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2 TGI Justice Project | Annual Report 2014-15

Our Origins
In 2004, Alexander Lee, Esq initiated TGIJP through a Soros Justice Fellowship (from
Open Society Institute), to provide legal services for transgender and gender variant/
non-conforming people, primarily in CA prisons, jails and detention centers. In 2005,
one of TGIJP’s forebears, the Transgender in Prison Committee (TIP), joined TGIJP,
becoming the community organizing program Miss Major was hired to direct. Miss
Major Griffin-Gracy’s leadership drove TGIJP and she became the Executive Director
of the organization. In 2010, TGIJP re-oriented toward peer legal advocacy programs,
continuing legal work through volunteer supervision from Matt Lutton, Esq.

TGI Justice Project is a group of trans-
gender, gender variant and intersex
people—inside and outside of prisons,
jails and detention centers—creating
a united family in the struggle for sur-
vival and freedom. We work in collabo-
ration with others to forge a culture of
resistance and resilience to strengthen
us for the fight against human rights Miss Major surrounded by many long-term TGIJP members
abuses, imprisonment, police violence,
racism, poverty, and societal pressures. For a time during these powerful years, the staff was entirely trans people of color,
We seek to create a world rooted in self- with a majority of the staff being formerly incarcerated trans women of color. In
determination, freedom of expression, 2014, TGIJP began rebuilding its legal program, and in 2015 we again hired a staff
and gender justice.
attorney. 2015 also included the formal passing of the torch as Miss Major retired
Executive Director EmEritus and Janetta Johnson took the lead of TGIJP as Executive Director.
Miss Major Griffin-Gracy

Janetta Johnson, Executive Director
Woods Ervin, Administrative Director
danni marilyn west, Development Director
In Loving
KellyLou Densmore, Esq, Staff Attorney Memory
Tianay Pulphus, Re-Entry Coordinator
Peaches Banks, Leadership Team
StormMiguel Florez, Leadership Team
Malachi Garza, Leadership Team
Billy Chen, Leadership Team A family is never the same after members Minister BobbieJean Baker moved to the Bay
Paper Buck, Leadership Team become ancestors. For TGIJP the sudden loss Area from Memphis, TN in 1992 and worked
Kris Hayashi, Leadership Team of Melenie and then Min BobbieJean, was a with trans women overcoming substance
particularly devastating beginning to 2014. abuse and homelessness. In time she be-
Melenie Mahinamalamalama Eleneke came ordained at the City of Refuge United
Physical Address:
joined TGIJP in 2004, and, until her passing Church of Christ in San Francisco and was the
234 Eddy St in September 2013, she played almost every lead singer in the trans group Transcendence
San Francisco, CA 94102 role in the organization from mail program Gospel Choir. Although our hearts are heavy
coordinator to fundraiser to newsletter with the grief of losing such dear sisters and
editor. Melenie was also a fierce advocate friends, we are grateful to count ourselves
Postal Address:
for the preservation of the culture, language among the lucky recipients of their bright
370 Turk St PMB #370 and spiritual practices of the Hawaiian lights, fierce love, and generous spirit. In
San Francisco, CA 94102 people, and brought this commitment to all your memory we continue the struggle for
parts of her life. survival, self-determination, and freedom.
TGI Justice Project | Annual Report 2014-15 3

Letter From the Executive Director
Transgender, Gender Variant and Intersex Justice Project (TGIJP) is unique in what we do, who we serve as well
as who is directing the organization. TGIJP is one of very few organizations serving incarcerated TGI people, is
one of very few that have a staff that is a majority Black people and a majority trans and gender variant people,
is one of very few organizations with an Executive Director who is a Black trans woman, and, importantly, one
of very few organizations with a consistent track record from more than a decade of Black trans community
organizing and accountability.

