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{LAS VEOAS METROPOLITAN POLICE DEPARTMENT VOLUNTARY. STATEMENT PAGES : EVENTS: 1710013619. ‘SPECIFIO CRIME: © AGTIVE SHOOTER MURDER TMEOCCURRED: zeesuouns MANDALAY BA RESORT AND CASINO 5 Gas eOULEVAR IY OF LAS VEGAS LARK COUNTY nie orPenson cones es WORK ADDRESS: ‘The (olowing 1s the (wansonption of @ tape-recorded marviow conducted by DETECTIVE P. QUINTEROS (PQ) P¥ 9055, LVMPD FORCE INVESTIGATION TEAM, 01 10-02-4781 1998 Hours: Also present is Detective K--Plostee (KP) 6268 Ee : : oe PQ: Operator this is Detective P-. Quinteros. PA 9055 with the Force Investigation Team conducing a recorded statement wn i (i i Dato of bith IN GUNMEN s « Brush Citzon and his passport number is WEI 1 rteview sr france ton acive shoot intent nat oscuro ‘on October 1, 2017 at approximately 22:08 hours in the area of the Mendalay Bay which is located at 3950 Las Vegas Bavievard, Las Veges, Nevade €9101. Today's dale is Oclober 2, 2017 and the time ie 13/35 hours The statement is being — "eeoided Im sory ths sateen berg conducted - conductod a the Lox Hotel {LAS VEoAS wETROPOLITAN POLICE DEPARTMENT VOLUNTARY STATEMENT PAGE 18 5 . sees car osen cr ‘SM: Just just the fact that om the only thing that i thought was unusual was'the fect that —— he was takin’ about th bible and thon ho was tan’ about gon to see m show wil ts man Ios thought tne bo Were a stark contrast om one anther. Bait 2 raligousperaon an ni’ about Go alt and then wart to go Io ees» snow about gis f seemed tobe - to be contradctony ya know? just thought well hats unusual thal somebody who's ttked So much about the bible ya krow? And ‘termed | thought a te stories had taka - tated about he bile seme to bo bout somebody comin’ down ang actualy physically doin’ some intervening. Which | houan one none of hem were «none af he ole rie wre ato aryhing that's what | thought was unusual about all of his bbe slonos. Somebody was hav 2 conversation wit God and then Goa would do sometung (tim and 8 make ns "cay mtsale a then he oul he gt win an oa eof sreing know. _ KP. Okay. Allright really appreciate you uh takin’ the time to talk to us SNM Okay Operator this is the end of the interview. Same people are present The ime 19:64 hours, ‘THIS VOLUNTARY STATEMENT WAS COM THEO) 5AS, $900 . LAS VEGAS BOULEVARD, LAS VEGAS, NV 85119, ON THE 2" DAY OF OCTOBER 2017 AT 1354 HOURS. PQ: KP: (NET TRANSCRIPTS) Fiv2ot7-oaz Roviewod by BBGB4K 12647 {LAS VEGAS METROPOLITAN POLICE DEPARTMENT VOLUNTARY STATEMENT PAGE ‘EVENTS: ‘710013519 SPECIFIC CRIME: ACTIVE SHOOTER JURE 5 DATE OcoURRED: swgL Mme OCCURRED: Zao HOURE LOCATION OF occuRRENGE: ene os spbeasiua GIVORLAS VEGAS CLARK COUNTY - S NAME OF PERSON GIVING STATEMENT: AS? ‘SOCIAL SECURITY: 2 PHONE ae ‘The following 1s the tanscription of @ tapo-tecorded interwiew conducted by — ____ DETECTIVE 8. HODSON (8H), P# 9034, LVMPD FORCE. INVESTIGATION S25 STEAM, on 10-42-17 at 1458 houis: Also present ave FBI Special Agent J. e