take
the biomass fuel and the other provides The second unique feature of Kelag Wärme and the like. However, in order to find the Generating power and heat,
full advantage of the alternative oppor­
the heating expertise. So far, SWH has is the bespoke approach taken for every proven technology of the future, the wherever you need it.
tunities presented by biomass and waste project. Whether it is a domestic network company is involved in feasibility studies On-site power supply
established 27  district heating plants
industrial heat. or an office block or a communal building, of systems based on gasification of solid with Jenbacher gas engines.
burning 1.5 million cubic metres of wood biomass and is also looking at the use of
chip to produce 600 million kilowatt hours Kelag Wärme never applies off-the-shelf
solar power for district heating. Meanwhile,
of heat and 130 million of green electricity solutions. The aim is always to understand
A better world for consumers. the client’s specific needs and requirements
geographically, the next few years will
see an expansion into heat provision in
and then to design a system to meet them nearby Slovenia: Kelag Wärme’s first
Speaking for Kelag Wärme, Harald Kogler Kelag Wärme actively pursues a policy of
perfectly, including taking into account international venture.
says that the company is unique in two renewable fuel options, looking to reduce
key respects. The first is the commitment the current fossil fuel plants wherever local factors when deciding on the energy
Kelag Wärme is the leading provider of
to producing heat without harming the possible. Examples of success are the source. The company’s philosophy is ‘win-
heat energy from renewable sources in
environment: 42 % of the heat currently biogas plant in Amstetten, the landfill gas win-win’ in which every project should Austria. With its company motto: “Your
supplied is produced by renewable fuels plant in Villach and the use of the waste have a mutually beneficial outcome for the partner for heat and energy”, it aims to
such as wood chips, pellets, landfill gas, heat from the Vetropack glass factory in customers, Kelag Wärme and their partners spread their responsible, eco-friendly
waste heat from industry and even geo­ Pöchlarn. Meanwhile, in Fürstenfeld and (who may be the biomass providers, the approach far and wide.
thermal energy. Where local circumstances Geinberg, the company’s geothermal factory with the waste heat and so forth). By Dave Foxall

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Trade & Investment | 32 September-October 2010 Trade & Investment | 33 September-October 2010
nkt cables
Making a Connection

nkt cables employs over 3,000 people it manufactures them. The company supplies 500+kV cables used at the power source cost­‑effective to install one long cable
worldwide providing cables used in power cables (low, medium and high (plant) and surrounding infrastructure. than several shorter. The Anholt wind
electricity and railway infrastructu- voltage) to the European market as well as An interesting application at present is farm will be Denmark’s largest and is
re, as well as other ‘transporting and high-voltage cables and railway wires in transporting electricity generated by scheduled to be completed in 2012.
connecting’ solutions used across many globally, and a further, growing, market is offshore wind farms to the mainland. nkt nkt cables offers the full turnkey cable
more industry applications. Gabrielle that of the automotive industry. cables has over 100 years of maritime solution, so as well as laying and installing
Brown takes a closer look at nkt cables’ experience and will soon be behind the its cable products, the company also
business across the board. world’s largest submarine cable, from supplies accessories and monitoring

Germany-based nkt cables is a leader and

Electric innovations the Anholt offshore wind farm to Jutland,
Denmark. The project will involve nkt
systems and has teams of in-house trained
specialised staff to undertake cable network systems. Put simply, it’s a cable
innovator. With roots dating back to the Cables serve a whole host of functions cables laying and installing a 25km long projects across the globe. An example of intelligence system which monitors the
1800s the firm has been responsible for in electricity infrastructure and nkt cables submarine cable operating at 245 kV AC. nkt cables’ broader offering is its latest temperature of a high-voltage cable in
numerous ‘firsts’ in the cable industry and covers the entire spectrum, from the That nkt cables is able to produce such cable monitoring system, branded real time and ensures it uses the network
continues to push boundaries in not only small low-voltage cables used to supply long cables makes it particularly compe­ ‘VALCAP’, which enables clients to gather, capacity to its maximum (hence the name:
the products it takes to market but also how electricity to our homes, through to the titive; it is more efficient and therefore send and receive data across different ‘val’ comes from value and ‘cap’ from

trade investment trade investme

Trade & Investment | 34 September-October 2010 Trade & Investment | 35 September-October 2010
nkt cables
Making a Connection tion facilities in the industry. This means
having the most technologically advanced
sites as well as the most efficient; heavy
investment is intended to ultimately
reduce waste and, importantly for the
environment, reduce CO2 emissions.
The most recent of these investments
was in a new production facility in
Cologne. The new 84,000m2 site houses
600 employees and has been installed
with the most forefront equipment
available to manufacture medium and
high voltage cables, submarine cables,
fibre glass applications, superconductor
cables and high-voltage accessories.
Located near the harbour on the river
Rhine, the facility has obvious benefits
logistically and being built to incorporate
the most energy-efficient technologies
produces significantly less pollution and
Although manufacturing by its very nature
involves consuming raw materials and energy,
nkt cables’ products are designed to use the
minimal amount of natural resources and, by
ensuring the efficient transportation and
distribution of energy, help protect the


• High corrosion resistance

capacity). VALCAP can help to avoid power the fuel tank, and ABS and airbag-systems. presence in China, where there is an
loss during transmission and distribution Despite the decline in the automotive expanding high-speed rail network and
by up to 50%. industry during the recent recession, in a corresponding demand for catenary • Low electrical resistance
which nkt cables lost a major automotive (overhead) wires.
client which collapsed in the economic
Gearing up for greener downturn, the company saw organic Also in China, in early 2010 nkt cables • Less weight
growth of 54% in this division in the acquired the Xinhua high-voltage factory

... connecting the world

transport second quarter of 2010, after a strong
first quarter. This achievement was due
and the company’s presence there has
since been well received by local power
Another new product line from nkt cables largely to winning new customers, and utilities. This is anticipated to lead to ... since 1970 ACS-wires from Berndorf
is the ‘VALeMo’ e-mobility range. This nkt cables now has plans to target harness increased sales of high-voltage cables to
includes cables used to charge electrically and car manufacturers in Eastern the growing Chinese market to which nkt
powered cars, scooters and bicycles at Europe. cables hopes to be able to offer the full

‘e-stations’. The company also expects to range of high-voltage products and
Also in the transport sector, nkt cables
play a large part in developing cable solutions.
sells its products and associated services
components for the ‘cars of the future’
to railway companies throughout the
which invariably will depend on high-tech Lumpi-Berndorf Draht- u. Seilwerk GmbH Tel. +43 (0)2672/83595-52
world, claiming to supply contact wires Leobersdorfer Straße 26
power wires.
and conductors, “wherever extensive Advanced facilities A-2560 Berndorf / Austria
nkt cables’ other solutions to the technical kno­‑how and the highest safety
automotive industry include wires used level in railway transport are required”. nkt cables is keen to promote the impor­
in cable harnesses, fuel pumps within Notably, last year nkt cables increased its tance it places on having the best produc­

trade investment trade investme

Trade & Investment | 36 September-October 2010 Trade & Investment | 37 September-October 2010
Making an Impression