Over these recent years of increased visibility and violence, TGIJP’s work to build a united family in the
struggle for survival and freedom has steadily grown thanks to loving community support and shifts
in strategies for foundation funding. Together, we have been able to grow TGIJP’s budget in stable and
transformative ways. As we stretch into 2016 and beyond, we are excited to continue
to work towards creating economic justice in the world at large while providing
economic opportunity in house. Through expanding our programs and size we
have been able to collaborate for wrap around support services for folks
who are re-entering from incarceration. As our growth has continued,
we are now able to directly hire community members for leadership
development positions or for individually tailored re-entry program
positions, especially where useful as part of a parole plan.

Our experience at TGIJP affirms the truth that confronting the issues
impacting currently and formerly incarcerated trans women of color
leads to uplifting social justice movements as a whole. As you will see,
TGIJP was extremely active in 2014 and 2015 working to build safety and power
for the TGI community. While our tactics are varied – from direct services to
accountability processes with service providers; from prison and jail visits to
membership retreats; from publishing our newsletter Stiletto to coalition building;
or from giving interviews, talks, and panels to intergenerational direct action –
TGIJP’s commitment is to Black trans liberation; to economic and racial justice.

This report offers an overview of our work from the last few years. As
we look into the future and continue to grow our programs, like
the Melenie Eleneke Grassroots Re-Entry Program, we are also
exploring potential to launch additional necessary work like
securing a California Imprisoned TGI Peoples’ Bill of Rights
or potentially hosting a Leadership for Liberation School
for local TGI leaders from nationally diverse locations.

As the Executive Director, I am honored to move TGIJP
into this next phase of our work and to walk in Miss
Major’s shoes, which remind me daily that the fight
for racial and economic justice is not a hobby, its not
a job, its our lives. #BlackLivesMatter

Be Safe and Stay Strong,

Janetta Johnson
Executive Director
4 TGI Justice Project | Annual Report 2014-15

2014 Visibility & Violence
Grief and organized resistance were central themes for our community this year. Our many transitions
included big moves with our office space, advances in internal infrastructure and external coalition
development. With increases in violence targeting TGI people, throughout the year TGIJP and our
members rose up together alongside millions to demand real changes in “business as usual.”

In the spring of 2014, TGIJP
joined the St. James Infirmary’s
office space, enabling our return
to San Francisco. St. James, a TGIJP hosted
peer-based occupational health
and safety clinic for sex workers
Trans leader CeCe and their families, shares our & STIGMATIZING
McDonald receives commitment to justice and lib- TRANS WOMEN: SF Pride 2014 Grand
parole after serving eration. Our collaborations have An evening with TGI’s Bustin’Out 9! Marshals included
time for self-defense created a space that provides Monica Jones & Bay Party Against the TGIJP’s Executive
from racist, transpho- wrap-around support for TGI Area trans liberation Prison Industrial Director, Miss Major
bic violence. people in their re-entry. organizers” Complex Griffin-Gracy.

January February March April May June

Prisons Are Not Sexy
Miss Major Honored
January 2014
With Building

2014 SF PRIDE’s fantasies or fetishes violence and do not win the requested
Volume 7, Issue 1

Dedication and
Inside this Issue Documentary
Miss Major Honored With
Building Dedication and

after-party was a about ideas of this recreate a culture change to the party
Miss Major is also the subject of a new
In Memory of Melenie
documentary called MAJOR! which
will be released in 2014. The
documentary explores the extraordinary

Community Mourns Loss life and times of Miss Major and
of Transgender Oakland features interviews with her, her friends,
and her family. Miss Major's story is the
Minister Bobbie Jean
story of the LGBT rights movement that

prison themed play real-life violence. We that normalizes or theme or a dona-
Baker is so often whitewashed, marginalized,
and rendered invisible. Through first-
Letter from Miss Major person narration and innovative visual
story telling, MAJOR! seeks to create a
living, breathing history of a
Why a Transgender
community's struggle and resilience, as
Woman Helps the seen and experienced by those who
Incarcerated lived it.

party called “Prison of
We are excited to see Miss Major and

are not interested in continues our oppres- tion to community
From the Inside TGJIP members’ stories reflected on the
big screen!
TGIJP’s Executive Director, Miss
Major (aka Mama Major) was recently

