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FALL WINTER 2017/18 E T 905-896-5011 W

Improvements to Silver Fox Forest
This year, through a grant from TD Friends of the days were held in the park for local schools to dig
Ward 11 Wins Mayor’s
Environment Foundation (TDFEF), the City’s For-
estry Section and volunteers made improvements
in and plant trees.  Area residents also volunteered
to remove invasive plants from the forest and
Citywide Food Drive
to Silver Fox Forest.  This woodland, located on
Danthorpe Drive, recently felt the effects of the Em-
added new wood chips to the trails.  The project
was a great success because of the dedicated and
erald Ash Borer and had dead and dying ash trees passionate students and residents who volunteered
removed from the park.  TDFEF funds were used their time.  Ongoing stewardship of Silver Fox will If you haven’t already heard, Ward 11 won the 2017
to replace three interpretive signs in the park. With be required, and I encourage volunteers to contin- Mayor’s Citywide Food Drive Challenge as part of
these new signs, you can now walk through the for- ue to take part in activities such as invasive spe- The Mississauga Food Bank’s Annual Thanksgiv-
est and learn about the history of Silver Fox Forest, cies removal.  Volunteer events can be requested ing Campaign. The challenge began on Saturday,
trees and other plants found in the park, and the September 16th and the goal was to raise 225,000 lbs
by calling 3-1-1 or visiting
animals that call this urban forest home. Volunteer of food and $125,000 by October 13th. Last year, the
drive raised 219,975 lbs of food and $123,531. This
year, the food drive raised 265,611 lbs of food and
$225,409. Ward 11 residents donated 3,296 lbs of
food and were awarded the Angel Trophy for donating
the most food towards the food drive.

For the 15% of Mississauga residents who live in
poverty, providing adequate nutritious food for their
families is a daily struggle. The Mississauga Food
Bank, through its member agencies including Com-
pass Food Bank, Salvation Army Erin Mills Food
Bank, Seva Food Bank, St. Mary’s Food Bank, and
Eden Food for Change help ease the struggle for
those in the community who are in need. Residents
participated in this campaign in many ways:

• Joining the #OneBagChallenge:
o Filling a bag with nutritious non-
perishable food
o Taking a photo or video while deliv-
ering a donation to a local grocery
store, fire station or The Mississauga
Food Bank
o Posting a photo or video on social
media and challenging five people to

Streetsville Library
do the same within 48 hours.
opened at 112 Queen St S. It was a
pleasure celebrating with Ward 11 resi- The Thanksgiving Campaign Launch was held on

50th Anniversary dents at this historic ceremony!  Saturday, September 16th at Streetsville Village
Square, where families were able to donate and enjoy

free food, entertainment, and family friendly activities.
For more information about Streetsville I would like to thank you for your generous donations
Library, please visit www.mississauga. to the 2017 Challenge; your donations will make a dif-
ca/streetsvillelibrary. ference in the lives of the many who are in need. For
more info about the Mississauga Food Bank, please
I was honoured to participate in the 50th
anniversary of the Streetsville Library on
Saturday, September 23rd at the Streets-
ville Branch Library, 112 Queen St S.

The library was initially located at 280
Queen Street South (now the Streetsville
BIA Office). This building was originally
built in the 1860s and initially used by
the Cunningham family for their tinsmith-
ing business. In 1902, the Streetsville
Library Board acquired the building and
it served as the public library until 1967,
when the new Centennial library was

Happy New

At this very special time of the year, we would like to thank you for the op-
portunity to serve you and your family. Wishing you a very Merry Christ-
mas and a happy, healthy New Year!