Dirostahl – Karl Diederichs KG is a family between a top die and a bottom die and “the entire satisfaction of the customer,” ring rolling and mechanical processing. sed into one that’s now central to our
owned open-die forging business loca- gradually hammered into the desired and “the best possible combination of Although smaller parts are forged by modern, everyday lives.
ted in Germany’s mountainous Bergis- shaped, results in a high-strength, long-life quality, cost and deliveries,” clients can Dirostahl, the scale of many of the items
ches Land region. Producing a range of component. That the metal is never benefit from a monumental 400 years of produced is quite staggering, considering
metal parts used in shipbuilding, power
plants and wind turbines, to name but
completely confined or restrained in the open-die forging experience. Over this that the process is still dependent on the
skill of the individual metalworker. To
A passion for his art
dies distinguishes this process from other time Dirostahl has developed the capability
a few applications, the Dirostahl site forging methods. Traditionally, open-die to meet clients’ specific requirements. “We give an idea of the magnitude, applica­ Dr. Diederichs has been quoted as saying
atypically incorporates all elements of forging has been associated with the can create shafts, rings, blocks, squares tions include components of suspension “We bring music to people who do not
the open-die forging manufacturing and production of large, simple components, – every possible shape that can be forged bri­dges, heavy plant construction, news­ usually hear.” Perhaps not the kind of
finishing process. but new technologies have broadened – and because we work to demand, there’s paper printing presses, gear boxes of proclamation you would expect from an
the capability to more complex shapes. no waste or leftover stock,” explains Dr. wind turbines and as a key part of ski industrial metalworker, but Dirostahl has
Open-die forging is considered the Diederichs. lifts. Open-die forged parts are also used a rich history and deep sense of tradition,
ultimate option for clients wanting a At Dirostahl, where Managing Director in the pro­duction of automobiles, so it’s and the company appears to be more a
customised metal part. The process, Dr. Manfred Diederichs explains his Dirostahl undertakes the complete range interesting to see how a process that community of craftsmen than a factory
whereby the heated metal part is shaped company’s ultimate objective as being, of open-die forging processes, including dates back to ancient Egypt has progres­ of workers. Most of Dirostahl’s ‘craftsmen’

Dr Manfred D
iederichs, Man
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aging Direct

Trade & Investment | 38 September-October 2010 Trade & Investment | 39 September-October 2010
Making an Impression
develop and perfect their skills over many It seems that outreach comes very we want our clients to know that the
years spent at the firm, where they are naturally to the Diederichs family, and stamp which begins with ‘Diro’ is a
provided with ongoing training in their rather than it being a determined part of guarantee of top quality,” says Dr. Diede­
art. With over 400 full-time staff, Dirostahl Dirostahl’s strategy, reaching out and richs. Dirostahl is also keen to promote
sharing their history and success is the quality of its chosen steel suppliers. ROAD- AND ENGINEERING OPERATIONS · CIVIL ENGINEERING
may have around 40 trainees at one time,
acquiring skills across up to eight different inherent to the business. Indeed, the “We assure the highest quality of our SURFACE ENGINEERING · CONSTRUCTION ON A TURNKEY BASIS
company has established a reputation products from the beginning, right
disciplines, making Dirostahl one of the
outside of its forging prowess with it also through until the final stage of production,” PROJECT DEVELOPMENT AND REAL ESTATE · BUILDING MATERIALS AND RECYCLING FOR EVERY FORM OF CONSTRUCTION
largest commercial training companies
in the region. This investment in his having become something of a social explains Dr. Diederichs, who being
institution. On the last working day before evidently proud of his suppliers encourages
workforce means Dr. Diederichs retains
the Christmas holiday Dirostahl puts on customers to research his preferred steel
staff for decades, “We have employees
a concert, often hosting well-known sources for themselves, for example by Dohrmann Group of Companies
who have been here for over twenty-five
musicians amidst a lavishly decorated hall. providing a link to their websites on the
years.” Head Office
This extravaganza as well as being a thank quality pages of Dirostahl’s own site.
Speaking to Dr. Diederichs, it’s easy to see you to staff for a year’s hard work, wel­ Salemstraße 19 Telephone 02191 208 0
With four centuries of business behind it,
why he has such a keen and loyal staff. comes guests from other companies and 42853 Remscheid Telefax 02191 208 203
it seems somewhat futile to ask Dr. Diede­
His enthusiasm for his products combined institutions which have worked with
richs how he handled the recent recession;
with his dedication to the people that Dirostahl in one capacity or another during August Dohrmann GmbH
at the end of 2009 the Dirostahl site even
work for him – and he really does treat the preceding 12 months. The festive Construction Company Remscheid
expanded, with a new 120 metre x 25 metre
them as people rather than ‘cogs in a event, a tradition for over twenty years
wide workshop. Having minimal depen­ August Dohrmann GmbH
now, has become regionally renowned Construction Company Saalfeld
wheel’ – is refreshing in an age where the dence on banks or in­vestors, Dirostahl is
and invitations are highly sought after.
welfare of staff can be coolly overlooked well-geared to survive economic slumps, Dohrmann Project Constructions GmbH & Co. KG
as other ‘business issues’ take hold. but with such a warm reputation throughout
Tarmac and Concrete Mixing Plant Remscheid GmbH
Dirostahl also extends its investment in the Bergisches Land and amongst its dedi­
people by having something of an open- Quality through and cated staff, in the unlikely situation that Tarmac and Concrete Mixing Saalfeld GmbH + Co. KG
the business did find itself struggling, you
house policy to anyone interested in
learning more about the business and
through can imagine everyone pulling together to
Quarry Albus GmbH & Co. KG
Bergische Soil Exchange Market GmbH
open-die forging process. For example, offer their support. In fact, it’s hard to
First and foremost, however, Dirostahl’s Dohrmann Golf Course Plc.
in June this year, Dr. Diederichs and his imagine anything com­promising Dirostahl’s
principal concern is providing its customers
son Dr. Roman Diederichs gave 24 uni­ longevity. One gets the impression that
with the highest quality open-die forged
versity students a two- hour tour of the just like the metal parts it produces, the
parts. “We lay huge importance on the
business is strong, solid and dependable.
Dirostahl site as part of a seminar on testing of our products. We use the best-
industry in the Bergisches Land region. equipped laboratories and testing stations; By Gabrielle Brown

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Trade & Investment | 40 September-October 2010 Trade & Investment | 41 September-October 2010
Harbour Labour

Sweden’s Luossavaara-Kiirunavaara Swedish state-owned LKAB AB sells its and eventually to the client. The Narvik
(LKAB) AB is one of the world’s lea- iron ore products to European steelworks harbour in Norway comprises a train
ding producers of iron ore products. and further afield to markets in North terminal where ore is received, stocks for
Managing Director of LKAB Norge AS, the Africa, the Middle East and Southeast holding various iron ore products and
subsidiary responsible for operating the Asia. The firm also supplies industrial quays where vessels are loaded ready to
firm’s Norwegian harbour in Narvik, Mr minerals to Europe and increasingly to ship the ore on to clients worldwide. “We
Svein Ivar Sivertsen talks to Gabrielle Asia and the USA. This means LKAB is hold between 15 and 17 million tonnes
Brown about the practical challenges dependent on a vast network of logistical of high-quality iron ore products, mainly
faced when transporting one of the and infrastructure assets, taking the iron pellets,” explains Mr Sivertsen, who heads
world’s most fundamental commodities. ore from the mine, through production up a staff of 150.

