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volume 44 / issue 3
Wednesday, September 22, 2010
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2 The Eyeopener Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Run for a Position – fill a spot
on the Graduate Executive Committee

Nominations open for:
• Chairperson
• Deputy Chairperson Education
• Deputy Chairperson Finance
Positions receive honoraria and are a great way to
GET INVOLVED to build Ryerson.

Nominations Close
Friday, October 1, 2010 at noon
Nomination packages available
Mon-Fri 10am-6pm at the RSU main office: Student Centre, SCC311

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Wednesday, September 22, 2010 NEWS The Eyeopener 3

People should know
about it. Even if it’s only
$1,000 each then that’s
70,000 [sic] students
— Roger Segobin,

Students line up outside the financial aid office to pick up their OSAP. PhotoS: Chelsea pottage (ABOVE) LAUREN STRAPAGIEL (RIGHT).

Emergency aid kept quiet
Maybe the people who
don’t need the money will
try to go after it, when it’s
for the people that really
$70,000 fund designed to support students in need of financial aid is need it.
— Komal Kamran,
BY lee richardson financial aid that’s given.” students like Nina, but she - along with if they become homeless, a father loses biochemistry
news editor The $70,000 emergency fund could help many other students - has never heard of their job and can’t meet the funding com-
students like Nina, a second-year biol- the potential support. mitments that was expected of the parents
A $70,000 emergency fund is available ogy student who didn’t want her surname The emergency fund, which is capped through OSAP.”
to Ryerson students suffering from sudden used. In total, just over $9.5 million in finan-
financial crisis. “My car is a write-off so I don’t have a cial aid funding was distributed in the
car to drive to work,” said Nina, referring 2009/2010 academic year. One emergency
to a recent car accident. While on vacation It’s the responsibility of loan, capped at $600 and required to be
during the summer she was robbed, lost the university to somehow repaid within 30 days, was allocated dur-
My car is a write-off so I don’t her phone, and her camera. She was also make sure that people know ing the same period. Emergency funding
have a car to drive to work. refused OSAP funding for the second year about it. was distributed to 35 students.
— Nina, in a row. — Daniel Aspler, first-year “Very few students could get it if there
second-year biology “They said ‘there’s an overpayment on business management wasn’t a cap,” said Vetere. “Very few stu-
your account,’ so I paid them a couple of dents can get it anyway. If everybody knows about
The fund, however, isn’t advertised by thousand dollars last year just to put my at $4,000, is designed to provide assis- Some students, however, feel that such it they could have an over-
the university. account into good standing so they could tance to students who have exhausted all assistance should be more widely known. whelming number of people
“It’s not widely advertised really, be- give me a loan,” said Nina. “This year they other funding options, such as OSAP and “If it’s a service that they offer then trying to get it... I’m on the
cause there really isn’t that much money gave me the exact same issue.” bursaries. “Usually it has to do with some- it’s the responsibility of the university to fence about that.
there,” said Vice Provost Students, Heath- Nina now has to drop a course from her thing that has changed since they started somehow make sure that people know — Joel Elliott
er Lane Vetere. “It’s actually quite small in schedule in order to work more hours. school, since they applied for funding,” about it,” said first-year business manage- documentary media
comparison to the total amount of student The emergency fund is set up to help said Vetere. “If there’s some kind of crisis, ment student, Daniel Aspler.

Maple Leaf Gardens operations may cost up to $5 million
BY mariana ionova long before that company has got to be cause of its sheer size, according to
news editor in place.” Joseph. Currently, the RAC spans 50,000
Levy noted that, although the facilities square feet, while Ryerson’s portion of the
Ryerson may have to spend between will not be completed for another few Gardens is 150,000 square feet.
$1 million and $5 million to operate and months, a management team must be Another aspect that adds additional
manage Maple Leaf Gardens (MLG), selected in time for the opening so that cost to the new facilities is the extra
according to a search request filed by the operations can run smoothly. programs that may be offered.
university last week. “There are literally hundreds and “Now all of a sudden, we’ve added an
Ryerson filed a request stating it sought hundreds of issues in managing a complex ice rink; well, now you need a full-time ice
a company to oversee the administration that big.” engineer and different staffing costs,” said
and management of the Sports and Rec- Joseph.
reation Centre at the MLG. The company “If this place was nothing but gyms, we
used to file the request estimated the cost would have significantly lower operating
of management of the facilities at several If anything, we should costs.”
million dollars. have been on to this Since the details of the facilities have
“We have asked them what the man- earlier. not been worked out yet, the budget is
agement of the Gardens would require,” — Sheldon Levy, left conservatively broad, said Joseph.
said Linda Grayson, Vice President of Ryerson president But this doesn’t mean students have to
Administration and Finance. pay for the extra operational costs, Joseph
“No decision has been made yet.” But the annual operating budget for assured. “The cost for the students won’t
The university is feeling the pressure to the MLG could potentially be nearly five go up no matter what it costs to operate
find a company fast and has posted the re- times as much as the current budget of the it,” said Joseph.
quest only for one month, hoping to find Recreation and Athletics Centre (RAC). But, if the MLG operating budget winds
a candidate by Oct. 15. “Right now, RAC is about $1 million, up closer to the $5 million outlined in the
“If anything, we should have been on maybe $1.3 million,” said Ivan Joseph, request, prices of community member-
to this earlier,” said Levy. “There is a level director of athletics. ships and specialty classes like yoga and Maple Leaf Gardens is still under construction but is expected to open
of urgency to get this done because it’s not MLG could cost more to operate be- spinning may rise. in April. Photo: marta iwanek
4 The Eyeopener EDITORIAL Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The $70,000 secret
students in need. Let me break it down tance. And that’s if you’re lucky enough to
for you.
The funding isn’t advertised. Or posted.
At all. EVER. Actually, to receive the cash
discover the funds in the first place.
So if you’re broke, hungry and barely
passing your classes because of your two
you must first get a referral from a de- part-time jobs, I suggest you butter Scrase Preparation Seminars
Ryerson’s financial aid office is secretly partment, the Ryerson Students’ Union or up. Maybe drop by with some chocolate or
sitting on $70,000 of unadvertised student a professor. You’ll be instructed to fill out flowers. (I hear she likes gerber daisies.) • Complete 30-Hour Seminars
aid. an emergency bursary application and Or better yet, email
• Convenient Weekend Schedule
Last year, 35 lucky students received some other forms. Then, you are eligible today and let them know that the secret is
emergency funds from Ryerson. Everyone to receive up to about $4,000 if you have out and that hiding an emergency bursary • Proven Test-Taking Strategies
else, it seems, has been kept in the dark. been denied funding by all other avenues from the people who need it most is just • Experienced Course Instructors
Senior Ryerson administration say the like OSAP and your personal situation is fucking wrong.
money is kept under wraps to ensure deemed bad enough by Carole Scrase (the • Comprehensive Study Materials
What do you think? Send letters to editor@
that only students in desperate financial manager of student financial assistance). or tweet me @murphyhiggins • Simulated Practice Exams
need get help. They call it an ‘emergency According to Scrase, the emergency
• Limited Class Size
bursary’. bursary is awarded on a case-by-case
But I’ll call it what it really is: a fucking basis. And she must personally sign-off The frosh issue mistakenly told students • Free Repeat Policy
to pick up a free Student Price Card
shady set-up that awards money to peo- on every case. That’s right, you heard me
from the RSU. The card they supply for • Personal Tutoring Available
ple who know how to work the system — one person gets to decide whether free is called the Student Saver Card.
and keeps funding from normal Ryerson or not you deserve extra financial assis- • Thousands of Satisfied Students

