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Kitchen test study guide-2nd hour

● Flooring is typically installed first

● Furred down area above the kitchen cabinet is the soffit
● Vertical distance between base and wall cabinets is typically 18”
● Standard Base cabinets are 24” deep and 32” tall
● Wall cabinets are mostly 12” deep and 30” tall
● When creating a concrete countertop you must let in let it cure for at least 1
week after pouring it
● The working triangle is the refrigerator zone, cooking zone, and
sink/cleanup zone
● Usually wall cabinets are installed before base cabinets are
● Drywall screws were used to install drywall
● When sealing spaces between tiles for the backsplash use grout
● Most Common countertops are: Laminate, Concrete, Granite, Marble
● General size for countertops is 1 ½ “ thick
● Before installing drywall make sure electrical is in place
● Before installing cabinets make sure plumbing is in
● When hanging drywall you should use construction adhesive
● Toe Space 4” and vary 2 to 3 ½” In depth
● Drywall comes in ⅝”, ½”, ⅜”, ¼
● Backsplash tile is cut with a wet tile cutting saw
● Drywall used in kitchen was ½ “
● Kitchen sink window 4 feet wide by 3 feet tall
● Our cabinet countertop was made out of concrete
● Use string lines and levels to make sure the cabinets are even/
● On average kitchens cost $10,000-$22,182
● We used ½ inch drywall in the kitchen
● Orbital sander and hammer can be used to eliminate air bubbles in
poured concrete
● Concrete is cheapest/easiest countertop
● Install tile using grout