Your Ward 11 Team
Redevelopment of Bancroft Park Playground
I am very pleased to report that Bancroft Park Playground was redeveloped as part
of the Canada 150 Community Infrastructure Program (CIP 150). The City of Mis-
sissauga has been awarded approximately $5.6 million in Government of Canada
funding for 54 infrastructure rehabilitation projects through this program. As part
of the CIP 150 redevelopment, the new playground at Bancroft Park received the
following amenities:
• Play structure for ages 2-5 years with slide, “what to wear” play panel,
wavy rung climber, steering wheel, store play counter, and transfer deck
(for children with disabilities)
• Play structure for ages 5-12 years with spiral slide, fan climber, snake
pole, sliding pole, bongo panel, and transfer deck
• “Tikes of steel” climber/monkey bars
• “Solo Spin” spinner toy
• Lady Bug spring toy with backrest
• Chinning Bar
• Four belt swing seats
• Three toddler swing seats
• One accessible swing seat
• Fitness space with long bench, dip station, pull-up bars, and push-up bars
• Sand play pit
Redevelopment of Godwick Green Playground
• Wheelchair accessible route to playground
I am very pleased to report that Godwick Green Playground was redeveloped as
• Two park benches with armrests, with wheelchair accessible route to seat-
part of the Canada 150 Community Infrastructure Program (CIP 150). The City of
ing area
Mississauga has been awarded approximately $5.6 million in Government of Cana-
da funding for 54 infrastructure rehabilitation projects through this program. As part
of the CIP 150 redevelopment, the new playground at Godwick Green received the
following amenities:
• Play structure for ages 2-5 years with double slide, climber, Xylofun panel,
store play counter, and transfer module (for children with disabilities)
• Play structure for ages 5-12 years with double slide, arch climber, Cork-
screw climber, Navigator panel, vertical ascent, and transfer module
• Horizontal ladder
• Rhino-Dino spring toy
• T-Rex spring toy
• Two belt swing seats
• Three toddler swing seats
• One accessible swing seat
• Fitness space with assisted row / push-up bars, balance steps, plyomet-
rics, and pull-up / dip bars
• Sand play pit
• Wheelchair accessible route to playground
• Two park benches with armrests, with wheelchair accessible route to seat-
ing area

(Lobby & Arena)
335 Church Street - Streetsville
Sunday, January, 14, 2018 - 11am-12:30pm
Celebrate the New Year with Councillor George Carlson and MPP Bob Delaney
at Vic Johnston CC. Bring your skates and enjoy the FREE skate party! Bring
your friends and family! FREE coffee and hot chocolate will be provided!

Traffic Calming on Alpha Mills Road
Traffic calming measures were recently implemented on Alpha Mills Road.
To promote traffic calming in this area, Alpha Mills Road was narrowed at
two points mid-block between Falconer Drive and the railway tracks. This
work served to physically narrow the roadway, in an effort to reduce travel
speeds and reduce the amount of aggressive driving incidents.

In addition to the road narrowing, a yellow centreline and white edge lines
were added to further promote traffic calming and benefit the overall op-
eration of the roadway.

Additional work was also completed at the intersection of Alpha Mills
Road and Falconer Drive which improves the curb alignments and allows
for better crosswalk placement. Optimally aligned crosswalks will benefit
the overall operation of this intersection.

If you have any questions about this work, please contact Colin Patter-
son, Road Safety, at or 905-615-3200

New Active Traffic Calming Measures on Westbridge Way
A series of raised intersections and crosswalks were recently
installed along Westbridge Way. By definition, a raised inter-
section is an intersection that is constructed at a higher eleva-
tion than the adjacent roadway. A raised crosswalk is a marked
pedestrian crosswalk at an intersection or mid-block location
constructed at a higher elevation than the adjacent roadway.
Raised intersections and crosswalks are designed based on
the Transportation Association of Canada’s ‘Canadian Guide to
Neighbourhood Traffic Calming’, and these devices are similar
to traffic calming devices constructed in neighbouring munici-
palities to provide a consistent driving experience to motorists.

Raised intersections have been shown to be effective in reduc-
ing vehicle operating speeds and increasing speed limit com-
pliance. Preliminary speed studies were conducted following
the completion of these traffic calming devices. The results of
these studies revealed that the 85th percentile vehicle operating
speeds in this area decreased by approximately 10km/h and
speed limit compliance increased by around 30%. Please be
advised that Traffic Staff will continue to monitor these traffic
calming devices. If you have any questions about this project,
please feel free to contact Colin Patterson, Supervisor, Road
Safety, at or (905) 615-3200
ext. 5145.

Paid Parking to Begin in Streetsville Funding Provides
The City of Mississauga will be imple- parking will be in effect from: Improved Access to New
menting paid parking in areas of Streets- Monday to Saturday from 10 a.m.
ville beginning early in 2018. Parking to 9 p.m. Technology and Resources
occupancy surveys completed in Streets- • Sunday from noon to 6 p.m. at Mississauga Libraries 
ville in order to confirm parking demand • Off-street paid parking in Munici-
and occupancy rates revealed high pal Parking Lot #9 will be in effect
on-street parking rates, minimal vehicle from:
turnover, and limited availability of con- Monday to Saturday from 6 a.m.
venient parking in the core of Streets- to 9 p.m.
ville. Sunday from noon to 6 p.m.

