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Web Design Proposal 

February 08, 2018 
Alabama Women’s Wellness Center 
612 Madison Street, SE 
Huntsville, Alabama 35801 
Feb-2018 Version 

Proposal of Work 
This document serves as the mutual agreement between Alabama Women’s Wellness Center, P. C. 
and G. Allen Battle (D/B/A for activities covered in the project. The project will 
begin once this proposal has been signed. 

Project Deliverables  Timeframe  Cost 

Web Design - Package A  ● 8 weeks  $2,575 

Redesign/Expansion,  + $150 Quarterly for 
● 1 Year 
Document/Portal Integration, Blog  Moderation/Maintenance 
(comments “on”), Fillable Registration  after 1st Year. 
● 1 Year 
Packet, Mailing List, Social Media 
Integration, Testimonial Thread, 
Photo / Video Integration (Includes 
Video/Photo shoot, production, and 3 
headshot edits, 5 office view edits, 
and two Edited 30 second videos), 
custom animation, 1 year of 
moderation and maintenance, 
grammar, punctuation editing/review.   

Complete Admin  +1 404.913.2689



Web Design - Package B  ● 6 weeks  $1,825 

● Functional 
Redesign/Expansion,  +$150 per quarter/90 day 
landing page - 
Document/Portal Integration, Blog  period after 1st 180 days 
(first five entries, comments on), 
● 4 months   
Fillable Registration Packet, Social 
Media Integration, Testimonial 
Thread, Photoshoot (3 edits), 4   
months maintenance/ moderation.   

Web Design - Package C  ● 4 Weeks  $1,075 

● 180 days of 
Redesign, Document/Portal  +$150 per quarter/90 day 
Integration, Fillable Registration  period after 1st 180 days 

Estimates are based on 12 - 52 weeks of support. retains the right to feature the project work in our portfolio. 

Payment Terms 
50% of payment will be invoiced at the start of the engagement, and the remaining 50% will be 
invoiced at midpoint of project. 


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Client Company Name 
Date: Date:  

Complete Admin  +1 404.913.2689