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May 2018

NEA-Dallas Board of Directors
President Delna Bryan
End of Year Celebration Vice President Sheila Walker
Saturday, June 9, 2018 VP of Teacher Affairs Hope Lee
3:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m. VP of DISD ESPs Carmen Behrend
Secretary Vivian Bryant
J. Erick Jonsson Central Library Treasurer Angela Davis
Flyer to tear off with more details on the last page.
Accolades & Honor of Distinction to:
A MESSAGE FROM THE PRESIDENT 2017-2018 Ronnie Ray ESP of the Year
Sheila Walker
The end of the 2017 - 2018 school year is staring us in the face. Where has the time Social Justice Patriot Award
gone? Have I truly been in school for nine months? It looked like yesterday that I was Joyce Foreman
starting this journey on the New Dawn Express train with my colleagues and 157,000
All Star AR Award
students all on board for a joyous ride that would culminate in a successful year for
Diane Birdwell
one and all. We will be able to shout with glee that we have had a wonderful year as
Jay Frederick
we see the smiles on the faces of our students when they find out that they have
passed STAAR and their ACPs. Some will wait until the summer to have their AP Best Local Association Newsletter, Commended
Exams scores sent to them, but from now they are feeling good about how they had NEA-Dallas
performed on the days of those exams. We will start looking forward to the summer
vacation that is on the horizon. The lyrics of Will Smith’s “Summertime” comes to
Outstanding Story
mind; Eva-Marie Ayala, The Dallas Morning News
“Pop in my CD and let me run a rhyme; time to sit back and unwind Corbett Smith, The Dallas Morning News
School is…” School is about to be placed in our history book this year. There are Congratulations to all awardees!
some bittersweet memories that we will cherish for years to come. We will say
“Farewell!” to some of our Dallas County Schools colleagues who brought our
students to school each morning and took them home safely each evening. We will 139th Annual TSTA House of Delegates Convention
say “Welcome!” to the ones that are joining us now in Dallas ISD. We are grateful to
them in more ways than one! Thank you Friends for having joined hands with us as
teachers and staff over these many years! Thank you for all that to you have done
while representing Dallas County Schools for more than ninety years!
May is here! I am cognizant of the fact that most of you might be reading these
greetings after the fact, but as an AP Spanish teacher…I count every day as
Teacher’s Appreciation Day. It was congratulations to all who touch students’ lives
each day on Teacher’s Appreciation Week that was celebrated a few days ago!
Congratulations came on May 9th …it was School Nurses Day! It was Happy
Mother’s Day to others on May 13th because it was Mother’s Day. We have
graduations galore for our students. Our parents will be so very proud of the
graduates representing their families walking across a stage at graduations later this
month. We have a lot to celebrate at the end of this school year. We are proud to
say, “Hats off!” to our first graduates in Dallas ISD with an Associate Degree at
Trinidad Garza Early College High School @ Mountain View! Thank you teachers
and staff at that school for this accomplishment! As the master and powerful
teachers and educational support personnel that we are, we have never lost focus of
our mission: to educate all students!
Once more, I beseech us all to unite! We have our future in our schools. Let us give
them our very best! I would like to reiterate here that we should join hands with
each other in unity towards the light at the end of the tunnel: our producing the
great minds who will lead this great nation on a fruitful journey for our tomorrows.
In closing, as I wish you the very best for the summer, I would also share with you a
favorite quote, “optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be
To see more photos from the TSTA House of Delegates go to our website
done without hope and confidence.” Helen Keller. Let us teach the young minds or find us on Facebook at
that we have in our classrooms to be optimistic about their future as they “walk
with a purpose, because they just might collide with their destiny!”
Happiest of summers to you one and all!!!

