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Richard LeBrasseur Curriculum Vitae

Landscape Urbanist select project experience

Ecological Designer

The Orange County Great Park

Los Angeles, California - 2005
Invited Competition Entry - RHAA


The Orange County Great Park is a contemporary model for living that embraces
the mind, body, ecology and culture. The park links the past, present and future in
a physical, living environment. The Orange County Great Park is a living, self-
sustaining organism that nourishes itself without being isolated from its context. The
history of the site is reflected as if in a palimpsest, a manuscript on which more than
one text has been written with the earlier writing incompletely erased and still
visible. An over-arching philosophy about sustainability guides the design,
influencing all aspects from physical form. The design concept is organised around
eight key components. Each can be seen as a layer in the environment, but
dependent on the others to create the whole.

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