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Regular Meeting of the Board of Trustees
February 14, 2018

Members Present: Marie Black
Dr. Imogene Mixson
Marian Jenkins
Beverly Raley
Jewnita Clark

Also Present: Sandra Holmes, Library Director
Jennifer Simpson, Administrative Assistant
Chris Wisham, FOL President

Marie called the meeting to order at 9:06am.

Minutes from January. Marian Jenkins moved to have the January minutes approved and
Jewnita Clark seconded. All were in favor and the motion passed.

Circulation/Financial Reports. Per the Director’s reports, circulation is up and attendance is
very good. We are providing a very valuable service to our community. E-Books have
increased. We are still in the process of deleting material. Financially, we are doing fine. The
Library has never had as much publicity as it does at this time.

Old Business.
A. Library Update. Stocks are fluctuating. State Aid increased from .90 to .93.
B. Dialogues on the Experience of War. The participants are enjoying it and they are
wanting to conduct another one next year. Sandra will e-mail a copy of books to Marian
so she can raise awareness of the meeting on Facebook.
C. United Way. A meeting will be held later in February.
D. New Architect. Our new Architects are J. Michael Lee, Associates of Dothan.

New Business.
A. Michael Walden’s Promotion. Michael has accepted another job and his last day will be
February 15.
B. Progress on Fund Raising. We are doing well. We have put together a list of names to
potentially participate on the expanded Advisory Board. The list of names are as follows:
Bob Harry, Greg Siegfried, Charlie Harper, Tim Gilland, James Harris, Frank Garrett,
Brenda Simechak, Spencer Stokes, Winston Jackson, the Manager of Feed Mill in
Newton, Manager of Michelin, Ben Baker, Sue Switzer, Mr. Marx, Vernon Johnson from
the Hospital and Frank Carroll. We need Representatives from the Chamber of
Commerce, Pea River, Ozark City Schools, Dale County Schools, Daleville Schools,
Rotary Club, Joey Brannon and Megan Lowery. Chris Wisham wants Bonnie Crawford
to head the entire fund raising committee. Mrs. Crawford is a Chicago native and is
married to Dr. Crawford. Mrs. Crawford knows all the ins and outs of fund raising and
will be a great asset. For catering Chris and Liz Babine were referred to Tim Riley of
Grocery Outlet. Marian suggested not to limit ourselves away from potential Dothan
donors. We do not need to hesitate to ask the same people for donations that helped the
Dothan Library. A special meeting will take place February 26th at 10 a.m. to work on
finalizing the additional group.
C. Public Building Authority of Ozark. Sandra met with Mayor Bunting on February 9th
and he expressed concerns regarding the Library’s current building. He thinks instead of
the building reverting back to the city, it will remain the Library’s property. If this is
true, Marie suggested it could possibly be sold to the Hospital. Marian advised the deed
can be researched at the courthouse as Sandra believes her copy is outdated. Every
amendment to the deed should be at the courthouse. Sandra will call Attorney Kominos
and Christina Faulkner with the Southern Star has offered to help in researching the deed.
D. Mike Brauer and the Land. Sandra stated we need to ask the Mayor to give us
additional property. Mike has given us the run around for over a year, and it’s time to cut
our losses. Marie will speak to the Mayor regarding this.

A motion was made to adjourn the meeting by Marion and seconded by Beverly. All were in
favor and the motion passed.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:42am, and the next meeting will be held on March 14, 2018.

Respectfully submitted by _________________

Approved by Secretary _________________