5/7-17/18 STAAR Testing
5/8/18 National Teacher Appreciation Day
5/9/18 National School Nurse Day
5/10/18 DISD Board Briefing @ 11:30 am
5/21/18 DCS Dissolution Committee Meeting @ 10 am
5/24/18 DISD Board Meeting @ 6 pm
5/28/18 MEMORIAL DAY NEA-Dallas
DISD & NEA-Dallas will be CLOSED 6500 Greenville Avenue, Suite 520
TSTA Help Center 1-877-ASK-TSTA Dallas, Texas 75206

Monday – Friday
8:30 am – 5:00 pm
Lunch Break 12:30 pm – 1:30 pm
6/4/18 Inclement Weather Day [Closed Saturday, Sunday & all DISD holidays]
DISD & NEA-Dallas will be CLOSED TSTA Help Center 1-877-ASK-TSTA
TSTA Help Center 1-877-ASK-TSTA
6/7/18 DISD Board Briefing @ 11:30 am
6/11/18 DCS Dissolution Committee Meeting @ 10 am
6/21/18 DISD Board Meeting @ 6 pm
6/25/18 DCS Dissolution Committee Meeting @ 10 am
Malinda McKee Raya Staley
TSTA Staff Office Manager
(214) 923-2768 – cell (214) 821-2061
7/2-6/18 Summer Break
DISD & NEA-Dallas will be CLOSED
TSTA Help Center 1-877-ASK-TSTA NEA-Dallas neadallas1
7/9/18 DCS Dissolution Committee Meeting @ 10 am
TSTA Help Center
Vote Education First 1-877-ASK-TSTA

If we, as educators, do not cast our votes based on a candidate’s DISD 2017-2018 SUMMER SCHEDULE for CENTRAL STAFF:
position on education issues, who will? Central Staff employees will work a four-day work week and the District will close on
Fridays during a portion of the summer. Central office hours during the summer will
Our votes – or our failure to vote - will decide what student success and education policy look
be 7am until 6pm, Monday through Thursday.
like today, tomorrow and in the future. Here’s what’s at stake:
• Monthly Employees – employees paid monthly will work the four-day work
• Better funding for public schools or state funds for private school vouchers week from June 4 through August 3, 2018 and resume their regular work hours
on August 6, 2018.
• Freedom to teach and learn or teaching to the test • Biweekly Employees – employees paid biweekly will work a four-day work
• Smaller class sizes or crowded classrooms week from June 8 through August 9, 2018, NOT working on June 8th if they
participate in the four-day. They will resume their regular work schedule August
• Professional pay and benefits or inadequate pay and insurance coverage
10, 2018.
Elections have consequences. When you take the Vote Education First pledge, you pledge to • The District will be closed for Summer Break from July 2 – 6, 2018.
cast your votes based on which candidate is best for students, educators and public
Unless otherwise approved by your Chief, employees are not allowed to work
education. Together, we can determine the future of public education, elevate our profession
for pay while the District is closed. July 4th is a holiday, and employees will report
and provide every child the opportunity to receive a quality education, but we have to vote
back to work on July 9th.
education first.
PLEASE KEEP IN MIND supervisors may require employees to change their daily
To take the pledge, go to: work schedule, work overtime and/or work on Fridays for operational needs, instead
of adhering to the summer schedule. It is the employee’s responsibility to consult the
DISD Job Fair supervisor for the start, end, and lunch times for their daily work schedule during the
Date Time Day of Type of Event Location summer.
19- 9:00am – Saturday Large Scale – All Conrad HS – AUGUST 3, 2018 and JULY 2 - 6, 2018. Our summer office hours will be
May 12:00pm campuses invited
8:30 am until 5:00 pm Monday through Thursday. TSTA will still be able to
14- 4:00pm – Thursday Summer Job Fair Ellis Davis
be reached 7am – 7pm at 1-877-ASK-TSTA, Monday – Friday.
Jun 6:00pm
26- 6:00pm – Thursday Large Scale – All Conrad HS
Jul 8:00pm campuses invited