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Trade & Investment | 42 September-October 2010 Trade & Investment | 43 September-October 2010
Harbour Labour invest in a new ore harbour which will
provide better conditions in which to
store the stocks and be capable of handing
greater volumes. “The new stock piles,
The iron ore is extracted from LKAB’s mines
in Sweden then ‘pelletized’ into spheres Climate control 12 cavernous silos, will be underground
and therefore covered – it will be like a
ready for clients to use for steel production. summer climate all year round. This will
Significantly, LKAB Norge’s Narvik harbour
Approximately 98% of the world’s mined reduce the amount of dust produced
is situated in an area where the waters
iron ore is used to make steel – pure iron during handling and reduce the noise
remain free from ice all year round.
is a dark grey metal that oxidises easily levels,” explains Mr Sivertsen. The new
However, despite operating from a com­
whereas iron ores are rocks and minerals silos combined will hold up to 1.5 million
from which iron can be extracted. Typically, paratively warm harbour, LKAB Norge’s
tonnes of pellets.
iron is mined and pelletized from haematite work could be significantly improved if
but LKAB makes its pellets from magnetite, it were to improve the conditions in which The developments to the harbour involve
which uses far less energy during the it handles the ore products. “We are not only new storage facilities but also a
production process, thereby making located in north Norway so it can be very train terminal which will improve the
LKAB’s pellets comparatively more environ­ cold. At present we have 60% of our ore concluding stop of the so-called ‘Ore
mentally sound than its competitors. “That in stock piles (that’s about 1 million Railway’. The tracks of the railway total
our pellets are made from magnetite is tonnes) in the open air. In the winter we 536 kilometres and run from Narvik,
our number one green credential,” says have snow and below-freezing tempe­ through Norrbotten in Sweden via Kiruna
Mr Sivertsen. ratures.” The solution to this then is to and Malmberget, to Luleå on the coast of
the Gulf of Bothnia. Most ore products
from Kiruna and Svappavaara are
transported to Narvik to be shipped on
to customers in continental Europe and
the rest of the world. Up to thirteen trains
make the 170km journey from Kiruna to
Narvik, in little more than four hours. The guy on the top – me – then we have the additives used in the pellet production
entire improvement project at Narvik several departments – production, process. “We unload half a million tonnes
harbour has proven to be LKAB Norge’s maintenance, HR, economics, etc. – but of additives per year from the ships to the
greatest challenge for some time, though each department has great freedom to trains, but the system we have at present
a positive one in light of the economic perform and decide how they do their is not as efficient as it could be.” Again, for
crisis that has arguably hampered job. It’s more important for us to see the LKAB Norge the objective is always to find
businesses for the last couple of years. results than how those results were ways to improve efficiency and increase
achieved. I am looking at results only.
capability. When asked what the future
Rome is the end station, how you take
holds for the company, Mr Sivertsen said,
us there is not so important.”
Harbouring talent In such a culture, staff are always encou­
“We will be a world-class, modern, very
advanced port, and within five years will
Clearly with so many improvements, and raged to have new ideas, and test them have increased production by 30%
therefore challenges, it is vital that LKAB out. With developments as they are at compared to today.”
Norge employs a workforce that continues LKAB Norge, this approach supports the
to perform well under times of change. company’s continuing focus on im­ Last year saw LKAB Norge achieve a
I asked Mr Sivertsen how he manages provement. The latest project to cause a turnover NOK 380 million and one can
and motivates his workforce. “Well, we stir at LKAB Norge is the construction of only assume a period of well-earned
are a traditional organisation with one new facilities to improve how it transports growth is on the horizon.

Trinity Rør A/S, Frydenlund gate 8

8516 Narvik, Norway
Roger Kristiansen
Tel: +47 90150603 supplier

Terje Kristiansen
Tel: +47 90950225

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Trade & Investment | 44 September-October 2010 Trade & Investment | 45 September-October 2010
Dedicated Performance

By Gabrielle Brown focus being solely on transport and sea freight. It employs a total of 55,000 staff SDS therefore encourages collaboration are operated and developed from three solution...SDS has the expertise to market,
logistics, 4PLs take care of the whole worldwide. The company was established from a wide range of companies to deal parallel perspectives: Strategic, Tactical develop and implement all its system
When it comes to logistics provision for
process. This includes, for example, such in Vienna, Austria over 100 years ago by with the various elements of transport, and Operational.” solutions. Each customer has its own
major companies, there is a lot more in- distribution, warehousing and terminal operating unit with dedicated personnel
elements as assembly, packaging and Gottfried Schenker who began transpor­
volved than transportation. That’s why handling. Many of these companies are forming a Control Tower.”
arranging of products. ting different consignments of goods
Schenker AB has a separate division,
Schenker Dedicated Services AB (SDS) to collectively. located in Western and Eastern Europe.
Focus is given to the individual require­
In control So, what types of activities comprise the
control the whole process, from supply Strategic, Tactical and Operational
chain management to packaging and The Schenker Group Being part of this group has advantages
for SDS in terms of direct access to the
ments of customers and this is where
the Control Towers play a fundamental
Using its Control Towers SDS can offer a perspectives?
personalised service for each customer.
assembly, via a control tower. many resources that a large company can role. These are varied and comprehensive,
SDS is based in Sweden, but it is owned To quote SDS:“The centre of the operations
by Schenker AG, which is in turn a part of offer, but SDS also benefits from its is the Control Tower which simplifies the including:
SDS is Schenker AB’s fourth-party logistics Schenker Dedicated Services describes
provider (4PL), which operates as an Deutsche Bahn AG of Germany. The giant independent status, which enables it to its business concept as follows: “The core control of the entire supply chain for the Administration – The control tower has
independent company and was established Schenker group is ranked as the number search the market for the most suitable business is to offer customized transport customers.” The company also goes on to full responsibility for co-ordinating all
in 1996. 4PL providers differ from 3PL one land transport provider in Europe, as and cost effective transportation solutions. and logistics solutions based on the say: “The primary objective at SDS is to administration relating to transportation
providers as they deal with a wider well as being the second largest in terms Ultimately, the customers also benefit specific needs of each customer. From the provide customers with the most for each customer from one point of
spectrum of services. Rather than the of global air freight and the third in global from these advantages. Control Towers customer system solutions competitive transport and logistics contact. This involves, for example, trans­

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Trade & Investment | 46 September-October 2010 Trade & Investment | 47 September-October 2010
Dedicated Performance

Kim Johansen Transport Group is on the

roads 24 hours a day!

While one driver recovers and gets his rest

time, another driver takes over the vehicle,
and the customer’s consignment, and carries
on to the final destination non‑stop. This is
a system which ensures fast, efficient and
reliable deliveries.
– Every time!