5 honored with a building named after her
and follow activist Jay Toole in New
York! The Miss Major-Jay Toole
Stiletto Submissions
Building For Social Justice is the Thank you for all of your submissions.
Transgender Community

Love.” TGIJP initiated
location that houses five of NYC's

censorship or policing sion. Our push back is organizations from
We are working on including these
News organizations committed to social submissions in the next issue of Stiletto.
justice for and by LGBTQGNC people
of color and poor and low income

Please note that if you would like us to
people, including Audre Lorde Project, include your submission in Stiletto, we
FIERCE!, Queers for Economic Justice, will need you to sign the enclosed
Streetwise & Safe, and Sylvia Rivera release of information along with your
Law Project. In August of this year,
Miss Major and TGIJP members flew to

Author and trans an open letter calling anyone’s sex life.
New York, NY for the dedication

about navigating the funds made at the
If you lose the release form, please feel
ceremony which was attended by free to request one by mail we’ll be
members of the organizations housed in happy to send it to you.
the building, as well as many
transgender activists and allies.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1
activist Janet Mock’s for accountability, We are interested legal and extra- party, the move-
memoir, Redefining reading in part: in public space and legal targeting and ment succeeded in
TGIJP’s 2014 issue of Realness, debuted at We are not interested party themes that get criminalization of our building stronger
Stiletto is sent to our Number 19 on New in yucking anyone’s us closer to libera- communities. collaborations and
folks inside and out- York Times’ nonfic- yum or shaming tion from systemic Even though the in creating a cultural
side of incarceration. tion bestsellers list. anyone who has and administrative efforts did not intervention.
TGI Justice Project | Annual Report 2014-15 5

delicious meals in this organization for carnival rides,
one of the beautiful was very powerful arcade games,
community lodges – especially given and beach time.
we had available how brave we were Although some
to us. with the pieces of rides weren’t open,
Programming ourselves that we we had a great time
consisted of story shared with one just hanging out, 2014 came to an end with upris-
sharing, workshops another. We also playing games, and ings and protests growing across
on health and com- made sure to take standing together, the country and world, united
munity resources for time and write mes- toes in the sand, with a single message: Black Lives
trans women, 
and sages of encourage- near the ocean. Matter. Building behind a know-
In October of The woods at time spent prac- ment to our beloved Thanks to this ing that the intervention of Black
2014, 40 members the Quaker Center ticing healing and folks inside, who retreat, we were able Lives Matter strategically means
from TGIJP pulled welcomed us with spirituality within are always on our to create deeper ALL Black lives, TGIJP has been
community. The minds.
 bonds with each active in growing trans leadership
together for our towering trees and
story sharing – While we enjoyed other, which makes and participation in the Black
semi annual retreat. deep quiet. We
formally facilitated walking through the it easier to support liberation movement. So long as
We drove over 75 set ourselves up in by Miss Major – had woods and enjoying each other in times the forces of violence against our
miles from San cabins and settled the biggest impact the fresh country of need - which come people, like racism, police brutal-
Francisco to the in. Our beloved com- on all of us who air, we also had a often. Those bonds ity, transmisogyny, economics,
Quaker Center in munity member, participated. Just good time travelling also encourage us to gentrification and displacement,
Ben Lomond, CA to Gail, was chef for the sitting and sharing to the sites close fight harder for our continue to intensify, we will con-
spend 5 days in the week, and TGI staff with one another by. On a day trip to sisters, family, and tinue to have to fight to survive,
woods, learning and supported her in the what brought us Santa Cruz we vis- community mem- but we will proudly also continue
bonding as a team. kitchen, dishing out to the space and to ited the boardwalk bers, inside and out. to fight to win.

