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SPRING SUMMER 2018 E T 905-896-5011 W

2018 Streetsville Santa Claus Parade
City Receives $18,000 It’s the most wonderful time of the year! ing will occur on Church St. As in previous
Grant to Build Pollinator- Although the Christmas season is a few years, the Streetsville Santa Claus Parade
will take place during the same weekend as
friendly Gardens months away, it’s never too early to start
thinking about this very special time of year. the Streetsville BIA’s fabulous Christmas in
This Christmas season will be the best and the Village Weekend, which will be held
most exciting yet as Santa Claus is on Friday, November 23rd and
coming to town! I am very excited Saturday, November 24th. Be
to report that the Streetsville sure to mark your calen-
Santa Claus Parade will be dars and stop by this
returning to the heart of amazing celebration,
downtown Streetsville which has a fabulous
this year, so don’t forget Christmas Market
to mark your calendars and fun activities for
now! The details of the whole family to
the 2018 Streets- enjoy.
ville Santa
Claus Parade More information
are as follows: about the 2018
I am happy to inform you that the City of Streetsville Santa
Mississauga was awarded a total of $18,000 2018 Streetsville Santa Claus Parade
by Scotts Canada Limited to build pollinator- Claus Parade and the Christ-
friendly gardens. Sunday, November 25, mas in the Village
2018 Weekend will
Pollinators are very important for our environ- at 1pm be available on
ment. Without the assistance of pollinators, Queen St. S. & Church St., Streetsville and www.villageof-
most plants are unable to produce fruits and in the coming weeks. I look
seeds, which are essential food sources for The 2018 parade will begin at Queen St. forward to seeing you and your family at
people and wildlife. The City will focus on S. and Ontario St., and proceed south on the 2018 Christmas season festivities in the
building spaces where pollinators, such as Queen St. S., ending at Church St.  Stag- heart of downtown Streetsville!
bees and butterflies, can improve their health,
be active, thrive and encourage the revival of
pollinator populations.
Mighty Oak Park Mighty Oak Park received its name from
the large oak tree that grew at this park
and was recently removed due to disease.
Scotts Canada and Communities in Bloom
provided the City with a total of three grants: Redevelopment
  As part of the redevelopment, Mighty Oak
• $15,000 for the Streetsville Pollinator Park will receive the following amenities:
Showcase Garden • Fence removal
• $1,500 for the Dr. Martin L. Dobkin
Park Pollinator Garden • Trail and concrete pad  
• $1,500 for the Port Credit Library Pol-
linator Garden • Benches, which will include re-pur-
posed wood slats from the oak tree
The pollinator-friendly gardens will contain pe-
rennial flowers and plants to attract butterflies, • Planting, mulch trail, and interpre-
hummingbirds and other pollinators. Pollina- tive sign
tors feed on nectar and collect pollen, trans- I hope you and your family enjoy the new
ferring the genetic material necessary for the amenities at Mighty Oak Park.  If you have
reproduction of flowers, fruits and vegetables. any questions about this redevelopment
project, please contact Kathi Ross, Senior
The pollinator gardens were installed this Project Manager, Park Development,
spring and an official event was organized by
I am pleased to report that Mighty Oak
Park, which is located at the intersection at 905-615-3200 ext.4942.
the City on May 29th to celebrate the gardens.
I hope you enjoy the new Streetsville Pollinator of Douguy Boulevard and Britannia Road
Showcase Garden in our community! West, is being redeveloped this year. 

2018 City of Mississauga and Region of Peel Budgets
tation options to encourage the use of cycling and walking
infrastructure; and
o improving the Library’s collection to support the City’s popula-
tion growth.
• Budget 2018 projects savings of over $3 million

