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Spring Reading Calendar


Monday - 1 Tuesday - 2 Wednesday - 3 Thursday - 4 Friday - 5

No School No School No School No School (CAS @ ERWIN)

Monday - 8 Tuesday - 9 Wednesday - 10 Thursday - 11 Friday - 12

Re-norming Classroom Start BB Workshop BB Workshop BB Workshop Come together and discuss
Expectations takeaways from BB Workshop
Renorming Book Bistro Looking at weak and strong Book Look group examples of The
- Laptops, noise, respect, Expectations Bistro examples and comparing Outsiders Book Bistro example, Kahooting logical fallacies as a
food and contrasting. and have them grade refresher
Go over rubric as a class to themselves/peers.
Refresh rhetoric test determine the settle differences GT KIDS W/ LEONARD

Monday - 15 Tuesday - 16 Wednesday - 17 Thursday - 18 Friday - 19

No School Introduce Sell me this pen Workday for Sell me this pen - Workday for Sell me this pen - Present the commercials
activity. Work on script with groups script and film In class/ film
Script DUE
Pick partners/groups
Collaborative Classroom
Figure out item and more info Library? Collaborative Classroom
about fallacy Library?

Monday - 22 Tuesday - 23 Wednesday - 24 Thursday - 25 Friday - 26

Finish watching commercials. Kaitlin Newlin observation Mini-Lesson on THESIS and BOOK BISTRO
Explain debate project and CONTENTIONS
Debate intro -DUO read guide to Partners 2 pro/2con topic sign deconstruct the prompt by
Public Forum up. making a checklist with students. - What is a thesis? Finish Bulletin Outline
- What are the parts a thesis
Pick partners and come up with Explain debate project and Use DocCam and do it with the needs?
class debate topics. (8-9 topics) deconstruct the prompt. kids - How to create a thesis

● Notecards for Bulletin


Monday - 29 Tuesday - 30 Wednesday - 31

Censorship Packet - Have Begin Detailed Outline Continue Detailed Outline

students answer reading
questions, and outline the Using Thesis Statement and 3 Finding sources for 3
debate. contentions from bulletin outline contentions/subpoints

Thursday - 1 Friday - 2

Continue Detailed Outline” Detail Outlines: Work on

Finding sources for 3 Counterclaim and Conclusion

Monday - 5 Tuesday - 6 Wednesday - 7 Thursday - 8 Friday - 9

Pop Topic Debates Pop Topics Pop Topics Mini-lesson on verbally citing Debate DUE on Schoology.
Model Star Trek Case Model Trek Model Trek Case How to flow a debate
Write conclusion and get sources
Begin Drafting Debate: Finish first body, work on second Work on third in order.
Introduction/First body body. body/counterclaim

Monday - 12 Tuesday - 13 Wednesday - 14 Thursday - 15 Friday - 16

GONE FOR CARDIOLOGIST Read for 10 Explain judging and organize

who is judging who. Groups that DEBATE!!!! DEBATE!!!!
Watch a public forum debate Review Flowing a Debate, and are presenting are debating, and
while the students take flow the reason we need to know how the other groups must judge 2-3 groups debate 3-4 groups debate
notes. to flow. (Other groups will judge their (Other groups will judge their
DEBATE groups) groups)
Kids who did not finish writing Workshop with Partner on case
Friday, Debate DUE and delegate who is first and 2-3 groups debate ● Make up debates at ● Make up debates at
second speaker. (Other groups will judge their Lunch or After School Lunch or After School

Monday - 19 Tuesday - 20 Wednesday - 21 Thursday - 22 Friday - 23

No School Half building and Half District Reading Warm Up Reading Warm up Introduce Open Mic
day. 8-11 safe community and
safe for schools. Suicide Debate Winners & Reflection Dreams and Harlem by Langston Continue Poetry discussion with
prevention? 11:00-12:30 Lunch Questions. Hughes - support for CAS Unit Hughes talk about theme and
graphic organizer.
Mountain View HS 1-4pm for RESEARCH:What is the Harlem Graphic Organizer
EdCamp Renaissance Introduce New Unit BOOK BISTRO DUE!!

