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Public Discourse Pr o ject (GRADU N) Media ting met a phors Ruth Br e eze

Public Discourse Pro ject (GRADU N)

Public Discourse Pr o ject (GRADU N) Media ting met a phors Ruth Br e eze

Media ting met aphors

Ruth Bre eze & Inés Olza, eds.

Book projec t

Abst ract and the matic lines

Meta phors are a n essential p art of every day commu nication. Peo ple use met aphors cons tantly

to fa cilitate com

munication b etween exp ert and novi ce or profess ional and la yperson, an d also

more generally to

move from

known to n ew, or from familiar exp eriences to

abstract con cepts.

Parti cularly in sit uations of d ifficulty, whe re power or knowledge is unequally shared, or where



a grave

risk attach ed to misun nderstanding , the use o f metaphor

appears to


natur ally as a wa y of building

bridges bet ween partic ipants. In sit uations of c onflict, meta phors


people find common gro und and bu ild consensu s on how to settle their

areas s, such as sc ientific popu larisation o r health com munication, metaphors

disputes. In other help profess ionals

to co mmunicate

more effecti vely with an


public, or to convey imp ortant infor


sensi tively to peo ple at risk.




dimension o f metaphor

cannot be

reduced t

its conce ptual or lin guistic

dime nsion alone , as meanin g is essent ially created

in interper sonal comm municative s paces

whic h involve co gnition, lang uage and pa ralinguistic devices. Me taphors are

often multi modal,

oper ating simult aneously th rough gestu re and lang uage. Meta phors are a also often p artial, foreg rounding on ly certain as pects of a p articular sce nario to con vey meanin g. Metaphor s may


be creative,


new conce pts through

a process

f blending

in which dif ferent

aspe cts of two or more menta l spaces are

brought tog ether in an i nnovative w ay.

The v olume addr esses two m ain issues:

( 1) How do m etaphors p erform a me diating funct ion in social life? ( 2) And how do the prop erties of the se mediatin g metaphor s extend our metapho r as a pheno menon?

understand ing of

We w elcome pro posals for c hapters on m metaphor an d mediation

in any area

of social lif e. The

follow ing list prov ides some s uggestions,

but is by no means exha ustive:


Metapho r and media tion in educa tion at all le vels.


Metapho r in commun ication betw een experts and laypeop le.

Metapho r in

healthca re.


Metapho r in

intercult ural commu nication.

Metapho r in commu nication

be tween insti tutions (sta e,

police, j udiciary) an d the

public. Metapho r and media tion in the m edia.


Metapho r, mediation and mediati sation.

Publi cation plan (tentative)




prop osal


b e

submitte d





Language ,

Cognition ,


Com munication S eries at Joh n Benjamins

Gera rd J. Steen, e ditor).

(https://be /#catalog/b ooks/milcc/ main;

Submissi on of titles a nd abstract s: 15th May 2018

Submissi on of chapte rs: 15th Ma rch 2019

Review p rocess by ed itors and ex ternal expert s: March-Jul y 2019

Publicati on: autumn