Motlica (JM), and D. Howell (DH). z é BH Operator, this is Detective Breck Hodson, P# 9634 with the Las Vegas Matiopoltan Police Department Force Investigation Teart conducing a taped statement reference Event 171001-9519. Interview is going to be conducted at Mandalay Bay at 9950 South a8. Vegas Boulevard, Las Vegas. Nevada on Octover 12, 2017 at — ‘approximately 1458 hours Uh, the inlenview is going to be conducted wih fF ee resent with me is Special Agant James Melica, M-O-LLLCA as well as QIN com he Mandolsy Boy WD ierow wit ve conducted inside their conference room down in. Human LAS VEGAS METROPOLITAN POLICE DEPARTMENT. VOLUNTARY STATEMENT. PAGE EVENTS: ¢71001-3619, SPECIFIC CRIME: ACTIVE SHOGTER JMURDER “DATE OCCURRED: 40.0117 ing is th tape-rec By Gee coat ah one Cee ones Rae) BP. Operator this Is - this ie Detective Penny wih the Force Investigation Team, ‘conducting a recorded statement wi} Last cae aa RN 1h NE fore aise SED 200: os She works for Mandalay Bay. Her occspetion s QAM. Sie works ‘8700 to 1500. Ah, on Friday. Saturday, Sun jonday, Tuesday. This interview is inns pas on (008-17 appronnaley 1410 pours Mandate Ey men _ta8 VEGAS METROPOLITAN POLICE DEPARTHNENT SOU E STATEMENT PACE VENTE: i001 3608 SPECIFIC CRIME: ACTIVE SHOOTER J MURDER Date occunRED: 109417 Tare occuRRED: z20g)0URS LOGATION OF OOGURRENOE: MANDALAY BAY RESORT AND GASIIC : sas! CITVOFLASVEGAS —_SLARK COUNTY NAME OF PERSON GIVING STATEMENT: wn ‘The following ls the transcription of @ tape-tecorded interview conducted by DETECTIVE 8. HODSON (BH), P# 9034, LVMPD FORCE. INVEST! IN ; TEAM, on 40-13-17 at 161 hours: Also’ present are FSi Specie Agent @ = MeCamey (GM), R. Yanagi (RY), P. Jura (PJ), and-A. Hazlett (AH)... Oo: Bit Operator has Oba Goch aap Ox Sd of mse Vegan sitopotton Pole Oepanmen. Fore ‘vestigation Team. consucing ® ped statement reference Event# 171001-9519, Today's date's going to be October 13, 2017 at approximately 1613 hours. Interview's going ‘be conducted. (a (QDR 251 50021 Ls Voss, Nevada MP rtervews going be conducted it ES. oo ae ea Spedal Agent Gary McCamey MC-CAMEY as wel ac ID ts {28 VEGiS METROPOLITAN POLICE DEPARTMENT VOLUNTARY STATEMENT PAGEZ = . eteme copiesenting Mandalay Bay. As wel as, 2h, Counselors GEES WB Mandalay Bay 28 well Okay, ma'am, so we're here ‘ediay just 0 ask you @ couple questions felerence, ab, you attending in 2 certain ‘roam on floor $2.135, do you - do:you remember doing that? om... BH: Okay. Do you remember what day you cleaned that room? WBBe = 5 ur vecressay a Movam, BH Ah, would that have possiby been September 27017 Bote Io oe ease om ‘hey showed me ey paper works. pest? = RHE Onmy. Anewat wnat te oe you 99 mio natroom; a WM Ur, ike 1-1 tines my st roor, but tm pat urn, with the tine, ‘cause you know, ‘um, pre shift and then loed the loart and:then go to the floor, ah, maybe tke, um, maybe at 4:30 or more; 4:30, 4°36 tke that SH Olay and won you orlred he room was hae was he gues presen? w ‘Yeah, fie