The 2018 Stormwater Program operating budget, excluding transfers to re-
serves, is $11.9 million. Highlights of the business plan include development of
a comprehensive asset management plan, infrastructure improvements, flood
Mississauga City Council recently approved the 2018 Business Plan and relief improvement projects and community outreach activities. The Stormwa-
Budget. The total increase in Mississauga’s residential property tax is 2.74 per ter Charge rate for 2018 is $104 per stormwater billing unit. For more details
cent. The increase includes 1.58 per cent for City services and 1.16 per cent on the City’s budget and the budgeting process, visit
for the Region of Peel. The impact of the budget is a $141 increase on the
City’s portion of the property tax on an average residential property valued at Regional Council has approved the Region of Peel’s 2018 Operating and
$604,000, or $23.27 per $100,000 of assessment. Capital Budget. Operating investments of $2.4 billion and capital investments
of $0.7 billion ensure the maintenance of current service levels and addresses
In 2018, Mississauga residents will see 46,000 more transit service hours and enhanced service levels to accommodate rapid population growth and an aging
additional transit security, along with road, traffic and other infrastructure im- population, with a special focus on Paramedic services and affordable housing
provements. This is in addition to regular services, including fire and emergen- support. Budget highlights in 2018 include:
cy services, winter road maintenance, libraries, recreation programs and parks • 39,000 more accessible transportation trips
and forestry. The highlights of the 2018 Business Plan and Budget include: • Two additional ambulances and more paramedics to address 6,000
• The City advances on its Strategic Plan in 2018 by adding approxi- additional 9-1-1 calls
mately $2.8 million worth of new services, including: • Additional beds in the Brampton Youth Shelter
o continuing the MiWay service growth and adding 46,000 ser- • Service to 4,000 new households for waste collection and 4,750 new
vice hours; water customers
o increasing support to culture groups and local artists; • Additional police staffing to maintain our safe communities
o redeveloping the recently-acquired Small Arms Inspection • Additional caregivers to address increasingly complex care needs for
Building; Peel Manor Long Term Care residents
o hosting the Ontario 55+ Summer Games;
o providing public education about the City’s Active Transpor- To learn more about the budget, please visit

2018 Vintage in the Village Classic Car
Show Vision Zero Road Safety
It’s that time of year again!  It’s time to rev up your engines for the an-
Approach Approved by Council
nual Vintage in the Village Classic Car Show in downtown Streetsville!
I am very excited for the 2018 Vintage in the Village Classic Car Show
and hope you will be able to join us with your friends and family this
year.  The details for the 2018 show are as follows:

2018 Vintage in the Village Classic Car Show
Sunday, September 16, 2018 
10am - 4pm
Streetsville Village Square, Main Street 
(Corner of Queen Street South and Main Street, Streetsville)

The Vintage in the Village Classic Car Show is always great fun for the
whole family. Enjoy delicious food served fresh all day and fabulous
live entertainment.  Great giveaways and prizes will be awarded all
day! If you own a vintage car or know someone who does, feel free to
bring your car to the show or let your friends know about the show. All
makes and models are welcome in the show and no registration is re-
quired.  Parking spots will be assigned first come, first served beginning
at 9am.  Please enter from Queen St. S. with your vehicle.

For more info about the 2018 show, please call 905-896-5011 or visit
I am very pleased to advise that City Council recently passed a or Please note that the resolution to adopt Vision Zero, a framework which focuses on the
show will be cancelled if it rains, and there will be no rain date sched- prevention of fatalities and injuries due to motor vehicle collisions.
uled. I hope to see you and your family at the 2018 Vintage in the Vil-
lage Classic Car Show! Vision Zero is a concept based on shared responsibilities among
partners involved in the road system including politicians, planners,
police, community organizations, vehicle manufacturing companies,
and companies and organizations that purchase transport services
and all road users. Some areas of focus include:

• Reducing impaired driving
• Implementing safer speed limits
• Improving road infrastructure
• Enhancing pedestrian and cyclist safety
• Road infrastructure changes
Many Canadian municipalities have adopted Vision Zero includ-
ing, Toronto, Hamilton, Edmonton and most recently, the Region of
Peel in December 2017. The City’s Transportation & Works Division
will begin developing a work plan that will lay out how the City will
achieve Vision Zero through education, enforcement and engineer-
ing and what resources will be required to do so. For more informa-
tion about Vision Zero, please visit

Mississauga Receives $2.3 Million in Provincial Funding to Improve Cycling Networks
Mississauga and the Region of Peel are splitting the funding, with the Region of
Peel receiving $4.2 million and the City receiving $2.3 million in the first year of
a four-year program. Some of the Ontario Municipal Commuter Cycling Grant
Program approved key projects that were also part of the 2010 Cycling Master Plan

