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5/18/2018 SAP PI Transaction Codes | List of Tcodes

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SAP PI - Overview
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SAP PI Certification Cost
PI (Process Integration) Transaction Codes
SAP PI (Process Integration) 
SAP PI Process Integration Tcodes Tutorial

Here is the list of all important SAP PI/XI

SAP PI Interview Questions and

(Process Integration) Transaction Codes: Answers

SAP PI (Process Integration)
Transaction Codes

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SAP PI HCI Connect SFTP Tutorial

Difference between Support Pack

and Patch in SAP PI
Tcode Description
SAP PI Performance Check
GRMG Generic Request and Message Generator
RZ10 Edit system profile SAP Soamanager Logical Port
WE02 Displaying Idoc
SAP PI Staging and Logging
SM59 RFC Destinations (Display/Maintain) Difference
SXMB_MONI Monitoring Integration Engine
S_B6A_52000011 CCMS For Xi Integration monitoring SAP PI Staging Use
XSLT XSLT tester
SAP PI Logging Use
SM58 Async RFC Error Log
SMQ1 qRFC Monitor(Outbound Queue) SAP PI Staging and Logging
SMQ2 qRFC Monitor (Inbound Queue) Interview Questions
SPROXY Enterprise Repository Browser
Configuring Staging for Different
SXMB_ADM Runtime work bench / Integration Engine - Administration Processing Steps
SLDCHECK Test SLD Connection
SLDAPICUST SLD Api Customizing
SXI_MONITOR Monitoring XI/PI Processed Message
SPRO Customizing Project
SPROXY Proxy Generation For ABAP
SE11 ABAP Data Dictionary Maintenance
SE37 Maintaining ABAP Function Modules
SE38 ABAP Editor
SE16 Data Browser
SU01 User Maintenance
SE80 Object Navigator
SICF HTTP Service Configuration and Hierarchy Maintenance
SP12 TemSe Administration
SAINT Add-On Installation Tool
SXI_CACHE XI Runtime Cache
SE71 sapscript form ASK US !
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SXI_MAPPING_TEST Test Mapping 1/2
5/18/2018 SAP PI Transaction Codes | List of Tcodes

Tcode Description
IDX1 Port Maintenance of IDoc Adapter
IDX2 Overview/Display Meta Data in IDoc Adapter
SWW_ARCHIV BPE: Displaying the processes of Archives
SWDC Workflow Definition: Administration
BRFPLUS BRFplus Workbench
SXMB_IFR Start Integration Builder
SLD Data Supplier
Monitoring SAP/IDoc Adapter

Editing Alert Configuration/Categories
Trust Manager

Gateway Monitor
Init.entry of applicant master data

Workflow: Sett. Cust. Rebate Arrs.
Maint. PS Info System field settings

LPCONFIG Maintain Logical Ports
CO60 Find PI Sheet
WE05 List of Idoc
WE07 Idoc Statistics
WE19 Testing tool for Idoc

Important Transaction Codes Used in SAP PI ABAP

SAP PI (Process Integration) is the important element of Netweaver. Below is a
list of mostly used and important transaction codes related to SAP PI within SAP
ABAP. Web Services Related Tra ...
PI (Process Integration) » | Shalesh Singh | 04 Apr 2016 | Comments (0) |
2529 viewed

Process Integration Transaction Codes Used in PI 7.1 ABAP

Here is a list of t-codes related to SAP PI (Process Integration) commonly used
in SAP PI 7.1 ABAP Reports:RSEOUT00 Collects maximum no of IDOCs at a
time and places in a file RSQIWKEX ...
PI (Process Integration) » | Shalesh Singh | 04 Apr 2016 | Comments (0) | 1264 viewed

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