NEA Auto & Home Insurance Program
Brandon Watson – (512) 520-7248
New school leadership structure will support professional learning NEAMB Signature Discount
networks When you enroll in the AT&T Signature Discount program, through your
BY THE HUB ON APRIL 27, 2018HEADLINES organization-and have a qualified wireless service agreement- you'll save on
your monthly service charge for qualifying plans.
Dallas ISD is redesigning its school leadership structure to foster and support
As an AT&T Signature Discount member, you’ll receive:
professional learning networks.
• 15% off qualified wireless plans & services
The current structure groups campuses together by feeder patterns, which
• 20% off eligible wireless accessories
includes elementary, middle and high schools. While there will still be feeder
pattern meetings in 2018-2019, the new structure aligns schools by grade levels.
This means, for example, that elementary school principals will have
opportunities for more meaningful interactions with fellow elementary school
principals. For more information and details go to the website listed below:
“Fostering professional learning networks among our campus leaders, while Union Member discounts available at
also matching the skill set expertise of our personnel, is a more effective way to
boost student achievement,” said Dallas ISD Chief of School Leadership DISD 2017-2018 Calendar Modification
Stephanie Elizalde. DISD have modified the June 2018 calendar dates for campus staff since June
Go here to see the new leadership structure: 4th will not be needed as an inclement weather day. Please see the table below: Date Purpose
Leadership-Document-FINAL.pdf Monday, June 4, 2018 All campus staff will report to work including
nurse, cafeteria manager, etc. This will be the
teacher professional development day.
TRS raises ActiveCare rates Tuesday, June 5, 2018 All campus staff will report to work. This is the
On Friday, April 20th, the TRS Board of Trustees met to discuss changing the last day of work for all campus based employees
assumed rate of return for investments for the Pension Trust Fund and to adopt mentioned on the next section under June 6th.
new rates for ActiveCare. Dale Kaiser, NEA Director-At-Large, appeared for TSTA Wednesday, June 6, This will be an off day for all the following type of
and testified about the premium rate increases for ActiveCare. Kaiser asked the 2018 staff members: 185 day Staff Nurse/Assistant,
Board to remember the ESPs they knew when they were in school when the Community Liaison, School Clerks, Elem
Board considers raising insurance premiums later in the day. Kaiser pointed out Counselor, Teacher Assistant/Campus Monitors
as well as any other 185 day Special Ed teaching
that under ActiveCare 2, it would cost over $23,000 to cover an entire family for
position; 187 day Teachers/MS JROTC Instructor;
12 months of coverage – a simply outrageous amount for any public school
189 day New Nurse/Cafeteria Manager; 191 day
employee. He urged the Board to protect the public school employees from
new teachers/media specialist/speech
these rising health care costs. Therapist/Speech Assistant; 193 day Campus
Next on the agenda was the discussion about the assumed rate of return for Instructional Coach; 195 day Cluster Coord/Career
investments for the Pension Trust Fund. For the past few decades, the assumed Prep Vocational Teacher/FCSCP/AG vocational
rate of return has been 8%, and TRS has largely met that target. Teacher/CRC/; 202 day Head Football coach.
TRS is required by law to conduct an experience study every five years. The Friday, June 8, 2018 This will be an off day for the following type of
purpose of an experience study is to determine if actual behavior, plan staff campus based staff; 195 day MS/HS testing
provisions, and investment returns matched assumptions, or if adjustments are Coord/HS JROTC Instructor/HS and MS
necessary. Significant changes in the global economic outlook over the last Registrar/MS Counselor and ES CRC as well as any
three years warranted examining TRS’ experience sooner than the five-year 195 day Special Ed position; 200 day HS
deadline. The study determined that while most of the assumptions were Counselor/MS Data Controller; 205 day HS Cluster