Please visit:

port bookings and customs handling as

well as, but not limited to, the many other
Environmentally taken into consideration in the course of
all product and service development.
activities referred to below. efficient As part of Schenker AB, the prospects for
Organising Transportation – A suitable, SDS are good. Schenker AB (a division of
Environmental issues play a huge role in the Schenker AG group) has 30 offices in
cost effective carrier is sourced and checks
how SDS carries out its operations, not only Sweden and employs 4,000 staff in total,
carried out to ensure that adequate goods
because of the impact on the planet, but while SDS alone turned over 100 million
capacity is available. Suitable measures
also in terms of efficiency, and the company euros in 2008 and has increased its
are taken to cover damage to or loss of
regards measures to protect the environment workforce from 75 in 2008 to 85 in 2010.
as long-term investments: “Our aim is to be
Planning – This consists of traffic planning, the most environmentally sustainable Schenker AB deals with transport by land,
and organising lead times and departure logistics provider in the world. This ambition sea and air as well as logistics, storage and
consultancy services. Although it began
Transports to Central- and Eastern Europe
and arrival times. also benefits our customers’ efficiency,
because reduced environmental impact with transportation by truck, it sees
Monitoring – Bookings and transport opportunities for development in many
requires more efficient logistics planning.”
are monitored. Accounting – Carrier other areas: “In Sweden many people
invoices are checked and entered, and Actions taken to achieve this encompass associate us with truck transportation,
customer invoices are issued. Evaluation adherence to all environmental regulations, which is where we have our roots. But we
– Statistics and key performance indi­ and educating staff and subcontractors have developed strongly in other types
cators are produced. Any deviations are regarding environmental issues, as well of transport such as ship, air and train and • Tel +46 (0)411 736 40
dealt with and necessary follow ups are as practical methods. With regards to R & within integrated logistics solutions. We
carried out. D activities; environmental factors are also see a lot of potential for the future.”

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Trade & Investment | 48 September-October 2010 Trade & Investment | 49 September-October 2010
On Track

There are exciting times ahead for

Slovenske železnice with many impro-
The company Prior to joining Slovenian Railways Mr
Vuga’s background was in very competitive
vements planned for the next 14 years. Slovenske železnice is a well established environments, and he therefore found
These should revolutionise the way company, which is 150 years old. Not only things very different at Slovenske železnice.
in which the company operates in the is it well established, but it is also a good It is only since 1st March 2009 that there
future. Diane Mannion interviews the size, and in 2008 it turned over a total of has been a liberalisation of the markets
Director of Freight Transport, Mr Robert almost €600 million in revenue. This with regards to railway transport, so that
Vuga, about the latest developments in turnover is divided into freightage factor has caused an increase in com­
relation to freight transportation. transportation, passenger transport, and petition from other countries, such as
other sources of revenue such as real Austria. Mr Vuga advises that in order to
On October 1st 2009 Slovenian Railways compete with others, the company will

appointed a new General Manager, Mr have to make many changes. He describes
Goran Brankovic who will be responsible In terms of the freightage side of the the ‘inefficient infrastructure’ as the biggest

tor of Freight Tra

for improving the present situation at business, Slovenske železnice transports problem. The company did have plans for
Slovenske železnice. He aims to put an 19 million pounds of goods annually, and a financial reconstruction of the company
end to negative business trends and take runs about 200 freight trains a day. in 2004, but unfortunately, they never
requisite action to ensure the company’s Freightage represents about €230 million came to fruition. This therefore means
survival. Regarding his plans to achieve of the €600 million revenue for 2008, so that the company still has many financial

Robert Vuga, Direc

this, he commented, “This will be carried it is a sizeable chunk of the business. Diane obligations to fulfil. The concern regarding
out by financial consolidation, stream­ Mannion spoke to Mr Robert Vuga, the the infrastructure from a freightage aspect
lining operations and strengthening the Director of Freight Transport, to find out relates to the fact that 50% of the com­
mar­keting activities”. more about this aspect of the company. pany’s business i.e. that which relates to

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Trade & Investment | 50 September-October 2010 Trade & Investment | 51 September-October 2010
On Track
cargo distribution, is conducted using a
single track.
railways. One of the reasons for this is to
help the Environment by reducing CO2
The European Union
emissions from road transport. Another During the past six months, as well as
To summarise the overall aims of the new
reason relates to the Economy; the Slo­ facing increasing competition from other
management, Mr Vuga comments, “We
venian Government would like Slovenia
would like to change this institution to countries, Slovenske železnice is increasing
to become a logistic platform in Central
an efficient company.” its co-operation with Euro partners fol­
and Southern Europe, and it is well placed
lowing Slovenia’s entry into the European
geographically to attain this.
Union. It has also been affected by changes
Proposed changes As part of the developments, there is a
team presently working on the logistic
in railways legislation along with all Euro
railway companies.
Apart from the appointment of a new centre in Ljubljana. One of the main goals
Mr Vuga cites Austria and Germany as
General Manager, many other changes is for the freight side of the company to
have taken place recently and these are examples of countries that run an efficient
expand over the border in order to gain
set to continue with a 14 year plan that railway system. In Germany, for example,
more business, and the company now has
will cost approximately €9 billion, and will twenty years ago the Deutsche Bahn was
regional centres in Vienna, Budapest,
see Slovenian Railways completely Sarajevo, Sofia and others. Slovenske one of the biggest problems for the count­
transformed. Mr Vuga outlines the future železnice will also be upgrading its IT ry’s budget, but now it is one of the most
plans for the company as follows: systems. successful operations in the country. With
the Slovenian Government’s involvement,
“Right now we are working on business Customers will see an improvement to Slovenske železnice intends to mirror
reconstruction, which means that we need services as well through several quality those successes. Although the Slovenian
to start by clearing the situation from the initiatives relating to: environmental railway infrastructure is not as efficient as
past. Then we will improve efficiency first quality, implementation of standards, some, Mr Vuga remarks that there are
of all. Secondly, we will reorganise the better customer information regarding some countries whose infrastructure is in
company, and thirdly, we would like to locations, new passenger services in­ a worse position.
form a strategic partnership. However, we cluding more information available
are not looking for someone to take over through the Internet, and additional Regarding the possibility of financial
the company in its present state; we want logistic services. In the past the company assistance from the EU, Mr Vuga is hopeful
to do this when the company is in good only offered transportation through that this will be forthcoming for at least
shape so that we bring added value.” Slovenia, but in the future there will be some of the company’s projects, such as
According to Mr Vuga the present Slo­ an extensive route through Italy and the logistics centre, but he is not yet
venian Government is probably the first Croatia, for example. Additionally there certain what the extent of that support
one that has wanted to support the will be a completely integrated service so might be. As Mr Vuga says, “I would assume

MÁV Central Rail and Track Inspection Ltd.

