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vc=minimizing violations of autonomy

autonomy is a prereq to all other moral theories

priority of welfare programs is to get ppl back on their
feet, freedom to pursue life

C1: crime
Sub. A rehabilitating criminals
preventing crime is an important impact
ppl who are convicted and have records can't get access
to welfare and good jobs
UBI breaks the cycle of poverty that is perpetuated by
current welfare systems

92 percent of large employers run background checks

more time for family

Sub. B preventing crime

UBI targets root cause
UBI in Namibia, stats on drop in crime

I-ppl don’t have to resort to crime, better outcomes

and less criminal behavior

Cherokee indians, children better education and

reduced psychiatric care
C2: trafficking
fundamental violation of autonomy, national human
trafficking hotline, cases rose a lot in 2016
survivors fall back into situations due to financial

92 percent of victims couldn't leave due to financial

Santens, econ issue, root prob solved by UBI
boils down to the ability to say no

Namibia self-employment increased, access to starting


key to ensuring freedom


doesn't give a standard by which we

weigh good and bad,
need to consider circumstances for
each individual extend primary goal of welfare

we're opening up welfare to felons

(Stiltz 16) 28 states lessened restrictions still a lot of states, basic income still
on welfare, in cost-effective manner necessary

welfare stops crime

extend Namibia stats

aff dehumanizes human life, makes it
equiv to $10,000

extend 92%, root is financial insecurity,

shows that targeted programs aren't
working now, so UBI is necessary

any net violation of autonomy is bad,

more definitive conception than
extend how to eval round distributive justice
targeted is better, that’s why u look to
my fw

trends are gradual, changing the state

of affairs so targeted welfare can solve
better debate whats happening right now

voter: crime,

voter: crime prevention, examples of

Namibia and clear improvements

not the U.S. so less relevant

voter: trafficking under both fw, 92
percent card is critical,

right now, neg makes futurist claims

ignores real world harms

vc=maintaining distributive justice

Stanford encyclopedia,
we must give ppl what they deserve

necessary for a just distribution of goods in society,

C1-economic failings

UBI makes poverty worse

costs more than $3 trillion a year, eliminates other
welfare programs

entails abolishing programs such as food stamps, child

care, EITC

shifts focus away from helping the poor

creates an environment in which distributive justice is
not achieved

targeted programs get a much higher benefit

Coati 2004 empirics

C: unearned benefits

failure of recognition:
Aristotle, recognize what someone has done
Bill Gates gets same as a human trafficking victim,

autonomy is prereq to justice

extend primary goal of welfare

all these studies assume that we cut the welfare


UN 2017, A2 Coati, have screenings which cause

regressive systems, exacerbates poverty

we shouldn't punish felons entire lives for 1 crime

Bill Gates covers more through taxes

voter: UBI exacerbates poverty, which is a huge

problem in society, that’s why its critical to vote neg
voter: targeted programs are better

political feasibility, only reasonable way to get a UBI

lift tens of millions a year

the squo isn't perfect, but UBI isnt more effective than
any targeted welfare program
but why should he get extra $10,000 either way, better
for targeted

voter: don't have to cut welfare programs, we look to

broad solutions
aff=Julianne lay case
neg=Varesh distributive justice lay case