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49 Page 1of 1 Nishimoto, Hannah A. El-saden, Suzie M Friday, May 08, 2009 12:28 PM Moore, Mary Jones, Randolph G; Biddle, Barbara G; Nishimoto, Hannah A Subject: FW: PHYSCIAL THREAT Importance: High Hi Mary eft you voice mall bu | just wanted to ask your advico regarding the below situation. {have an open room here in Bldg 500 and | am offering this as a temporary solution tothe issue. Mr. Mitchell old me that he would peer the employee (Michael Clark) to be moved instead but unfortunately | only have two magnet locations for re technologists whereas the clerks can perform thelr jobs from anywhere. itis his safely that | am most cencemed about until have a chance to investigate the incident. | am copying my Chief Technologist on this mation Ther you, ssuzie From: Mitchell III, Olver B. Sent: Thursday, May 07, 2009 12:08 PM ‘To: Biddle, Barbara G; Jones, Rendolph G; Nishimoto, Hannah A.; El-saden, Suzie M Ce: Mitchell 11, Oliver B.; Gaines, Lorenzo ‘Subject: PHYSCIAL THREAT Importance: High This morning approximately between 0890 - 0900 I received yet another threat from an employee namely (Michael Clark). | have endured this type of behavior for over a year now. Please be advised that | have notified the VA Police with regards to today's incident. Thank you, Bruce -867-