opened the room. | knock end then - and then he opeved, wh, the door and then 1 ask, "Did you, ah, sir did you request for service?” sel, rn and he said, *Yes’ And then, un, he went te the bar and he asked me to remiove, there's, um, ‘ah, things in the refigerator, ke, um, cheese, um, might, that, ah, he want to get ra ‘LAS VEGAS METROPOLITAN POLICE DEPARTMENT. VOLUNTARY. STATEMENT. PAGE . EVENT: 171007-2619: ‘SPECIFIC CRIME: "ACTIVE SHOOTER/ iuRDER DATE OCCURRED: - 10.03.17 ‘TM OEGURRED: 2708 HOURS LOCATION OF OCCURRENCE: CRYOFLASVEGAS CLARK COUNTY : NAME OF PERSON Stns STATEMENT: aman ‘The following ts the transcription of @ tape-recoided imerview conducted 0 mu DETECTIVE 8. HODSON (GH), P# 9034, LVMPD_ FORCE INVESTIGATION FEAM, OF: 10-11-17 at 1457 hours. Also present mmm) BH: Operator, this is Detective Breck Hodson, P# 9034, withthe Les Vegas Meiropoitan Police Department, Force Investigation Team. ibe conducting @ taped statement A. 4... 2. a Diz ard 1 8 soporte 1457 hous Un, ako 0 he wom wth me » A? __.. ‘rom the Mandalay Bay property as well, Um, all rote, dl BRIE». 201251100, ur, you nork here at Mandalay Bay, is mat corest? PL Yes. LAS VEGAS me TROPOLITAN POLICE DEPARTMENT VOLUNTARY STATEMENT PAGE Z EVENTS: 171001-9608 SPEOIFICCRIME: ACTIVE SHOOTER MURDER DATE OCCURRED: sb01-17 TIME OCCURRED: 20s HOURS: LOCATION OF OCCURRENCE: MANDALAV BAY RESORT AND CASINO ‘eso TAC veces BOULEVARD. ‘TASMEGAS Naas CHV OF Lasvecas ‘LARK COUNTY NIE OrPESONONNO STANT, Sr oo soci. SEcURTY & RACE: HEIGHT: Hae: {SS WORK ADDRESS: sa The following 1s the transcription of @ tape-recorded Mmterview conducted Oy DETECTIVE W. COLON (MC). -P# 7585, LVMPD FORCE INVESTIGATION TEAM, on a a” Pours. Also present is vice president of Legal for BHONE 2. MGM Resorts MC: Operator, this is Detective Colon wit the Foros Investigation Tearn conducting one wiiness intentew under Event 471001-361- 9519, Address of orignal nedent 980 South Les Veges Boulevard. Person being interviewed is frst navel MEE... 5.0, dae of ie Manapec Als peers VP ad Lael Course Mandy 5 es sees 18 VEGAS METROPOLITAN POLICE DEPARTMENT VOLUNTARY STATEMENT PAGE : VENTE: 1710013618 SPECIFIC CRIME: ACTIVE SHOOTER /MURDER— 2 DATE OCCURRED: 16-01-17 TWWE OCCURRED: 2208 HOURS - LOCATION OF OCCURRENCE: MANDALAY BAY RESORT ANp cASNO ‘Geveoss Ware EIYOFLABVEGAS CLARK COUNTY _ iin OF Pencow cin sarene: Samay OB: | socia securmys: _ The following is the Wanscriplion of @ tape-recorded Interview conducted by DETECTIVE B. HODSON (6H), P# 9034. LVMPD FORCE INVESTIGATION TEAM on sail mE hours. Also present is MGM aw BH Operator hs Deine Breck Host PGES of te Lan Ves Metopaan Police Deparment, Force invesigatin Team, conducting ¢ taped sietement Teference event’ 171001-3519. ‘Taped statements gonna be conducted on October {0, 2017, et approximately 0923 hous. Conducing taped sateen! UN os 5 I ces gore este the Vdara Hotel iocated at 2600 West Harmon Las Vegas, Nevada 80158, Also pecent forthe micron s AT oh, vce, , CT