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National PARK(ing) Day at USU

The Department of Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning at Utah State University and the
Swaner Green Space Institute along with the USU Student Chapter of the ASLA is participating in National
PARK(ing) Day, a nationwide public art project which celebrates parks and promotes the need for more parks
and open space in America’s cities. Parking Day began in a single metered parking spot in San Francisco and
then spread around the world.  People who want more open space, less traffic, and safer streets have joined

Spearheaded by the Trust for Public Land, National PARK(ing) Day is an opportunity to reclaim public parking
spaces for parks and open spaces - places for people to enjoy. The quality of our daily experience is only
enhanced by often neglected necessities like parks, playgrounds, and gardens - places that get us in touch with
nature, with each other, and with ourselves.

A metered parking spot is an inexpensive short-term lease for a 10'x20' plot of land. Unfortunately, more than
70% of most cities' outdoor space is dedicated to the private vehicle while only a fraction of that land is allocated
to open space for people. Around the nation, inexpensive curbside parking results in increased traffic, wasted
fuel, and more pollution. It’s time to rethink the way streets and parking lots are used. Imagine what you can do
in a space usually dedicated to private vehicle storage..

Seniors in Professor Caroline Lavoie’s Urban Theory, Systems and Design class led the design and
construction of four (4) 10’ x 20’ PARK(ing) spaces at various locations throughout the USU Campus with the
assistance from the Juniors in Professor Rick LeBrasseur’s Park and Recreation Class. Rick serves as Director
of the Swaner Green Space Institute and actively participates in bringing awareness to the need for open space
conservation in our developing communities.

In addition to the students of these courses, the USU Student Chapter of the American Society of Landscape
Architects (ASLA) and all students in the LAEP Department will be assisting in the design and development of
this temporary installation and design. Installation locations on Friday include USU Parking Lots adjacent to the
Aggie Ice Cream, the new Caine-Wanlass Recital Hall, the University Inn, and the main-entry roundabout at the
south side of the Main Quad. Stop by between 9:30 am and 1:30 pm at the PARK(ing) Installations and learn
more about the importance of open space and parks in our communities and enjoy some food and drink
provided or just rest under the shade tree and bench provided.

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