To this end, paid parking helps manage The cost for parking on-street and in
parking demand, encourage parking Municipal Parking Lot #9 will be $1.50
space turnover, and alleviate traffic con- per hour for the first two hours and $2 for
gestion that is caused when drivers are the third hour. Parking will be allowed in
required to circle to locate an available these locations for a maximum of three
parking space. Paid parking encourages hours. The City’s Municipal Parking This year, the Mississauga Library Sys-
quicker turnover of parking spaces and team worked closely with the Streets- tem was awarded approximately $76,000
long-term parking to occur in off-street ville Business Improvement Area (BIA) in one-time grant funding from the Gov-
parking lots. It also creates revenue to on the implementation of a paid parking ernment of Ontario as part of the Ontario
offset high costs related to parking infra- plan. For more information about park- Libraries Capacity Fund. The grant helps
structure maintenance and new parking ing, please visit libraries evolve with technology while
facility developments. Parking charges or dial 311. improving access to digital and information
have been used as a parking manage- technology (IT) resources for people of all
ment tool for parking in the Downtown, ages.
Clarkson, Cooksville and Port Credit for  
Local library branches are popular neigh-
many years.
bourhood hubs, offering quality programs
and services enjoyed by residents of all
Paid parking in Streetsville will be imple-
ages. This investment will help improve
mented on Queen Street South, between library services by introducing new tech-
Barry Avenue and Kerr Street and Mu- nology and resources that are needed in
nicipal Parking Lot #9, located at Queen today’s digital world.
Street and Pearl Street:  
• Queen Street South on-street paid As one of Canada’s largest library sys-
tems, all 18 City-owned libraries in Missis-
sauga benefited from the grant funding as
Get Involved with the Mis- work with the youth closely to address prob-
lems they face every day in schools, neigh-
sissauga City Youth Council bourhoods, etc. Please feel free to contact • expand the Library’s Maker Missis-
her regarding anything you think should be sauga coding and robotics initia-
If you are a young person who wants to make brought to the City Council’s notice or the ward tives;
your community a better place for youth, you representative’s notice; she may be reached
may be interested in getting involved with at For more info • provide scanner capabilities to us-
the Mississauga City Youth Council (MCYC). about the MCYC, please visit their website at
The City’s Youth Council focuses on issues of
importance to the youth of the city and works • introduce a new children’s edutain-
to ensure a better future. I am very pleased to ment software system - creating a
announce our Youth Councillor for 2016-2018,
safe and stimulating environment
Malvika Aeron. Malvika is actively involved
in making her school a better place by being where kids can improve their com-
involved in several initiatives. Her dream for puter literacy at their own pace;
Ward 11 envisions an inclusive, respectful, and
closely connected community where everyone • expand the collection of Daisy
strives to make the youth of the community Readers for library users with print
stronger and more independent. She wants to disabilities; and

• grow the collection of eBooks.
The grant funding provided users with
Important Numbers access to new tools, technology and re-
sources that inspire lifelong learning and
Peel Regional Police 905-453-3311
Aircraft Noise Complaints 416-247-7682 Poison Control Centre 416-813-5900 generate an interest in technology. One
Animal Services 3-1-1 Recreation Facilities 905-615-4100 of the areas that has really benefited from
City (after hours) 905-615-3000 Region of Peel 905-791-7800 funding is the Maker Mississauga initia-
Courtneypark Library 905-615-4745 River Grove CC 905-615-4780
Catholic School Board 905-890-1221 tive. For more than two years, Maker Mis-
Safe City Mississauga 905-615-4155
Alectra Utilities (Hydro) 905-273-7425 Snow Line 905-615-7669 sissauga has provided inspiring programs
GO Transit 416-869-3200 Streetlights (Alectra) 905-273-7425 on a variety of topics while continuing to
Health Line Peel 905-799-7700 Streetsville B.I.A. 905-858-5974 build interest and develop skills in STEM-
Mississauga Fire 905-615-3777 Streetsville Library 905-615-4785 education.  More than 10,000 residents
MiWay Transit 905-615-4636 Transhelp 905-791-1015
Park Lights (City) 3-1-1 participated in the program last year. For
Vic Johnston CC 905-826-3011
Parking Control 3-1-1 Waste Management 905-791-9499 more information about the Mississauga
Public School Bd. 905-890-1010 Water Billing 905-791-8711 Library System and its programs and ser-
vices, visit