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Concise Reflections & actuality

Goal3: I had a lack of knowledge about the usage technology in the classroom because
I am used to setting up hands on activity. The world around us is demanding us
to integrate technology everywhere. My MST told me “you have lack in using
technology, technology now is everywhere, train yourself for future” it’s an
opportunity for me to develop students digital citizenship skill, simplify the way
I do my work, and be more closer to students through interaction between me
and them while I guide them on how to use technology.
Become more acquainted with technology in teaching lessons.

Action 3:
These strategies will engage the students in their learning process, because it is
- Show videos to enhance students learning.
fun, interesting, out of the old way of teaching, accessing them to acquire more
- offer a number of Internet-based activities information. It helps me to come up with creative ideas to facilitate my work so
- Use a smart board or projector to present the lesson. what I did in one hour I manage to finish in half an hour. Technological
resources made available today open doors to many creative teaching

Desired time frame: To achieve this goal I need 1 to 2 month, because it is a challenge in some
schools that are not prepared to use technology. So I have to ensure that is
routine and obvious, offered and ready- to- use, the internet based activities
supporting the curriculum goals, and supporting the studen ts learning process.
7 Weeks

Any support needed - lesson plan In my lesson plans, I will plan how to use technology in the lesson. Also, my
- MST MST feedback could help to know if I use the technology to support the
curricular goals, and support the process of the students learning. Also, he/ she
can advise me about the best practice for technology.

- Video.
data collection tools to
- Picture
be used to provide
evidence of the success - MST report.
This data will help me to know what went according to plan, and what skills
of the action - Peer observation report.
need to be improved, and what is the next step to immediate and sure success.