Monday - 26 Tuesday - 27 Wednesday - 28

Discussion of Dreams and poetic Field Trip with Kaitlin Quizlet Test review and work
response to Hughes’ poems day!
Watch 3 Min Video
Discuss poems that students Quizlet on Logical Fallacies,
share with class. Commonlit Packet on Harlem rhetoric triangle, reading and
Renaissance identifying, generation of original
MARCH 2018

Thursday - 1 Friday - 2

Rhetoric Summative! NO SCHOOL

Monday - 5 Tuesday - 6 Wednesday - 7 Thursday - 8 Friday - 9

Start Point System Meet with Kaitlin @7:30 Discuss songs as a class, what Continue working on an NO SCHOOL
For classroom management songs were picked, and why? original lyric that represents
Mark up lyrics as if they were a generation Z
Define Generation Z poem - Graphic Organizer?? Schoology Assignment on song
analysis Share with big class groups if
Homework: Lyrics that Look at time?​ ​Lyrics Due
define your generation Begin writing an original lyric



Monday - 12 Tuesday - 13 Wednesday - 14 Thursday - 15 Friday - 16


Monday - 19 Tuesday - 20 Wednesday - 21 Thursday - 22 Friday - 23

Re-norming Expectations & Reading Bronx Masq Read BRONX MASQ!! Read Bronx Masq & Begin Project
Point System Movie Day Character Chart
Reward Fill out Character Chart together Begin filling out character chart Timeline of Event Notes
on WESLEY notes on TYRONE!
BRONX MASQUERADE! I Can Statements for CAS Watch Documentary on Harlem
- I do, We do, They do - Project And student perception Ren
Introduce character notes. BRONX MASQUERADE! notes on DocCam

Open Mic Monday Chunk Book 20 Pgs per day?

Read together pg:

Monday - 26 Tuesday - 27 Wednesday - 28 Thursday - 29 Friday - 30

Open Mic Monday Student presentations on Student presentations on Book Bistro Due
characters! characters!
Character Stations: Pick the Character Stations: Pick the CMAS prep. Have students log
character you identify with character you identify with most, - Students teach class on Students teach class on on and take unit 1. Explain tools
most, and become and and become and expert. Take characters characters and norm expectations
expert. Take character notes character notes and teach the
and teach the class about class about this character. - Class takes notes in big - Class takes notes in
this character. group big group
APRIL 2018

Monday - 2 Tuesday - 3 Wednesday - 4 Thursday - 5 Friday - 6

Open Mic Monday Bronx Masquerade TEST - Exercise Activity filling in a blank Introduce Harlem Renaissance Practice CMAS Scavenger hunt
Open Note! rubric for reading and writing. project.
Make-up Monday, finish
book and character chart Go over expectations for Harlem
notes. Finish at Lunch, if needed. Ren Project, students select level of Selecting the appropriate rigor
rigor. I Can Statements packet. GO OVER all four
elements of project and

Monday - 9 Tuesday - 10 Wednesday -11 Thursday - 12 Friday - 13


Monday - 16 Tuesday - 17 Wednesday - 18 Thursday - 19 Friday - 20

Open Mic Monday Station expectations and why Work Day #2 for Harlem Ren CMAS TESTING Work Day #3
we are chunking Project SCIENCE
Collaborative Argument for Status of the class expectations.
CAS Work day #1 for Harlem Ren Student check ins with every station
Project - CHOICES group

Monday - 23 Tuesday - 24 Wednesday - 25 Thursday - 26 Friday - 27

Open Mic Monday iReady Testing? iReady Testing? iReady Testing? NO STUDENTS

Work Day #4 Spontaneous Teacher Work Day

1st Project Element should Book Bistro Due??

be done

Assembly @ 2:00

Monday - 30

Open Mic Monday

Book Bistro DUE

Work Day #5

Second Element Should be

MAY 2018

Tuesday - 1 Wednesday - 2 Thursday - 3 Friday - 4

Work Day #6 Work Day #7 Work Day #8 Star Wars Day!

Status of the Class Status of the Class Documentary on

Check in and provide support Check in and provide support
Third Element should be While having work day #9

Monday - 7 Tuesday - 8 Wednesday - 9 Thursday - 10 Friday - 11

Open Mic Monday Work Day #11 Finishing touches, make up day/ Presentation day Reward Day/TEST??
Sign up in presentation groups - 6 EdCamp style. 4-5 groups of 6
Work Day #10 kids MAX students. Open Mic at Lunch???

DCI DUE Fourth Element finished Projects are DUE!!!! Rotate every 5 minutes.

Monday - 14 Tuesday - 15 Wednesday - 16 Thursday - 17 Friday - 18

Open Mic Monday
Work on Brown Bag Book Work on Brown Bag Book Bistro Work on Brown Bag Book NO STUDENTS
Brown Bag Book Project - Bistro Final Final Bistro Final
Book Bistro Reflection TEACHER WORK DAY
What is adolescence? - What is Literature? - What is Adolescent
Favorite Book? Literature?
Least Favorite Book?

Monday - 21 Tuesday - 22 Wednesday - 23 Thursday - 24 Friday - 25

First ½ Present BB Second ½ Present BB DCI Presentations DCI Presentations LAST DAY!!!

Gallery Walk Gallery Walk

Set up for 8th Grade Year Books and ½ Day
slideshow, awards, and
Locker Clean Out dance

Monday - 28 Tuesday - 29 Wednesday - 30 Thursday - 31

NO SCHOOL Teacher Work Day!!!

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