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2005-2008 Part-Time MBA Curriculum  

Core Courses
Students must take each of the core courses listed below. They are listed in the suggested sequence. Please note: Data Models must
be taken before Supply Chain Logistics.

Course # Title Credits

22:135:571 Calculus for Managers 2
22:135:572 Statistics for Managers 2
22:373:551 Business Communications 2
22:010:577 Accounting for Managers 3
22:620:585 Organization Behavior 3
22:630:586 Marketing Management 3
22:223:581 Managerial Economic Analysis 3
22:373:592 Legal Environment 2
22:960:575 Data Models 3
22:799:580 Supply Chain Logistics 3
22:223:591 Aggregate Economic Analysis 3
22:390:587 Financial Management 3
22:553:593 International Business Environment 2
22:620:587 Business Policy and Strategy 3

MIS Breadth Requirement (3 credits)

Any one of the following three courses, or other courses with the permission of the department chair of Accounting and Information
Systems of Management Science and Information Systems, fulfills the MIS breadth requirement.

22:010:604 Design and Development of 3

Information Systems
22:198:604 Computers and Information Systems 3
22:198:605 Introduction to Software Development 3

Integrative Course Requirement (5 credits)*

After completing the core courses, students must take a sequence of courses designed to integrate the material they have learned. This
requirement is normally met by taking:

22:621:595 Interfunctional Management 3

Consulting I
22:621:596 Interfunctional Management 2
Consulting II

*However, students who are, or have been, engaged in the practice of management consulting, as an employee of an
independent consulting firm or as an independent practitioner, for three years or more, and with project experience in
multiple functional areas, may petition to replace Interfunctional I and II with a business policy course plus an additional
elective. Substitution requests will be granted only upon the approval of the MBA program committee. To request a
substitution, students should complete an Interfunctional Substitution form and return it to the Interfunctional Consulting
Program Director.

Core Substitution
Students who have already taken courses comparable to the required core courses may petition the department chair
through the Office of Student Services to substitute advanced courses. Substituting courses for the purpose of receiving
advanced standing is not permitted.
2005-2008 Part-Time MBA Curriculum  
Elective Courses (up to 21 credits)
The balance of the course requirements – up to 19 credits – are electives (fewer if calculus and/or statistics courses have
been taken at Rutgers Business School: Graduate Programs) . One of these is devoted to the fulfillment of the
Management Information Systems (MIS) Breadth Requirement outlines above. Remaining electives may be chosen
freely, or four may be selected in the same area to fulfill the requirements for a concentration. Students should finish the
entire core before taking elective-level courses.