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ne fot the ‘i rhyihon in spoken (ad may be varied, of course, from ene rating fe Browning’s line Hours and fong hours i 1h ie metre, which is iambic pentemeter, woud put second word: and, hours, the, night, ask another, S2 if se le det night, £ ash rast on every, ‘As hore thie In his stae-ehamber, ying by degrees, ours ad tong hours in diz dand sight Tse ‘Do f live? Am I dead?’ Peace, peace sess iil Saint Praxed's ever was the ehureh Ie pene, ‘Robert Browning: “The Bishop ordets he tomb at Saint Praced's Chur) Rhythmically, Rowe Jine woule 1 probable reading of t F hours and / Jong / hours in the f decd / night ask his how it would sound as a segment of natural speech Nataral iseourse it English is rtythane fn just this way, Here san example from the speech of 2 sis-yearold, tho esked “Why ars uere moze Nocdls in houses in che Basement? Tsh ce th the roo! was more ie ground flocs". Rhyth ‘why are there / more / floeds in / houses in the / ‘Notice thatthe number of syllables from one bewt to the net can vary Jest like the number of notes in a musical bar. The “bac” in gues 's referred to a8 @ Foor, foo jerminciogy of metries—in some ways bad choice of erm, because the hytheie foot is not the sane ‘hs metrie foot, but we will continue to use ft here. Not ythinic) foot elways begins with the beat unlike the metric Dut, again, like the bax) Leu it he number of syllables i Foot, i the above ‘ore f floods in / houses fn the { basem 1 2 4 % wnt F languages, suchas French and Bini, the base uni of hm isthe sya al ay et are mero ete same eng mes large (Sometimes called ‘seca, boca the pig the beats strong, o etceated') Yn Boga eet or oF les the sate es The key onde bo est ae move orf 2 speech i ed i ampo) then the fest would be Si would eatin foc. fous ake ont ose guar the length ora ys ha esta in fot ke the mons of the you” (ee Figure 4 Burin ordinary eonveiation the tining fet is fot tends tbe al ot longer tae ¢ one hieg Uke vie along whereas Ife to slabs ed Porerion is roughly an beeen seats HTL Ma Pear LJ JJ U4 ddd \jd7 | el a Saale ites dima vod Tress arti eings a fat bt HF hc wd Ihe emp chang 0 ple ne tte rush te having different numbers of esuingle vay are ere f move J loads in J howsetin the f base ye oes 1 chor words, taking a one-syllabte foot as having 2 du Fable foot will average 1.2 units; Le. twill be A threc-apileble foat will average it; and so ex considerably, of course; but somet ‘typical daration for a one-sytlable foot hin otter like half a sccond is a fil jn ao" 190 sepia sonversation, Hence the actual timing fo ‘ave been somedhing iike that in Table 42 cal dareion of fet in seoont Feige Gee fae ogra Hues mh Beste / Grn as eg. Oke Cae 2 ic ge contete or expanded ses? ng and sk aT bles hav to : Song coat Gas eg en RSI Tomcves. nee te ing ao aes to aecommedss) tree toa tne akan ap By the foot 08 alors cd euily among ts conaraen sabes, The eelativedaraen sisi ining foe ns enely systema fe detorsond that Is 160 (1965) in he chapters desing Sst thea (Suds in 2 Thee. are importa for any jonal shyt anc the sien | 51 iyerore oF syihbles hi ‘ot sytney oF float boat parietal “tere is ene other ro be taken iat the ‘of Boalsh, andl sti sifence) JY we go Back wo the lines trom tones aghin, the line Mowing the one considered warlie was “Za lin Taleui?” Peace, peace Seenis all, Rbyssmicaly. 2 real this 3s cot / live am T/ de: 1, F peace # peace s2zs J all! ‘Av alternative, making mo:e concession 40 the meice, Five am U7 doa f peace 1 “though I prefer the first. I either ease, there is af lust oF fet a foot in whieh, insiesd of # strong syllable, there is ‘Rosin, there fs om snofiogy in music: a bar may bogin With # ret Tappens froquently In onal Englsh—ltre sper fisteners) etn maintain the rhytha-aev9ss at lease 9, aot « sgsisting prirely of silence “Coming back four conversational = between the G0 pas 2D wy are shere J more 7 flogas In 7 boise in the # haserient [should have # thought tho J roof was snore /Uibely co / Seas than the J ground floor / wit the iatonation, to shaw the disinetion between w non-defini a defining relative clause: 1 ive inf giass ¢ Rouses - (lenis who f uve in sweiking system signals the possiblity of silent boss by meas foommna people wo five én glass houses. . vers Ex, slo os ance which tats we ons he One geting he Srasoninany ‘iiiavi, But riythn can be One OTE Matt ws TGA by English speakers, Practice in siricuEmpo WFR wit ee Gte engi e an etbeave way of capaly improving lve of invelligiey ‘AL forms of spoken English ae rythmes bu the nee uaeon ssioos mespeech the more hyshmie is Wily to be. Resin soe past txt (unless crerty hythnic in its frm).-aF ling “fepantuara where one has to monitor oneself Gi a formal omit. on aii rtzneons conversation of ata mally puterned of h intonation: t Rinythm i closely faked eo intonecion.sinee ici dhe str Durien of the tsslouy yates