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University students advancing the movement for global health equity

Student staff positions are now open and available for application at the GlobeMed National Office.
Interested undergraduate students are encouraged to attend the Info Session on
Tuesday, September 28 at 7:00 PM in the Program of African Studies at 620 Library Place.
E-mail with questions. More information about GlobeMed and the National Office can be found below.


GlobeMed is a network of university students who partner with
grassroots organizations around the world to improve the health of
people living in poverty. Through their involvement today, students
commit to a life of leadership in global health and social justice.
The GlobeMed Network currently includes 33 chapters at university
campuses throughout the country and a national office in Evanston, IL.
The grassroots health organizations supported by our chapters span
Four leaders from GlobeMed at The George Washington
the world from Rwanda to Detroit. University with their partner organization, the Rwandan Village
Concept Project. Together, they are working to improve access to
maternal health care in the Huye District of Rwanda.


GlobeMed’s student-led chapters partner with grassroots
organizations, primarily in developing countries. Chapters:
“ I was drawn to GlobeMed
because it was the first student
organization I found on campus
where I felt that my energy

- Fund health projects that help partner organizations achieve their
mission would really make an impact.
- Organize on-campus events to educate students about partner CALEB REINHOLD
organizations and broader global health issues GEORGE WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY

- Volunteer on-site with partner organizations

This approach empowers students and communities to work together
to improve the lives of impoverished people around the world. Inspired
through their involvement in GlobeMed, students commit to life-long
leadership for global health equity.

GlobeMed’s model has shown tangible results:
- In the past two years, GlobeMed has grown from 100 students to over 550
Students from UNC - Chapel Hill stand in solidarity with those who
students, with 16 new chapters started. The demand for our mission is suffer from HIV/AIDS on World AIDS Day. The chapter has
growing among students across the country, with over 40 new universities mobilized hundreds of students and raised more than $13,000 for
their partner, Health Alert in Gulu, Uganda over the past two years.
applying to start chapters this year alone.

- positively impacted 21 communities by supporting public health projects

and sent 70 students abroad to work with partner organizations SHAPING THE NEXT GENERATION
of students reported that GlobeMed
- Since 2006, our chapters and national organization have raised over
$500,000 for our projects and programs. Our budget has grown 4-fold in
two years. We have expanded staff at the national office, currently
84% had significantly impact their career
d i re c t i o n a n d n i n e o u t o f t e n
GlobeMed students say they plan to
stay committed to global health
composed of 4 full-time staff, along with 10 volunteers who each devote throughout their lives regardless of
10+ hours a week. career path.

GlobeMed | 620 Library Place | Evanston, IL | 60201 | | +1 847 467 2143
The annual GlobeMed Global Health Summit brings together
GlobeMed members from universities across the country for several
days of intensive lectures and workshops with leaders in global health.
The Summit is designed to educate students with a foundational
understanding of relevant issues in global health and prepare them with
the skills needed to make an impact today.
Previous Summits, Activism for Health Equity (2007), A Generational
Calling: Solidarity in Global Health (2008), From Idea to Implementation:
Securing Health as a Human Right (2009), and Ubuntu and Social
Justice: Building global partnerships for a more equitable world (2010), Dr. Paul Farmer gave the Honorary Keynote at the 2010
GlobeMed Global Health Summit, addressing more than 1000
have brought together over 600 students from 20 universities. Featured students, faculty, and community members at Northwestern
speakers have included representatives from the Harvard School of University.

Public Health, Partners In Health, Global Fund for Women, AIDS-Free

World, and other leading global health organizations.

OUR NETWORK “ The Summit was amazing. It not only

deepened my knowledge of global
health, but also showed me the
GlobeMed chapters exist at the following schools: incredible passion of the GlobeMed
Network and our power to effect real
change. I learned that weekend that
we truly are a movement.



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