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Wednesday, September 22, 2010 NEWS The Eyeopener 5

Student unions
alienating members
BY Lee richardson term ‘Israeli Apartheid,’” said RSU Presi-
news editor dent Toby Whitfield. “We wrote a letter to
Pride Toronto along with many different
By taking sides on off-campus political community organizations.”
issues, student unions and lobbyists may be However, the simple act of marching in
in danger of losing support of the students the parade itself may present a political
they represent. slant of the RSU that some students may
While the Canadian Federation of Stu- not appreciate.
dents (CFS) historically lobbies govern- “There are some students out there who
ments on issues like lowering tuition fees genuinely don’t believe in equal rights for
and increasing aboriginal education fund- LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgen-
ing, they are increasingly speaking out on der and Queer) students,” said Rybak.
divisive off-campus issues, which could be “As soon as you take your opinions off
seen as counterproductive. campus I just think it’s buying controversy
“They’re relatively young people in the for very little gain.”
first position of authority that they’ve ever Being partnered with the CFS, student
held,” said University of Toronto business unions tend to follow the policies of the
professor Jeff Rybak. national umbrella organization. Josephine Cusumano won the President’s National entrance scholarship in 2008. PHOto: Chris dale

Show me the money
“All of a sudden you have all this money “Obviously the fact that there are a lot
and you have an organization that you of schools that are communicating with
control, you have resources, and you might the CFS speaks volumes,” said Macleans
even be able to get somebody in the media OnCampus writer Robyn Urback.
to listen to you.” “But it’s a little bit shortsighted to take Scholarship winners get thousands in cheques, no strings attached
The CFS has spoken out to the media — a strong stance on one issue or the other BY Brad whitehouse tuition. The rest of the cash can be picked to have an average above 90 per cent in
along with the Canadian AIDS Society and when you’re being funded with everyone’s associate news editor up at the student services office, no ques- grade 12. They also had to include a list
gay rights group Egale Canada—against money.” tions asked. of extra-curriculars and a personal essay
Canadian Blood Service’s refusal of blood In terms of determining which issues to Last year Ryerson Unversity wrote Jar- Ryerson automatically deducted first on creativity.
donations from men who have sex with advocate or rally against, the CFS hold pro- ed Epp a no-strings-attached cheque for semester’s tuition charged on Epp’s And in order to keep the cash flowing,
men. The CFS has also recently supported vincial and national meetings twice a year, $7,000. Epp wasn’t a Ryerson professor, RAMSS account and handed him the rest. students have to maintain a 3.67 grade
a mandatory long-form census. where every members’ student’s union is or an employee of any kind for that mat- For Josephine Cusumano, a third-year
The Ryerson Students’ Union, a local represented. As new issues are introduced, ter. He is an engineering student, and one urban and regional planning student, her
member of the CFS and representative of though, education-related issues could po- of the winners of the President’s National entire tuition is deducted. Each year, she
all full-time undergraduate and graduate tentially fall by the wayside. Scholarship. gets a cheque for about $3,000. It’s like a prize.
Ryerson students, became involved with “Once you’ve taken on this issue, what’s “It was weird cashing the cheque at the “I can literally do what I want with it,” — Heather Lane Vetere,
the Queers Against Israeli Apartheid group stopping you from taking on another?” bank because they said ‘usually people said Cusumano, who won the scholarship Vice Provost, Students
during 2010’s Pride Parade. said Rybak. “But you shouldn’t say ‘I rep- pay towards university,’ and I said ‘no, the in 2008. “I just pick it up at student ser-
“The RSU passed a motion that was resent 25,000 people,’ you say ‘I represent university is paying me.’ They were hesi- vices.”
unanimous that talked about condemning 25,000 students as students, as anything tant,” said Epp. She spends the money on books, tran-
the decision of Pride Toronto to ban the that affects their education.’” sit passes, and computer software for her point average.
program, but doesn’t have to show any “To be quite honest, a lot of the people
receipts or proof of purchase. from my year — I know some of them
I can literally do what I want “We don’t put any rules around what haven’t been able to renew it because
Tomorrow’s Professionals Apply Today! with it. they can use it for,” says Vice Provost, 3.67 is a really high GPA,” said Cusumano.
— Josephine Cusumano, Students Heather Lane Vetere. “It’s like a This year, Epp missed the cut off by a

Apply Online! third-year student prize.”
Epp put the money towards paying
few grade points, but he says he’s not too
for residence last year. So did one of this He hasn’t looked into whether or not
Valued at $40,000, the President’s Na- year’s winners, first-year business man- he’ll be able to renew his scholarship in
OMSAS tional Scholarship is awarded to five first- agement student Adam Leroux. third year.
Ontario Medical School Application Service year students and is paid out at $10,000 But the money isn’t a giveaway. In “I wasn’t counting on getting the schol-
September 15, 2010: Last day to create an account a year. But forty grand more than covers order to be able to apply, all three had arship,” he said. “I just got lucky, I guess.”
for the online application
October 1, 2010: Application deadline

Students plagued by hidden program costs
BY astoria luzzi fice declined to comment on this matter. number of each type of equipment avail-
OLSAS able if a student is not able to purchase
Ryerson University’s School of Fashion
Ontario Law School Application Service The last installment of tuition was due seems to be the most demanding when it them,” said Burley.
November 1, 2010: Application deadline
for first-year English programs weeks ago but students are still forking comes to ancillary fees, requiring students
May 1, 2011: Application deadline for out large sums for school supplies that to purchase four separate supply kits total-
upper-year programs they did not even know they needed in ing approximately $700. They should just even it out
the first place. “If I hadn’t gotten scholarships, OSAP accross the programs.
The extra cost is mainly due to ancil- would not have covered all of the extra — Catherine Wojnowska
lary fees, additional fees for supplies and costs, and I pretty much would have been first-year early childhood
TEAS equipment that are not included in tuition screwed,” said Trista Capitano, a first-year education
Teacher Education Application Service and are not mentioned before acceptance fashion communication student.
December 1, 2010: Application deadline for English programs in to a program. Since these fees are not Capitano’s first installment of OSAP has
March 1, 2011: Application deadline for French programs
factored into students’ tuition, they are not come through yet and she was forced Other programs are not nearly as harsh
not covered under financial assistance pro- to pay for the supplies out of her own on students when it comes to extra equip-
grams. pocket. ment and cost. Journalism students taking
Sydney Roney, who is a first-year fash- online reporting for instance, have access
ion design student, had a similar expe- to brand-new Motorolla smartphones for
ORPAS rience. Roney did not receive her first a whole semester without any cost.
Ontario Rehabilitation Sciences Programs
If I hadn’t gotten scholar- installment of OSAP in time for her first “I’m disgusted,” said first-year early
Application Service
(Audiology, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy/Physiotherapy, ships, OSAP would not have classes and was forced to pay for the ancil- childhood education student Catherine
Speech-Language Pathology) covered all the extra costs. lary fees by taking a bank loan. Wojnowska. “They should just even it out
January 7, 2011: Application deadline — Trista Capitano, first-year Ryerson image arts students also face across the programs.”
fashion student high ancillary fees because their program Students can find ancillary fee informa-
requires them to buy a host of lighting tion online, but the listed departmental
and exposure equipment, said Roberts ancillary fees are vague and far from ac-
170 Research Lane
Guelph ON N1G 5E2 For students relying on the Ontario Stu- Burley, director of photography. Students curate. The guidelines list a fee of $140 for dent Assistance Program (OSAP), this poses are also advised to invest in their own digi- fashion students and $160 for image arts
a problem because additional educational tal cameras, which further increases their students, which is only a fraction of what
costs cannot be taken into account for re- expenses. is actually being charged to student bank
assessment between terms. The OSAP of- “What we do is try to have a certain accounts.
6 The Eyeopener NEWS Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Stephen Lewis
a bargain for Ryerson
BY Diana hall Lewis, who is best known for his contri-
butions as former UN Special Envoy for HIV/
Ryerson snatched visiting professor AIDS in Africa, will be mak-
Stephen Lewis for a very reasonable price, ing visits to gradu-
according to Sheldon Levy, the university’s ate classes this
president semester and
Although Levy would not confirm Lewis’ will take up a
exact salary, he noted that it is less than the co-teaching
$50 000 to $80 000 range typically paid to role for under-
high-profile visiting lecturers. graduate cours-
“[It is] a relatively small amount com- es in the winter.
pared to what would normally be for some- Ryer-
one of his stature.” son pre-
Stephen Lewis, a long-time global and sented
community activist, has entered a three- b o t h
year teaching contract as Distinguished Vis- L e w i s Stephen Lewis. Photo:
iting Professor with the faculties of arts and and his Ryerson University
community services. wife, Michele Landsberg, with honorary
“I think it’s a great catch for the university doctorates in 2007. Lewis is expected to
and I think he is a great professor,” said Levy. give at least two public lectures through-
Many students don’t know the bike room exists because of its location. Photo: Jordan Campbell Faculty of Arts interim dean Mark out the term that will be open to both stu-
Lovewell said on Saturday it made “perfect dents and the surrounding community.