July August September October November December

Core Collaborators Solidarity with the People of Ferguson
Exerpt from our statement:

As an organization the hands of law you. The revo-
led by formerly enforcement. We lutionary work
incarcerated are with you in you are doing
Black transgen- heart, spirit, and in the streets of
der women, we action as you push Ferguson, stand- Leaders from TGIJP
are certainly no back against those ing tall in the face and El/La Para
strangers to police in power who of what must be TransLatinas meet to TGIJP begins
profiling, systemic would try to kill, unbearable grief, build relationships facilitating monthly
criminalization, harm, degrade, empowers and and expand organiza- groups for TGI peo-
and brutality at and silence emboldens us. tional connections. ple in SF County Jail.
6 TGI Justice Project | Annual Report 2014-15

2015 #TurnUp4TransPeople
2015 was a year of militant engagement towards trans justice. Our work to change the institutional
systems that create the system of beliefs behind interpersonal transphobia and racism, took many
different forms, but steadily reminded us that direct action gets the goods. Whether the action was our
members inside of prisons filing a written complain (or 602) against a violation or was a blockade of
traffic or a building, TGIJP worked earnestly to meet our goals of safety and economic justice.

TGIJP has been political action
deeply involved by hundreds of Stiletto March 2015 | VoluMe 8 | Issue 1

in creating and people, in SF on
—In ThIs Issue———————

2 Greetings from sJI
3 sistahs Doin’ It For
ourselves 2014
4 Good news

leading the Trans 2/10/15 and has
6 Justice for Jennifer laude
6 First Trans Mayor in India

TGIJP received
7 Prisons are not sexy
7 southern Poverty law
center case

Activists for Justice since grown to a
8 TaJa’s coalition

TAJA’s Coalition
9 letters from the Inside

National Lawyers
12 a herstory of the
15 reclaiming MlK’s

& Accountability staff of 2 people
legacy of Militant

was formed in

Guild Bay Area
16 Black liberation
is for all of us
17 TGI Justice and

Coalition. TAJA’s and a 115k budget.
18 Trans Women of color

response to the
speaking Truth to Power

Chapter’s Partners
20 st. louis Trans liberation
20 outreach
srlP campaign Victory


murder of local Coalition initially Our mission is to
“liberation, not

In Liberation Award,
23 ally updates
Photo: Julia Carrie Wong

trans community held #Trans- stop the genocide due to our collabora- Bustin’ Out! 2015
member Taja LiberationTuesday, of trans women Stiletto Spring 2015 tive efforts fighting was themed around
Gabrielle DeJesus. a coordinated of color. Release Party. for transgender rights. #BlackTransLivesMatter.

January February March April May June

TAJA’s Coalition (the Trans Activists for Justice and Accountability Coalition)

#TurnUp4TAJA #TurnUp4TransPeople

elle de Jesus
Taja Gabri
In Her Spirit
Never Give WE DEMAND:

TGIJP attended
affordable, accessible housing for trans people

cisgender people: Work to stop anti-trans violence
no new jail in sf! resources and safety for trans people

the National Trans
The original platform of TAJA’s Anti-Violence
Coalition urged non-TGI peo- Convening, hosted by Collaborated with
ple’s intervention in anti-TGI the Transgender Law Hosted Sistahs Doin’ CCWP to co-present
violence; safety, housing and Center, concurrent It For Ourselves: Yard sale in SF to raise with incarcerated
economic justice; as well as with the INCITE! Color Leadership Retreat funds for Melenie trans leaders at
No New SF Jail/an end to crim- of Violence 4 confer- 25 members for 4 Eleneke Grassroots Chowchilla Prison
inalization of our community. ence in Chicago, IL. days/3 nights Re-Entry Program. Health Fair (CCWF).
TGI Justice Project | Annual Report 2014-15 7

