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Cyrel Mallory



Being a part of The Greek Life

For many colleges fraternities are there to help further their careers .

Marco Aguilera, a fraternity member from Sigma Phi Epsilon at Fresno State believes that fraternities

have a bad image because of certain individuals with bad morals. Fraternities have been frowned upon

because of the misconceptions that the media have created. The Media have portrayed fraternities as

careless people who party, engage in violent behaviors, and cheat their way through college.

Torres said fraternities build student success requiring students to be in good academic standing to be

an active member. “An Active member is a member that is doing everything required from community

service hours, and study hours,” said Torres, a member of Mu Chi Omega at Fresno State.

Some people say fraternities abuse substances such as alcohol and drugs. There seem to be incidents

happening at fraternity houses that create a negative image about fraternity. According to The Fresno

Bee article titled, “Fresno State student died from apparent overdose at fraternity house, police say,”

Omar Nemeth, 19, died wednesday, Jan. 3, 2018 at Delta Sigma Phi fraternity house due to overdose on

Xanax pills. Omar was not a fraternity member but his death has had a huge impact on that particular

fraternity’s image.

Is this right to judge a fraternity off incidents that the members have no control over? Horrible death

stories and substances abuse stories are constantly linked to fraternities. What about the stories where

fraternity members engage in volunteer work or achieving an academic award.

Frustrated by the misconceptions people have about fraternities, Aguilera believes that fraternities build

leadership. “The Greek Life offers success and opportunities,” Aguilera said. “You have mentors in a

fraternity and they mentor you through life and college life.” Aguilera strongly believes being in a
fraternity is like having a second family. Having someone to talk to and look up to can increase your

success as a student. “My definition of fraternity is a group of young men who are trying to find their

way through college with brotherhood, certain morals, and values,” Aguilera said.

Marco exchanging a gift to his little brother Sam. Photo by Marco Aguilera.

Hannah Bonzo a graduated from Westminster College with a Bachelors In Public Relations and an

emphasis in English states in her article, “History of Greek Life in American Higher Education,”

fraternities on campus started as Secret societies in North America discussing issues related to students.

Hungry to learn, the secret societies which later became known as Fraternities began to embrace the

greek letters. Bonzo dates fraternities back in 1776. “One of these organizations became the first official

Greek-letter organizations in North America, Phi Beta Kappa,” stated by Bonzo.

Fraternities were started by like-minded men who can get together to network and share similar

interests, said Leonard Serrato, Greek Life Graduate Assistant at the Student Involvement Center. In a
peer review article, “The Effects of Fraternity/Sorority Membership on College Experiences and

Outcomes: Complexity,” Ashley Asel states that Fraternities/Sorority members engage in more hours in

co-curricular activities or extracurricular activities than any other student.

Fraternities are constantly giving back to their community by volunteering. “We volunteer for children’s

day every single year, right here on Cedar & Shaw. We stay overnight to make sure no one takes that

corner,” said Jose Maciel Torres, a member of Mu Chi Omega at Fresno State.

Cruz Gonzales a member of Kappa Sigma poses at the Kappa Sigma booth located west of the University
Student Union main entrance.

Being in a Fraternity increases student involvement on campus which increases your social skills, success

as a student, and help build character. “We have community service hours,” said Torres, a member of

Mu Chi Omega at Fresno State. “We have to complete a total of 15-20 hours of community service hours

each semester year,” said Torres. Torres said maintaining a good GPA and putting in community service

hours are important to Mu Chi Omega.

“Kappa Sigma’s national philanthropy among every chapter is the Military Hero Campaign,” Cruz

Gonzales said. “We donate to the national foundation. They collect the money in the pot and they

distribute it to help the wounded warriors and their families.”

Before judging fraternities try to get to know them and do your research. Fraternities like any other

group help build student success while in college. For more information about Fraternities or Greek Life

at Fresno State go on