Bike room a bust
sense” for Stephen Lewis to take up a teach- “[Lewis] can act as a marvellous leading
ing position at Ryerson. voice,” said Lovewell, citing Lewis’s advo-
“He is impressed ... with the direction Ry- cacy for community involvement. “I expect
erson is heading. He is really excited.” great things from him.”
Locking up a bike at Ryerson could cost students more than their ride
BY Hilary caton demic year, or $120 for a full calendar year “I wouldn’t feel safe going back there.
on top of tuition fees. Perhaps it’s meant to discourage petty
Shauna Kewin bikes to campus every “I won’t ever use it because I have to theft, but I still wouldn’t feel safe especial-
day. But the fourth-year social work stu- pay for it. If you count all those months, ly as a female in athletic gear, “said third-
dent has never used the bike room and my bike costs way less than that,” Kewin year nursing student Charmaine Gust. November 8, 9 & 10, 2010
doesn’t plan on keeping her bike there said. Still, Corallo, says that the area is safe Metro Toronto Convention Centre
this year either. The reason: it would cost But John Corallo, director of ancillary for students.
her more than her bike is worth. services at Ryerson doesn’t think that “Security has their bike storage there
“Why lock it up there when I can park students are being overcharged. too and is in there on a daily basis and se-
my bike out here for free?” said Kewin. “It’s a reasonable price to run the bike curity also monitors the room and so does The STudenT’S
The bike room originally opened to the
Ryerson community in November 2008.
room and it’s the same price the city [of
Toronto] offers,” said Corallo, the director
ancillary staff “ he said.
PerfecT forum
The entire project, which included clear- of Ryerson’s ancillary services. Our student track includes nutritionist/
ing the building and laneway, as well as Reasonable or not, many students
blogger Meghan Telpner; Olympic
installing bike racks cost the university a didn’t even know that the bike room I wouldn’t feel safe
total of $75,000. The room has security existed. going back there. heroes Alexandre Bilodeau, Jen Heil,
surveillance and is patrolled regularly by After its launch, Ryerson hoped its — Charmaine Gust, Lauren Woolstencroft and Clara Hughes;
Ryerson Security. It could be home to 65 bicycle room would be “a focal point on third-year student Lieutenant-General Roméo Dallaire and
bikes, but right now it’s almost empty. For campus” and encourage more eco-friendly
many students, it’s just too expensive. transportation. But its location is more According to Ryerson Security there
Shaun Majumder.
hidden than focal. have been 26 bike thefts since last
All for just $25!
Located at the back of 110 Bond Street, September.
access to the bike room can be found “We haven’t had any thefts from the
(a value of $1,150)
either through an alley entrance via Dun- bike room,” said Imre Juurlink of Ryerson
Why lock it up there das Street West, through the pathway Security. “Never say never, but we haven’t
when I can park my around Lake Devo and the G. Raymond had any yet and it’s been open for well
bike out here for free? Chang School of Continuing Education, over a year.”
— Shauna Kewin, or through a makeshift metal pathway But despite the security of locking up
fourth-year student between the continuous constructions on their bikes, some students still won’t be
Bond Street. using the bike room any time soon.
For students to keep their bikes free The fact that its access points are “The fact that it isn’t advertised, it
from the elements, it will set them back through hidden pathways immediately maybe says a lot about Ryerson’s green
$10 a month for a total of $80 for the aca- spooks cyclists. incentives,” said Gust.

Profs disappointed with education quality
BY Michael Duncan ition in the country. shortage and 55 per cent said class sizes
The province also boasts one of the were increasing. HealthAchieve is one of North America’s
The quality of education in Ontario has highest student to teacher ratios in the “It is too simple to say that education largest and most-respected health
declined over the last year, according to a country at 26 to 1, compared to the na- has declined: rather, it has been trans-
care conferences and exhibitions. It is a
survey of university staff. tional average of 19 to 1. formed, and it is in a state of collapse,”
The study was conducted by the On- But faculty-student ratios do not tell said Stuart Murray, associate professor of
must-attend event for the entire health
tario Confederation of University Faculty the whole story, according to John Milloy, rhetoric in Ryerson’s Faculty of Arts. care community, including future leaders
Associations (OCUFA) and surveyed 16,000 the Minister of Training, Colleges and Uni- One of the main reasons for the decline like you.
university professors and faculty members. versities for Ontario. is a lack of funding, with Ontario receiving
Fifty-seven per cent believed the quality “People throw around this faculty-stu- less than the national average.
of university education had gone down. dent ratio but I think its hard to translate Although Ontario’s government has ac-
“We see this as a disturbing result and into the student experience, which is why tually increased funding of post secondary
a warning bell to our universities, our I am more concerned with how students education, the boost has been offset by an Registration & Information:
governments and our students as we are feel.” increase in enrollment in Ontario universi-
trying to deliver quality of education to Milloy cited a survey in which 79 per ties .
an increasing number of students,” said cent of students said they were satisfied “If we want our students to go on to Follow us:
Mark Langer, OCUFA President & Director with their post-secondary experience. lead useful and productive lives and com-
CUASA. The OCUFA study also reported 51 per pete internationally then we need to give
This comes at a time when Ontario stu- cent of respondents said classes and pro- them the support that other jurisdictions
dents are paying the highest average tu- grams had been cut due to a funding give them,” said Langer.
Wednesday, September 22, 2010 NEWS The Eyeopener 7

G20 discussion leads to arrest Briefs &
If anyone offers you turtle soup
in the next few days, be careful. A
staff member reported that one of
her three turtles had been taken
from her aquarium in the Podium
building last Tuesday.