Coord/HS Data Controller/MS Financial Clerk and
accurate, the investment return assumption needed to be adjusted. As such, the
any other 205 day Special Ed position; 207 day
actuaries recommended that TRS lower the assumed rate of return from 8% to
ES/MS/HS Assistant Principal/HS Athletic Coord;
either 7.25% or 7.5%. The Board, however, could not agree on a lowered 210 day HS Lead Counselor; 215 day Reconnect
percentage, and will, therefore, revisit this subject at its July meeting. Center Teachers/HS Financial Clerk and any other
Most important, monthly annuity payments will not be changed because of a 215 day Special Ed position; 220 day ES/MS/HS
lower assumed rate of return. The Board of Trustees does not have the Office Manager; 221 day ES/MS/HS Principal.
authority to lower annuity payments for current or future retirees – that The calendar modification does not apply to any central staff 226 day
authority rests with the Texas Legislature. If TRS lowers the assumed rate of employees. Campus custodians must work June 4th – June 8th, since the
return, during the next legislative session, TRS will ask the Legislature to inclement weather day does not apply to them.
increase contribution rates. Currently, the contribution rates are 6.8% for the
Texas Best: School for the Talented and Gifted, School of Science and
state, 7.7% for active employees, and 1.5% for ISDs. TRS stated that it will ask the
Engineering hold strong in state, national rankings list
Legislature for between a 1.5% and 2.0% increase, should the assumed rate of
return be lowered. The Legislature would then decide whether to increase
Two schools in the Dallas Independent School District School (Dallas ISD)
contribution rates, and, if so, how that increase will be distributed among
continue to earn top spots on the 2018 Best High Schools state and national
employees, ISDs, and the state.
rankings, according to the U.S. News & World Report. Dallas ISD’s School for
The other impactful agenda item concerned premium increases for TRS
the Talented and Gifted at Yvonne A. Ewell Townview Center (TAG) has been
ActiveCare. The Board voted to increase premiums as follows:
named the second best high school in Texas and No. 11 in the nation.
• ActiveCare 1-HD will increase 4.4%;
TAG shares top honors with the School of Science and Engineering (SEM) at
• ActiveCare Select will increase 5.0%; Yvonne A. Ewell Townview Center, which placed No. 3 in the state and No. 13 in
• ActiveCare 2 will increase 9.5%, with no new enrollees allowed; and the nation. In total, 17 Dallas ISD schools were recognized in the magazine’s list
• HMO plans will increase anywhere from 2.9% to 7.8%, depending on of Texas Best High School rankings, and eight received gold medals.
the plan.
Go here to read the whole article:
Each plan will also slightly increase max out-of-pocket expenses, deductibles,
co-pays, and some prescriptions. Those changes may be found on the TRS
The Board will next meet on July 27, 2018.
In Teachers We (Should) Trust District 9 trustee election headed to a runoff
When author and innovation expert Ted Dintersmith set out to visit public The election for the District 9 seat on the Dallas ISD Board of Trustees is
schools in all fifty states during a single school year, he hoped to find headed to a runoff after no candidate received at least 50 percent of the
solutions to the most vexing problems facing classroom educators. He soon vote on May 5.
discovered that the very solutions he sought had already been found – by the Incumbent Bernadette Nutall and Justin Henry are the candidates in the
teachers themselves. All we need to do, he says in his new book, What School
runoff election for the seat that represents South Dallas and parts of
Can Be: Insights and Inspiration from Teachers Across America, is to listen to Downtown Dallas, Pleasant Grove, Deep Ellum, Uptown and East Dallas.
them and trust in their creativity and expertise. The runoff election is on June 16.
NEA Today sat down with Dintersmith to talk about the extraordinary
educators he met during his cross-country journey.
First of all, tell us what an innovation expert is. STAAR gains point to significant improvement
Ted Dintersmith: It’s someone who understands what constitutes a BY THE HUB ON MAY 8, 2018HEADLINES