railways since the country’s independence. that the company will also collect and that there are some projects that would
The Government aims to reconstruct and distribute containers to the client, and expect support and this will be to the
reorganise, and the most important collect empty containers once the goods benefit of the whole of the European
development in Slovenia will be the have been offloaded. Union.”
Track diagnostics
Track state analysis
Rail Diagnostics
Euro Metall is a supplier for Slovenian Railways
Bridge Diagnostics
Substructure Diagnostics
Photo: Zoltán Szunyogh
Material Qualification
Euro Metall GmbH Budapest
1045 Budapest, Elem u. 3-7
E-mail: Photo: Mark Gayer

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Photo: Tivadar Nagy Photo: János Béli

Trade & Investment | 52 September-October 2010 Trade & Investment | 53 September-October 2010

H-1097 Budapest, Péceli Str. 2.; 1476 Budapest Pf. 136. Tel.: (36-1) 347-4010; Fax: (36-1) 347-4015; Mobil: (36-30) 231-1900
A Morsel of History

The chances are you have a Unilever at Unilever, specifically looking at its more affordable. Now, Unilever’s mega- Despite its substantial heritage, one of operations to meet current market will involve a €10 million investment,
product in your home – probably seve- food brands. brand foods include the Knorr range (soups, Unilever’s original factories is still in conditions, and the latest development which will lead to lower production costs,
ral. The Anglo-Dutch company’s history sauces, bouillon, noodles and complete operation today. The Oss site is Unilever’s for the Oss factory is a shift from producing improved infrastructure and building
Unilever’s roots in the Netherlands can
spans three centuries, and over this meals with annual sales of €3  billion), largest production facility in the Nether­ its popular Unox soup brand to con­ maintenance. This announcement comes
be traced back to the 1870s when two
time Unilever has launched some of the fa­mily-run butter merchants opened the
Mattessons smoked sausages and Hell­ lands and over the decades – centuries centrating on Unilever’s cooking sauces, at a time when Unilever alongside other
most recognisable household brands, first factories producing margarine, a mann’s mayonnaise (known as ‘Amora’ in even – has produced some of Europe’s such as Chicken Tonight, Bertolli pasta world-leading FMCG (fast-moving con­
from well-loved foods to cutting-edge then innovative product combining France), plus countless others that you will most well-known grocery cupboard sauce and various products in the Knorr sumer goods) multinationals are realigning
laundry and cleaning products. Gabrielle vegetable oil with animal fat that could have seen stocked on supermarket shelves, stables. However, like any time-tested range. This modification to Unilever’s food their business models. The focus is now
Brown explores the latest developments be mass-produced and was therefore if not in your own larder. business, Unilever frequently adjusts its production, announced in June this year, on improving efficiency and eliminating

trade investment trade investme

Trade & Investment | 54 September-October 2010 Trade & Investment | 55 September-October 2010
A Morsel of History oils rather than animal fats and therefore
lathered more easily, and Lever named
and packaged his new product ‘Sunlight
Soap’. This name is not notable in itself,
packaging that promotes the product but rather because the concept of a brand
accurately, is convenient to use and allows name and any kind of branded packaging
the contents to be easily transported. was almost unheard of at the time. From
There is, however, increasing pressure on this small step came a revolution in how
manufacturers to not only make our lives consumer goods are produced and
easier but also contribute to protecting bought.
our greater home – the planet – and use
Therefore, post recession and in the midst
research and development to create more
of a climate-change crisis, the promise of
eco-friendly packaging.
more efficiently produced foods from a
In April 2010 Unilever, among 25 of the world-leading company pioneering
world’s leading consumer goods and retail another consumer movement, (though
companies, embarked on a pilot prog­ this time a green one), is certainly one to
ramme to test new packaging designs embrace –and enjoy!
and measure their sustainability. It’s a
mammoth undertaking, but with the
capacity to invest heavily in research and
testing, and attract the best talent in the Since 1963, Ploegmakers Food Ingredients BV has been supplier to the food industry. During this time it has developed extensive expertise in the ­processing
field, the project is in very capable hands. of vegetables, herbs, potatoes and fruits. We supply our products as frozen or chilled semi finished products for use in soups, sauces, snacks, ready-made
Therefore, although buying locally Ploegmakers:Layout 1 27/05/2009 09:36 Page 1
meals, salads, bakery products and baby food.
produced goods and supporting small
businesses is an unquestionably valuable
step for environmentally conscious con­
sumers to take, the potential that the
combined power of the organizations
behind big household brands has to Ploegmakers Food Ingredients BV
initiate a movement in green consumption tel: 00-31413373839
is something to get excited about. fax: 00-31413363803

For a better life

waste to not only recuperate after the
financial crisis but also help tackle climate
will buy all its palm oil from certified
sustainable sources.
Unilever foods are designed to be more
than a convenient option; the focus is Convenience products for the food industry
equally on creating foods that connect
change. Having brought the advantages of palm with what people love about eating –
oil to our everyday lives, the challenge for pleasure, taste nutrition, and particularly
Unilever is now to lead the way in ensuring when it comes to ice cream (to name but
The palm oil puzzle the commodity is sourced responsibly, by a few: Ben & Jerry’s, HB, Wall’s and
Viennetta) fun. However, big brands have
business the world over. “To achieve this F.lli Branca is a privately owned family company founded in 1892 with the concentrates, comminutes, essential oils, diced and dried peels, reaching
During a speech given in summer 2010 goal we have built a large industrial become somewhat of a scapegoat, taking specific aim to produce citrate and high quality lemon oil for perfumery. the current dimensions as one of the leading citrus manufacturer in the
to the Consumer Goods Forum on the coalition...our approach is one of carrot the rap for mass consumption and waste
and stick. The carrot is to commit to buy when there are multiple factors at play. Over the years, the company has enlarged its production facilities to the Mediterranean area, thanks to continuous innovative technologies and
subject of climate change, Unilever’s CEO
Paul Polman touched on the subject of only oil that has been certified by the What’s more, successful household brands, processing of oranges and mandarins for the production of NFC juices, targeted investments.
Roundtable on Sustainable Palm and to such as those produced and marketed by
palm oil, used as an ingredient in many
pay the premium for this sustainable oil. Unilever, have made their way into our
foods and in the manufacture of soaps
The stick is to cease trading with those lives, and stayed there, because they do
and washing powders. Palm oil is a hot
growers who won’t or can’t achieve the improve our lives in one way or another,
and somewhat controversial topic at whether that’s by making it easier for us
necessary standards,” said Mr Polman.
present due to the impact its mass to prepare a quick nutritious meal or spend
production has on the destruction of the less time cleaning the bathroom. These
rainforest. An area the size of Greece is little ‘perks’ all add up to a better quality
cleared every year to make way for palm Practical packaging of life.


oil plantations, and remembering that Juices
Being concerned with offering households This concept of ‘small steps’ to engender Bases
deforestation accounts for some 17% of convenient, nutritious food, Unilever foods ‘big things’ is engrained in Unilever’s Comminutes
all greenhouse gases the degree of this are noted for their user-friendly packaging. history. In the 1880s William Lever, the Essential oils
impact can be seen to be significant. “At Diced and Dried peels
Whether that’s the innovative soup-in-a- man behind the British firm Lever Bros Cells
Unilever, we have long been convinced pouch concept borne out of the Oss which later merged to form Unilever with Half cups A leading Sicilian citrus processing company
of the need to break the link between factory or easy-to-store jars of cooking the aforementioned Dutch margarine L’essenza della natura
palm oil and climate change,” said sauce, Unilever has developed packaging manufacturers, started to produce house­ since 1892
Mr Polman, adding that by 2015, Unilever that is intended to make life simpler: hold soap. It was made from plant-based

trade investment trade investme

Trade & Investment | 56 September-October 2010 Trade & Investment | 57 September-October 2010
Set to Take Next Step after €1.2 billion Sale