Some students were found
walking on top of cars on Bond
Street at 1.45 a.m. last Thursday,
and they didn’t even bother to
make sure their shoes were clean
beforehand. Footprints were re-
moved but no real damage was
done. Two of the five people
caught had been in a fight on
campus 20 minutes earlier. Their
parents must be proud.

We’re not sure what sort of
weekend a thief had planned
after bottles of hot sauce, Tabasco
sauce and a box of plastic gloves
were stolen overnight on Friday
from Maggie’s Cafeteria in the ILLC.
Alleged G20 ringleader Alex Hundert was arrested Sept. 17 after speaking at the “Strengthening Our Resolve” panel at
Ryerson University. Police say it was a breach of his bail condition that he not participate in any public demonstration. Security recognized a man who
“It’s outrageous,” said Ryerson political science professor Judy Rebick who organized the event and invited Hundert to talk. had been known to urinate on
“Nobody in the world could call it a protest. He was just speaking.” PHOTO: Lauren Strapagiel the Podium balcony. Apparently
compliant and apologetic when

Don’t Just Dream
confronted on Sunday, he was
escorted off campus before any
more damage could be done.

Ryerson security was called to
the engineering building for a very

About It ...
serious emergency. A student was
balancing on a 2x4 on top of a
wooden spool.

— Lee Richardson

Make money!
Consign your books at
the Used Book Room! PHOTO: Brad Whitehouse

This sidewalk chalk message
from Campus For Christ was
scrawled across Gould Street this

SELL BOOKS week as an advertisement for their

coffee house meetings. If this
doesn’t bring people in the door,

we’re not sure what will. Frankly,
we’re just disappointed that the
artist forgot to leave their phone

Ex-Ryerson student
appeals terrorist
Zakaria Amara, 25, is appeal-
ing his life sentence on the basis
that he was young at the time he
planned to detonate truck bombs
with the infamous Toronto 18.
Amara pleaded guilty to know-
ingly participating in a terrorist
group and intending to cause
an explosion for the benefit of a
terrorist group.

He may spend the rest of
his life in jail unless he is granted

His lawyer claims that Amara
Monday to Thursday 8:30am to 9:00pm should have received 18 to 20
Friday 8:30am to 6:00pm years instead of the maximum
Student Centre, 55 Gould St.
Saturday 11:00am to 5:00pm •
Run by Students for Students punishment.
— Brad Whitehouse
8 The Eyeopener FEATURES Wednesday, September 22, 2010

What’s On a quest
to combat
her brewing
Kim Hession

WRONG investigates
rates are

with rising among


I’m sad, lonely, stressed-out and dys- reported feeling depressed and 94 per actually depressed. “Things like fatigue, to end her treatment: “One day I just said
functional. I can’t sleep because as soon cent reported feeling overwhelmed by lack of sleep, poor nutrition — they all ‘I don’t want to do this anymore’. It was my
as I lie down, images of course syllabuses lingering tasks they’ve yet to accomplish. mimic the symptoms of depression. I get decision. I was just like ‘I’m okay’. And that
and floor-length to-do lists scroll through But are these lingering tasks, worries and very few patients who are legitimately, felt really good.”
my brain. I raid the fridge late at night and doubts not a natural part of transitioning clinically depressed.” While I realize that I don’t suffer from
wake up with raging bouts of acne. Most from adolescence to adulthood? While This could be accredited to the low the immobilizing clinical depression that
mornings, all I feel like doing is stuffing it’s tough adjusting to added responsibil- number of students willing to use men- Jack and many other students have experi-
my face with frozen dinners, watching ity and independence, can I justify find- tal health services. According to the JED enced, my growing anxieties are a concern
sad movies and frantically checking my ing emotional stability in antidepressant Foundation, an organization committed and need to be dealt with.
Facebook page to assure myself I have drugs without at least trying to change my to prevent suicide among university stu- One thing that has contributed to my
friends. lifestyle first? dents, only 20 per cent of post-secondary feelings of isolation and anxiety is the
More than three self-diagnosis websites students say they would seek help at their amount of time I spend on the internet.
confirm my suspicions — my symptoms campus counseling center. Yet there are While the internet bares a necessary pres-
suggest that I’m depressed and should Suicide is the second high- an abundance of studies that show a ris- ence in my life as a student, it’s also a con-
visit a physician. But I’m hesitant to see a est cause of death among ing numbers of students who are suffering stant distraction that keeps me up at night
doctor; anxious that I’ll be tempted to en- university students. from depression and anxiety. and deters me from living a well-rounded,
ter the world of antidepressants: a world — The JED Foundation After a year of dealing with developing physically active life.
that’s becoming increasingly populated signs of depression, third-year nursing stu- Jack dodged the realities of
by Canadians, many of whom are post- I’m a fourth-year journalism student dent Ashleigh Jack knew she needed help. her life by streaming televi-
secondary students. and I no longer have time for sleep-ins and It was in first-year that she noticed a shift sion shows from the inter-
According to IMS Health Canada, a com- afternoon naps. I eat cake mix and pizza for in her mental well-being and from then net. “They’d distract me,
pany that tracks prescription drug sales, breakfast. I drink coffee and vodka instead on things got worse. Jack became increas- and then
almost 35-million antidepressant prescrip- of water. The most physical part of my day ingly lethargic: “I didn’t want to do any-
tions were filled last year. A sales total that is the steep climb to my second-floor bed- thing. When somebody called me I didn’t
exceeded $1.5 billion. Students are one room. I have a sneaking suspicion that I’m answer because I didn’t want to hang out. I
of the fastest growing groups of people in need of a healthier lifestyle. never wanted to leave my house.”
reporting symptoms of depression. I call naturopath Dr. Vanessa Lee, who Though it was a daunting decision to
A recent study in the New England practices acupuncture and natural medi- make, in the winter term of her second-
Journal revealed that 45 per cent of the cine in Yorkville. Upon hearing that I’m year, Jack consulted her family doctor.
13, 500 post-secondary students surveyed a university student, she suggests I in- While she was unaware of the services Ry-
crease the nutrition in my diet, and that erson provides for students dealing with
I make sure to get around eight hours of depression and anxiety at the Centre for
sleep each night. Lowering my coffee in- Student Development and Counseling,
take will help void my anxieties and keep Jack admits that even if she had known
me better hydrated. Lee also stresses the about them, she’d rather visit a doctor who
importance of daily exercise. Her sugges- is familiar to her.
tions seem simple, yet I’ve struggled to Jack’s doctor prescribed her antidepres-
follow them since leaving home four years sant drugs along with the recommenda-
ago. tion to see a psychologist. “It’s not that you
Practicing medicine since 2004, Lee says just take a pill and you’re happy,” she says,
she has not noticed a dramatic increase in “but it [gave] me the motivation to try and
the amount of student patients who are be happier,” says Jack.
With the dual support of anti-depres-
sants and her psychologist, Jack was able
to cope with the pressures of university
life. Almost one year later she was ready

