AR Setup Checklist

1) Remember to set organisation at Site level

Setup Checklist
The following table lists Oracle Receivables setup steps. A reference to whether the step is optional or required is provided. After you log on to Oracle Applications, complete these steps to implement Oracle Receivables:
Step Step 1 Required Define Ledgers, page 1-7 Step 2 Required Decide How to Use the Account Generator, page 1-8 Step 3 Optional Define Transaction Flexfield Structure, page 1-8 Step 4 Optional Define Key (System Item / Territory) Flexfields and other Descriptive Flexfields, page 1-9 Step 5 Required Define Organizations, page 1-10

Status Done No Done Done Done Done Done N/A N/A N/A N/A ARU BON CUR SXM Done Done Use Defaul t N/A Defaul t Not Yet ARU BON CRU SXM N/A

Comment Accept Default Review with E in production Add the OM Menu to AR Superuser

Step 6 Optional Define AutoCash Rule Sets, page 1-10 Step 7 Optional Define Receivables Lookups, page 1-10 Step 8 Optional Define Demand Class Lookups, page 1-10 Step 9 Optional Define Invoice Line Ordering Rules, page 1-11 Step 10 Optional Define Grouping Rules, page 1-11 Step 11 Optional Define Application Rule Sets, page 1-11 Step 12 Required Define System Options, page 1-11

Can’t see the screen in 11.5.8

Step 13 Optional Define Flexible Address Formats, page 1-12 Step 14 Optional Maintain Countries and Territories, page 1-12 Step 15 Required Define Payment Terms, page 1-12

Step 16 Optional Assign Reporting Ledgers, page 1-13 Step 17 Optional Define Accounting Rules, page 1-13

Use default terms 30 and immediate Maybe Later Only immediate is predefined in r12

Step 18 Required Open or Close Accounting Periods, page 1-13 Step 19 Required Define AutoAccounting, page 1-14

Step 20 Optional Set Up Cash Basis Accounting Method, page 1-14

page 1-17 Step 34 Optional Define Statement Cycles. page 1-17 Except for bank accounts Except for bank accounts Step 32 Required Define Receipt Sources.SXM where 800 doesn’t exist. page 1-15 Step 25 Required Define Approval Limits. page 1-15 Step 26 Required Define Remittance Banks. page 1-18 Don’t seem to be used in production None Defined None Defined Hundreds of salespeople to setup Lots of duplicate / triplicates/quadr uplets Step 38 Required Define System Profile Options. page 1-16 Step 27 Optional Distribution Sets.14 N/A ARU BON CRU SXM ARU BON CRU SXM Done No No Step 23 Required Define Transaction Sources. page 1-18 Step 35 Optional Define Standard Messages.BON.Step 21 Optional Set Up Multi-Fund Accounts Receivable. Interface parameters need to be updated Need Employees to be setup Wait for Users Some examples setup except for BON because USD. page 1-18 ARU BON CRU . page 1-17 N/A ARU BON CRU SXM No ARU BON CRU SXM ARU BON CRU SXM ARU BON CRU SXM Done No No No No Step 31 Required Define Receipt Methods. page 1-18 Step 37 Required Define Salespersons. page 1-17 Step 33 Optional Define Aging Buckets. page 1-14 Step 22 Required Define Transaction Types. page 1-15 What about the BDC types for ARU. page 1. page 1-18 Step 36 Optional Define Territories. page 1-16 Step 30 Required Define Receipt Classes. page 1-16 Step 29 Optional Define Receipt Programs. Some missing because of missing Accounts Wait to review processes Step 24 Required Define Collectors. page 1-16 Step 28 Required Define Receivables Activities.

page 1-21 Step 45 Optional Define Unit of Measure Classes. page 1-22 Step 49 Required Set Up Tax. page 1-19 Step 41 Required Define Remit-To Addresses. page 1-21 Some not valid due to profit centre x800 Step 48 Optional Set Up Cross Currency Receipts. page 1-20 Step 43 Optional Define Lockboxes. page 1-20 Need to define all the bank accounts first. page 1-10 . Done Done Done ARU BON CRU SXM ARU BON CRU SXM Step 44 Optional Define Transmission Formats. page 1-21 Step 47 Optional Define Standard Memo Lines. page 1-21 Step 46 Optional Define Units of Measure.Step 39 Required Define Customer Profile Classes. page 1-22 Step 52 Optional Set Up Balance Forward Billing. page 1-23 To To To To To be be be be be discussed discussed discussed discussed discussed Step 6 Optional Define AutoCash Rule Sets. page 1-22 Step 50 Optional Set Up Tax Vendor Extension. page 1-22 Step 51 Optional Set Up Document Sequences. page 1-19 Step 42 Optional Define Customer Relationships. page 1-19 SXM Done Wait ARU BON CRU SXM Wait Discussion on Statements and Dunning Address line1 to be reviewed Step 40 Required Define Customers. page 1-23 Step 53 Optional Set Up Late Charges.


created_by not in (-1. a. b.LOOKUP_type = b.1.0. a.LOOKUP_TYPE and b. b.fnd_lookup_types_vl a.created_by from apps.Step 7 Optional Define Receivables Lookups.fnd_lookup_values_vl b where a.2.view_application_id.description. b.lookup_code.4 Step 12 Required Define System Options. b. apps.2.lookup_type. page 1-11 . page 1-10 select a.meaning.1001) order by 1.meaning.


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Go into the responsibility: Tax Managers 2. Navigate to Parties -> Party Tax -> Profiles 3.2 .Release: to 12. page 1-16 Remember to set organisation at Site level otherwise can’t access the screen Step 28 Required Define Receivables Activities. Navigator drop-down > Setup.RECEIVABLES ACTIVITY ERROR PLEASE DEFINE PARTY TAX PROFILE FOR &ORDID Solution To implement the solution.1] Modified 21-MAR-2010 Type PROBLEM Status PUBLISHED In this Document Symptoms Cause Solution References Applies to: Oracle Receivables . Receivable. Receivable Activities Error: Please define a party tax profile for operating unit &ORG_ID . Cause The issue is caused by the following setup: Did not setup Operating Unit owning Tax Content Profile This issue is described in Bug 5899659 . please execute the following steps: 1.Version: 12.0 to 12. ARXSUMRT. page 1-16 Receivables activity error Please define a party tax profile for operating unit & ORG_ID [ID 419019. When attempt to navigate to form.1.fmb Symptoms Unable to setup Receivables Activities. Party Type: Operating Unit Owning Tax Content Party Name: populate your Operating Unit Name .1 Information in this document applies to any platform.Step 26 Required Define Remittance Banks.

Also Watch out for multiple ar system parameters…causes error on receivables activities screen select org_id.You should have a result to this query. Retest the issue. 6. Verify the each component of location address associated with your organization is valid 5. Migrate the solution as appropriate to other environments. a. If you do not make sure you create a Party Tax Profile for your operating Unit of the Type: First Party Legal Entity. 4.* from AR_SYSTEM_PARAMETERS_ALL a delete from AR_SYSTEM_PARAMETERS_ALL where set_of_books_id = -1 and org_id > 80 .

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