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Project Description
Owner is looking for a best value solution to reduce their dependence on imported power while
increasing power production at their current site.

The plan is to consider all viable options that help optimize power production by utilizing the existing GT
installations as heat recovery options such as the installation of HRSG to the existing gas turbines and/or
adding waste heat recovery boilers to the existing plant.

TECMO, being a total plant solution provider, is looking to design the best, most efficient, cost effective
alternative to meet the plant’s needs.

We are looking to partner with a competent local EPC company that is willing to contribute in the
development of the project as well as the eventual implementation on a shared risk/reward basis.

Key to success is to devise a division of work and division of responsibility matrix that is most conducive
to providing an optimal cost effective solution.

Options being considered are the following:

 Upgrade two GT 6B machines to Combined Cycle
o Addition of 2 HRSG to the 6b Machines
 Addition of 4 heat recovery boilers to the plants
 Addition of steam turbine to utilize steam from the HRSG and the Waste heat boilers
 Addition of one Generator
 Relocation of existing fin fan coolers to accommodate new HRSG.

Typical load levels of the equipment:

 Gas Turbines: 40 MW Each (Base load power rating at 90 deg F) . – 3 GTs installed.
 Proposed HRSGs for all 3 Gas Turbines in 1-O-1 configuration.
 Proposed Steam Turbine: 55 MW RPM 3600. (1 - one)
o Condensing type.
o Desired Air Cooled Condenser – to be included in EPC scope
 Synchronous Generator: 75 MVA at 90 deg F, 3 Phase, 13.8 KV, 60 Hz, 0.8 PF, TEWAC

EPC Scope also include Black Start Capability Diesel Generator.

2.5 MVA.

This RFQ is for the EPC services in a two-phased approach:

Phase 1:
Engineering services

Phase 2:
EPC, Engineering, Procurement, and Construction of design produced in Phase 1.
TECMO has started preliminary engineering of the project and completed draft specifications for
performance of the GT, HRSG, and Steam Turbine. The further development of the TECMO preliminary
design into a full solution is part of the scope of this RFQ.
Contractor is expected to provide engineering services to complete this effort and assume full ownership
of the overall design.

2. Context and conditions:

Qualified EPC contractors are invited to submit their best offers for the Engineering, Procurement and
Construction services of installing 2 GE Frame 6F gas turbines at the owner site per the scope of work
described herewith.

Bidders are requested to submit their offers on a lump sum turnkey basis for the listed scope of work. A
detailed price breakdown is also required to be submitted along with the proposal.

Bidders are requested to conduct their own site visit to ensure their full understanding of the scope as
well as specific site conditions. Request for a site visit should be coordinated with TECMO and planned
well in advance.

In general, bidders are expected to perform all needed work to fully complete the project without any
change orders.
The successful bidder shall be required to agree to perform the work with no additions to the negotiated
and agreed upon contract value. Therefore, a thorough evaluation and a site visit are paramount and
3. Bid Evaluation criteria:
All offers will be evaluated by the TECMO technical and commercial team based on compliance with the
following criteria:
 Compliance with TECMO ethical and contractual standards
 Completeness of offer and adherence to the scope of work
 Compliance with TECMO terms and conditions
 Technical merits of the offer.
 Experience of the bidder in similar projects
 Compliance with the TECMO Standards and quality procedures
 Acceptance of the TECMO financial payment terms
 Price

4. Required offer documentation:

Bidder offers shall include, at the minimum, the following:
 Lump-sum price for completing the scope of work
 Lump sum offer for completing the Engineering Scope of Work
 Line item pricing
 A time schedule showing the timing of various deliverables from the date of award
 A list for reference projects where bidder has performed similar engineering services
 List of key resources who will be involved in delivery of these services
 Proposed organization chart (Project and site)
 Site visit report clearly indicating the bidder has full knowledge of the site conditions
 List of exceptions to the scope of work, if any
 Preliminary project execution plan
 EHS Policy and manual
 QA/QC manual

5. Bidder responsibilities:
Bidders are responsible for the following tasks:
 Completion of preliminary design of the site layout, civil works, mechanical, system, electrical
system, cabling, piping, and support services
 Issuance of detailed designs and bill of materials (BOM)
 Providing a project construction plan
 Full Establishment and ownership of the project including project and site set up, security,
schedule, and logistics
 Design Engineering, procurement, and construction of the interconnecting piping, pipe racks,
pipe supports, isolation valves, and pipes insulation.
 Design Engineering, procurement, and construction of electrical cables, conduits, cable trays,
required supports, and termination of cables.
 Design engineering and construction of foundations.
 Design engineering, procurement, and construction of the steel support structures as required.
 Adherence to the project schedule.
 Upon completion, issuing final as built drawings and QA/QC documentation.
6. Engineering Scope of Works
See attached document Phase 1

Contractor responsibility, depending on each line item is designated according to the following

EPC Full solution:

Total ownership of the system including Engineering, Equipment selection, procurement,
construction, and commissioning.

Engineering, Procurement, and construction of the system. But not full ownership. System may
include equipment to be supplied by others and contractor is responsible for the installation of such
equipment including foundation and electromechanical connections.

Procurement and construction. Contractor is responsible for procuring the material required for the
job and perform installation such as repair or replacement of an existing system without

Contractor shall perform inspection, installation, and construction of systems that do not require
material other than consumables and items required for construction.
7. Preliminary Scope of work:
See attached document “Phase 2”
8. List of attachments
A set of selected documents is attached to this Scope of Work. A larger list of documents is available and will be
made available as requested.

 Site Layout
 GT Description
 Heat Balance
 GT Foundation requirements
 Mechanical
Outline drawing
(ML: 306)
 Preliminary P&ID
 Auxiliary skids,

Site layout
Generator outline
Generator Foundation
Proposed location for HRSG & Steam Turbine Unit
Required interface points for HRSG & Steam Turbine – Specs to be defined at later
This is a tentative list and it is expected that the EPC firm shall develop this list further
as per design of the CC plant.

 DM Water
 Boiler feed warer inlet
 Make up water
 Raw water
 Chemical injection
 Service Air System
 Instrument air system
 Steam Blow down
 Blow Down tanks
 Blow down lines with valves
 Blowdown system
 Sewage treatment
 Plant Drains system
 Acid and Caustic Tanks
 LV System
 Steam Turbine Hall
 Pipe racks for steam piping
 Generator circuit breaker
 Generator isolated phase bus duct
 Generator neutral grounding cubicle
 Generator power Cable
 Generator Foundation
 Generator Protection Panel
 Protection Relay settings