Wednesday, September 22, 2010 FEATURES The Eyeopener 9

I’d realize, oh yeah, that’s not my life,” she before a soccer game. I try balancing with at night. For the most part, I am happier. Of ders such as ‘mild anxiety depression’, ‘psy-
said. my bum in the air but I stop breathing be- course there are still moments of surging chosis risk syndrome’, and ‘temper dysregu-
A study released in August reveals that cause I’m trying so hard and I topple over. I anxiety and sometimes deep bouts of de- lation disorder’ are set to be published in
young people who spend more than five feel frustrated and incompetent. Yoga’s not the latest edition of the mental health bible
hours a day on the web are one and a half for me. — Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Men-
times more likely to develop depression I attend my first drumming circle in Bloor tal Disorders. It’s publication will provide
than those who don’t. West, where a rambunctious crowd is gath- With the release of a new symptoms for doctors to diagnose things
As I browse the internet, joining an ar- ered. The echoing bangs of the drums make mental health guide, leading like toddler tantrums, and even binge-eating
ray of online networks to feel like part of a me want to sing and scream and yell. People experts fear that people will disorders. With the release of this new men-
community, and playing countless games chant when they feel like it, dance when be unnecessarily medicated. tal health guide, leading experts in the field
of Tetris to put off doing school-work, I they feel like it, and sit when They worry that soon, no one fear that people will be unnecessarily medi-
wonder if the internet is partially respon- they feel like it. There is will go undiagnosed; that cated. They worry that soon, no one will go
sible for my impending sense of doom. no instructor, just there will no longer be a pa- undiagnosed; that there will no longer be a
Could the internet be a catalyst for full- a community of tient who is simply normal. patient who is simply normal.
blown depression? people working to- As people, our self-identities often rely
Well, if it is, I’m ready to stand up for my- gether, at whatever on how we’ve been classified, summed up
self. No longer will I give into its seductive pace they feel pression, but for the most part taking con- as a character and placed into different cat-
glares. Actually, I’m pretty confident that like, to create trol of my schedule has equipped me with egories. Diagnosing myself — with the aid
I can give the internet, depression, some kind the emotional stability I haven’t felt in three of the internet — felt powerful. But I don’t
and anxiety a run for its money. I can of unifying years. believe that search engines can accurately
do anything. I’m Hillary Clinton. energy. I It would be ignorant to suggest that sim- organize how I feel. I don’t think that a set of
So I map out a weekly schedule can stand ply drinking more water and banging on a symptoms necessarily make up one problem
for the first time in my life, allotting there yell- bongo drum once a week will ensure you or one disorder. I’ve stopped using self-diag-
time for exercise, socializing and ing for a a stress and anxiety-free year. I have never nosis websites and have opted to continue
homework. I colour code it. I commit to whole hour struggled with a serious mental disorder. But exploring lifestyle measures that help me
getting at least six hours of sleep a night. if I feel like I do think that the awful but awesome uni- deal with the stresses I’m confronted with
I strap a water bottle to my body so that it. It is the versity experience would cause stress in any rather than allowing them to
I drink a minimum of two litres a day. If I perfect way human being. It’s about finding methods for cripple me.
want coffee, I force myself to drink an ex- to release my dealing with this stress that prevent
tra glass of water with it. I cut back on my stress and I it from turning into something
computer usage and swap my web brows- decide to start more serious.
ing for a jog five times a week. attending once For many of us, post-secondary
I recruit friends and family to help me a week. is the in-between.We aren’t grown-
on my pursuit of minimizing stress and With a little bit ups yet, but we can’t get away with
anxiety levels. A friend takes me to yoga of perseverance, being kids anymore. And though
class, claiming it is the ultimate antidote for the changes in putting a label on the way we feel
depression. I’m crammed into a roomful of my lifestyle have might give us some validation, I think
sweaty, lycra-covered women. I’m the only made me stron- that it makes us feel even less in con-
one exhaling when everyone else is inhal- ger. I am able to trol.
ing. It feels like a torturingly long stretch concentrate and to sleep Diagnoses for disor-

E !
Re-discover the campus • Re-discover the city • Re-discover the friendships

Searing Spikes and Dynamic Discussion – Saturday, October 2
Upper Gym Rogers Communications Centre: Eaton Lecture Theatre
1:30 p.m - 3:30 p.m. 1:30 p.m - 2:30 p.m.
• Cheer on the men’s volleyball team while they battle • Don’t miss this lively discussion and the chance to
Université de Sherbrooke share your opinion
• Contests, prizes and free gifts for the first 100 alumni • Hear from these expert panelists and more

Moderator: Adam Froman Abby Goodrum Marissa Nelson Chris Nguyen
The Velma Rogers Graham
Dwight Drummond CEO, Delvinia Research Chair and
Senior Editor, Co-Founder of
Crime Specialist, Digital News,,
Associate Professor,
CityNews Toronto Star Ryerson Digital
Ryerson School
of Journalism Media Zone

In partnership with

10 The Eyeopener SPORTS Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A new generation of leadership
Last season was a major step forward for the men’s hockey team, but the team faces an identity crisis now that its core group
of leaders has moved on. Who will the next wave of captains be? Evan Boudreau investigates
It’s a preseason practice a few weeks the core group of players that led them
before the start of the season and head to previously unimaginable heights —
coach Graham Wise calls his charges over four-time MVP captain Kevin Krasnowski
to the whiteboard for a team talk. and assistants Kevin Day and Stewart
As Wise scribbles his X’s and O’s, some D’Eall — have all graduated.
players stare into the distance, their atten- Unless the team’s leadership conun-
tion only partially held by the marker tip. drum is resolved by a new wave of go-to
Not Marcus Booth: on his knees in a guys, a major setback in the standings is
half-eagle spread, his gaze is fixed for- all but guaranteed.
ward, absorbing every word coming from Last season the team skated to a
the coach’s mouth. 12-13-3 record — its best in 20 years —
The “blonde boomer”, as his coach and and swept rival University of Toronto in
teammates fondly refer to him as, is al- the first round of the playoffs.
ways front-and-centre. His presence on Before Wise’s arrival in 2006, the team
and off the ice puts him in prime position was just a part-time coach, an assortment
to assume a great honour this year: the of individuals, and two-win seasons.
captaincy. Krasnowski was the team’s engine: vo-
“I definitely hope I’m a contender [for cal in the locker room, respected around Coach Graham Wise runs over plays with the team in a preseason practice. PHOTO: EVAN BOUDREAU
captain]…and that I score 600 goals,” said campus, and a high-scoring playmaker on
Booth after practice, with mismatched the ice. Now Wise must select a replace- community. But he isn’t the only one in for the captaincy, but he’s quick to deflect get a letter. The third-year sniper insists
socks and a goofy grin on his face. His ment to fill his skates. the mix. praise onto Booth. it won’t change him one bit.
focus on the ice and happy-go-lucky de- “We’ve got a lot of good guys, quality An hour before practice, before the “Booth, he’s just a really vocal guy in “Being a captain isn’t a reward, it’s a re-
meanour off it endears teammates to him. kids and that makes it hard,” said Wise.“It’s arena lights have even warmed up, the dressing room,” said Schmermund. sponsibility,” he said. Back on the ice, the
But the captaincy is much more than an important decision.” second-year winger Matt Schmermund “If the guys aren’t doing what they’re team sets up for a drill. Booth scurries to
embroidery: it is the heartbeat of a team Booth captained his junior team be- is already working on the ice. He’s too supposed to, he keeps them in line.” his skates and calls out to his teammates.
under tremendous pressure to build fore coming to Ryerson and also earned busy threading pucks through makeshift Brent Small is another player getting “Don’t forget the passes!” he cries. Let-
upon the foundation of success that the Blue ‘R’ Award during the 2008-2009 pylons to bother changing into uniform. the coach’s consideration. Wise has even ter or no letter, that’s just what he does —
has been laid these past few years. And season for his commitment to the athletic Teammates frequently mention him guaranteed that both he and Booth will and the other guys take notice.

