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Richard LeBrasseur! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Curriculum Vitae!

Landscape Urbanist ! ! ! ! ! ! ! select project experience!
Ecological Designer!
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GM Tech Center Master Plan!
Warren, Michigan - 2002!
Hargreaves Associates

Sustainable design ideas were applied to the re-masterplanning of General Motor’s research and
development campus. Originally designed by Eero Saarinen in the 1950’s as a statement to GM’s
forward thinking, the Master Plan again integrates technological innovation in a sustainable natural
environment through the development of design guidelines and growth flexibility. Clear site
organization is achieved through a central recreational corridor and ‘green’ quads. Wetland
restoration and stormwater management were incorporated into the water recycling program as

were plans to reduce the need for vehicular transport across the large site.!

The Master Plan, developed in collaboration with KMD and Ove Arup & Partners, creates a clear
organization of public perimeter and dual private interior spaces, each centered on lakes of equal
size. The pedestrian Saarinen Mall links the two quads. The Master Plan seeks to restore the
interrelation of nature and artifice in a vision that integrates 21st Century technology and campus
amenities within a more sustainable environment.!

Photo : KMD Architects

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