legitimate innovation, what types of people can make innovation happen, Fifth- and eighth-grade students in the Dallas Independent School District
and what conditions are conducive to innovative people and organizations. (Dallas ISD) achieved significant gains on the first administration of the
Can teachers lead the way to transforming our schools? STAAR test in both mathematics and reading. The results released by the
TD: Not only can they, but they are doing it, all across the country. I was so Texas Education Agency (TEA) show all Dallas ISD math comparisons
inspired as I traveled to see the positive change that’s happening. In every increased by at least 5 percentage points, up from last year, with double-
community I visited, I found remarkable, inspiring innovations led by digit gains at the Meets Performance Level.
classroom teachers. If we can celebrate these practices, and put in place STAAR performance levels were renamed last year and are noted as
the conditions that let all classroom teachers do what they entered the Approaches Grade Level, Meets Grade Level, Masters Grade Level, and
profession to do — engage and inspire our children — we’ll be entering an Does Not Meet Grade Level.
education period that might well be called a modern day Renaissance. Passing rates in reading also showed improvement from the previous year,
as fifth-graders posted an increase at every performance level. Of
New A-to-F accountability system particular note, Dallas students saw their strongest growth in reading at
Here is an overview from the Texas Education Agency of the new A-to-F the Meets Level with a 9.2 percentage point gain, while students at the
accountability system that goes into effect this year. Districts will be given Approaches Level earned a difference of nearly 7 percentage points.
A-to-F letter grades beginning this August, and campuses will be assigned “It is evident our strong math scores continue to show growth throughout
letter grades in August 2019.See presentation here: the district, however, it is equally important to ensure our reading scores make the same great gains from year to year, and that is something the
district is looking to strengthen,” said Superintendent Michael Hinojosa.
The scores are also encouraging for the district’s largest student
Best Schools in Dallas
populations indicating some achievement gaps are closing. The African-
American and Hispanic subgroups demonstrated strong performances in
A new Facebook Live series celebrates how Dallas ISD is home to the best
math at Approaches and Meets, with their highest gains in the latter.
schools around.
African-American students in grades 5 and 8 saw top gains at the Meets
Level, with 9.3 and 9.4 percentage point increases, respectively. Hispanics
DeVos seeks to add vouchers to defense spending bill equally performed well at the same level by posting 12.3 and 12.4
percentage point gains up from the previous year.
Representatives in Congress recently introduced the Military Education
While gains in reading were not as high, African-Americans in fifth grade
Savings Accounts Act (HR 5199/S. 2517). This legislation would create a
increased their passing rate over the previous year by 9.2 percentage
private school voucher program for students with an active-duty parent in
points at the Approaches Level. Likewise, Hispanic students in grade 5
the military. We expect to see efforts in the next few weeks to attach this
improved their Meets scores, by 10.4 points.
bill to must-pass legislation that funds the military. This is uncharted
This is the third year Dallas ISD students posted strong math results,
territory in the fight to keep public dollars in public schools. Military groups
leading district administrators to expect some multi-year improvement
themselves are opposed to the legislation, and TSTA urges you to contact
required schools will meet standards by the end of testing season. TEA has
your House and Senate leaders to oppose HR 5199/S.2517 being amended
not released the state’s first administration scores.
onto the National Defense Authorization Act.
“The results truly demonstrate the hard work our students and staff have
put forth, and their efforts should be commended,” said Hinojosa. “But
See the Dallas ISD 2018 graduation schedule
this is not a time to get comfortable. There is still significant focus on
BY THE HUB ON MAY 1, 2018HEADLINES identifying areas that need to be refined for greater achievement.”
The Dallas ISD 2018 graduation season is almost here!
The commencement ceremonies held at Loos and Ellis Davis field houses
will be streamed live. Visit the Commencement Streaming page for more
If you are unable to watch a commencement ceremony live, you can find all
of the graduation events on the district’s YouTube channel playlist after
the live event.
To view the schedule, go to the website below:
End of Year Celebration
Retirement & AR Recognition
Saturday, June 9, 2018
3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

J. Erik Jonsson Central Library
1515 Young Street
Dallas, TX 75201

No Cost for members.
$10 for Guests
Parking is free in the underground parking garage

RSVP to Raya Staley, Office Manager at 214-821-2061 or email: by June 1, 2018 @ 5:00 p.m.
Are you retiring this year & planning to attend?
Let us know your name & years of service, & NEA-Dallas can recognize you at this event!

Cash, checks and money orders made out to NEA-Dallas are accepted by drop-off (by the above deadline), or you may mail your payment to our office at 6500
Greenville Avenue, SUITE 520, Dallas, TX 75206, provided it is postmarked before the deadline. We recommend you call to verify whether we received your
payment or not, to avoid confusion at check-in.