Project Name Description
• Will complete the east/west multi-use trail
Burnhamthorpe Road
along Burnhamthorpe Road and connect to
East Multi-use Trail
the north/south Etobicoke Creek Trail
• Multi-use trail along Mavis Road from Court-
Mavis Road Multi-use
neypark Drive to 407 near the Brampton
• Development of a new east/west multi-use
trail that will connect Mississauga to Oakville
just north of Winston Churchill Boulevard
at Royal Windsor Drive to Westfield Drive
Lakeshore Corridor Trail (west of Stanfield Road and south of the

The City of Mississauga will receive funding from the Ontario Municipal Commuter • Joint project with the Region of Peel Active
Cycling Grant Program. Mississauga is receiving $2.3 million to build better cycling Transportation Plan
networks along busy routes and support safe cycling.
• Development of a new north/south multi-use
trail that runs north and south from Dundas
The funding received will be used to improve and build new bike lanes and cycling
Street to Audubon Boulevard
infrastructure and ensure residents and visitors can safely use cycling to get to Hydro Corridor East Trail
work, school and around our community. • Will connect to the trail at Tahoe Station
(Mississauga Transitway)
When the grant program was unveiled earlier this year, it was announced the
Government of Ontario would invest $42.5 million for new bike lanes and other The grant funding will cover up to 80 per cent of the project cost. Projects that use
cycling infrastructure. This is now increased to $93 million. This investment is part cycling grant funds must be completed by December 30, 2020.
of Ontario’s Climate Change Action Plan. Funding was determined by the size of
the municipality.

Speed Limit Reductions west of Tillsdown Road/River Grove to 70 meters
east of Creditview Road, and from 70 meters east
residential land use surrounding the area, multi-
use trail, nearby Credit River trail system, eight
on Britannia Road of Creditview Road to 70 meters east of Terry Fox
Way/Silken Laumann Way.
schools, one community centre, and numerous
parks all within a 1.5 kilometre radius of the study
location contribute to increased pedestrian activity
I am very pleased to inform you that after con- Region Traffic Staff evaluated each area by utiliz- in the area. In an effort to provide safer conditions
ducting a speed review on Britannia Road, the ing the Transportation of Canada Speed Zone for pedestrians and as part of adopting the Vison
Region of Peel will be implementing speed limit Methodology to determine the recommended Zero road safety approach, Region Traffic Staff
reductions on this roadway as follows: speed limits. The Transportation Association of recommended speed reductions of 10km/h over
Canada Speed Zone Methodology is a standard- the entire study area.
• From 195 meters west of Tillsdown Road/ ized technique that is used to establish an ap-
River Grove Avenue to 70 metres east propriate posted speed limit for a specific section The speed limit reductions on Britannia Road, in
of Creditview Road, reduce the posted of roadway. In addition, Staff considered the the area of Tillsdown Road/River Grove Avenue
speed limit from 60 to 50km/h; surrounding land use, road characteristics, recent to Creditview Road were approved by Region of
• From 70 metres east of Creditview Road development, and pedestrian activity in their Peel Council at the Regional Council meeting on
to 70 metres east of Terry Fox Way/Silken review. Thursday, April 12, 2018. These speed limit re-
Laumann Way, reduce the posted speed ductions will assist with promoting pedestrian and
Limit from 70 to 60km/h. The speed review concluded that the existing vehicular safety in this area and create a safer
posted speed was adequate based on current community for everyone.
As part of the speed review, Britannia Road was road geometrics and conditions; however, the
divided into two study areas, from 195 meters

Amendments to the City’s Nuisance Weed and Tall Grass Control By-law
The Nuisance Weed and Tall Grass Control By-law has been amended The amendments ensure Mississauga remains consistent with other
to enhance the City’s property standards. municipalities. According to the staff report, nuisance weeds and long
grass may contribute to allergic reactions or health problems, disrupt
The amendments to the City’s Nuisance Weed and Tall Grass Control ecological systems and pose a risk to fire and community safety by
By-law are as follows: impairing visual sightlines. 

• Decrease the maximum permitted height of tall grass from
30 centimetres to 20 centimetres;
• Reduce the time required to resolve tall grass and nuisance
weed complaints from 10 to seven days; and 
• Update the list of 12 noxious weeds to 25.
The changes to the by-law enhance property standards relating to grass
height and nuisance weeds and ensure the City’s regulatory standards
are consistent with other municipalities and help contribute to a safe
and healthy environment.

Council directed staff on June 28, 2017 to review the maximum grass
height of 30 centimetres and the time required to resolve nuisance
weed and tall grass complaints. Staff reviewed the nuisance weed and
tall grass standards for Brampton, Caledon, Oakville and Toronto.  