Dancing my dignity away Back from the brink
Follow new Stinger Taylor Lambert as she chronicles
the women’s hockey team’s path to the CIS
BY rob moysey
Sports editor My name is Taylor Lambert, and I have
dedicated my entire life to hockey. While
attending a tryout for Team Saskatchewan,
I suffered a life-changing injury that would
When this week rolled around, I knew it was time for my next inevitably bring me halfway across the
tryout as sports editor. The two biggest fears most people have country to the Ryerson women’s hockey
are of dying and public speaking. Not me. I’d take both over fac- team.
ing my worst nightmare — dancing. At age 13 I left city for Wilcox, Sask.,
Some people have two left feet. I’ve got two left clubfeet. I a town of only 200 people with only four
either look like I’m having a seizure or I’ve gone comatose. streets — and we played road hockey on
Naturally I was distraught when my editor-in-chief insisted every one.
I try out for the dance pak. Her selling point was that it would After coming home from a teaching mission in Uganda, I was
be funny. Making a fool of myself at basketball tryouts is one back on the ice for Team Saskatchewan tryouts. Because of extreme
thing; doing so in front of twenty-plus lovely women is an- jetlag, I wasn’t able to play my best and had one last chance to
other. prove myself. Warm-ups had just begun when I felt my entire chest
First thing I see when I walk into the studio are women tighten, my throat swell, and a sharp pain in my heart and stomach.
doing splits. Is it wrong for me to say that I was both turned Clutching my stomach, I felt all of my weight fall on my knees.
on and terrified? I remember waking up with my teammates offering me water
I don’t hazard more than a polite smile. I’m afraid my voice and helping to wipe blood from my nose. My head was ringing and
will crack like a prepubescent boy about to go on his first date. all I could do was cry. I knew my tryout was over.
The limits of my flexibility are already tested in the At the hospital I was diagnosed with Malaria and Hepatitis A. My
20-minute warm-up. Then come the splits. As my legs inch liver and kidneys were infected, but all I wanted was to play.
further apart, I feel like I’m on a medieval torture rack. I didn’t make it to the national level that summer, but I did make
Finally, we move onto dance steps. As I un-contort myself, the AAA Female team despite the doctor’s orders.
I notice a few women smiling at me. That’s a good sign. One I was excited to play, but my health deteriorated quickly and I
even coaches me: “Arms up, arms up!” I sheepishly nod. fell down the depth chart. The scholarships from Yale and Princeton
When the twirling drills come along, my simple male mind I had received were hastily rescinded.
gets lost in the flurry of steps, spins, and pirouettes. I stumble I decided to come to Ryerson to pursue not only my passion as a
over myself and it really starts to sink in just how talented journalist, but rehabilitate my passion as a hockey player.
these dancers are. I’m excited to be part of the Ryerson Stingers. As a feisty five-foot
The dancers give me a round of applause anyway, and I do winger, I hope to help the team reach the CIS for next season —
a little bow. I’m no dancer, but I put on quite the show. a journey I will document for the Eyeopener this year.
The team’s talents range from beginning skaters to competitive
Wish you could have been there? You can check out players. It’s going to be an uphill battle.
the video of my performance at It appears we’re the underdogs this season; stay tuned for our
Try not to laugh too hard. Cinderella finish.

8877-Fosters Campus Flexform_10x13.57.indd 1 11/08/10 9:35 AM
Wednesday, September 22, 2010 BUSINESS The Eyeopener 11

How 3-D
Movies Are


use a two
system to
capture a given scene from
multiple perspectives — one
for the left eye, and one for
the right.

Footage is

brought into
the editing
room, where
a team of
special effects technicians
combine the footage into
a 3-D product.

PHOTO: Jordan campbell

This ain’t Avatar
One Ryerson professor is hoping to refine our 3-D viewing experience for the better
on the
desired effect
or mood,
may incorporate computer-
generated imagery (CGI) in
BY Jeff Lagerquist separately at each eye is used to create the illu- Bloor Radio, says a basic 46” 3-DTV starts at just
order to achieved subtle or
sion of depth. under $2000. Both Rogers and Bell, meanwhile, different 3-D effects which
Not entirely convinced 3-D is worth your Using a sophisticated piece of software called are rumored to begin offering 3-D television cannot be achieved with
time? That’s something one Ryerson professor is content by the end of this year. traditional cameras.
hoping to change. Groundabreaking research at However, making 3-D more accessible has
the school’s Digital Cinema and Advanced Visu- some concerned the effect could be potentially
alization Lab could make wearing those embar- Watching 3-D on a television is harmful for regular viewers.
The footage is

rassing glasses slightly more enjoyable for movie more comparable to looking “It’s not natural, and we don’t know the long
watchers at home and in theatres. through a window into a 3-D term effects. 3-D does things to your brain reviewed, and
“We’re looking to gauge the responses to 3-D world.” which we don’t fully understand yet,” Grunberg the amount
in different forms in order to determine what’s — Richard Grunberg, explained. of 3-D depth
good 3-D and bad 3-D,” said Richard Grunberg, RTA professor Samsung warns on its website, for example,
is adjusted as
professor with Ryerson’s school of radio and that 3-D viewing could induce a number of
needed. The goal is to make
television arts. unpleasant side effects, including altered vision,
the 3-D subtle enough that a
The answer, he explains, could be found on a faceLAB, researchers will try to determine a view- involuntary eye and muscle movements and
viewer’s face. Grunberg intends to measure the er’s point of focus using coordinates in virtual nausea. The company also notes that the effect
viewer’s focus remains on the
eye movements and facial expressions of volun- space, while additional equipment measures is best experienced sober. content, not the effect.
teers as they are shown children’s programming the body’s physiological response. The idea is to However, Grunberg and his team plan to stay
in four different formats, ranging from extremely find a sweet spot where 3-D and high-definition
high definition 3-D to lower quality 2-D footage. images are the most effective and entertaining,
“We want to analyze how people react to the with the hope of creating better production
different formats and then quantify the results. guidelines for the filmmaking community.
That way we can determine, for example, if a 6 But while Grunberg sees the potential for 3-D It’s not natural, and we don’t
to 10-year-old reacts more to 4K high definition to enhance the viewing experience on the big know the long term effects. 3-D
screen, he admits there are differences when does things to your brain which
we don’t fully understand yet.”

viewed on a smaller scale.
The final
“On the large screen you’re more immersed — Richard Grunberg,
product is
The idea is to find a sweet spot in the experience. It pretty much fills your field RTA professor
where 3-D and high-defintion of view depending on where you are sitting in
distributed to
images are the most effective the audience,” he explains. “The imagery is much theatres and
and entertaining.” more sensational. Watching 3-D on a television is on the forefront of 3-D research. “I think we’re cinemas for
more comparable to looking through a window approaching the limitations of what human viewing. A special projector
into a 3-D world.” beings can actually perceive,” he said. That sends each frame to one
images,” compared to other broadcast formats, The distinction is an important one. As 3-D means researching ways in which to optimize eye at a time, but special
said Grunberg. enters the home, viewers will have the oppor- current and upcoming viewing experiences. polarized glasses are used to
Unlike traditional 2-D content, viewing con- tunity to experience the effect on a far more “Do people really get a greater response from
combine the two images into
tent in stereoscopic 3-D basically amounts to frequent basis. 3-D? [And] by how much?” The study should
a coherent 3-D effect.
playing a trick on your brain; projecting images David Long, a sales representative at Bay- produce results within a year.
— Matthew braga
12 The Eyeopener BUSINESS Wednesday, September 22, 2010