By Jakob Horstmann The success story of Ontex, Europe’s nounced its sale to private equity firms Sachs’ private equity vehicle GS Capital Richard Butland of GS Capital comments. disposables to Europe’s ten largest retailers
leading producer of private label hygienic TPG Capital and GS Capital Partners for a Partners has been known since last year. TPG’s Simon Henderson is equally (including Tesco in the UK), holding a solid
Belgian hygienic disposables manufactu-
disposables, is nothing short of sensa­ price of 1.2 billion euros. This deal, which However, the talks that were led by enthusiastic: “This deal will open a range 60 percent share of the market in Europe.
rer Ontex has come a long way. When is subject to customary regulation of new opportunities for Ontex. We look
tional. Soon leaving behind its modest Candover chairman Marek Gumienny Its product range is the widest of any
opening its first production facility in approvals, represents the largest ever forward to helping drive the next stage
beginnings as a regional provider with stalled momentarily after Goldman’s first comparable European business and in­
1979, few predicted Ontex to become Eu- private equity transaction in Belgium and of the company’s profitable growth.”
a single produc­tion unit, Ontex experi­ private equity partner pulled out from cludes three distinct groups: Feminine
ropean market leader in their segment should be completed by the end of the
enced exponential growth ever since its the process, leaving the door open for a hygiene (design and production of sanitary
within a mere three decades. Thanks to year.
foundation in 1979 and ended up success­ late appearance on the scene of TPG towels, panty liners and tampons), baby
a strategy of both careful acquisitions
and consumer oriented, innovative R&D, fully integrating no less than ten enter­ Capital, the buyout group of leading Bright future for care (diapers, baby pants and wet wipes)
prises into the company during the 1990s private investment firm TPG.
Ontex managed to grow into a major
global player, totalling global sales alone. In 2009, total global sales came in A rang of new “Ontex has made significant achievements
‘Nappy-Giant’ and adult care (incontinence products).
With baby diapers representing nearly
at 1.1  billion euros with earnings of
of an impressive 1.1 billion euros in
2009. Now Ontex announced its sale to 150 million euros. opportunities in the past few years, and we are very
excited about this opportunity to invest
And indeed Ontex’s prospects seem more 45 percent of total sales (feminine care
contributing 35 percent and inco-products
than promising. Operating out of its
TPG Capital and GS Capital Partners for Now Ontex, which was bought in 2002 The sale does not come as a surprise. in a company with such an established Headquarters in Zele, Flanders, Ontex is 25  percent), Ontex’s nickname ‘nappy
1.2 billion euros. by British investor Candover, has an­ Purchase interest on part of Goldman presence and development potential,” the main supplier of private label hygienic giant’ is well deserved.

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Trade & Investment | 58 September-October 2010 Trade & Investment | 59 September-October 2010
Set to Take Next Step after €1.2 billion Sale
Global player in new outpost each will be set up in Russia’s
capital Moscow and Sydney, Australia.
targets the large market of hospitals and
health authorities.
growth market The market of Turkey and its surrounding
countries specifically plays a key role in
Its very strong presence in the growth
the world of Ontex. Regional Turkey is markets of China and Eastern Europe,
This giant currently employs more than
4,200  people and runs no less than one of three sales divisions at Ontex. Of where it entertains sales offices in Russia,
12  production sites, nine in Western the remaining two, the Retail Division the Czech Republic and Poland, gives
Europe and one each in Algeria, Turkey focuses on sales to leading European Ontex a first-rate position to dominate in
and China. By the end of the year, one retailers while the Healthcare Division a sales environment that is predicted to
go from strength to strength. “The market
for private label disposables has been
growing steadily for the past 15 years in
Western Europe, and we anticipate that
we shall see the same level of growth in
Eastern Europe and Russia within a time
frame of as little as five years,” the com­
pany said. Recently, the growth prediction
for Ontex has been set at an astonishing
10 percent for the upcoming year.

Innovation and
But it is not only the sales volume and
distribution diversity that makes Ontex
stand out of the crowd. The company is
especially proud of its R&D capacities and
high-end technical equipment, and
justifiably so. More than 170 high­‑tech
production lines are being operated in
Ontex’s production sites, which generate
an output of roughly 18 billion units per Innovation and Performance with
year. The laboratories host a large re­
search staff that has been successful in Reliable Advanced Closure Systems
providing customers with innovative
new solutions as well as conservatively for Personal Care Applications
branded classic products. At the same
time, Ontex is a frontrunner of sustainable
Avery Dennison Specialty Tape is a recognized industry leader and
production and environmental responsi­
trusted resource that develops innovative and cost effective solutions
bility. In most of its facilities Ontex has
for baby and adult diapers, and feminine hygiene products.
brought to perfection a unique process
of turning production residues into com­
Our customers can choose from a wide range of existing closure
bustible granules that provide heating
solutions or tap the vast application and technology expertise
for the whole premises. In addition, a near
for custom designs.
100 percent of plastic waste during the
production process is recovered for re­ We are committed to sustainability and
cycling. are striving to improve our processes
There is little doubt within the industry and protect our natural resources.
that the new owners will create the best
possible conditions for Ontex’s future
endeavours. With its eyes set on the ex­
panding markets in Eastern Europe and
Asia, Ontex is a global player to watch in
the years to come.

trade investment Avery Dennison Specialty Tape trade investme

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Technology news

However, that leaves the issue of tyre grip.