Curbside Battery Collection Update City to Install
As you may know, since 2016 the Re-
gion of Peel has been running a curb-
The curbside battery collection program
will be monitored for another year and
Innovative Dog
side battery collection pilot program, the results will be reported to Regional Waste Containers in
whereby household batteries Council. In 2018, the program will run Mississauga Parks
are collected curbside as follows:
twice per year in
an effort to
divert these
items from
the landfill. • Col-
I am very events will
pleased to be sched-
report that uled to coincide
this pilot with Earth Week
program in April and Waste
has Reduction Week in
been October
quite suc- • Instead of using
cessful thus far specially printed bags distrib-
in diverting house- uted by the Region, residents
hold batteries from will be advised to use any trans-
the landfill. Since parent, sealable bag to set out
the program their batteries
began in 2016, 39.2
tonnes of bat- teries have I hope you and your family will continue The City of Mississauga is launching a one-
been collected and diverted to participate in this great program and year pilot program that will convert dog waste
from land- fills. I would like keep curbside batteries out of our land- into renewable energy and fertilizer. Fifteen in-
to thank you for doing your part and fills. For more information about the ground dog waste containers will be installed
participating in this great stewardship program, please visit www.peelregion. across eight City parks including the Animal
Services facility this spring.
program. ca/waste.
Dog waste is frequently placed in recycling
bins in City parks where it contaminates the
City Extends On-Street tween 8 a.m. to midnight. Extended park- entire bin and it has to go into a landfill. With
ing for other days can be requested 24/7 approximately 300,000 dogs in Mississauga,
Parking and Overnight using the City’s Temporary Parking Permit these innovative containers have the potential
Restrictions           Online Service or by calling 311. to be well-used and can improve the correct
collection of dog waste in City parks.
The five hour on-street parking maximum
The City has extended on-street parking and the overnight restrictions are now City staff collaborated with Sutera Inc., to
and overnight restrictions.  Daily overnight in effect.  To learn more about the City’s design a fully in-ground concrete container
parking restrictions are in effect from 2 parking regulations, please visit www.mis- that holds dog waste for up to six weeks. Stor-
a.m. to 6 a.m. and on-street parking has ing the waste below ground where it is cooler
been increased from three hours to five and out of direct sunlight reduces odour and
hours under the City’s Traffic By-law (555- means that the waste can be collected when
00). the container is full. The waste will be emptied
by a vacuum truck and taken to an organic
Previously, on-street parking was not waste plant where it will be safely converted
permitted for longer than three hours and into energy and fertilizer.
between 2 a.m. and 6 a.m. from Novem-
ber 1 to March 31. This excludes holiday The City will evaluate the performance of the
exemptions and other signed areas for containers based on the amount of:
• Dog waste diverted from landfill
parking beyond the three-hour limit be-
• Times the dog waste is collected
• Uncontaminated recyclables
• And pet owner engagement.

Important Numbers The City’s targets include:
Peel Regional Police 905-453-3311 • Collect 60 metric tonnes of dog waste
Aircraft Noise Complaints 416-247-7682 Poison Control Centre 416-813-5900 annually – that’s equal to the weight of
Animal Services 3-1-1 Recreation Facilities 905-615-4100
City (after hours) 905-615-3000
11 full grown elephants.
Region of Peel 905-791-7800
Courtneypark Library 905-615-4745 River Grove CC 905-615-4780
• Collect approximately 60 per cent of
Catholic School Board 905-890-1221 Safe City Mississauga 905-615-4155 uncontaminated mixed-recyclable ma-
Alectra Utilities (Hydro) 905-273-7425 Snow Line 905-615-7669 terial – this will go towards the Region
GO Transit 416-869-3200 Streetlights (Alectra) 905-273-7425 of Peel’s goal of 75 per cent waste
Health Line Peel 905-799-7700 Streetsville B.I.A. 905-858-5974 diversion.
Mississauga Fire 905-615-3777 Streetsville Library 905-615-4785
MiWay Transit 905-615-4636 Transhelp 905-791-1015 For more information about the City’s green
Park Lights (City) 3-1-1 Vic Johnston CC 905-826-3011 initiatives, visit
Parking Control 3-1-1 Waste Management 905-791-9499 ment.
Public School Bd. 905-890-1010 Water Billing 905-791-8711