This classroom is freezing and we’re
all soaked, I smell a flu-laden mutiny

See something strange on @MattDemers
campus? Administration got you Woo, fire alarm in Kerr Hall at
down? If you’re on Twitter, use the #Ryerson. And here I thought I’d be
#eyeforatweet hashtag to share late for class.
you frustration, or just make us
laugh. If we like what we see, we
may just print it! And follow @ @tommy_gee
theeyeopener for all your Ryerson OSAP entails waiting in a line for 30
news. mins even with an appointment,
then going upstairs and waiting in
another for 45 mins.
Hey Ryerson: Stop buying your T.P.
from the ‘tissue paper’ section of @kennedyryan
the dollar store. Never thought I’d Why does my building now feel
use quarter-ply... #eyeforatweet like I live in a Ryerson residence?

@kev_hoang @ChrisEnsing
At least 200 students took GEO702 Good God. Quidditch this weekend.
Edwin Chan took just 21 seconds to solve RMobile’s Crack the Code contest. Photo: Lauren Strapagiel last fall, yet I can only find 5 people I get it EVERYONE WHO HAS
selling used copies of the txtbk. EVER wrote for @theeyeopener.

Cracking Ryerson’s Mobile Crowd What’s up Ryerson? #eyeforatweet #stopsnitchin

BY Nicole Siena explains. “We had originally talked about campus through an interactive map.
just getting library services onto mobile However, McCarthy has even bigger
For student Edwin Chan, it took only devices, but then it exploded once plans for future iterations of the software.
21 seconds to crack the final code. This we talked with SIFE (Students in Free “I want the ability to take a book off the
wasn’t a video game, or even a classroom Enterprise) and got involved with the shelf at Chapters, scan the barcode with
assignment, but Ryerson Mobile’s Crack Digital Media Zone.” your phone, and see if Ryerson’s library
The Code contest — a scavenger-style In fact, since the launch of RMobile has it in the catalogue,” he said.
hunt designed to raise awareness for the last year, there have been more than Other ideas include a mobile version
school’s mobile service. 63,000 page views, which equates to at of Soapbox, the school’s new online
Students were required to solve least 8,000 unique users — a third of the suggestions system, and real-time scores
Ryerson-themed challenges during the university’s undergraduate population. and stats for the university’s varsity sports
first week of classes, and combine the teams — assuming you’re not a BlackBerry
resulting clues at the end of the week to user, that is.
uncover the final code. “We checked the stats,” explained
“I was blown away,” explained Graham I want the ability to take McCarthy. “It’s mostly Androids and
McCarthy, web services librarian with a book off the shelf at iPhones that are being used on campus,
Ryerson, who helped spearhead the Chapters, scan the barcode [and] only a small percentage of people
contest. “I thought I’d get 100 people, and with your phone, and see if are using BlackBerrys.”
hopefully have 15 or 20 people finish.” Ryerson’s library has it.” This is largely due to differences
Instead, almost one thousand students — Graham McCarthy, with the BlackBerry OS, which makes
accepted the challenge. Of those users, web services librarian development more difficult and time-
125 have successfully cracked the code consuming than with other smartphones
thus far. Top finalists were awarded Sony — though, that could change as newer
PlayStation 3 gaming consoles and Adobe McCarthy only expects those numbers to models are introduced.
Creative Suite software. increase as services improve, and mobile Meanwhile, though Crack The Code
The contest is part of a larger initiative devices become more widespread. is officially over, students are still free
encouraging students to take advantage Accessible via, to continue working on challenges, or
of the Ryerson Mobile site. Since it’s the site differs from the regular Ryerson even start from the beginning, with the
inception more than a year ago, McCarthy portal in that it is configured to fit possibility of future contests.
and the RMobile team have been working comfortably on smaller screens, and As for the future of RMobile, McCarthy is
to give those with mobile devices better takes the limitations of mobile browsers looking forward to pushing new updates
access to school related information. into account. Students can look up class and features in the coming months. Those
“The project was a collaboration schedules, staff and faculty directories, who wish to leave feedback can contact
that started back in February 2009,” he and even find directions to other areas on

Be the next big thing in business with StartMeUp Ryerson
Looking to create your own ness to the next level.” award winning program.” Discovering resources:
RMobile-inspired success story? The program offers every- StartMeUp Ryerson turns At this point, students at-
From generating ideas to real- thing from idea consultation your idea into reality with four tempt to solve any issues
izing the final product, Start- to expert feedback, as well as easy steps: using the various resources
MeUp Ryerson ­— a running crash courses in entrepreneur- accessible through the Start-
project of Students in Free En- ship and funding strategy. Program orientation: MeUp program – including
terprise (SIFE) Ryerson — helps Most importantly, students This introductory step es- multimedia, journals, and
budding entrepreneurs each have access to over $1 million tablishes the groundwork additional expert advice.
step of the way. in funding ­— including a pos- required to generate a busi-
The service is free for all sible $25,000 business grant ness plan, and the viability Funding:
Ryerson students, no strings for participating in the annual of the idea. In the final stage, funding
attached. Slaight Communications Busi- is procured through various
“We turn entrepreneurs’ ness Plan Competition.
Idea consultation: sources, including govern-
ideas into reality,” says Mark “If you are passionate about
The second step provides ment grants and the Ryer-
budding entrepreneurs the son Angel Network. It’s here
Coleman, director of StartMeUp something, we are here to
opportunity to receive feed- that a detailed business
Ryerson. help, no matter what,” says
back and guidance from plan becomes crucial for a
“We have anything they Coleman. “We are not going to
expert advisors, including succesful business venture.
would need to take their busi- shoot you down. We have an
successful entrepreneurs. — Michael Chu
Wednesday, September 22, 2010 ARTS & LIFE The Eyeopener 13

Curry Coconut Lentil Soup So you think you can be a vegan?
Lentils are full of protein and iron, two essen-
tials of a vegan diet. The curry and coconut milk are Brian Boudreau reports on
warm and creamy and the corn and red pepper add
sweetness. It’s the perfect vegan comfort food for
when it gets chilly outside. how to stay healthy while on the

1 tbsp olive oil 1 cup chopped
most particular of diets
1 tbsp curry powder mushrooms
1 tsp ground cumin 2 carrots finely chopped Photo: Lauren Strapagiel
1 pinch nutmeg 1 can lentils, drained Directions
1 tsp red pepper flakes 1 can coconut milk
1. Heat the oil in a large pot over medium heat. Add
Salt and pepper to taste 2 tbsps tomato paste
the onion, garlic, pepper, corn, mushrooms and carrots.
1 small onion, chopped 2 cups vegetable broth Cook until the onions turn translucent. Add in the curry
1 clove garlic, chopped (dissolve 1 vegetable powder, cumin, nutmeg, red pepper flakes, salt and
1 red pepper, chopped bouillon cube into 2 pepper. Stir and let cook a few minutes longer.
1 cup frozen corn cups boiling water)
1 potato, cubed 2. Add in the lentils, potato, vegetable broth, coconut
milk and tomato paste. Give everything a stir. Bring
the mixture to a boil then reduce to a simmer until the
potato is tender.

