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Dear Administrators, Teachers, Respected Parents and Dear Students!

Welcome to the E-learning Project Ceremony for the academic year (2017-

Today, we feel very privileged and honoured to stand here in front of you all
and to be one of the students who has taken part of the “E-learning Project”.
Mansoura College acknowledges the achievements of its brilliant students
who have made both the school and their parents proud. This program is held
to recognize the young talents who have made an immense contribution to
our school and the society. These brilliant students exhibit such qualities that
will not only help them in achieving their goals, but also bring glory of success
to our school. Today, we have gathered here not just to celebrate the
achievements of E-learning Project, but also to give due regard to our values
and morals which these awardees exemplify, like discipline, creativity and
zeal for learning.

In an effort to help prepare students for the technology skills required in the
workforce, Mansoura College launched the E-learning Project in 2015. Office
365 Education enables students to communicate and collaborate more
efficiently, access assignments in shared workspaces, have notes
synchronized in OneNote and have familiar Office applications such as Word,
PowerPoint and Excel anywhere, across virtually any device. Office 365 not
only helps us stay organized and get our work done but at the same time
develops skills that will be required when they enter the work force.

And now with Director General Mr/………………….

Let’s now display the Achievement of the E-learning Project

 Parent training
 Flipped Classroom
 Hour of Code
 Kahoot
 Class Contest
 Skype Revisions
 Skype-a-Thon
 Microsoft Education Exchange (E2)

Everyone is gifted, but most people never open their package. The “E-
learning Project” has helped many students to open their package and show
us how creative they are. Let’s begin with the 1st creative group of students
who have thought out of the box.

A teacher is a person who directs and influences people, especially when

it concerns teaching small children. People are mistaken to think that the task
of a teacher is simply to share experiences and to test the knowledge of
students. The truth is, teachers prepare students for the hardships and
pleasures of life, they help young people to feel self-confident and motivated.
And now with a group of innovative teachers who have unprecedented
projects in the prep stage using Office 365 apps.


Awards are a way to encourage creativity and inculcate competitive spirit.

This is the reason why our school organizes award ceremony every year to
encourage its students. The awards to be distributed today are not just for
recognizing those teachers who have performed exceptionally well in their
academics, but also to honour those students who excelled in the “E-learning
Project”, including the ones who were proactive in the “Micro:bit Club”. The
aim is to recognize that extra talent of our students other than academics and
motivate them to shine in their respective fields.

In the end, I would like to use this wonderful opportunity to thank our school
administrators, and teachers for taking Mansoura College to new heights and
creating a distinct path for the students to follow. I would also like to extend
special thanks to all the parents for joining us and making this occasion a
huge success.

Thank You!