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Rhetoric Rocks Public Forum: Debate Rubric Student’s Name: ________________________________

Scoring Not Yet Approaches Expectation Meets Expectation Advanced


1 1.5 2 2.5 3 3.5 4

Attempts to address prompt but Addresses prompt appropriately but Addresses prompt appropriately and Addresses all aspects of prompt
lacks focus or is off task. Attempts with a weak or uneven focus. Addresses maintains a clear, steady focus. appropriately and maintains a strongly
to address additional demands but additional demands superficially. Uses Addresses additional demands developed focus. Addresses additional
Writing lacks focus or is off task. Attempts an appropriate organizational structure sufficiently.Maintains an appropriate demands with thoroughness and
Focus to organize ideas, but lacks control to address the specific requirements of organizational structure to address the makes a connection to controlling idea.
& of structure. the prompt, with some lapses in specific requirements of the prompt. Maintains an organizational structure
Organization coherence or awkward use of the that intentionally and effectively
organizational structure enhances the presentation of
2.a.b.d. information as required by the specific

The student writes an argument The student writes an argument that The student writes an effective The student writes an effective
that makes claims with few provides relevant support of claims argument to support relevant claims argument to support significant
reasons or evidence. with limited reasons or evidence. The with clear reasons and relevant claims with clear reasons, relevant,
Argument student acknowledges the opposing evidence from accurate sources. The and significant evidence from
view. student distinguishes the claim from accurate sources. The student
1.a.h. opposing ones. develops claims and counterclaims,
taking audience into consideration.

Attempts to present information in Presents information from reading Presents information from reading Accurately presents information
response to the prompt, but lacks materials relevant to the purpose of the materials relevant to the prompt with relevant to all parts of the prompt with
connections or relevance to the prompt with minor lapses in accuracy accuracy and sufficient detail. effective selection of sources and
purpose of the prompt or completeness. details from reading materials.
Research &
The student uses sources without The student demonstrates The student cites evidence consistently The student consistently cites
3.a.b.c. citation or paraphrasing inconsistent source citation, and paraphrases the data and evidence, paraphrases accurately, and
parenthetical/works cited. inaccurate paraphrasing, or conclusions of others while avoiding offers his/her own conclusions from
significant formatting errors plagiarism and following a standard the text without plagiarizing while
parenthetical /works cited. format for citation with minimal errors following standard format for all
(parenthetical/ works cited). citations parenthetical/works cited.

Attempts to demonstrate Demonstrates an uneven command of Demonstrates a command of Demonstrates and maintains a well
standard English conventions, standard English conventions and standard English conventions and developed command of standard
but lacks cohesion and control cohesion. Uses language and tone cohesion, with few errors. Response English conventions and cohesion,
Language & of grammar, usage, and with some inaccurate, inappropriate, includes language and tone with few errors. Response includes
Conventions mechanics. Sources are used or uneven features. Inconsistently appropriate to the audience, purpose, language and tone consistently
without citation. cites sources. and specific requirements of the appropriate to the audience, purpose,
6.a.d.f. prompt. Cites sources using an and specific requirements of the
appropriate format with only minor prompt. Consistently cites sources
errors. using an appropriate format.
The student demonstrates little The student inconsistently employs The student consistently employs The student intentionally employs
Speech command of eye contact, volume, appropriate eye contact, volume, appropriate eye contact, volume, and appropriate eye contact, volume, and
Delivery and/or pronunciation when and/or pronunciation when pronunciation to effectively present pronunciation to enhance the
presenting information and ideas. presenting information and ideas. information and ideas. presentation of information and
5.a.b.d. ideas and style suits audience