Photo: Lindsay Boeckl

Bruschetta: one of the many vegan-friendly dishes at
Oakham Café.
Imagine having to give up your trendy “I wasn’t taking the right amount of nu-
leather jacket, switch from your favourite trients,” Wu said. “I became very sick. I had
shampoo and stop eating Skittles. While low iron and calcium, so I had to stop.”
clothing and candy may not be involved Since starting at Ryerson this year, Wu
in thoughts about your daily diet, they’re has resumed her vegetarian tendencies.
sacrifices necessary to maintaining a life- She plans on being more careful this time
style that is growing rapidly at Ryerson. and said that it’s all about “getting all the
Veganism. nutrients that [you] need.”

CHECK YOUR PACKAGE If practised correctly it can indeed be
a healthy diet. But if you’re not careful a
restrictive diet like veganism can be det-
By making a conscious effort, vegans
really can get all they need to stay healthy.
The key is in planning your meals to in-

• Cancer of the testicles is the most common form of rimental to your health. Vegans eliminate
all animal by-products from their diets, in-
clude all vital nutrients and minerals.
With the growing popularity of the veg-
cancer among young men between 15-35 years of age cluding, but not restricted to, animal flesh, an lifestyle, access to important nutritional

• 95% can be completely cured if found early dairy and eggs. As a result, many vegans
protect themselves from harmful toxins
supplements has become much easier.
Specialty organic stores are popping up
• Perform self-exams every month that might be present in animal products. around Toronto and many regular grocery
“I used to get really bad migraines,” said stores, such as Loblaws, have stocked up
SEE YOUR DOCTOR IF YOU HAVE: Heather Sadkowski, first-year social work on various tofu and seitan products.
•Pain or dull ache in your testicles, lower abdomen or groin student, a former vegan and current veg- First-year sociology student Kayla Zim-
•Heaviness or pulling in your scrotum or lower abdomen etarian. “But they stopped within a week merman practises veganism for reasons
•A lump on one of your testicles other than her health. She considers it
“more of a spiritual thing.”
She views animals as equal to humans.
Consequentially, they consider killing ani-
mals an act of cruelty. For this reason she
also refuses to wear fur and leather or use
I became very sick. I had cosmetics and products that have been
low iron and low calcium, tested on animals.
so I had to stop. Oakham Café and The Ram in the Rye,
— Karley Wu, two of the most popular places to eat on
first-year GCM campus, have greatly expanded their veg-
an menu options this year.
According to Rick Knapp, the current
Food and Beverage Manager at Ryerson, of being a vegan.” veganism is too popular to be ignored.

$3.00 + tax 10 College St. (Yonge and College) A vegan diet can result in iron, calcium,
vitamin D and omega-3 fatty acid defi-
“When I started working here, there
were some vegan options already on
Reservations: 416-961-2227 ciencies. These deficiencies can weaken the menu. But I’ve tried to increase that,”

12oz Bottle Open until 11pm Sun-Wed
the individual, making him or her more
susceptible to a wide array of illnesses and
Knapp said.
Knapp said the animal-free products
disorders. on the menu sell because they are healthy.
2am Thurs and until 5am Fri-Sat Vitamin D deficiency, for example, can “They are of important nutritional value,
lead to osteomalacia, a condition that regardless of whether you are a vegan or

SALUD! Best Burgers in T.O.
leads to muscle weakness and fragile
bones. Anemia is also a common result of
If you are still considering the diet de-

these deficiencies. spite of some of the challenges, Zimmer-

Karley Wu, first-year graphic communi- man encourages you to give veganism a

E E $ 2 House Shooters
(plus tax) cations management student, has expe- try. Zimmerman, who has been a vegan

rienced first-hand the consequences of for over two years, can’t even imagine eat-
Spiked Milkshakes unsafe diets.
About two years ago, Wu was forced out
ing meat now.
“I’ve had no [medical] problems. I was
of her vegetarian lifestyle by a threatening always sick before becoming a vegan.
reality; her diet was slowly killing her. I feel much better now.”
14 The Eyeopener ARTS & LIFE Wednesday, September 22, 2010

photo: marta iwanek

Rye student introduces a new art with an old twist
Arts editor Gianluca Inglesi looks into Brittney Mackinnon’s city-wide art project to bring you clothing gems for under $50
When Brittney Mackinnon top pick of vintage clothing from began drawing plans for the next wasn’t right. ting gems in vintage stores. establish a permanent boutique
shops, she has a method. She across North America. store. “I was always an artistic kid. “You learn what clothing used somewhere unexpected.
hunts through racks of one-of- “We got together because we “It’s like having a collection as And I wanted something practical, to be like; what was right with it “Initially we wanted to be in a
a-kind garments; disregarding wanted to make a change in fash- a designer, you have to be brain- so I ended up [coming to Ryerson] and what was wrong with it. I def- mall but apparently there’s a law
washed-out tops, ignoring out- ion,” Mackinnon said. storming the next one while your to do something that was part of initely understand fashion as art against that,” said Mackinnon with
dated dresses, and passing over The group formed last Novem- current season is on the runway.” me anyway,” she said. differently now,” Mackinnon said. a smile. “But laws can be broken.”
ill fitting blazers. On her venture ber after an art show called Le Following the huge reception After a year off she started at Vintage is not limited to what The Art of Reuse strives to elim-
through the jungle of cotton, poly- Groupe Doué that featured their of the first Interim, Mackinnon Ryerson this year and has high is found in the confines of an at- inate the negative connotation
ester, and wool she finds some- individual works including Mack- and the group have worked end- hopes for the program. tic. Sean Brown, a tastemaker who surrounding thrift stores.
thing spectacular. Something she innon’s photography. After a great lessly in preparation for the new “I’m hoping that what I’m works with Mackinnon, returned “We want it to be for everyone,
will treasure forever. And it cost turn out they decided to tackle store opening at The Mascot, 1267 learning will benefit the group. from a New York shopping trip not just for the little in-crowd that
her less than $20. something bigger. Queen St. W this Thursday, Sept. I want [Ryerson] to enhance what with two leather military bags that gets it.”
Mackinnon is a first-year fash- Mackinnon worked diligently 23rd. I do,” she said. had been through World War II. Over the next few years Mack-
ion communication student and at branding and marketing the As the opening approaches she The frugal life is not something “I think one of the best aspects innon looks forward to learning
is redefining thrift shopping. To- first store called Interim, which realizes just how much her life has she grew up with. Mackinnon’s of thrift is that some pieces are from those around her in and out
gether with a group of young art- opened last April. The hectic days changed since the project’s incep- mother was fussy about how she like time capsules; an item can tell of school.
ists — known as The Art of Reuse and late nights paid off when the tion. dressed and didn’t welcome the you so much about history,” said “I had a sewing class and I was
— she works to open pop-up store’s inventory sold out in just After spending two years at idea of vintage clothing. But after Brown. terrible at it. But I have to learn
(one day only) thrift retail stores 15 minutes. Once the clean up York University studying psychol- experimenting with friends, Mack- Mackinnon has big aspirations to be okay with trying again. You
every six months featuring the was done, the group immediately ogy, she realized that something innon developed an eye for spot- for the group, hoping to eventually learn as you go along,” she said.
Wednesday, September 22, 2010 F-UN(EMPLOYMENT) The Eyeopener 15

This Week’s $50:
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16 The Eyeopener Wednesday, September 22, 2010

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