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1 / Functions and advantages

The Hydrocontrol equipment allows you to verify in real-time the operation of

CHARLATTE pressure tanks whether it is a anti-hammer surge tank with bladder for
drinking / raw water or vessels suitable for waste water.

This device is a measuring system using a combination of weight sensors under the feet of
the tank (strain gauge) and an electronic display which transcribes the information
continuously : Quantity of water in the tank.

Detail of the
electronic card

Digital display
control box

In response to changes of water level in the tank (in static or dynamic hydraulic phases), the
system continuously displays the volume of water contained in the tank; the unit of measure
can be in litres or m3 for larger capacities.

The advantages of the Hydrocontrol equipment, compared to a visual device level gauge type
outside the tank, is to avoid any possibility of leaks, mishandling of valves . etc…

In addition, it has the advantage to transfer the main information required for monitoring
“volume water content” to SCADA System through analogue output 4-20 mA and therefore
allowing the proper functioning of the surge vessel concerned.

Another option for 4 level alarms is also available by adding a card in the display.

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2 / Recommendations for the installation of Hydrocontrol

This system operates on the principle of a scale that calculates the weight of the tank and its
contents, therefore it must scrupulously comply with our recommendations of assembling and
installation of the hydraulic connection pipes (see our SPT 0116).

This equipment is available for tanks of 300 liters and up to capacities of 120m3 and over.
Shims placed under the feet not equipped with cells are provided with a height of 75mm for
devices from 300 to 2000 liters and 150mm for vessel capacity over 2000 liters.

The installation of the tank must be done with free outlet pipes and blocking point close
to the tank, this is avoiding vertical reaction which will produce wrong information.

The minimum length between outlet flange and the last pipe blockage must not be less than:
• Twice the diameter of the tank for the vertical tanks,
• One and half times the length of the tank for horizontal units.

In case the minimum distance of clamping can not be met, it is imperative to install a flexible
joint with anti-vibration rods to limit the elongation of the flexible sleeve under the influence
of the pressure network.

The sleeve is installed horizontally and not vertically.

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Flexible joint to install horizontally for shear reaction instead of vertical position in

This vertical installation

is prohibited

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Fixing the tank and plates provided is imperative for a point of view of safety, proper
functioning and accuracy.

Example of a sensor for large capacity tank

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Assembly conditions to respect and to proscribe are detailed below.
The black dot represents the position of the sensor (cell load gauge) to comply

It is not possible to install the tank with

Hydrocontrol system in these cases due to
the vertical reaction transmitted by pipes.

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