Women is a the hiring of trans
Weapon in the people so the staff
War on Black better represents
People” was our the community
local message, as being served;
Initiated by we, with the help establishment of
Hundreds of Black freedom
fighters came together for BreakOut, #TMoR, of the Black Out a trans inclusion
the Movement for Black Lives a national day of Collective and our council to review
Convening in Cleveland, OH. TGIJP action was led community, stra- complaints of Despite stalls in our work for a
initiated and ran fundraising and locally by TGIJP and tegically escalated anti-trans preju- safer housing policy for TGI people
logistical support for a Black trans TAJA’s Coalition. our engagements dice; work towards in SF county jail, TGIJP separately
cohort and pre-gathering of 18 #HereToStay with Episcopal ending anti-trans fought for and celebrates, the
leaders from across the country, “Denying Shelter Community culture; and expan- #NoNewJail victory vote, confirm-
primarily from TGIJP, Audre Lorde and Dignity Services, demand- sion of safe access ing that SF Supervisors will reject
Project and BreakOut. to Black Trans ing and winning: to shelter housing. the jail (re)build plan.

July August September October November December

As an intervention in the
increase in murders of trans Stiletto
women and to draw attention
December 2015 | Volume 8 | Issue 2

—In ThIs Issue———————

3 Good news
7 black lives matter & the
movement for black lives

to the ongoing war against
current events
8 Trans liberation Tuesday
9 Justice for Jennifer laude
10 letters from the Inside

Black people, particularly
12 Pelican bay hunger strike
12 Agreement to end
13 Trans Sex in the City
13 Profile of trans
entrepeneur martine

targeting Black trans people,
14 TGI JusTIce ProJecT says
no neW JAIl In sF
15 Ashley Diamond released
from Georgia prison

#BlackTransLiberationTuesday Major! The much-
16 oakland Power Projects
17 The Intersex basics
17 legal updates
18 Ally updates

was a national day of action to Hundreds gathered anticipated new LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT
stop the murders and to create for a retirement cele- documentary film on
space to Put the T Back In The TGIJP received the bration of Executive the life and times of
Black Family Dynamic. Led by “Pay It No Mind” Director, Miss Major. Miss Major, premiered Stiletto Fall 2015 issue
TGIJP, over 200 people rallied award at Decade of To support her retire- as part of the SF is released and sent
in SF, including, as requested, Black&Pink Boston, ment directly: Transgender Film out to more than 1,250
many Black non-TGI allies. Massachusetts Festival. readers on the inside
8 TGI Justice Project | Annual Report 2014-15

How We Do MEMBER SPOTLIGHT: Ms. Eva Alexander

What We Do Ms. Eva successfully completed our first
3-month Leadership Development Cohort as part
of the Melenie Eleneke Grassroots Re-entry Program.
From our work in local and national leader-
She urges TGIJP supporters to remember that: #BlackLivesMatter
ship in the Black Lives Matter movement, to means that #BlackTransLivesMatter
the advocacy and support to our TGI siblings
organizing for safety and self determination
from inside of prisons, jails and detention MEMBER SPOTLIGHT: Ms. Peaches Banks
centers; from our work Putting the T Back in the Ms. Peaches serves on TGIJP’s Leadership Team. The
Black Family Dynamic, to helping form TAJA’s oldest of three siblings, Peaches attended public school
Coalition and eventually winning No New Jail in her home state of Florida. She furthered her education at Turner
(aka no expanded jail) in San Francisco, TGIJP Job Corps and while attending Albany State University where she
seeks to build safety and power for TGI people. was a vocal major in spiritual gospel. Here she developed a passion
for music. She sings mezzo-soprano to a tenor octave.
TGIJP fights for liberation from systemic violence and oppres- She is the parent of one daughter, Marquita Daniels and the
sion, for prison abolition, and for racial and economic justice.
grandparent of three beautiful grandchildren: Amaru, Zaria,
Specifically, TGI Justice Project operates
 with the medium
and little Miss Bella. She’s a devoted woman of prayer and
term goals of: decreasing the overall number of 
TGI people
her family. She is partner to Mr. Christopher Riley who is very
in prisons, jails or detention centers; reducing recidivism of
TGI people; and ending the criminalization of TGI people. Our
supportive and loves her very much.
immediate goals include easing re-entry and existence through Ms. Peaches is a prison abolitionist, activist, facilitator, social
defending and supporting TGI peoples’ basic needs, like housing justice advocate, and Prayer Minister of Healing. She is well
access; advancing cultural transformation that values contri- known throughout the Bay Area and throughout the United
butions against patriarchy by women of trans experience; and States for her vocal ability and range. Peaches believes that
increasing TGI peoples’ leadership in social justice movements. Black Trans Lives Matter and that we are here for a divine
purpose and reason. Being two-spirited she continues the fight

Our Activites
of Justice through Faith and action with a heart of compassion.