“Smooth surfaces are the strongest for
glass,” Pantano says. That’s not so great for
driving on. So some texture would need
to be added, which in turn presents two
problems, says Pantano. Any texturing or
surfaces, but that still makes them more roughening will reduce both strength and
expensive – until you factor in the electricity the amount of light hitting the PV cells.
they would produce, says Brusaw. “Our
Road to nowhere?
panels are designed to pay for themselves,”
he says. These are issues Brusaw says he is currently
trying to work out. So far, he has built only
Tough cell
a single crude prototype, which houses
Perhaps, but can PV cells really be made the necessary electronic components, but
tough enough for the job? Glass can be is neither operational nor toughened. One
Sunrise boulevards made to be as strong as steel, but the solution he is considering is to use thou­
challenge here is to make it resistant to sands of tiny prisms built into the surface.
could bring clean shattering. Brusaw is convinced it can be These would allow tyres to grip and would
done, for example by borrowing tricks used also help to direct sunlight to the PV cells
power to make bullet-proof and blast-proof when the sun is low, he says.
With many governments now introducing While Brusaw seeks funding to build a
feed-in tariffs – financial incentives for One way is to deposit thin-film PV material functioning prototype, his hopes are
homeowners to install sources of renewable onto flexible plastic and laminate it onto pinned on winning a slice of the Ecoma­
energy – some companies are even offering toughened glass, says materials scientist gination Challenge, a $200 million prize
to install photovoltaic (PV) cells on house and concrete were replaced with solar cells Carlo Pantano at Pennsylvania State Uni­ sponsored by multinational conglomerate
roofs for free. But although solar cells are of moderate efficiency – around 15 per versity in University Park, who Brusaw has GE for developing the next-generation
destined to become a more common sight, cent – they would not only generate a been consulting. power grid, which closes at the end of
are rooftops really the best place for them? significant amount of energy but would September. Little wonder. Adding truck-
Even if the government inducements work, also provide a backbone infrastructure to proof technologies and microprism textures
and PV cells end up adorning large portions deliver the energy to our doors, he says. is likely to be costly. If Brusaw is to stand a
of the urban skyline, by 2020 they are ex­ chance of pulling this off he’s going to need
pected to account for a mere 2 per cent of Brusaw’s plan is to create 3.7-metre square every penny he can get.
electricity in the UK. There may, however, panels – the US interstate highway system
be another way to enable PV cells to make standard lane width – that slot together,
a greater contribution: stick them on our linking up through junction boxes lying
roads and drive on them. beneath them. With a US national average
of around 4 hours of sunlight a day, each
New Scientist has been talking to electrical of these panels would be capable of around
engineer Scott Brusaw, based in Sagle, 7.6 kilowatt-hours of energy a day, he says.
Idaho, who believes that replacing asphalt This could either be fed into the grid or
with PV cells is the way forward for renew­ stored in super capacitors or flywheels
able energy. With funding from the US within the panels to allow electric vehicles
Federal Highways Administration he has to recharge through roadside plug-in
been looking at how PV cells, normally points, he says.
perceived as relatively fragile devices, can
be toughened up to withstand the relent­ Brusaw estimates that the cost of each
less pounding that trucks and other traffic panel would be around $10,000, which –
would throw at them. based on figures from the Idaho Transpor­
tation Department – he estimates to be
Homeward bound roughly four times the current cost of laying
If successful the rewards could be hand­ asphalt. He hopes these panels can be
some, says Brusaw. According to figures he made to last longer than conventional road
has obtained from the American Geophy­
sical Union, roads, highways and open-air
parking lots in the lower 48  US states
account for more than 100,000 square
kilometres of surface area. If this asphalt

trade investment

Trade & Investment | 62 September-October 2010

evidence that the water stores areas of
positive and negative charge, but the
experiment led to a lively debate in the
pages of the journal Langmuir (see links
Sensitive Victorians below) over whether the results really
Socket and see: Apple The Victorian workers would have had to violated the principle of electroneutrality
or whether there were salt impurities in
have been particularly sensitive souls to
reinvents the audio by chemists, including the International complain of such a shock, but Galembeck the water that led it to behave like a conven­
tional electrochemical cell. Pollack calls the
thinks his study shows steam electricity
jack Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry
(IUPAC). may be a credible phenomenon. He thinks Campinas team’s work “interesting”. “It
the charge builds up because of a reaction opens the door to many new possibili­ties,”
Although Apple is known for filing patents “I don’t dispute the IUPAC statement for he says.
between the chrome oxide layer that forms
on complex multi-touch algorithms, anti- the principle of electroneutrality,” says on the surface of the tube and the water Power from air
piracy measures and advanced user inter­ Galembeck. “But it is seldom applicable to in the atmosphere. As the relative humidity
faces, it still has a focus on basic hardware real substances,” he says, because they Galembeck thinks those possibilities
rises, more water condenses onto the tube’s
engineering. One US patent application frequently show ion imbalances, which include harnessing atmospheric humidity
socket can work in concert, Apple says, to surface. Hydrogen ions in the water react
filed this week shows the firm reinventing produce a measurable charge. His team as a renewable power source, as light is
produce noise cancellation. To do that, you with the chrome oxide, leading to an ion
the humble audio jack socket. The rea­son? electrically isolated chrome-plated brass converted to electricity in solar panels. “My
invert the sound signal from one mic and imbalance that imparts excess charge onto
There are too many holes in today’s tubes and then increased the humidity of work is currently targeted to verify this
add it to the other - which has the effect the isolated metal.
gadgets. the surrounding atmosphere. Once the possibility and to explore it,” he says.
of removing all noise apart from the sounds
relative humidity reached 90 per cent, the The work finds favour with Gerald Pollack However, he acknowledges that most
Apple complains that building laptops and local to one mic - such as your voice.
uncharged tube gained a small but at the University of Washington in Seattle. researchers remain to be convinced that
phones means drilling holes in the casing
Still another benefit of two mics is “beam­ detectable negative charge of 300 micro­ Last year he suggested that pure water what he calls “hygroelectricity” will ever
to allow microphones, headsets, USB plugs
forming”: the mics can adjust the phase of coulombs per square metre – equating to could store charge and behave much like get off the ground.
and switches to access the electronic in­
input signals heard by each mic to listen a capacity millions of times smaller than a battery, after finding that passing a
nards. Each aperture, however, “breaches Allen Bard at the University of Texas falls
in on sound from certain directions only. that of an AA battery. current between two submerged elec­
the barrier that protects components inside within that majority. “In general I think that
Handy for a spot of espionage at Starbucks, trodes created a pH gradient in the water
the housing” - allowing dust and liquids it is true that our understanding of electro­
no doubt. that persisted for an hour once the current
yet another way to get in where they can static phenomena and charging at solid/
had been switched off. He says this is
cause short circuits and overheating. And gas interfaces is incomplete,” he says. “I am,
each gadget in each aperture needs however, very sceptical about these pheno­
circuitry behind it that eats up precious Can we grab mately forgotten without being fully mena being harnessed as a power source.
room on the circuit board, too. understood.
Apple’s answer is to reduce the hole count
electricity from muggy The amounts of charge and power involved
are very small.”
Fernando Galembeck at the University of
by making them multifunctional. It pro­ air? Campinas in São Paulo, Brazil, is one of a
poses removing the need for a separate small number of researchers who thinks
microphone aperture by making it part of Every cloud has a silver lining: wet wea­ there is a simple explanation, but it involves
the socket the headphone jack plugs into. ther could soon be harnessed as a power accepting that water can store charge – a
This adds only a couple of millimetres to source, if a team of chemists in Brazil is to controversial idea that violates the princi­
the socket length - the mic fits behind the be believed. In 1840, workers in Newcastle ple of electroneutrality. This principle –
tip of the jack plug. The result:“A microphone upon Tyne, UK, reported painful electric which states that the negatively and po­
can be added to a mobile telephone with­ shocks when they came into close contact sitively charged particles in an electrolyte
out the need for an external aperture.” with steam leaking from factory boilers. cancel each other out – is widely accepted
Both Michael Faraday and Alessandro Volta
It’s not clear, however, if the jack plug re­ puzzled over the mysterious phenomenon,
quire a redesign too: will it need to be shot dubbed steam electricity, but it was ulti­
through with holes to provide an acoustic
path to the mic? Quite probably. If that
doesn’t tickle your fancy, the jack-socket
mic could serve a different purpose. If the
phone retains a standard built-in phone
mic, that mic and a second one in the jack

