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DISC 321: Decision Analysis 1 (2)


To apply DA concepts, methods and techniques to a real life managerial problem of reasonable scope
and provide practical recommendations to the client organization.

To develop an Excel based application for supporting managerial decision(s) for a real life managerial
problem of recurring nature.

Group Project
Students will identify a managerial problem in an organization and apply DA concepts for the purpose
of formulating and analyzing this problem. Following this the students will synthesize an excel-based
solution to this problem. The students will share their solution with the client organization and get
feedback on the issues that might be faced in implementing this solution. The feedback will be
incorporated in the final project report.

Final Deliverables
Each group will submit a write-up and deliver an oral presentation of the project. The write-up should
target 15-25 pages in length, 1½ line spaced and is due to be submitted before the final examination.
The oral presentations are scheduled in the last two class session. The quality of oral presentation and
project report besides the content will be a factor in giving grades. You are encouraged to meet with
your instructor on regular basis in order to discuss how to shortlist a problem, conceptualize, model,
analyze and find solution to it.

Interim Deliverables (are due on or before 5pm on the due date):

The purpose of interim deliverables is to help you getting control of the pace and smooth execution of
your project. The purpose is not to grade each and every interim deliverable. However, a team that is
adhering to these guidelines will be given extra marks for their better project management skills.

Steps to follow Due Date Deliverable

1. Finalize project groups. 26th Names of group members
2. Finalize a firm for conducting DA project 9th Name of the firm & Problem
and identify a decision problem that will be February Description
studied. You are encouraged to discuss with
your instructor your proceedings with firms
and he may help you conceptualizing a
3. Finalize “Influence Diagram” around the 23rd Influence Diagram, and Description
problem being studied and identify data to February of Data Needed
be collected for modeling and analysis.
4. Develop Structure of the preliminary 9th March Preliminary Structure of Decision
Decision Model of the problem and identify Model of the problem under
data to be collected for further modeling and investigation, and Description of the
analysis. further Data Needed
DISC 321: Decision Analysis 2 (2)
5. Collect various pieces of information and & 30 March Final Decision Model in Excel
finalize Structure of the Decision Model.
6. Use various analytical techniques studied in 13th April Description of Suggested Solutions
the course to best analyze the decision model
and suggest solution.
7. Develop an approach for: 20th April Description of how recommended
a. “implementing suggested solution” solutions can be implemented and
in the organization, and secondly, who would use your
b. “decision analysis methodology” to decision model on an ongoing basis
be followed in the organization. in the firm.
8. Get feedback from the case study
organization and understand the likely 27th April Description of the Feedback from
problems in implementing the solutions. case study firm + Final Report
9. Submit Report having incorporated feedback
in your final recommendations.

DA Project Titles in the Last Few Years

The following list of projects, conducted by your senior batches, provides ideas of a DA related

1. Awais model farms: the crop selection decision

2. Optimizing communication channel investment in a pharmaceutical firm;
3. Metro cash and carry; product pricing strategy;
4. Punjab highway department; road maintenance optimization;
5. Jamin Java; inventory management;
6. Awais model farms; crop selection decision;
7. Gulab devi hospital; optimal resource allocation;
8. Bunnys; perishable products forecasting and inventory management;
9. Easy taxi; pricing strategy;
10. Forest Sweaters; material resource planning;
11. KSB pumps; business diversification decision;