Near Wrap-Around Stiletto Newsletter Published
Weekly Mail Night with Legal Clinic, Legal Aid, and Legal Re-Entry Support and Service Bi-Annually with Member Constituent-Led Political
Incarcerated TGI People Advocacy Navigation Created Content Protests, Events and Campaigns

Combat Criminalization of TGI Offer Speaking Engagements Monthly Support Statewide Visitation Program
People, Including Halting Jail for Training and Political Sistahs Doin’ It For Ourselves Groups for TGI People Building TGI Leaders Inside and
Construction Plans Education Retreat in SF County Jail Outside of Incarceration

Local, Regional, and National Advocate for PREA Compliant Creative Interventions with
Local, Regional and National Coalition Building Including Direct Action Trainings, SF Jail Housing and Program Interpersonal Harrassment and
Leadership Development Movement Building Convenings Consultation, and Development Access for TGI People Systemic Violence
TGI Justice Project | Annual Report 2014-15 9

Our Program Structure
TGI Justice Project’s interconnected key programs focus on movement building and are led by and
for currently and formerly incarcerated TGI people. TGIJP works to build power within our community,
facilitate solidarity with our community, and expand collaborations that will win safety, justice and
freedom for all of us.

Movement Building Collaboration &
Convenings & Gatherings Coalition Building

TGI People in
Inside prisons, jails and
detention centers

Trans Melenie
Visitation Stiletto Advocate
Liberation Eleneke
Team Newsletter Organizing
Tuesday Grassroots
Mail Night Re-Entry
Building TGI Program Member-created Grow
Responding to power inside/ content, relationships &
inquiries from out & legal Wrap-Around circulated to coordination
inside. advocacy Service & Support 2,000+ TGI people with allied groups

Formerly incarcerated
Outside and frequently criminalized
TGI people and allies

Local & Statewide Field Organizing &
Educational Campaigns Geographic Interventions
10 TGI Justice Project | Annual Report 2014-15

LEGAL Corner
TGIJP’s Legal Program focuses on supporting history of hosting legal fellows and interns, TGIJP the Transgender Law Center, Justice Now, the
TGI people inside of prisons who are struggling has recently developed a team of 15 volunteers National Lawyers Guild, and the Prison Law Office.
against the prison system by fighting for their to do legal visits and in its first six months we As part of this collaboration, we are developing
rights and the TGI community’s rights while visited with 12 trans people in 3 institutions. Our a medical advocacy team – a team of medical
behind bars. The legal program also overlaps with advocacy and visitation work correlates with our providers who can inform our advocacy and
TGIJP’s Grassroots Re-Entry Program in supporting on-going mail night program, where beyond advance peer-to-peer professional relationship
TGI people coming home by providing direct legal answering requests for general information, we building and tactical exchanges with “corrections”
services and connecting members with legal answer legal questions and provide legal support. gatekeepers towards more accountable medical
services offered around the Bay Area. TGIJP is also developing a national network of practices.
Since May 2015, TGIJP’s legal program has attorneys who are trans friendly and who stand TGIJP’s Legal Program is tackling a large and
worked in direct collaboration with 50 TGIJP in solidarity with trans liberation practices to specialized area of law and legal issues with very
members, primarily trans women of color, in support TGI people both inside and out of incar- limited resources. We are grateful for the knowl-
providing legal support and advocacy (26 TGI ceration. In the Bay Area, TGIJP is working to edge shared with our organization by current
people inside of prison and 24 people on the build infrastructure to provide coordinated and and formerly incarcerated people, lawyers, legal
outside. 10 trans men and gender non-con- amplified legal support for our people inside. To workers and activists who are working in soli-
forming people and 40 trans women and gender enable this we helped create a regular convening darity with TGIJP and our members to address the
non-conforming people.). In addition to our of California Coalition for Women Prisoners, legal needs of our community.