trade investment

Trade & Investment | 64 September-October 2010

“‘Focus on opportunities

For the very best transformers only

not obstacles’, is the slogan
that I try to live by,”
says Mr Jan Boklund, the Product Ma- My working day is usually from 8 am until food varies a lot but it is mostly a cooked
nager for Nordic Air & Sea Cargo (NAC), around 6 pm, and it takes me about 20 mi­ meal of some form. When I have local
which is a major logistics company. NAC nutes to drive to work depending on the meetings through work we usually eat at
has its head office in Sweden as well as traffic. When I arrive I switch on the com­ a nearby restaurant. The same applies
offices throughout the Nordic countries. puter and take a look at my incoming during business trips with colleagues or
emails. I prioritise any that are urgent and business partners. I have many cups of
The company was founded in 1919 and

then check some financial and production coffee throughout the day, but I do try to mit Transformatoren B.V. is an
it currently services many independent
news websites for the latest develop­ eat some fruit daily as well. internationally operating company which has
agents worldwide. ments. In our office we commu­nicate been developing and manufacturing power
mostly by email, telephone, web and video When possible I try to leave the office by
Jan Boklund is 47 years of age and has 6pm, and my early evening often starts
transformers for the distribution and genera-
conferencing, but physical meetings are,
been together with Madeleine (Human with supper as this is normally the main
tion of electric energy since 1913. As part of
of course, also very impor­tant.
Resource Manager) for fourteen years and meal of the day. Nowadays I spend most
the SGB-Smit Group, the company is an important
married to her for seven years. They have I am responsible for developing NAC to player in the sector up to 1000 MVA/525 kV. Smit
of my free time with my family and with
three children aged 8, 12 and 19. Jan was become the most preferred agent in customers include major energy companies, indu-
various activities that my children are
born in a small village south of the city of Scandinavia for all independent agents stries and transmission and distribution firms
involved in. Although I have played a lot
Jönköping, in Sweden and now lives in a worldwide as these agents do not have in Europe, North America, Africa and the Middle
their own offices in the Nordics. Since we of floorball, football and tennis in the past,
house with a garden and fantastic views East.
rely on speedy communications with our and sometimes golf as well, my time
of the country’s second biggest lake - Lake spent exercising is now very limited.
agents all over the world, my focus is to Smit was founded nearly 100 years ago, but
Vattern. He tells us what a typical day is
ensure that all agents feel happy with I try to read the newspaper daily as well nevertheless continues to be a company that is
like for him:
our service and support. If they come as reading some financial and production young at heart with an inquisitive urge to moder-
“On work days I set my alarm clock for back with any remarks I follow them up news, either in paper form or Internet nise. This combination of proven technology and
5:30 in the morning. When I get up I switch promptly and carefully in order to solve
based. I also try to spend a little time a constant drive to innovate have proved to be
on the coffee maker and retrieve the any problems. Most of the day is spent
relaxing in front of the TV, watching news, important starting principles when it comes to:
morning paper from the mailbox so that taking care of agents in relation to matters
movies, sports events or some other form
I can read through it whilst I have a cup involving inquiries, agreement issues and
of entertainment. •meeting the specific demands of
securing good co-operation from our
of coffee. Then either my wife or I will wake the customer on the basis of a
offices. I also spend some time going In the evenings I spend time with my
up the children and prepare breakfast unique design and in-depth
through statistics, credits and debits and beautiful and lovely wife Madeleine and
before I take a shower and get dressed. I knowledge of production techniques;
discussing future accounts etc. Because I we often have a good chat about how our
like to wear casual clothing normally, but deal with matters throughout the whole •linking the fully integrated design
of course I have to dress appropriately day has been, occasionally over a glass of
logistics chain my work is very varied with wine. We make plans for the following
programmes to a carefully balanced
when I have meetings at work. all types of challenges, which gives me a production and test environment;
morning or the near future, and I some­
When we have time we eat breakfast to­ great deal of satisfaction in my role. times need to prepare for a forthcoming
•further optimizing the production
processes that lead to constant
gether as a family and have a chat about I like to take a lunch break in the middle meeting. Now and then I find it relaxing
improvements in the quality and
the day ahead. For breakfast I mostly have of the day. If I am working from my home to end my day reading a book for a little
reliability of the end product;
some yoghurt with bran flakes, a sandwich office I mostly eat lunch at home with my while, but I’m not a regular book worm
•testing transformers in a laborato-
and a glass of orange juice. wonderful wife Madeleine. Our choice of like my wife.
ry environment with state of the
art equipment;
•realizing air cushion transport for
individual components as well as for complete
• the further development of Smit Transforma-
advertisers list tor Service: our own service department,
which performs maintenance to transformers of
various makes;
August Dohrmann GmbH Bauunternehmung�������������������������������������������������������������� 41 Kilian GmbH & Co. KG�������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� 41
• realizing our own cargo-handling dock along
Avery Dennison Belgium�������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� 61 Kim Johansen Transport Group A/S����������������������������������������������������������������������������� 49 the Maas-Waalkanaal, which is a mere stone’s
Bucyrus��������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� 68 Lumpi-Berndorf Draht- und Seilwerk GmbH���������������������������������������������������������������� 37 throw away from the factory.
Deep Drill Group��������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� 25 MÁV Central Rail and Track Inspection Ltd.������������������������������������������������������������������ 53
Euro Metall GmbH Budapest��������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� 52 nkt cables S.A.������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������ 29 For the very best transformers only
F.lli Branca Spa ���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� 57 Ploegmakers Food Ingredients BV������������������������������������������������������������������������������� 57
Fabryka Przewodow Energetycznych S.A.�������������������������������������������������������������������� 29 Smit Transformers������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������ 67
GE Jenbacher 2010����������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� 33 Trinity Rør AS������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� 45
Smit Transformatoren B.V.
Hydro Rolled Products�������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� 2 YSTAD AB������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� 49
Groenestraat 336
6531 JC Nijmegen

trade investment T. +31(0)24 356 89 11

Trade & Investment | 66 September-October 2010
Longwall Mining Technology


Customized Logwall Systems

Only Bucyrus can offer complete customized longwall systems for all seam
thicknesses with integrated state-of-the-art control for maximum reliability and
performance. Whether for plow or shearer, all components work together perfectly,
giving you enhanced control of cutting, conveying and roof support. Advanced
visualization and unprecedented automation further boost productivity and safety.

Longwall systems engineered with excellence.

Bucyrus International, Inc. is a world leader in the design and manufacture of high-
performance machinery and equipment for the surface and underground mining
industries with a workforce of over 7,000 employees worldwide.

Bucyrus Czech Republic, headquartered in Ostrava, is a main production facility for

longwall product components and a customer service center for providing the Czech
mining industry with on-site service, repairs, overhauls, and spare part management.

The company also pursues extensive activities in comprehensive supplies, assemblies

and modernizations of technological equipment for a number of industries.
Reliability at work