TGIJP In the Media
“No to Prison Industrial Complex:
San Francisco’s Trans Community January 14, 2016
Responds to Brutal Murders” “Care not cages: Fighting for trans
25, 2015
women’s dignity and freedom”

November 20, 2013
May 12, 2015
“Transphobia: Violence and discrimination “Sentenced to Abuse: Trans People
against transgender people are rampant— in Prison Suffer Rape, Coercion,
even in the liberal East Bay.” Denial of Medical Treatment”

May 14, 2014 July 22, 2015
“Transgender inmate takes on Georgia “Miss Major: The Bay Area’s Trans
prison system amid Manning transfer” Formative Matriarch”
TGI Justice Project | Annual Report 2014-15 11

Melenie Eleneke
Grassroots Re-Entry Program
Every person has a unique recipe for successful re-entry, and at TGIJP we create space to equip our
community with the skills and support they need to cook up the next phase of their lives. The programs
namesake, Melenie Eleneke showed the world how to love, welcome home, work with and fight for
trans women. Mahalo Melenie!
CRIMINALIZATION Members connect with TGI Justice Project through many avenues and means. Sometimes we are
able to stop the harms impacting our community before formal criminalization, policing, or incarcer-

ation, however we frequently hear from our community once they are already system involved. This visual

of our re-entry work demonstrates that TGIJP builds programs from the point of contact to intervene in the

immediate harms and crises of our community while working to collectivize and politicize in the process.

INTAKE Needs Assessment
Goal of Abolition
and Safety
BASIC Medical/ Finding Government
LIFE NEEDS Mental Health Housing Assistance/SSI Family-Style



Participation in liberation movement
Continues as leader in movement
Thank You To Our Supporters
Individual Solidarity
Thank you to every single individual who gave TGIJP some of their money, licked an envelope, hosted an event, donated their stocks,
told their friends, lined up a panel or speaking event, came out to an action or event, cooked at a retreat, thank you for all of the support!
In addition to each organization listed below, TGI Justice Project is sustained by the collective efforts of many people. For fear of leaving
anyone out, we leave this note of appreciation for each individual person who has contributed to TGI Justice Project. Thank you!

Foundation Support
Arcus Foundation Horizons Foundation Tikkun Olam Foundation
Astraea Lesbian Foundation for Justice Morningstar Foundation Urgent Action Fund
Burt Family Foundation Northern California War Tax for Women’s Human Rights
Resistance/People’s Life Fund
City and County of San Francisco Women’s Foundation - Race, Gender
Our Fund
Criminal Justice Initiative (CJI) and Human Rights Giving Circle
Praxis International, Inc
Elton John AIDS Foundation van Löben Sels/RembeRock Foundation
Tatiana von Furstenberg and The Diller -
Funding Queerly Giving Circle von Furstenberg Family Foundation Victor and Lorraine Honig Fund -
The Harnisch Foundation Trans Justice Funding Project Common Counsel Foundation

Organization Alliances

GIFT Logo—4 color process

AK Press Crash Pad Series Lisa Marie Alatorre Consulting Ships In The Night
C 48 C 57
M 0 M 98
Y 100 Y 0
K 53 K 46

Aids Legal Referral Panel Design Action Collective Magic Makers Trans Justice Funding Project
Asian & Pacific Islander Drug Policy Alliance National Center for Transformative Justice
Wellness Center Lesbian Rights Law Project
Flying Over the Walls
bklyn boi hood PM Press Wild Fancy Design
BlackOut Collective Forward Together Peacock Rebellion Winzday Events
BlackTransMedia Fresh Meat Productions QWOCMAP YKB Stories of South
Chica Catering Get Equal Saltwater Consulting Asian Women